HedoneDesign unveils Prana - A new breath of life for your BlackBerry

By Michelle Haag on 10 Jul 2011 12:28 pm EDT
Prana by HedoneDesign

With every new theme that HedoneDesign releases, they out-do themselves. Prana is the latest creation from this team, and it is a lovely addition. The impeccable attention to detail that is put into Prana is obvious, as each element is created with precision and flare. The home screen layout is unlike any I have seen. The center dock is made of nine icons in a grid pattern. These are not user defined, but I don't think you'll mind once you see how much is packed into each one. The icons for Favorites, Media and Applications are actually folders that contain 4-5 applications each, and the Today icon is a hotspot for a slick hidden today area.

The entire theme flows together smoothly, with red accents throughout the cream colored backgrounds. You can add a personal touch with a wallpaper on the home screen, and not lose any of the dock functionality. The theme isn't what I'd call wallpaper friendly, as only a small portion of your image will show, but with a theme this elegant, you won't mind a bit.

Prana is available for $6.99 and is compatible with BlackBerry 8350i, 85xx, 89xx, 9000, 93xx, 95xx, 9630/50, 97xx, and 9800. Throughout many cultures, 'prana' means vital life, energy, and life-sustaining force. Prana represents breath as one of the five organs of vitality or sensation. An appropriate name for for a theme that will breathe a new life into your BlackBerry. Be sure to check out the video of Prana in action after the break, and click the link below if you'd like to experience it for yourself.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Prana

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HedoneDesign unveils Prana - A new breath of life for your BlackBerry


Another Evanessence song playing in the background of a BlackBerry video in just two days.... kind of weird. lol

Looks awesome.... if they did a version in Black(background) and Old Gold that would be superb!

Great concept however a lot of bugs for the Torch. Seems to get "confused" when moving from verticle to horizontal screens and going to the all applications screen. The theme is worth it after a fix.