HedoneDesign releases a new theme called Avio for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/30

Avio by HedoneDesign
By Michelle Haag on 23 Dec 2011 03:51 pm EST
Still looking for a theme for your Bold 9900/30? Check out Avio, the first BB7 theme from HedoneDesign. Whether you are an avid traveler or prefer the comforts of home, this theme will transport you to where you want to be. The home page is styled after a vintage brown star passport, with wispy clouds in the background. Your dock is made up of 12 scrolling icons, appearing one-by-one as you scroll from left to right. The icons themselves are unique, ranging from vintage to modern, appearing semi-transparent on the app screen until scrolled over. Custom fonts and battery/signal meters round out the theme for a polished look.

Since this theme was created without the use of Theme Builder, there are a few glitches to note. First, the app screen wallpaper is stock and doesn't change. Second, there are no icon names on the app screen. Hedone has also posted a fix for some icon issues that may occur upon installation, so make sure you read that over before installing.

Avio is available for the 9900/30 running OS and higher. It won't work properly on lower versions of OS 7.0. You can grab it on sale now for $4.99 in the CrackBerry store. To celebrate this release, Hedone Design is giving you a chance to download this theme for FREE! The first 30 people to purchase Avio for their 9900/30 from the CrackBerry store can use coupon code MHITG which will reduce the cost to zero. (Make sure you are purchasing from your BlackBerry and that you apply the coupon and see the discount before checking out.) You can also grab this theme for other devices, though the coupon and sale do not apply. Keep an eye out for versions of Avio for other BB7 devices to release soon!

More information/screenshots and download Avio for your 9900/30

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Reader comments

HedoneDesign releases a new theme called Avio for the BlackBerry Bold 9900/30


Wait, wait, wait... They made a theme that doesn't work properly and they're charging $5 for it?!?! Anyone who purchases this should get punched in the junk. $5 for a working theme is too much, for a non working theme is insane!

There'll be update as soon as Theme Studio 7 is released. We worked really hard to provide BB7 users with themes since they are requesting them. We have a lot of emails in our inboxes with wishes for BB7 themes and we are glad we can offer theme to them. If they will get it or not, that is their decision. As for theme price... we work hard to provide themes with high graphics and functionality and we sell them for a price we think they deserve. If you think that's too much than please don't buy them. Thank you.

Selling broken apps is a career for many. If you can't use it before you buy it than you know it's probably broken.

Reviews? The reviews on Mobihand and AppWorld are eddited and or censored and mean nothing.

Like I said, no demo should equal no deal if your smart and value your money.

Developers are still posting things on MobiHand? ... and charging for it? Did I miss a memo or something? MobiHand started paying the developers again?

ALSO, back on topic. $5 is a drop in the bucket for an amazing theme. HedoneDesign is one of the few developers that deserve $5 for their themes. I won't name drop others in this post. But there are a few themers out there who actually earn the cash by putting out quality.

Can you make a theme with no trays and about 8 mini icons on the home screen and a small banner I'm not asking for much looool

well... what else you gunna do? wait till probably winter 2012 for theme builder 7 to come out? I'm gunna buy themes from devs who I know have done great work in the past, and live with the bugs until RIM decides to allow bug free themes.... if they ever do, they seem to like bugs and poor quality these days.