Heading out to the Toronto International Film Festival? Check out the BlackBerry Experience at TIFF

By Bla1ze on 6 Sep 2013 06:42 pm EDT

As an official sponsor of the Toronto International Film Festival, BlackBerry has set The BlackBerry Experience hub in the thick of it all where TIFF movie-goers can learn about going-ons at the Festival, recharge their BlackBerry smartphones, win prizes, and interact with the latest BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Additionally, visitors can also vote for the BlackBerry People's Choice Awards on site and join in on several other activities.

  • Power up at the Recharge Lounge, where you can also check into the lounge on Foursquare for a chance to win prizes
  • Vote for the BlackBerry People’s Choice Awards at on-site ballot boxes
  • Recreate scenes from iconic movies with BlackBerry® Story Maker and share with friends on social networks
  • Use the official BlackBerry-optimized TIFF app to watch trailers, browse film schedules and descriptions, and find Festival venues on an interactive map
  • Buy BlackBerry smartphone accessories
  • Choose limited edition keepsake movie posters at the Customization Station

Aside from the fun and games, the BlackBerry Experience will also be hosting a number of free interactive speaking sessions, open to the public. Offering key learnings and insights into the production, funding, and digital innovations of film as presented by successful and award-winning industry leaders.

Topics will include digital distribution, crowdfunding, Q&A session with Mike Dowse (director) and Elan Mastai (screenwriter) of The F Word, and an open conversation with Paul Haggis (screenwriter) for Million Dollar Baby and Crash. Be sure to check out the BlackBerry TIFF website for more details and full schedule.

Visit the BlackBerry TIFF website

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Heading out to the Toronto International Film Festival? Check out the BlackBerry Experience at TIFF


Honestly, this is probably going to do more for BlackBerry's reputation than all the marketing they've done times ten..

--Q10 and Canadian all the way!

The schizophrenic behaviour of BlackBerry leaves me more confused than ever about the company. Announce a desperate sales effort and be a premier sponsor of a film festival?

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

This was probably organized and they probably signed up to be a sponsor months ago. Surely it does not happen overnight!

And if you're coming to TIFF try and make it to some of the wonderful after parties. I shall be playing the tunes for the revellers to enjoy at some of these parties. Then again they will be filled with the social elite and media I suppose lol

Posted via CB10

Just left The Railway Man at Roy Thomson. Artistic Director of TIFF mentioned it in the preamble before bringing on Firth, Kidman, et al and when we left the Theater there was someone in a BlackBerry TIFF shirt collecting votes. Understated presence I'd say. But, no one chuckled or heckled the name. As usual, a lot of people sporting BlackBerry phones, mostly legacy but spotted several Q10s.

Posted via CB10

I was planning on going this year, but had to cancel. I'm living vicariously through the TIFF app on my PlayBook. I hope BlackBerry sponsors them again next year when I will definitely be attending. #TeamBlackBerry

It was ok, not the first time they do this. Got a poster and a screen wipe :p

Posted via CB10 on my DevQ

Hey..tell them about your battery life. I scored a free battery :) also sounds like 10.2 is coming this month on some carriers

Posted via CB10