Heads Up: BlackBerry World planned maintenance for 12-3am ET, Aug. 27

By Bla1ze on 26 Aug 2013 09:41 pm EDT

Just a heads up for all you app downloaders out there, BlackBerry has taken to Twitter to let it be known that BlackBerry World will have limited access on August 27th through the hours of 12-3am ET for planned maintenance and upgrades. The last time BlackBerry World was down, Twitter and the CrackBerry Forums filled up with users letting it be known the offerings were inaccessible so hopefully, with some notice that won't happen again. Spread the word, and let it be known!

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Heads Up: BlackBerry World planned maintenance for 12-3am ET, Aug. 27


Thx. Maybe now Wall St. won't get all excited and think BlackBerry buckled under the pressure. Seriously....has it come to this?
BlackBerry lives.

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Blackberry: "Here's what's new: new colored theme, totally new search engine and some bugs fixed."


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Waiting for BGR to report "BlackBerry Outage leaves BlackBerry users stranded!! Top analyst says it's because BlackBerry is bankrupt!!"

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so they tell all 3 million of their twitter followers, that makes sense, but then why not tell their 29 million facebook followers? backwards if ya ask me.

Finally they are learning their lessons and telling us in advance. Next best thing would be to push a notification to all phones. Wouldn't be too hard and then no one would have an excuse for not knowing.

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I've seen situations on CB where an article title is "ABC Co.'s app is now on sale for 1.99!" and people will still post "How much is it?" in the comments.

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They should at least show a message when you open BlackBerry world that says something like:

"BlackBerry World will be temporarily unavailable between the hours of 12 AM and 3 AM EST on 27 Aug for planned maintenance. We apologise for the inconvenience."

Instead of what they have now:

"There was a connection problem. BlackBerry World must close."


Q10 and Canadian all the way!

I hope the maintenance involves deleting all those stupid offline maps apps from BlackBerry World.

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It's already not working but I'm ok because they told me, but now that I can't check my BlackBerry world It seems I want to check it even more, counting down until my BlackBerry world works again

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You've got that right!! Let's hope is for the better. Thanks for the heads up, amazing!!!

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"The last time BlackBerry World was down, Twitter and the CrackBerry Forums filled up with users letting it be known the offerings were inaccessible so hopefully, with some notice that won't happen again."

Ahaha...yeah right.

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I just got off working opening bbw and couldn't open it so I came straight to crackberry to find out if you guys knew anything and you're right on top of things! thanks !

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Ohh now ya tell me lol I was wondering what's going on Hopefully we all wake up to apps we dint have before pleasssse BlackBerry


thanks for the warning.

btw: if it is a planned activity,why we do not get a notification for instance 1 week ago, and a simple sentence explaining it when opening the BlackBerry World? I guess many people out there still have no idea why it is not running and...

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I would like them to release an update for the text message bug. Every time it happens I can't send recieve or read texts for like 20 minutes

They could have sent a Pin message to all customers making them aware again shows blackberry lack of communication with customers

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Okay BlackBerry world is back up and it seems to respond faster....a new section has been added on the homescreen of BlackBerry world. I haven't seen any new updated apps @ the moment so i guess they just carried out maintenance on the site

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Changes i recognized are that the links "more from [developer]" and developer website moved from the text into the triple point menu and the Build for BlackBerry Badge is much bigger now...

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The devs must really like that...I found it extremely frustrating. Good thing I saw this post to figure out where they went.

Expect twitter to be filled with rants as to BlackBerry World being down again. Hah. No advance notice will help. People just don't pay attention or remember deets. Sok I will be first to rant and rave. Techno style! Lol

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I hope they release some new native apps like Skype and Instagram with the update, as I am sick and tired of choked off £400 for a BLACKBERRY phone which runs on black market android apps !!

I hope they fix the loading times. Even on fast wifi the app world is loading 4/5 seconds to load a new screen (games window, etc).

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Nice improvement, but there is something that doesn't make sense to me. If you look the app details, release version etc there is a section called "Others also downloaded", first I don't know how they got this information and second, this information is useless, the information there is totally unrelated with the app I am looking, for example if you look at the CB10 app, other have downloaded the Islamic prayer notifer, whipp app, and jeweled hunt free game. Do I really care ? I believe that section should show apps that are in the same category of the app I am looking, in this case like blog or news.

Why do i have to find these things out through cb or twitter. This should have been a notification pushed right to the phones of the owners.

Thanks for the heads up though.

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