Heads Up: CrackBerry Forums getting upgraded tonight, beginning at 5pm ET

CrackBerry Forums Upgrade Happening TONIGHT!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Oct 2012 01:13 pm EDT

Hey CrackBerry Nation! Just a quick heads up that the CrackBerry Forums will be going offline later today, beginning at ~5pm ET, while our tech team gets to work on pushing out a big forum upgrade.

CrackBerry is a MASSIVE forum, so we're expecting around 6 hours of downtime as we migrate things over from the dev server and get all the data imported. During this time the forums will be completely offline, but you will still be able to browse and login the blogs, ringtone/wallpaper gallery and the ShopCrackBerry store.

Once the forums are down I'll toss a waiting room post up here on the homepage.... we'll turn the downtime into a contest and have some fun with it. 

Thanks for the patience. It's going to be an awesome upgrade! 



free blackberry's for anyone who try to post in that time frame ;o)

At least i did not yell FIRST or POLE! on my post......


Cool. Hope it's like what you guys just did at AndroidCentral a few weeks ago.

Kevin Michaluk

Yep. But crackier... cuz it's CrackBerry :)


I LOVE upgrades!! I'm excited to see the improvements and new features!


Are we going to have a new site design for the launch for BB10?

Kevin Michaluk

Yup. Today's upgrades won't be a massive "redesign" (though there are lots of visual changes)... but you'll see a better than ever CrackBerry for Q1 2013 :)


Awesome :) I have been wondering the sae thing.


Please don't include lots of evil flash, it doesn't work well with my Torch.

Oh and keep the purple and orange :). I dislike those colours anywhere but on CrackBerry.


a step towards Mobile Nations unified log in, maybe?


Are we also getting an upgrade for the mobile app?


These big forum changes always make me nervous. I trust CB, but I'm still nervous! Sometimes forums become too complicated and confusing while missing some of the basics.


To upgrade 2.1 while ur at it.


Good luck with the upgrade Kevin, and here's to hoping they don't run into any problems. Took a look at the other sites you recently updated and I think it'll be just as great for CrackBerry.


6 HOURS!!! Whatever am I going to do for 6 hours? I guess I'll have to go outside & have a social life.....aka BBM my friends about going to the bar tonight :D


Good luck!!! Maybe BB10 will be out when you come back online......


NOOOOOOOO 6hours without the forums????? ...well I'm excited about the waiting Page and contest because I have never won anything before lol


What will I ever do?


How will all the people who still haven't upgraded cope without somewhere to post their downloading xxx megabytes, and rebooting now messages? Maybe a special site for them as its too much expecting them to watch the upgrade patiently without telling the world about it.


Is everything going to still work well with the tapatalk plugin? I know there's only one developer so if it needs updating it may take longer than expected.


You should of said the upgrade will take 2.1 hours, then post an update moving it back to 6 hours. Just kidding, can't wait for it.


what will i do for 6hrs??? :(


I don't mind having the forums down for upgrades, just make sure you don't lose any threads/posts. Especially not the 50k Crackberry Challenge!

with 30K Likes this one is soon to go Over 9000 posts!


Where o where am I going to get my blackberry info for 6 hours. I don't think ill make it


The blogs will still be up.


Will do PlayBook CB Forums app still work?


Got a list of things written down to search for waiting for the forums to come back up