"Hello from Amsterdam" It's BlackBerry DevCon Europe!

By Kevin Michaluk on 6 Feb 2012 06:03 pm EST

It's show time!! Just as the SuperBowl kicked off on Sunday I boarded a plane to make the 8.5 hour jaunt over the pond to Amsterdam. And if tonight's pre-event registration reception was any indication of the 48 hours ahead of us, it's going to be a great DevCon. The first-ever BlackBerry DevCon Europe event is SOLD OUT. The sessions are booked up. And there are sooo many passionate BlackBerry developers on hand.

Things kick off formally tomorrow with the keynote, where RIM's new CEO Thorsten Heins will be making his first appearance at a BlackBerry event. That's RIM history I just had to see in person. RIM is live streaming the keynote so I'm going to skip the live blog (it's happening during the wee hours of the morning in North America), but I'll definitely record the appearance and have it up on the blogs for when North America wakes up. I'm not making any predictions on announcements for this one - I'm just excited to take in the vibe of what feels like a NEW RIM. 

I went Euro CrackBerry Kevin for the event -- grew out the hair and stuble -- and even made up some new Let's Rock & Roll This T-Shirts for the week. Check out the video above for a quick hello from me and Dave from BBThemes and Miguel from BB-Freaks. There will be lots of DevCon Europe action coming your way soon, so keep it locke to CrackBerry!

Reader comments

"Hello from Amsterdam" It's BlackBerry DevCon Europe!


Oh the sacrifices Kevin makes for Crackberry Nation... going all the way to Amsterdam! Try to have a good time (like that's NOT gonna happen)!!!

Would love to be there to eat some brownies wit u guys! U can always have a contest for CrackBerry readers to win some!! Yummy!

Haha yeah, that wouldn't have been my impression either! After all most of the high end fashion is over there.

Maybe he's going the backpackers look and maybe he'll fit right in when he tries some brownies ;)

Brownies , eh? Well, there's all shorts of stuff to be had in my old hometown, be it home made or home grown....
If you need a restaurant advice, Kevin, and you like seafood; right across the square from the RAI convention center where you're at, there is 'Vis aan de Schelde'. A fabuleus place to eat fish (healthy, too, if you choose wisely). You should be able to Wikitude yourself over there...
Let me know if you need directions to Cuban cigars, or a cozy bar with 130 different kinds of Belgian beer or whatever...