Hell hath no fury like a BlackBerry/Netflix user scorned

A movement started earlier today in the CrackBerry forums... pissed off BlackBerry 10 owners are canceling their Netflix services over their lack of support for BlackBerry 10. Will it help? We're not sure. But it sure feels good.

By Bla1ze on 22 May 2013 06:30 pm EDT

Just in case you haven't noticed, BlackBerry users can be very passionate individuals. Especially those who hang out in the CrackBerry forums. Along with that passion, they're also very vocal, and when word came down that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had never even used a BlackBerry 10 device but had zero interest in making Netflix for BlackBerry 10, the CrackBerry forums sort of blew up, and rightfully so.

Obtuse thinking deserves to be commented on. One thread in particular that has gained plenty of traction has a pretty simple concept. If Netflix won't support BlackBerry, as a BlackBerry user it's also your choice to not support Netflix. Cancel all your accounts. We've actually seen this concept surface several times in the forums already these past few months, but given the timing of Hasting's comments and the lack of mention of Netflix coming to BB10 at BlackBerry Live last week, this thread is gaining traction quick.

That's right all and when asked why are you canceling, make damn sure you tell them cause Netflix will not be on Blackberry Devices.xamdam, CrackBerry Member

The lack of Netflix has always been interesting to me. Mainly because I know even if it arrives, I'll never really use it. I have it on several of my other devices and never touch it, mostly because Netflix is just downright dreadful in Canada. But, with that being said, I know its arrival on the BlackBerry 10 platform would certainly be great for those that do make use of it on the go. It would be one more app to check off the list.

Just made the decision and canceled mine. Waiting to talk to a live chat rep to let them know why.nick.dollimount, CrackBerry Member

With that in mind, I can't really condemn or condone actions like this because I don't really know if in the end they help the situation or make it more problematic. But what I do know is that a lot of BlackBerry users out there want Netflix on their BlackBerry 10 device and they seem to have no problem with letting Netflix know where they stand with their wallets. Plus, you know, Reed Hastings making those comments was a pretty bone headed move, which deserves all the attention it is getting. Maybe he should, at the very least, pick up a BlackBerry 10 device. I think he might be surprised when he discovers just how much he loves it.

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Hell hath no fury like a BlackBerry/Netflix user scorned



I totally would... if it wasn't for arrested development. maybe after that I will delete my account.

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I don't currently have a Netflix account partly because it is not available on BlackBerry but I think I will have to call in to set up a subscription. Once I am informed that it is not available for my mobile device then I will have to let them know I am no longer interested.

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Cancelled two accounts and convincing two of my best friends to cancel theirs in order to support BlackBerry

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Lol! +1 I'll be angry and cancel after I've watched the new Arrested Development episodes.

Posted via CB10

Lol +1, I can't miss out on Arrested Development, though I will definitely cancel after I watch the new season

Arrested Development coming back as a Netflix exclusive on May 26th is too big a pull for me to cancel my account solely due to an ideology. Sorry guys!

Glad I don't use Netflix. I don't have cancel anything or complain about the lack of support for my Z10.

I'm not a big Twitter guy, but I always enjoy watching/reading about a passionate community (respectfully) tweeting their opinions on someone's wall ... Does twitter use walls? haha

Netflix sucks in Canada anyway and the fact that they won't go to the effort to license from 3 major studios should be reason enough to cancel it.

Change your settings so you get the American Netflix. It's pretty easy to do with a little help from youtube

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I cancelled long ago and just use the TMNGO website instead. Since I subscribe to The Movie Network through Bell Canada I have access to the same on-demand I would on TV. And since they use Flash, works on PlayBook and BB10.

Not trying to do a plug for it or anything, just saying that's what I do. Sure they might have quite as much but their library is rotating, and HBO Shows like Game of Thrones has both season 2 and 3 available.

Hey, Forrest Gump didn't have any problems using that word when telling the President where he was shot in Vietnam!

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Another Net Flicks article. Yawn (at the topic, not at the writer or the audience).

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Probably not, I don't even get why Net Flicks is seen as a big deal by anyone.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

It is too useful with my 3 year old (Lots of young kids shows).

And I sideloaded the android version to my Z10. That said, I want native as the android version is old an slow as a snail (I have a Galaxy Tab running Android 2.3 which uses the same version of Netflix on it... it is also dead slow, so it is not a VM problem, but an app issue)

Maybe those that don't have Netflix should call as if to sign up and then ask about BB10 support. When they say not at this time, then tell them to call you when they have it. Losing customers is one thing, but losing potential hot leads is a lot more painful.

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I like that idea! It highlights the issue from both sides of the customer equation, retention and acquisition. Plus it allows those that don't have Netflix and have no real desire to have it to express their protest against decisions that marginalize Blackberry users. If only that tactic would work to get BB10 (or at least an improved/OS7-like Bridge) to the Playbook faster...

Now if we could co-ordinate a 2 hour window effort where ALL BB10 users call in to their sales/support line and try speaking to at least 2 representative's up the chain ... THEN Netflix would have a substantial, quantifiable record of a trend occuring that they just CANNOT ignore. It would affect their sales reps metrics, it would affect their lines being busy - affecting costs, and would affect their support teams resulting in a meeting to discuss the REAL numbers of users that called asking for BB10 app to be created and deployed - a native or webworks app preferrably - and available internationally.

This would drive the creation of the app you all want/need.

It would be GREAT if we all had number of BB10 devices sold in first QTR2014 by BlackBerry so that this could be mentioned by EVERYONE calling in. THAT would also be discussed.

This is what's required to get a positive and favourable response from Netflix as a company and maybe, just maybe even a public reversal by their CEO.

Wow, this really is the smart thing to do! Let's face it, mass cancellations of BB10 users are not going to scare them enough. Customer service reports on the other hand may have more oomph. I have netflix (mexico) on my apple tv and it sure keeps my 3 yo daughter happy; wouldn't risk this with my dear wife!

Mass cancellations of BB users!?!?!

So a few people quit.... Not going to affect net flix bottom line. Now if Google were to not support net flix, this would be a different story.

If 20 million BlackBerry users canceled Netflix than Netflix would be stupid not to make an app. 20 million X $8 = $160 million dollars a month in revenue. How much does it cost to make an app?

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Reality check: Netflix has less than 30 million subscribers. How many of those are BB10 users? Even adding in BBOS users, the number is probably small.

Besides, the costs aren't in the app, it is in licensing the content.

Everyone should sign up for the 30 day free trial and then cancel it because our mobile devices aren't supported. If a lot of people do this it may get their attention...

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Canadian Netflix is horrible. I use the American version much better. But still contemplating axing it.

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Crackberry needs an interview with Mr. Hastings. It'll make for a more interesting read.

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Small, light and headphones. So nice to watch something before bed. Like last night I watched part of Austin Powers. Nice to laugh before bed.

Do you see that hdmi port on the side of the Z and Q? Guess what those ports could be attached to? I'll give you a clue, it's big, rectangle, and perfect for watching television shows on.

Posted via CBZ10 baby!

@JWWDUKE If you're only going to watch Netflix on tv, then why is it so important to have it on your BB? It seems a lot of BB users already have Netflix on other devices that could be hooked up to the tv.

It's all about options. Not every person has netflix on another device. Netflix on your BB so you can watch a show on the train commute home from work, or for those times when you unexpectedly have some free time but don't have that other device. Again, it's all about options because we all do not own the same devices and live the same lives.

Stand-alone .. I agree with you. I use micro HDMI when I am staying in a hotel and watch on the in-room TV. I do this lots .. right now with my tablet, but I'd leave that at home if I could.

You've obviously never stayed anywhere other than your home. Those who go on vacation or work and have to stay in a hotel appreciate it. I used to not gaf about it, but for traveling and such it's pretty good. With that noted I'll consider dropping my membership for a couple of months.

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How many subscribers are they in Canada? I doubt there are many. It won't put a dent into Netflix business. On the other hand in the US, that's a different story. Then again how many subscribers actually own a Z10?

Netflix currently has about 29 million subscribers. We are not talking about just Canadians here but Canada is one of their high growth market. If we can get about one million people to cancel because of this reason, that would be a huge impact on Netflix.

Why does he need to use one to know the masses treat BlackBerry as a tool not a toy...that's what iPhone and Android are for...you can't see threads here without seeing people say that in those threads.

I think he just thinks BlackBerry users need to en masse stop with the holier then though attitude and know that with bb10 it's a toy as well...we need a daily driver..not people telling us " who cares about netflix". or why would I want to watch on a small z10 screen
It got old and companies are noticing the trend of BlackBerry users and it sucks.

Too bad a few are so vocal they ruin it for everyone.

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Between this thread and that other thread you kept commenting on I have seen you say "tools not toys" more than any other person on CB in the five years I've been a member.

So, why don't you get over it. We get it, rims tools not toys slogan was pretty dumb. It's long gone now so just move on.

Posted via CBZ10 baby!

Ya sure it's gone. It's the reason we have nothing and no support for this phone. Arrogance isn't forgotten too soon

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I hate to argue with someone with such great taste in sports teams but you really think the lack of Netflix is due to BlackBerry's old slogan!?? Really?

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In the USA here and I'm not sure what Netflix offers over Amazon Video/Prime both of which are available on my Wii which I use for streaming both services. My smart TV from Samsung does not support Amazon streaming. Then I have Verizon FIOS on both. I'm sure I can get by without Netflix in view of the ridiculously stupid comments from their CEO.

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Even if a million users cancel their membership it will be 100 million a year... that's a huge number compared to investment required to build a basic app

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Blaize, its easy to get american netflix in canada. Heck I get it all the time. all you need is a chrome extension and voila! Only thing is you dont get access to instant que or whatever the silly americans call it. Just letting you know! The extension is called Hola Unblocker!

By the way, this is a stupid idea and won't make a dent in the subscriber base IN THE LEAST. But hey if you guys wanna cancel your netflix account go right ahead LOL. Silly fanboys.

How about if CrackBerry delivers Mr. Hastings a shiny new Z10? If BlackBerry refuses to, somebody should.

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This is idiotic. Netflix doesn't support Linux either, I'm a full time Linux user, but I won't be canceling my subscription over it. I can watch it on my Android tablet, Android phone, Google TV, PS3, Xbox 360, etc. The departure of a few BlackBerry users won't even be noticed.

I have never joined because they don't support BlackBerry. If they did I'd at least try the service.

I had the same frustration with Sirius-XM and my Torch and Bold so I didn't activate it in any of my vehicles. When they would contact me with special offers I would respond and let them know if they make a BlackBerry app, I'd subscribe. I still keep bugging them to build an app and let them know I will subscribe my vehicles when they make an app.

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Ummm, Sirius-XM DID have a BBOS app...

And their new streaming website works well on the PlayBook (though it's a little cramped on the Z10)

It just goes to show you how deep a hole BlackBerry got itself into. Now that BlackBerry changed, people have to change their perception of BlackBerry. Long road ahead.

Why would he not try a z10? I barely typed this communication, and my grammar improved. Imagine how it was before the z10.

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We haven't had cable/satellite for years and use Netflix almost every day. It's an integral part of our Roku experience and it would be difficult for us to cancel it altogether. Although I might experiment with using our Amazon Prime Instant account as our go-to service and see if we can get by with that. If so, Netflix is gone.

I'm a Netflix subscriber in Canada and a proud z10 owner! I can see the appeal of Netflix on your phone (especially with hdmi-out) but I'm cancelling due to the lack of content in canada, not lack of bb10 support. I'll say I'm cancelling because of not supporting bb10 anyway, since I'd like to see it come.

Posted via CB10

It may not change anything, but I don't shop where I am not wanted. By choosing to block out BlackBerry users Netflix is showing it doesn't care about some of its clients. It's my money, and I choose not to give it to them.

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I'm a huge blackberry fan, but also a huge Netflix fan. I personally would never watch a movie on a phone and am more than happy with Netflix on my Wii, TV, and laptop for a really good price.

I do think there is a conspiracy against BlackBerry amongst the carriers and app elite. On AT&T s smartphone devices page the z10 is on page 2 at the bottom. I can understand hiding it in the store corner, but pushing the HTC fworst ahead of the z10 is a joke!

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Guys, everyone of us could cancel our membership and it wouldn't be but a blip on their radar, plus i bet the vast majority of us also have another device we use to view netflix (laptop, ipad, ps3, etc.)

I tell you what: I probably wouldn't use it if it was available on my Z10, but I do want it for BB10 for all those peeps that want it.
Also because of the fact that it is one of those things a platform has got to have nowadays.
That said, I DO use streaming services ever since they are closing down Blockbuster stores everywhere, AND the fact that Blockbuster dish decided to make the app on my Samsung Smart TV unavailable after two years of use. That forced me to look for alternatives and Netflix is definitely NOT one of the choices because of this apathetic imbecile called Hastings.
In fact I removed all the Netflix apps of my entertainment equipment.
You gotta be kidding me with this dude!!!
And if it is the last service available on earth, I rather look out the window instead, as long as that dude Hastings had that infantile attitude.
Remember, sometimes in life there is certain people in certain positions and it is not always because they actually meet the required abilities. I don't care how much cash this dude has, to me he is a looser...

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I won't l, mostly because I would not use Netflix on my phone due to data constraints, I fly through data quickly enough as it is. And when I watch Netflix I'm generally at home with a laptop pc and a smart tv. So using it on my phone would be silly.

The Netflix ceo is a moron though and should at least be aware there is a new BlackBerry platform out that can compete with everything else out there in terms of media consumption.

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I don't use Netflix, so doesn't matter to me, but I know it is important to a lot of people. It is really interesting how this has played out. How many haters have commented on CB how RIM/BlackBerry need to get their act together and get Netfix?

I have to say, I get better results with honey than with a baseball bat. Someone suggested the other day BB needs to give this guy a shiny new Z10. I mean, who could resist? I can't put it down. It would have to occur to Hastings how great movies would look, especially with HDMI out. I think it is a great idea to cancel subscriptions, as long as people say why when they do it. I am just not into the hateful thing Tends to cause people to become more entrenched in their thinking.

I'm canceling my account. I can't tell you the last program/movie from them. Good riddance.

Posted via CB10

I never even started up an account because they're a stupid company lead by a clown. So is yahoo. Like, really? Yep, really. So wack. I can't even believe people still like netflix in Canada because it totally sucks AND blows, simultaneously.

Posted via CB10

Netflix in Canada is worth it just for Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and The Walking Dead.

Oh, and Futurama. All in HD.

House of Cards is pretty decent, too.

If I could cancel my Netflix I would. We don't have Hulu and I refuse to pay exorbitant satellite TV fees. Netflix is our only form of TV other than public TV, which is sometimes better. A situation of my own making.

Posted via CB10

I like Netflix (especially since I added Mediahint to Firefox) and I love my z10. I'm not going to cancel my subscription just because of some bone headed CEO spouting crap. To me this speaks to a larger issue of some Americans being too xenophobic or just plain ignorant of the world around them. Until BBRY regains the zeitgeist it's going to be an uphill battle.

Posted via CB10

Over one million subscribers currently in Canada. Even if 2% actually cancel their subscription and that number is high (i will cancel followers yet won't). It won't make one bit of difference. Blackberry in terms of actual impact to Netflix is tiny in the overall picture.

Would it be nice to have a native app sure. Will it happen no, because it's an unproven platform. Blackberry has to be in double digits in terms of market share before Netflix would even bother IMHO. They clearly never needed Blackberry to gain any market share here, so why would they need them now?

It's arrogant to ignore the platform, just like the tools at yahoo but till you actually have a real share of the market again and become cool. It will fall on deaf ears..

What I THINK is happening here is that Netflix was probably close to releasing an Android port for the Z10, and they decided the app was just not quite there.

I've got the "good" .bar on my phone, and it's pretty much perfectly usable after some glitches with the sign-in, but the UI hangs/stutters just enough that some users might be peeved. Playback quality is excellent, mind you...

I think Reed Hastings interviewed with the Canadian Press about content, not about platforms, and he said something intentionally dickish just to shut down the conversation. Platform support decisions aren't generally made at the CEO level anyway.

SparkyBC - not trying to troll but your analysis falls flat. Netflix supports windows phone yes? Is windows phones make share in the double digits?

Posted via CB10

Yes. I signed up a year ago to cancel it the next day letting them know that it wasn't working on my PlayBook. I know it didn't make a dent in their arrogance, but I just think they get to much attention from us.

Uh, no...I watch Netflix on my 65" with a Roku box, and have once or twice used it on an iPad to watch a short program...but would never consider using it on such a small screen. I'll be keeping my Netflix account...and seriously doubt that any boycott by angry BlackBerry users will have the desired effect.

Posted via CB10

Can't remember when I canceled my account. And even if they make a BB10 app, I'm not coming back. I don't do watching stuff on the Z10, 4.2' is too small for me. Now, 7' would be fine....

Give me NetFlix for PlayBook, and they can have my money again.

I canceled about a year ago and they send me emails saying " we miss you...join for..." every time I see that email I call them and ask if they support BlackBerry. Once they Say " no" I tell them that I'll call back when they do.

Posted via CB10

Netflix account just cancelled... i will miss it but will go without until they release an official app...

Posted via CB10

I cancelled my account and emailed them letting them know I wouldn't come back until they release a BB10 app. I didn't even use the service too much because it's pretty dismal in Canada, but I'm all for voting with my wallet. However, after the comments from the Netflix CEO, I'm not sure he has the intellectual horsepower to understand the impact on their customers that are also BlackBerry users. How embarrassing for someone in his position to be so clueless.

I hope this action picks up some real steam. It's about time people started standing up and holding firm for what they believe is right, even if it means they have to do without for a while.

Kudos to all that stand firm and take some action. Maybe someone can start a thread/list or poll where everyone that has cancelled their Netflix account can sign their name? Just a thought.

Posted via CB10

Lol love the article image. Seriously though f em. I canceled my subscription for crappy selection and not supporting BlackBerry 10. If the CEO can't even bother to try the device and port a bloody android app. Then I will take my money elsewhere. The best way to get to them is through your wallet.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10

I think everyone should stop complaining about a 8 dollar a month service not being available on their phone, and channel this energy into camplaining about over priced cable service. Seriously look at the cost of Netflix. I get that it's a case of they have and we don't, but seriously. Let's get angry in Canada about paying 80 a month for shit TV service that you can't watch anywhere but in the living room.

Hey folks,
Disconnecting is one thing and it may or may not have an impact, but really, phone them.
There is nothing like having a phone ring all day/week/month, with the same complaint - that really gets attention.

With any movement, especially a new one, we must continually fan the flames to keep the fire burning or it will just die out and our efforts will be in vain. I suggest revisiting this topic frequently and taking whatever actions (legal and ethical) to bring awareness to this travesty in hopes of getting the attention of Netflix to reconsider supporting this emerging platform.

I don't have account, because they don't support BlackBerry. But I will open a account and then I close with opportunity comments...:)

Posted via CB10

I agree Netflix sucks balls in Canada. I had the free subscription and I canceled it within an hour because the choices were so pathetic.

I have heard it is better if you are in the states or if you are creative but I'm not interested. I'm going to stick with my downloads :)

Posted via CB10

Just for Hastings hasty tongue... I'm boycotting "Make the app god dammit!"

Crackberry member

Posted via CB10

If no BlackBerry users are subscribed to Netflix why would they bother to bring it onboard? A better approach might be to contact customer service by email and express your disappointment and their lack of vision. You might suggest you are thinking of cancelling but are waiting to see their response in the near future.

Posted via CB10

You have a point, but the they will react faster if they see so many costumers saying that they won't subscribe until it is on the BlackBerry meaning ( loss of money, or chance to make more)

Posted via CB10 on Z10

Dont belive so... look at Pandora, we are stealing music.. Ad-Free Apollo... You would think they would be doing all they could to get ad revenue back..

I called yo activate services, asked about BlackBerry they said " they don't support it at this Time" so I said ok well ill call back and activate my service at that time..

Posted via CB10

I killed my sub way back when they told me they weren't going to support Playbook. They don't care. BlackBerry means zip to them. Until BlackBerry 10 is much bigger they won't look.

Posted via CB10

I agree with this shit, we got to fck Em hard.. Bitch ass Netflix CEO Faggot.. sorry That picture influenced me LOL. Felt like it.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

I still do not understand why anyone in their right mind would even watch Netflix on a 4" screen. At home I can get it on my laptop, playstation 3, wii or smart TV, yet because it sucks I refuse to subscribe. Not supporting BlackBerry is just a reason for me to jump on the bandwagon. FU Netflix! Bell, Rogers and comcast are gunning for you.

Posted via CB10

I cancelled Netflix a couple months ago after the last round of them claiming they weren't coming to BB10. I explained to them that I would come back the day they come to BlackBerry. Now after hearing this coming directly from the CEO. I will never go back to them. I'll hop on to the next streaming service that comes along.

Posted via CB10

I also cancelled months back as well for lack of BlackBerry support and lack of response to any inquiries. The service was pretty pathetic in Canada anyway so no great loss. Netflix is like the discount DVD bin at the grocery store, both have crappy offerings for $7 that don't work on my BB.

Posted via CB10

They don't have to miss me, but even less reason for me to hand them my money. And trust me, I won't be missing them.

Posted via CB10

I guess that whole capitalist line about "maximizing shareholder value" means nothing to you eh.
Go read a book, a dollar is a dollar and if Netflix can't see that their stock price will soon reflect it.

Posted via CB10

It's not so much about Hasting's decision not to support BlackBerry 10 at the present time, it's that he derided the OS after admitting that he hadn't even tried it. Judging by his comments, I'm not sure he's even aware of what BB10 is.

Bla1ze, you raise a fantastic point: we, the consumers, can also abandon a service simply because it doesn't support the platform of our choice. Sometimes we forget that this can be a two-sided affair.

Anyway, if people are cancelling their Netflix accounts and tweeting @Netflix, someone should get a hashtag going!

I am probably one of the few who don't have a Netflix account... Blaize is right.. with the CEO's flippant attitude, I can find content in other parts of the world...

Posted via CB10

Yeap also, why the hell they don't allow it in Ubuntu!? Browser not supported... seriously?

Posted via CB10

I already canceled mine but they didn't ask for my input. Truthfully the lack of BB10 support and amazon prime being cheaper is what were my reasons.

Posted via CB10

I canceled mine over a month ago and even started a petition on Change.org to convince netflix to support BB10. They support Win8 so they sure should show blackberry some respect

Posted via CB10

I don't have an account, I would if it were available on BlackBerry 10, but it's not, so I don't. If I can't get it on my BlackBerry then I'm not interested.

Posted via CB10

Yeah. Last week I called to cancel. The rep asked why. I said that I had given them plenty of time to support BB10. And they haven't. She actually lied to my ears and said it was BlackBerry. That Netflix had been trying. I stopped her mid sentence and said that she was outright wrong. Cancel my account. Had streaming and mail delivery. Not now. And I will miss out on #ArrestedDevelopment and #HouseofCards. Sadly. But had to make a sacrifice. And a Poynt. Hehe. They need me. Not the other way around. When they have a Built for BlackBerry App. I'll go back. Til then. Plenty to do elsewhere. Cheers.

Posted via CB10

I'll one up everyone who's cancelling their subscriptions. I've never signed up and never will!

Blaze you forgot to mention the most funny part when he said BlackBerry doesn't have a lot of volume in entertainment content apps.

That statement combined with no support and never even tried it makes it as ignorant as it can get.

And in my personal opinion... it's amazing the mentality of this CEO. I wish I ended up sitting in a plane besides that guy.

I'm a hundred percent sure he would reconsider.

Posted via CB10

I wish you could, but on the other hand you can't fix stupid...He is an arrogant Moron, and he is too old to change.
He is dumb enough to not even realize what a disqualifying comment he let out.
His ineptitude is staggering...

Posted via CB10

I received an email soliciting a free trial on Netflix. When I called the number I said I would love to use Netflix but I only have a BlackBerry device (I told them a Z10 and PB) so I just can't take advantage of their great offer. They were somewhat speechless and basically hung up on me lol

I've never had Netflix. How about the opposite, if the release the app i'll subscribe to the service (and a proxy of course).

I suppose I can protest by signing up for a promo month and cancelling 2 seconds later.

Posted via CB10

Never used it on my iPhone and never plan to use it on my z10. I use Netflix on a big screen tv. I don't see the appeal of watching movies on a 4inch screen.

Posted via CB10

I use Netflix on my Z10 and hook up a hdmi cord so my kids or I can watch movies when we are camping

Posted via CB10

Umm... how about trying to enjoy the nature you drove out of the city to find? Netflix on a camping trip, what's next... cookie buffet at fat camp?

Posted via CB10

I can see using Netflix on both the Z10 and Playbook, but I think Hastings is correct about the Q10 / traditional BlackBerry form factor. The screen is too small and too square for enjoyable viewing of wide screen streaming video for long periods of time -- which is the Netflix value proposition. I'm a little surprised that everyone wants Netflix on their phone so much, really. I suppose I could use it on my Z10, but it's really more of a tablet application for me...

Posted via CB10

Netflix sucks I will definitely never get an account now
I torrent everything I want to watch anyways

Posted via CB10

I get it ....rain my data plan for netflix thats smart, if netflix comes it comes , I would use it on the PBook

If it was not for other people on the household using my Netflix I would have canceled it. Bb10 needs it.

Posted via CB10

Being from Europe, this is not a big thing because we don't have Netflix here (you can get it if you use a vpn) but it's nice to see the community come together. The platform needs some big names to call people, an example: Love my z10, but in my country it has almost no notoriety. It was nice to put to shame my friends with iPhone when showing the os and the flow of things... their phones seemed cumbersome in comparison. managed to avoid the "do you have X app in there", as I sideloaded a lot of Android apps. They rarely use them of course but you know how that goes... so I had to "lie" to get them really impressed with the phone as just the impressive os wouldn't cut it. Sad but true. At least one of them is making the jump so I explained how to do it... he wasn't very happy but can live with that. I think it would be wise to let people install android apps directly from the phone after downloading from the browser. That would be a major asset in promoting the platform, but I get it that BlackBerry wants a ecosystem of their own.

Posted via CB10

Between traveling and the fact I am fighting an illness, I would kill for a fully supported version of Netflix. I side loaded it and am happy. BlackBerry should just offer to make the app. Period.

Posted via CB10

I would like everybody to go to US Airways. Click on login to dividend miles and tell me why a network error pops up. I have been trying to get blackberry to resolve this on the PlayBook for two years.

Posted via CB10

To me it's almost not so much about the lack of the app anymore, it's more about the WHY there isn't one.
What that inept Moron said is what gets me most. Hope Karma is gonna get him eventually.

Posted via CB10

I cancelled my account and had a nice live chat with one of the support staff.
Said I would come back if/when Netflix ever supports BlackBerry and BB10.

I've actually gotten 7 account holders including myself to cancel due to this problem and the best part was only two of us have a bbry and the rest have a iphone and I feel great not like I'm dieing from losing the service that was really shitty anyways

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So I just called Netflix to discuss my account with them and possibly cancel my account. Well the rep I talked to was really nice and helpful. She asked me to hold while she contacted their research and development department. She came back on the line in a short while to inform me that they are in fact working on making an app available for BlackBerry. No specifics as to when or what devices. I've decided to keep my account for now. Hope they roll a decent app out soon! I told her I intended to cancel my account because they couldn't keep their word for their claim of being able to watch any time and anywhere... I also made sure to inform her that BlackBerry has a platform that is very powerful and will easily run Netflix. Hope she is correct! I don't know if I will use the app all that much or not but I will use it! Mainly at home on wifi with hdmi out on one of my HD TVS.

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did they offer a free month or something if so I'll give them a call tomorrow but I have to post that picture to Netflix Facebook page.... i'll probably get blocked afterwards but ohh well*

BBM CHANNEL C000EF854 < stocks*C0004ABC9

Lmao! I left because of PlayBook never looked back. To me it is a crap product for to much money but that just my feeling.

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Just a question. After talking to a Netflix rep online they indicated that Blackberry was responsible for developing the app.( not my words just repeating what was said to me) he said that Blackberry doesn't consider Netflix an app that would fit the profile of a BlackBerry device.

Can anyone offer any clarity on this topic?

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If there was any truth to that statement it would likely mean BlackBerry would have had to develop most of the apps in their store themselves.

Even at a couple hundred thousand they'd be bankrupt doing this. And if that was the case we would've had them some time ago.

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Ps to add to my last post when I had talked to the rep she stopped me to say is it because there is no BlackBerry App that's why I'm canceling and I told her yes along with my friends who don't have a blackberry said the same thing as well

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Got a free month just to then cancel it for not supporting BB10.

It might just be easier and Wayyyy better then Netflix if Crackberry convinced Sony and BlackBerry to have a monthly fee for BlackBerry Worlds Library of music and video

Z10, PlayBook, 9810, 9000.

I thank you blaze for bringing this concern to the forefront on crackberry.com

If people have twitter please use #netflix #blackberry to post about this issue too and let the millions of people know about it, please retweet it everyday until a native bb10 netflix is made for us.

We who were and or are netflix subscribers should have the right as ios and android subscribers an app for our device of choice and not be discriminated against by any company.

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Dropped them the first time the said they would not support BlackBerry. Netflix has only old movies and is only good for the free month. They know 8 bucks is not a lot and so we just keep paying...make the change today and cancel your subscription.

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I have never had a Netflix account due to lack of good content on the Canadian side. There are other better services as well. But to actually cancel your account because you would like to watch Netflix on a 5 inch phone? come on people! Get your fat ass to Best buy or to Woot.com and buy yourself a Sharp 60 inch TV for much less than a blackberry 10... think about it.

I just talked to a rep too that claimed that BlackBerry didn't want the Netflix app and that's why there isn't one.

I told the rep that that sounded completely bogus but he didn't seem interested in straying from his statement.

I've independently confirmed from 2 high up reps at BlackBerry that this is in no way true whatsoever.

Sounds like we have to get even more vocal with Netflix... and out them on this silliness.

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I've been stuck in the annoying position where to me it is offering just barely enough to justify a measly $8 a month. The selection is bad, but $8 is only the same as two rentals and I do usually get two movies a month good enough I would have considered renting them. Can't watch on my phone or tablet, but it is nicely integrated with my Blu-Ray and my Windows 8 laptop/tablet which is where I would watch most of it anyway. I'll probably end up sticking around for the foreseeable future....

Great post to share on my facebook since the majority of my friends have a subscription with netflix.
I UN-sideloaded on my Z as well.

*BBM not interested face*

I don't have Netflix or care to have it, but for the sake of the people who want it on here I hope it comes, from what I have heard it is on hand held video game devices like the 3DS. So, let's think about this, why not put it on a great phone like the new BlackBerry, which I can guarantee you people will have with them all day and more often than any hand held console like the 3DS. It's pure logic to put it on a device people will have with them all the time vs a device you will have with you casually. Something is fishy here, how much was Netflix paid to sabatoge BlackBerry? Hmmm

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I just really wanted Netflix on my PB....... 2+ years ago. Anyway I don't know why anybody is mad at netflix, it's strictly business. Why would I develop an app for a U.S product (the Z10) that has barely moved in the last 30 days??? Can't really blame them for that decision.

Instead of getting mad at Netflix let's all get BB to look for other apps out there that are just as good. Xfinity, Direct TV, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, HBO Go etc. Netflix isn't the only streaming service out there.

Not sure why the CEO Netflix would want to show so little interest is moving his company forwards. Do not see why people would want to invest in any company that closes the door on an opportunity to grow. Buyer beware I guess.

Damn straight I say BlackBerry goes after the Netflix market with there own programs it would be nothing for them to attack that market. Just my 2 cents worth. Long live blackberry!

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As far as I'm concerned - I cancled my account, as well as all my family members, I also took 110 friends & neighbors with me as of this writing. I will post my anger & fustration on Face Book,{ my personal profile & my organizations Page} - MySpace,- Twitter, -TheDragonsPulpit.com ( My web site } - linkedin, & YouTube { My Channel } . It wasn't to long ago that netflix was begging for customers now they think there bullet proof ((( WORNG ! )))

Love the idiot comments, "why would you want to watch TV on your phone". Just because you don't see the need, doesn't mean there isn't one.

And to those that state busy professional types using BlackBerry shouldn't have time for entertainment, the opposite is the case. Airports, commuting, taxi to meetings are all places for biz people to unwind or destress with music video or games. And better to have it all on one device.

And I cancelled my Netflix when I first read the interview. Guy is clueless, product value in Canada is marginal and i'm not sure i'll resign even if they adjust their stance.

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Well I canceled when they wouldn't support BlackBerry in the past. I told them if you want me to pay extra money for streaming then support my devices. Obviously they didn't so I canceled. Really don't want that anyway. If I want support from streaming it would be xfinity, hbogo, or maxgo. Any of these I would be happy with but Netflix will never get my money again even if they support blackberry. They burnt all bridges to my wallet many times!

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I find the passion for BB users impressive in this kind of matter. Although somewhat not related to the topic, I find the image at the top to be somewhat inappropriate. Sure, it sends the message, but not really mature.

Bla1ze, can some one do a post or article on what it would take to actually do the code and develop an app for BB10. If one has already been done I apologize. But the economics of creating apps vs not providing/supporting a platform needs to be brought forward so that the members of crackberry can understand the economics of creating an ecosystem. Obvious examples are native apps for Netfkix and Instagram, not just ports from Android

I am going to cancel my Netflix account when I return home(not due to lack of BB support). I am goin to subscribe to VZ Web streaming with Redbox rentals included for the same price.

I actually canceled both of my accounts back in the days of the PlayBook... However when someone posted the Netflix app for android I re opened one, but now will close it again.. as why should I support someone who doesn't want to support one of the largest communities in the world.. BlackBerry for life.. Although I'm still grinding my teeth at Verizon because they won't upgrade quicker.. I'll have my Q10 before I get 10.1 on my Z10.

Lol that's ago story and doesn't really belong..

Anyway I sure hope someone at Netflix reads this or even hears this.

In fact I would be willing to let the CEO use my spare Z10 if he doesn't even want to buy one (cheapo)... lol

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