Heads Up: If you're using an old BlackBerry 10 OS leak, the new BBM 10.3 will not work

By Bla1ze on 14 Feb 2014 04:16 pm EST

Now that BBM 10.3 has hit the masses, we've noticed there has been a ton of folks asking why the update is not working for them. When asked which OS they're on, most folks state they're running an older OS leak with .1055 or .1295 being the most common.

Just as in the beta stages, the new BBM will not work on those leaks. If you're hanging onto an old leak for whatever reason and want the latest BBM, you're simply just going to have to upgrade to a new OS release. Might we suggest



those are probably all the reviewers complaining about bbm not working in bb world.


Ouch....but hey I don't leak! ;)

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And it won't work on an official 10.1 release. How about that?

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Edit: oops I'm a liar lol.


Works on my official ATT 10.1 release on my Z10

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It works on my Verizon Q10SQN100-2/

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Jerale Hoard

Works fine on mine.

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Also works fine on my leaked OS on T-mobile - STL100-3/


Works on mine!

Verizon Q10SQN100-2/

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As I said, I'm a liar. The update hit me minutes after my OP.


Ha ha suckers

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Bridge just got updated, but now it doesn't display BBM's since the 10.3 update. Hopefully they'll patch Bridge to work again...


Was wondering what was going on...now I can't delete it!!!!

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WTCreepy sound is that :)


Get on the official peeps!


Fucking hell. I restored from when before I updated and BBM is still at 10.3.

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I have the official release and
Glympse is not working

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Observation Junkie

Worth while deleting the app and reloading

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I have the stock 1925 but I had installed the Porsche clock while I got the update. Not sure if that would wreck the update, but I didn't get it. It downloaded, but still the same as before. Is there a way to make it work now? I've tried restarting and have removed the Porsche clock but no go. Suggestions?

Z10 on


How did you load Porsche, old trick does not work for me

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Well I hope this clears up the billions of threads on this subject. DOH!



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And FYI: for the first time in my BB life I'm #Official :p Z10STL100-2/

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Had the. 1055 with the issue that it wouldn't open at all, I installed the. 1925 and everything is golden.

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I got got the new icon but nothing about sharing location...

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It works on my .1925


thanks a lot but a day too late. I already did it and no more BBM!!!!


Works fine on mine with 1925. Someone's full of it again.

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Working great on 1295, what are you talking about?

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1925* sorry, I was typing a little too fast.

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Yeah, bit late :p lucky vodafone UK brought out the newest update today

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So what's new with this OS?

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Not true for my case leak here and it works perfectly fine for both my Z10 and Q10. :-)


What does 10.3 bring to the table from 10.2.1?

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Finally.......an advantage to the wait. Come on AT&T.............let us upgrade!


BlackBerry should just block people from installing BBM on incompatible OS versions, such as leaks. This would just prevent lots of bad reviews... look at the reviews on BBW

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Nazmi Saifee

STL100-2 does not have the 10.2.1 release. I know that it is the responsibility of the service provider, but it should be up to BlackBerry to ensure that all users get the update. Or it can do what the whole world is doing... giving it directly to the users

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Gilang Gil


Feifan Wang

If the BBM can sent the file/pic easily I will be glad to use it

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Bad :(

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I did a security wipe and reloaded the autoloader and then my backup and BBM works again. I will not be updating BBM until I am on an official release.

Factory unlocked Z10 STL100-1 (from the UK being used in Canada)

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It did not work on my Q10 with .1055. I installed .2141 and after a few reboots, it works.

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I've noticed that, had to upgrade as fast as possible because I didn't want to live too long without BBM. Yay for Sachesi!

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I just upgraded my BBM to version 3. And it doesn't work. Even with my BB10 OS

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Reload 1055.
Don't restore 'applications'.
The old BBM should work.
The official OS will allow BBM3 to work


As of 2/15/2014, 1PM
US TMobile is pushing OS
On this version BBM3 works.

On one of our phones the OS was pushed on BBLink. Our other phone showed no upgrade :)


I'm running leaked 1925. BBM shows the version as installed in BlackBerry World but device monitor shows the version as BBM opens and works but it does not have the new features. I am on VZW and do not have the official 10.2.1 available on my Q10 yet.

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Gavril Gheorghiasa

How can I update if in the software update section it says I'm at the latest version and it's still 10.2.0 ??

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Mario d

Can anyone tell me if the would work with the bbm 3.0

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If you do a full backup with BlackBerry Link then update with the auto loader and do a full restore from the backup it works flawlessly! I know most people tell you to so a fresh install and not a restore but with such a small jump in OS numbers I risked it and was VERY glad I did! I went from 10.2.1055 to the newest .2141 release.

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Crabby Abie The Queen T-Flo

Yey.... I already reverted to the original OS...no leaks. before, I tried to leaks, but didn't like em... I wonder what's new for the 10.3

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Andrew Jacques1

The new software & bbm worked fine, but once I upgraded bbm, BBM wouldnt even open. Even after wiping the phone. I had downgrade back to the old software just to get bbm to work again.

Bence Szilvasy

My BBM is VERY strange. Chat works flawlessly. Smileys come and go, no prob. But voice is an issue. Tried with friends' iPhone 5 and a Samsung S4 mini, and nothing. If they call me the Z10 rings, I pick up, but we can't hear anything. Their phones indicate that I was unavailable, my phone says the exact opposite. If I try to call them, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens. No ring, zilch. Then, after about 5-10 minutes we both got a message, saying that "Voice chat disconnected. Duration 00:00:xx"
I accepted an invitation, then nothing happened, but on the following day my friend's iPhone indicated that I accepted the invitation - FIVE times...
This is my first BB phone & experience, and because of the continuous issues (Link, Sachesi, 10.2.1 camera/video, etc.) it's not a pleasant one.
Ah, almost forgot: I'm on, updated via Sachesi on a friend's computer, because mine can't recognize my phone. It was done a week ago, so it was not a leaked early FW.


Can anyone plz help me out!!!!! -___- I've been having a problem!! I can't update to the new stoneware.. my computer is slow! So I was just wondering if there is any other website I can download the file.. instead of the one that's provided..?? When I do download from the link provided.. it takes me 5 hours to do so and says broken file! Plz help!! I need the new update!

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Can anyone plz help me out!!!!! -___- I've been having a problem!! I can't update to the new stoneware.. my computer is slow! So I was just wondering if there is any other website I can download the file.. instead of the one that's provided..?? When I do download from the link provided.. it takes me 5 hours to do so and says broken file! Plz help!! I need the new update

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