Hedone Design Releases Chryom Premium Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones

Hedone Design Releases Chryom Premium Theme
By Bla1ze on 17 Apr 2010 05:23 pm EDT

Hedone and his design team have been back in the lab. This time, the creation they have come up with is for fans of minimalistic, light colored themes. Chryom is nicely laid out and beautifully designed. Custom battery and signal meters are present here and the off white leather wallpaper adds a serious touch of class overall. This one is set at $6.99 and is available for multiple devices including Storm series.

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Hedone Design Releases Chryom Premium Theme for BlackBerry Smartphones


I just went and bought this theme, I must say it really is quite beautiful, and very modern and contemporary as well. Probably one of the best themes you could buy for the money if your in the market for a theme.

Those with a White 9000's and White 9700's should get in line for this theme, although as someone who owns and uses a Black 9000, I still love it.

This really looks like an incredible theme, but perhaps it could be made to be more masculine? Maybe the background can be changed to be black leather?

Just a thought.

I got this last night and I like it so far but I've lost everything that wasn't shipped with the phone. All my apps and custom folders are gone, even if I try and show all. Haven't messed with it too much but will dig into it later tonight.

Having the same issue as "bovcrx". I paid the $ for it and it it is a beautiful theme but please update and fix. (running on a Storm 1 w/5.0)

hey guys! this is not a bug... ;) it can be seen on function screen for this theme. We had in mind that some of u like to use Opera or Bolt as main browser, that is why we reserved slot 6 on app screen for your favorite browser.

put your browser on sixth place in app screen and you'll be able to use "Browser" icon on HomeScreen with no problem!

I also downloadet the Chryom Theme and like to give a short feedback:
> it's verry nice, comes like the screenshots shows
> it's not so fast - i.e. the switch between portrait- and landscape-view takes some times verry long, going back from a menu to the homescreen, writing mails etc.
> Memory leaks enormously - allready my os (Storm 9500/ leaks, but with Chryom hou have drops fom 12mb to 500k in one hour; had to restart or quick-pull it several times per day...
> One argument was the direct access to a lot functions/apps, but: on the ("normal") Skin "Precision Zen" you have 11 Functions on the home-screen (8 on the bottom, 3 up (Profile/Watch/Connections) - with Chryom you have 13 (6 Outside-Circle, 5 Inner-Circle, Watch and Connection) - but "Phone" you don't need (there is the green "Answer-Button") - so you have 12, 5 (6) not switchable...
> if you downloaded the German-Version of Chryom, all umlauts haves the two points far above the "normal Line" - like on the upper-Line of the Text...

Conclusion: it's verry nice, I even would say, it's worth the price -
but if you are really a power user as me (getting 50 Mails per day, writing between 15 and 25 Mails/sms/mms/tweets per day, making fotos, listening music etc. etc.) - then the performance is to slow.

greets, samuel