Hedone Design V2 – Free birthday theme

Hedone Design
By Alicia Erlich on 11 Oct 2010 12:31 pm EDT

HedoneDesign is celebrating their birthday by offering a free version of their Hedone Design V2.0 theme. This is a great theme that uses their signature "Scalpel" icon-set (named for its sharpness), is fast and sleek in its design and, as they advertise, is straight out of a science fiction novel. Application icons seem to pop out against the off-white background and the grey home-screen icons turn orange when selected. It also comes with a circular six user customizable icon home dock with the time in the middle. Voted as CrackBerry Theme developer of the year in 2010, you can't go wrong with this free theme from HedoneDesign.

Reader comments

Hedone Design V2 – Free birthday theme


Seems the link was so popular that it got overwhelmed and took the day off. I hope it is back up soon because I would love this theme!

This theme is very cool. I do have a question, the three dots, what do they indicate? They change colors so I know they do something. It looks like the one in the middle is a for signal stregnth, the left one is battery(?), and the right one is what.? Also, what do the colors mean? Red=bad; Yellow=medium; Green=good..

bottom left is battery (gree full, red empty), bottom right is signal and red dot in the middle right part of the screen is alarm indicator. ;)

Nice theme but the gray text is hard to read (if not unreadable) when you change your wallpaper. Smooth with no lag.

Ok theme, downloaded it today for the Torch. The only problem...the home screen gets messed up when you switch to landscape mode.

Very nice theme, I like it. I'm surprised it's free. It's lag free & offers a nice alternative if you're sick of hte same Blackberry layout :)

Question about the green dot for battery. My phone is charging at the moment, how will i know when it's fully charged? Will it become a darker shade of green? My signal strength has changed so far between a dark orange, lighter orange & at one point a dark green.

This theme is GREAT>>> Love IT!! I'm beginning to like all your themes!

Anyone have any alternate wallpapers?