Hello BlackBerry DevCon Asia attendees!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Dec 2011 10:11 am EST

Hello DevCon Asia!
Ohhhh yes. We've gone worldwide on this trend!

Before BlackBerry Devcon Asia 2011 winds down this year, I wanted to take a minute and give a BIG HELLO to all of our CrackBerry fans in attendance. The last couple of days I've been getting tons of emails and tweets from conference attendees wondering if I was on location. 

Unfortunately I am not attendance this year. I was really trying to make things work to make the trek to Singapore for DevCon Asia (I love Singapore - there are sooo many watch stores to check out and I'd stuff my face with Dim Sum from Din Tai Fung), but in getting ready for a killer Mobile Nations 2012 we just have too many projects we're up to our ears in for me to get away before Xmas. I know... :(

The good news though is that even without official CrackBerry represenation, the CrackBerry spirit at BlackBerry DevCon Asia is live and well.... our pal Joe is even representing with a BlackBerry PlayBook around his neck (learn how to make your own here)!!!

So enjoy the show BlackBerry DevCon Asia attendees, and I PROMISE I'll see you next year!



I was there! And i wanted your signature Crackberry Kevin!!


I was there! i saw u guys putting the chain on the playbook! (actually, i got a photo of that!)

I wanted to take a pict with you :(


Kevin you didn't know that you were a trend setter?!


I want his Blackberry jacket!


If you want to get noticed by the media you got to wear the PB BLING.......thats HOT;)


I think a few links need to be taken out of that chain, it's "hangin a little low" on that guy!


Benar-benar mangstabb pose n terutama PB yang digantung itu loh. Gak kuat deh, hehehe


Hohohoho.. @joegianto really "mangstabh"!!!... Da Hip-Hop Joe rock the DevCon!


Great, more girls for the rest of us....