Heads Up: CrackBerry Podcast recording Thursday at 1pm ET - you can tune in LIVE!

CrackBerry Live Podcast
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Oct 2012 07:54 pm EDT

It's been a while since we've fired things up for a live CrackBerry video podcast, but that changes tomorrow (Thursday) at 1pm ET / 10am PT. Adam, Bla1ze, Craig and Umi will be joining yours truly as we catch up and debate upon all things BlackBerry.

If you want to watch the action as it unfolds and join in on the community chat, all you have to do is show up to crackberry.com/live. The conversation will be engaging and whitty. And if it's not... well.. at least you'll be able to check out my long flowing locks in motion and you'll get a good laugh. Yep, I still haven't cut my hair yet since before BlackBerry World in May... my committment to grow my hair out until BlackBerry 10 hits the market is still on in full force!

Reader comments

Heads Up: CrackBerry Podcast recording Thursday at 1pm ET - you can tune in LIVE!


Kevin, your hair will be your legacy to BlackBerry. Someone should develop one of those photobooth type apps with different hairstyles for BB10. Call it Crackberry Kevin's Hair Studio 10

Love the Crack'casts!
You gotta get James on one of these days...the 'casts he does in GB are quite funny...

Are you talking about Mobile Tech Addicts, with the other guy Garreth? Those two try so hard to be funny but fail so miserably, it results in a lot of awkward moments. Whenever I have listened to them, I felt embarrassed for them. They try to be quick witted, but they're just quick, no wit! I don't know why they decided to try and do their podcast in a comedy style, just talk about tech and leave the comedy to funny people. Not surprised you think it's funny.

LOL at the hair cell phone case. We should petition Thor to cut Kevin's hair on launch day.

Too bad i wont be in the office at that time. I wonder if i can listen to it on my 9780.