Help the BlackBerry PlayBook win the Tablet World Series Finals!

Tablet World Series
By ObiGeorge on 2 Nov 2010 06:07 pm EDT

Sure, the BlackBerry PlayBook isn't available for purchase yet, but that doesn't mean we don't think its the best! is having another voting event - following up their Smartphone March Madness they're doing the World Series of Tablets. The PlayBook has found its way to the finals, winning its way through the 7-inch tablet league. It finds itself up against the Exo PC, who actually beat the Apple iPad in the 1st round of the 10-inch+ league. Head on over and vote for the Playbook, and maybe it can win the Tablet World Series, before it is even released.

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Help the BlackBerry PlayBook win the Tablet World Series Finals!


lol thats the first thing i noticed too.. considering ipad dominated 95% of the tablet market in q3... this polls seems skewed (ya i know playbook/samsung tab isnt out yet... but some of the other ones are.. like archos... etc)

Maybe kevin or bla1ze should press the subject, we might be able to get more votes. Loving the fact that the iPad got kicked out first round!!!!

no way man this is impossible how that's come a gadget i never heard of will win. to be honest i heard of any other tabs there on the voting pool but i never ever heard of this one Exo PC and to be honest i have a pc since i was 5 :) and first time i heard about black berry i was 10 lol :)

Never heard of the Exopc till now, looked it up and man it looks like a nice piece of tablet. I was excited for the Playpad but I voted for the Exo thing because it ships with Windows 7.

Wouldn't Windows 7 along make you vote for the PlayBook? Honestly that big bloated POS on a tablet vs. a Real Time Nix variant? You must be insane.

It is bloated, but unfortunately some of use need some of the capabilities it brings. I really WANT the PlayBook myself, but the Exopc might actually be what I end up with unless RIM adds some capabilities that I need to be productive. Believe me, I don't want to have to do that, but I have to go with what will help me make money!

Name me 1 capability windows offers that nix can't. All I ask for is 1. And I won't call you a fanboy or ignorant. But if you can't and I know you can't. You know what you are.

I have to admit that I had never heard of the Exopc until now either and it's actually EXACTLY what I need except for one's big. Honestly though, it's hard for me to decide between the two because the PlayBook (so far) is missing a couple things that I need (and the Exopc has), but it's the size I want. SO confused...what to do...

Same here, i've been waiting for a device with 5 to 7 inches, windows and a docking station, 10" seems to big.

What exactly can nix not provide? Your coming on here for what I can only assume is vote grubbing, talking some the most ill informed garbage ever. If you wanna put QNX vs Windows on a side by side all out comparison. You're gonna get incinerated. Plain and simple, cause I'll be here to match and 1 up every Winblows+ you have with 3 Nix+'s.

Because having Winblows combined with USB ports means I can hook up a portable document scanner and printer, plus I can run MS Office. I don't think I'm going to be able to do that with the PB. THe Exo also has an SD card slot, so I can easily load photos from my good camera. Unless by some miracle these things become possible on the PB, I may not have a use for it. I need something that can replace my laptop and has better battery life. I think the PB is awesome; it just may not work for me based on what we know. I know, it's hard to understand that not everyone has the same needs...

Whats hard to understand is why your believe Unix can't accomplish these tasks. Because it can. And considering QNX is POSIX Compliant you will have no trouble whatsoever doing them on the PlayBook. MS Office => OpenOffice. As for your portable document/scanner. I don't know what ones they are but I'm sure there is *nix drivers etc. for them. And I'm pretty sure you know BB is on top of all the Office Tools compatibility. You seem to be changing your tone from needing windows to hardware now. But thats not an argument you want to get in because the Exo is way behind. P.S. wifi file transfer is a real world thing now. So your photos can get on the playbook. And guess what!! No VIRUS'S.

Well, if it does end up being possible then I'm all over it like fly on stink because I am really excited about the PB overall, but right now I just don't know how it would work. Do we even know if the PB micro USB port will be able to be used to hook up something like the scanner? Basically what I'm getting at is that I do believe QNX has the capability, I just don't know if it will be built in. Does that make sense? And the SD slot is a huge factor too. I really see no reason for RIM to not include one, but right now it appears it's not there, right?

I'm not too worried about the printer because I can get a portable printer with Bluetooth. I know that if RIM doesn't provide a way to print, a third party will. The scanner is the main problem. I can get a scanner with an SD slot and battery powered (so I wouldn't need USB drivers, etc), but unfortuantely the only one I've seen can't do larger than letter size and I need to be able to do legal docs. In a happy ideal world, I want to be able to hook up a USB powered scanner. As far as software goes, the mobile options (docs2go, eOffice, etc) frustrate the heck out of me. I'd rather be able to use something more complete.

Believe me, I'd rather have the PB (and I did vote for it, BTW); I just need to make sure it can replace my laptop. If it can't then it's hard to justify the cost. I'm not going to make up my mind on anything until they are released and I can verify capabilities.

But I love the size of the Playbook and I really love the device pairing option. Definitely voted for and buying the Playbook :)

I didn't even know the Exo PC existed... I checked out the screen shots and to me it looks like crap... really like previous comments on the site it looks just like a connect 4 game I played when I was a kid and looks like utter crap!

PlayBook is up against the Exo again! Obviously, seeing previous results, the Exo will win by little, payed advertise, but I'm sure the CrackBerry community is doing a great job! However, only 1399 votes!!

Battle of Vaporware?!?! Shouldn't a requirement for a champion be that you can buy and use the device now?!?!

...playbook is gonna win. How would that look to RIM on a crackberry site that another touchpad won? Hahahaha!

With that said...I love the playbook; aside from crackberry and RIM. It looks like a great device. I can't wait to get one. :)

Sorry, but this "World Series" is irrelevant. If you're honest, you know that the finalists should be the iPad and the Galaxy. iPad, whether you like it or not, is unparalleled in giving users what they want in a gorgeous package. The Galaxy is the most technically advanced system available and it runs a very powerful and useful OS.

I have hopes that the PlayBook will measure up to these two, but there is no way that i could vote for it at this point. And the Expo PC? What's that about?

This is so sad....

While the Tablet Market is brand new, even Apple with no competition is not selling as many units as they wanted. So I don't see the market supporting all the other new comers to this new device market.

The winner is who sells the most devices... Apple was 1st and they are going to be king of the hill no matter what anyone says. Is there room for the Playbook... ONLY if RIM has the applications to support it, and ONLY if the have them very soon.

I voted for the Playbook a while ago. Don't loose heart people! Playbook is on the winning side of the ledger now, leading the ExoPC by over 17%! 58.83/41.17 in favour of Playbook. Over 5000 votes in now. Woo hoo!

I have tried to vote for the BB Playbook at least 12 times in the last two days and it will never accept my vote. The PollDaddy link just spins and spins so I have no way to know if my vote registered or not. If I click on View Results, that works perfectly.

I found the polldaddy poll does not like firefox. had to use IE to cast my vote for the Playbook. At first I though I was being censored.