Hedone Design Summer Spirit Premium Theme

Hedone Design Summer Spirit Premium Theme
By Bla1ze on 3 Sep 2009 11:32 am EDT

Hedone Design has a new designer working for them, one who will be concentrating on the female inspired themes, and Summer Spirit is her first go at it. This one is surely for the ladies out there as it includes nice pink icons, a moving butterfly as the signal meter as well as a flower battery meter. All of this is nicely integrated and just seems to fit the feeling of the theme. As a special offer if you are using the CrackBerry App Store from your device, when you enter the coupon code SummerS40 you will get 40% off the cost of the theme bringing the price to $4.19. Summer Spirit is available for all devices so be sure to check it out.

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Hedone Design Summer Spirit Premium Theme


Uh...did you guys even BOTHER to read the damn post?? It's GEARED TOWARDS FEMALES, hence the "girliness"...

You guys aren't very bright, are you?

Very nice work on the theme.

my girlfriend bought this theme, then tested to see if she could change backgrounds... but she wants the original background back... is it saved somewhere on her device? thanks.

Go back to your Media>Pics and select any pic at all, then press the menu key and click "reset wallpaper" to reset the original wallpaper back to what it was.

Ok, you got me. In the picture: "Comes with wallpaper expension pack"

What is an expension? :)

Your website says you must have a data plan with your BB in order to download themes. Why don't you allow for downloads via computer or am I misunderstanding?

This theme is really cute and I can't wait to see what your new designer comes up with next, but I'd be pretty disappointed if downloads excluded customers who don't have a data plan.