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Headless support and other goodies arrive on BeBuzz 10 Pro

Headless support and other goodies arrive on BeBuzz 10 Pro
By DJ Reyes on 13 Mar 2014 05:25 am EDT

The moment plenty of people have been waiting for has arrived -- BeBuzz 10 has finally gone headless. One of the more popular LED notifications, BeBuzz 10 was an app many had been wanting to go headless. BeBuzz was my favourite LED notifications app on legacy devices so perhaps I'll check it out again. I did try out BeBuzz 10 upon its initial release on BlackBerry 10 but like many other apps that had to remain open, you tend to forget to open them and then eventually never get round to using them.

Apart from going headless, there are other new additions too. Here's the full changelog.

  • Added headless support (no need to keep running BeBuzz all the time)
  • Added support for calendar events/reminders
  • Added 30 more LED color combinations
  • Now detects your device's notifications profile (normal, silent, all alerts off etc) and mutes LED, sound, vibrates accordingly
  • Removed popups (due to incompatibility with headless support; please revert to BB10 native toast notifications)
  • Removed silent mode switch (replaced by native profile detection support)

Now that BeBuzz 10 Pro has gone headless, will you start using it again? Did you ever stop using it? Have you moved on to use another LED notification app? Sound off in the comments.

BeBuzz 10 Pro is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and costs $2.99. It's free to update.

Learn more / Download BeBuzz Pro 10




I only use the app Powertools. Works without problems .
For me the best headless app that does almost everything
It took to long for BEBuzz to become headless :(


Why didn't you say "first"? I'm very disappointed in you..........

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

He'll get a cookie from the first "haters", because he resisted the "evil urge". They rarely congratulate. LOL

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


It's not a cookie. It's a good boy sticker to show their parents once they leave the basement that someone on the Internet thinks they are cool by posting first.

Posted via CB10


because not everyone is stupid and immature and they don't feel the need to satisfy their mommies and daddies being cool


So you admit it's cool to say "first". Atta boy, I knew you had it in you!

Posted via CB10



Posted via Z10 @ CrackBerry App


you are anything but cool, maybe to your parents unless they beat you senseless for being a moron as well


Someone forgot their meds this morning :s

Posted from my TARDIS!



Posted via CB10


On legacy devices BeBuzz was THE app.

But timing is everything, and I agree that Power Tools has fit the notification niche pretty well. It might not be as strong or varied in notifications... but it does so much more. I really like the geofencing features.

No reason to have yet another app running in the background.

Posted via CB10


Hub ++ FTW

Posted via CB10


I might give it a try now that I just finally got 10.2.1 loaded on my Q10.


I agree. Hub++ FTW. I had bebuzz on my curve. I upgraded to 9900 afterwords and they wanted me to purchase the app again even though I had my receipt and emailed it to them. No response (not even a "go to hell, dude").

And almost every upgrade required a payment. One of them even asked for $5. You gotta be smoking one of them funny cigarettes to charge me that after that crappy service.

hub++ knows what people want. Thank you.

 We have apks cuz we need 'em not cuz we want 'em 


Similar experience here with BeBuzz on my 9850 and then 9930. On top of that, it kept triggering my device monitor as a resource hog. I ended up deleting it and not purchasing for my Z10 or Z30.

Posted via Z30





It was about time! Although I was really looking forward to this, I started using Hub++ some time ago and I really can't complain about it. It takes a moment to get used to it, but once you set up your accounts it works really well.


The active frame is nice because it shows the battery level. 2 in 1.
So headless for me is not necessary

posted via my Z10 


Other than when you restart your device you need to launch the app again.


I agree, I like the battery meter

Posted via CB10


Can someone confirm if blaq or WhatsApp works on this? I want to know before purchasing. Thanks


I've been using Hub++ which works brilliantly I must say but, I just went back to BeBuzz for 4 main reasons.

1: Better LED choices.
2: No issues with volume control if watching video or listening to music when using volume key to dismiss led. (Can't understand why Hub++ has this problem that's been there since day one and still not yet fixed).
3: Missed call/message reminder notification configurable for every xx mins as you choose etc .
4: The status LED on BeBuzz just beats Hub++ hands down. Hub++ only works once you're in service, wifi or whatever and only until you open the hub or something then stop's. The status LED on Bebuzz works as BB's should and always have.


It would be awesome to see a full comparison between this and Hub++

Posted via CB10 on a Z10STL100-3/


And powertool too.

It's not a phone, it's a 


Agreed. I would like to see a comparison between the 3 options, BeBuzz, Power Tools & Hub++. Would be even nicer if BBerry just baked this function into the next update.


Agreed. I have purchased most LED tools (including powertools), and honestly BeeBuzz is by far the best at this specific task, much more configuration options than the others IMO.

Posted via CB10


I repurchased this just a few days ago as the BlackBerry World entry said it was now headless. However it most certainly was not.

Hope this blog post is based on the writer using the application, rather than just looking at the BlackBerry World entry...

Posted via CB10

Prem WatsApp

Are you on 10.2.1?

Some apps need this, because it has improved headless support

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....


The dev said in a thread that BlackBerry set the new description online BEFORE they approved the app


I stop using it but I keep it just because I was waiting for this update and as soon it is available I'll start using it again and forever!

Thanks Bellshare team and keep them coming!!

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I'm MongezaurioBerry


Damn I've been waiting on this!

Posted via CB10


I freaking just bought the HUB++ a few days back after waiting for headless support for BeBuzz. Now to test which one is better


Had it been available headless when I got my phone I would've bought it in a heartbeat but I'm already invested in Hub++ now and the fact that I use some of the sounds off of it I'm not switching.

omar peroni

Bebuzz need to add BBM Group option led

Posted via CB10


Is there any app that has an option to change the BBM group LED colour? That's pretty much the only reason that I want to buy one of these apps.


I switched to Hubplusplus as soon as they were headless. I think bebuzz took to long to get headless.

Posted via CB10


Isn't this in line with the normal BlackBerry experience?!?
You wait ages for something which others have already for a long long time... but when it finally comes, it much better...

Gilang Gil

Still not working in background , waste my money , back to Hub++

BlackBerry User since 2009


Yes! I've been waiting for this. Bought Bebuzz Pro ages ago and will now start using it fully!
To those referring to how long it took to go headless; it could be argued that Hub++ went headless too soon, as it was rife with issues.


A Lot of which have been fixed. The Dev is super responsive, try getting a response from bell share. Anyway, I paid for both but hub++ is just infinitely more configurable. Custom LED, tons of filter options. It's just a better app because the dev takes the wants of his users seriously.

Posted via CB10


I have been using 'Watcher' app, dies a pretty decent job.

Posted via CB10


Cannot get LED for work email... useless... also my update is not showing in my world yet.

Posted via CB10


It didn't show up in my world either. But I hit the update button and then it appeared.

Posted via CB10


I got this right when I got my BlackBerry but deleted it because it was annoying to keep it open all the time. Can't wait to use it now :)

Posted via CB10


That BeBuzz "syncs" with Blackberry native profile settings (silent, vribration only etc) is really a BIG advantage over Hub++...


waited, bought - happy :-)


About damn freaking time!

Powered By BlackBerry!

Pete The Penguin

It's high-time BlackBerry rolled the functionality of PowerTools, BeBuzz and Hub ++ into BB10.

Alberta Blue

Yes, can anyone confirm that the headless version is actually available for download?

Posted from my Z30 via CB10.


Yes I installed it this morning

Posted via CB10


I have been waiting for it !


Nice to see this update! I never stopped using the app and don't really care about headless as much as before bb10. At first it was a pain to keep things open but I got used to it. Now I prefer to see what's running on my phone at all times. *shrugs*

Posted via CB10


Downloaded it and yes it is headless. Apparently bbworld approved the new versions description before the the actual new version. So that's the reason for the confusion.

Sent from my Q10


i bought power tools, i bought hub++ so why i shouldn`t buy Bee Buzz... i realy loved it at my old devices


Nice app but no BBM support unless I an just missing it.


You are missing it.

Sent from my Q10


I see BBM, but it doesn't allow unique colour for each BBM contact, just one colour for all BBM messages. No granularity there that I can see. BBM needs to be a messaging option in the initial contact setup along with SMS and email, so I can choose one colour for a contact and it covers all communications with them.

This post Powered by BlackBerry


Completely agree. BBM needs to be an option just like text and email. It needs to be unique for each individual BBM contact. It isn't and thus serves little to no purpose.

Posted via CB10

Dave XII

not possible (OS limitation) as far as I know...

Posted via CB10


Some people are never satisfied. And I fail to understand the point of posting on a thread of an app that you have decided not to use, for whatever reason.

I have all 3 app, BeBuzz, Powertools and Hub++...Hub had it's issues as well and to this day I could not get it to function consistently. I have not used PT for led notifications so I can't say how good or bad it is.


I waited on the headless capability. Kept up with the progress over in the forum BeBuzz beta thread. Now that it's out, I can now get it.

Of course, now this probably means that the next major OS update will include customizable LED colors too.

Posted via CB10


Yes I came back to the best led app ever now that is headless!

Posted via CB10


Never stopped using it since my BBOS days

Posted via CB10Zed30


Never stopped using! Only one that's always worked consistently and does work notifications. Facebook, BBM, twitter...all I need. Even tried power tools but gave up when it couldn't do work email.

Posted via CB10


Um, never mind. Doesn't seem to be working at all. Lol. Running in background but not alerting to anything!

Posted via CB10


Nevermind nevermind. There's a new (?) notifications setting to set the various profile settings (normal, phone call only, etc) and my chosen profile had LED set to off. Duh.

Sayumi Whisp

I'm using hub ++ but since this is headless it's really buggy and every new update fix some issues and bring me new.
Not sure if I should pay for another led app without excessive testing.

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)


Doesn't work as network indicator just as the useless, complicated hub minus minus minus. Watcher works for me.

Posted via CB10


Been waiting for headless since day one. Delete contact still doesn't work or I'm I missing something? I tap the contact I want to delete, tap 3 dots , tap trashcan . Doesn't delete.

Posted via CB10


If you are in the contact and select the overflow menu (3 dots) to delete, it won't work. However, if you are on your list of customized contacts, long press, then select delete - it will remove them.

That said, I am extremely disappointed with this app. It is nothing like it was on OS7. I would not encourage anybody to buy it.

Posted via CB10


Finally. They are late to the game but I still use it. PowerTools interface is just awful and how it handles alerts and notifications is a joke. HUB++ was nice but in the end I found I couldn't do what I wanted with it. I just liked BeBuzz more, even without headless.

Irina Ghiurova


The magnificent BlackBerry  Z10 ‎



Posted via CB10

canadian nick

Thanks for the heads up this was just what I was looking for

Posted via CB10


I switched to HUB++ a while back. In part because it went headless much sooner, but it also offers better control over 'quiet time'. The developer's forum interaction with customers, and their response to questions and requests is head and shoulders above BeBuzz.


I swear this is a repost.

Posted via CB10


Thanks for the update!! And for those who couldn't wait well I guess you ain't got no patience

Posted via CB10


Do any let you set a profile for a certain amount of time i.e I want to silence phone for 20 minutes?


So CrackBerry staff: how about a thorough comparison piece that pits Hub++ against BeBuzz against Power Tools against Color LED against whatever other LED customization apps also are available which I'm not aware of?

Will you guys do that? I'm only asking because I'm not sure you guys will do it due to concerns about creating bad relations between CrackBerry and individual developers. Note: I'm not trying to be snarky by saying this. I just get the impression that CrackBerry prefers to maintain an impartial stance when it comes to application developers.

Posted via CB10


Omg popups is removed...

Posted via Q10


Never stopped using be buzz, used hub ++ but didnt like it.

It works as headless altho the network coverage indicator is a bit buggy. Works when the phone is unlocked but doesn't when locked.

Glad to see its now headless tho.

Posted via CB10

Irina Ghiurova

I love love love this app since I first bought it in 2010... i guess.. really long time ago. I've never stopped using it and patently waited for it to become headless. Even though it has never ever been a problem for me. I love knowing about the battery percentage all the time so it was absolutely not an issue even being not headless, but of course now is better! :) to those who state that launching the app when you turn on your phone again could be an issue... well I dunno what to say... it cannot be easier, guys, especially when you know that you will never be acknowledge about any incoming notification without that app. so launching it in a single slip is the easiest thing to do. Rhe best app out there! Incomparable with any stupidity such as power tools... i hate it! so ugly and doesn't work as well as this one and has barely half of its functionality. So I will personally stay stuck to this till I possess a BlackBerry device! Never give up the great stuff! :)

The magnificent BlackBerry  Z10 ‎


Maybe I am missing how to make this headless. If I start the app, do I just leave it on the active screen? If I do things work great as before. If I exit out of the app, nothing happens when I get email, phone calls, SMS, etc.

Thanks for any insight on this.


You need to make sure you are on 10.2.1. If u are then it should work, I'd restart your phone after installing it then open it up and go thru the setup instructions. Once set up, close the active frame and it should work.

Posted via CB10


Thanks for the information. I did as you instructed and it worked for a few minutes. I am on At this time BeBuzz is not working at all. Is anyone having this issue?

Irina Ghiurova

For me works just fine. The only thing I can submit you is to directly contact the developer. I hope they can have a solution for you.

The magnificent BlackBerry  Z10 ‎


Have been using this and was considering getting Hub++ as that was headless. In the end was patient and waited for this to become headless. It's brilliant now.

Posted via CB10


It's not headless for me either but I'm guessing that may have something to do with my tmobile q10 hasn't received 10.2.1 yet?

Posted via CB10


Yes, BeBuzz needs 10.2.1 for headless support.

T-Mobile is rolling out 10.2.1 today, so you might be lucky ;-)


I stopped using it too. 10.2.1 does most of what bee buzz did. Don't want to bother changing my notification settings again.


I bought Be buzz when I got my z10 in feb 2013 knowing headless would come eventually.

It is headless but very inconsistent, e.g. for one contact
Gmail LED notification is fine, Ringtone doesn't work
BT Internet email LED notification fine, Ringtone is fine
Text message, LED notification does not work, Ringtone is fine
BBM: LED notification is fine, Ringtone is fine

Therefore I shall continue NOT using be buzz until they get it working properly.

Posted via CB10


Same here, LED notifications for text messages doesn't work.


I got used to using this app and letting it open to see the batterie level. I'm gonna miss it :'(

Posted via CB10

Irina Ghiurova


The magnificent BlackBerry  Z10 ‎


Is there a free version?

Posted via CB10


Passsssss. What's @bebuzz? #Hub++ alllllllll day

Posted via CB10


Very late
... I moved on
Hub++. No thanks bebuzz

Posted via CB10

AL Silan

Please help me, how to set up my bebuzz :(

Posted via CB10


Ah! Finally, it's good to know this is no longer a headless. I used this app on my old 9930 bold. And it works like a charm. LED with different colors is a must have app. Thanks for letting us know. Would be nice if it's a little cheaper.

"Initiated from my Q10 "


I was so looking forward to this release, especially the Calendar notifications. I've been a BeBuzz User for years.

But after downloading the new Headless version, none...Zero....notifications in this version work. I've carefully checked all the settings in BeBuzz (Profiles), Apps, Sounds, etc. I've also checked the BB10 Notification General and BeBuzz-specific settings. I've even deleted and re-installed the App with and without device (Z30) restarts, but the app just does not work in any way. The previous .o.-headless version worked fine even after the recent BB10 software update last week. Any help would be SO appreciated.

I had hub++ but my work email (BES10) was not supported (no more blinking led when a work email was received) . Dus bebuz work with my work email?

Posted via CB10 on my Q10


I am getting no lights since the update,someone help please

Posted via CB10

Lee Eshelman

Can I set a different color LED for Gmails, versus Outlook, versis SMS, or must I set an LED for each contact?


You can set LED for different e-mail accounts/SMS etc regardless of contacts.


That comment about the comparison post makes a lot of sense. I'd like to know how they fare against each other before making a purchase.

Posted via CB10


Not working for me. No lights, vibrate set to 10 and it gives me 3???!!!

Posted via CB10


Yesss! I bought it long ago in anticipation of today and never even considered anything else.

Posted via CB10


Does bbuzz affect the toast notifications?

Posted via my awesome z10


I love this app, but why cant you pick a specific color for a contacts incoming call? (it will only change color if it is a missed call...)


Z30 user on Rogers and I can't seem to get it to work. Anyone else have this issue?


Yes. Please see my Post above. Zero lights/notifications, and the pre-headless version worked...and I'm with Rogers. Could it be a data encryption issue? The data on my Z30 is encrypted. Is yours?


It seems that it only works when my phone is in normal mode. As soon as I get to the office and switch it to "Phone Calls Only", the indicator goes away. I've tried going in and manually switching off the led option but it doesn't work. Not too sure if I'm missing something but it's annoying as hell. It used to be sooo simple with the Legacy devices and customizations were plentiful and easy to do. #lesigh


Sorry, it's not encrypted.

Bacon Munchers

Thanks to Be buzz for this app, but I am holding out for when BlackBerry finally gets their stuff together and offer these functions baked-in, as the legacy days... miss those days for full functions and flawless performance.


Stopped using bebuzz because quite honestly I always forgot to open it! I am stoked for it going headless though!

Posted via CB10


Does anyone have the old version of BeBuzz. The upgrade totally ruined the LED on my Z10. I was getting no LEDs after trying many things to get this version to work and now nothing works after uninstalling it and doing a battery pull. This really stinks.



Power tools does this and way more stuff and if the developer continues working on it as he is. The only app you will need for utilities in bb10.

Posted via CB10


Wow , thanks for the heads up, checked BB World and sure enough update was there. I started using this today and its all worth it now, excellent visual and audio notification on my contacts just like in BB leagcy OS


Never stopped using it. BeBuzz is a MUST-HAVE app for my Blackberry.


Missing the popups! Just like Hub++, the headless version for BeBuzz cites incompatibility with toast notifications, and so removed the option which is a shame, as I think the popups is one way to deal with mail as it comes it. What is the conflict with toast notifications? Hope this can be resolved to bring the "pop" back!


Was this one of the free apps that BlackBerry gave away over the Xmas holiday?


Tired of all the headaches with BeBuzz, 0 support, crashing all the time ect ect ect. Hub ++has been working great. Even tho i was long time bebuzz user (4 yrs), i think I'm sticking with a reliable app that works great..

Posted via CB10


Can anyone tell me if this allows customization for each individual BBM contact? Hub++ does not, and if this does I'm definitely switching.

Posted via CB10

Nick Pellitteri

Now I gotta choose between hub++ and bebuzz. There goes my evening haha!

Posted via CB10


Been waiting for this for a long time. Just purchased it just now. :)

Powered by BlackBerry Q10

garrett lajoie

I use BeBuzz religiously, but I'm not into paying for apps generally. I don't think the 3 dollars is worth it just for a couple of conveniences.


As happy as I am that this has finally gone headless I am equally disappointed that it doesn't function properly. When I close the app it works for about 10 or so minutes before it just goes to sleep and I have to open it up by going to active frame mode. I am concluding that this long overdue update is in need of another update. I will continue to use it in active frame mode as I honestly don't mind it being open. If there is something that I've done wrong or neglected to set would someone let me know please. Thanks.

Posted via CB10


Headless? I don't think so
It doesn't work

Z30 STA100-2


Help it isn't working now

Posted via CB10


how do i download a previous version?


I posted earlier with difficulties of inconsistent performance with the headless upgrade. After a good old fashioned battery pull it seems all is now working perfectly. I know most consider this a curse of the old OS but it certainly comes in handy to fix any glitchy behaviour of your device. The ability to remove a battery has been ,as a result of past experience, a high consideration with a BlackBerry even though I absolutely love the new OS. To be fair I've had my Z10 for over a year now and love it and I've resorted to a pull only twice.

Posted via CB10


Unfortunately, the headless new upgrade has made my app spineless! Also having problems with inconsistencies and just plain not working in the headless mode. Still like the program a lot and look forward to the fixes that I suspect will be coming.

Posted via CB10


Unfortunately it is still messed up.
In the beginning it worked. Now when I close the app sometimes I get the BBM led, but not the sound, sometimes the other way round and sometimes none.
When left as an active frame the sound comes scrambled as if something distorts it.
Noooooot good guys. Please fix it.