Heading to Oktoberfest? Be sure to bring the Wiesn App for BlackBerry along

By Adam Zeis on 17 Sep 2013 11:20 am EDT

If you're planning to attend Oktoberfest in Munich this year there is one app you certainly don't want to be without. Wiesn App for BlackBerry is your go-to app for everything Oktoberfest and includes everything from tent information to maps to a calendar of events. 

Oktoberfest is crazy (from what I've heard - I'll make it one year!) so having an app on your BlackBerry to keep you going in the right direction is a huge bonus. Want to see what tents are open? Done. Need to find something on a map? Done. Curious about beer prices? Done and done. You can even update your BBM status through the app so your drinking buddies can easily find you without having to ask. 

The Wiesn App for BlackBerry is action packed and available for the Z10, Q10 and Q5. If you're heading out to Munich you don't want to leave this one behind. Plus it's just $0.99.

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Heading to Oktoberfest? Be sure to bring the Wiesn App for BlackBerry along


member for over 5yrs, and was never able to comment FIRST!!!! Big milestone for me today guys!! :) BlackBerry by Choice!

Looking at your profile, you actually said first a week ago... So now enough about it, it's not cool and we are trying to eradicate the stupid look at me i posted first comments. get a life dude

Good detective work.

Both you and the 'first' poster win the Internetz today and the prize is: a cookie!

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Me too! I plan on attending that one with my fiancée this year. She's the one looking forward to it :D

Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest is a joke! LOL. >No offense.< I live here in town, grew up in Munich though. Just no way to compare the two. I'll make sure my brother gets the app since he will be arriving there just in time for the opening.

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Hey wiezel007, you're right: it can't compare ... but it's the best it "can be" given the most regressive laws and stupidest rules on Earth, as well as the fact that the nature of how this thing started and evolved here - an English speaking and cultured community that's "had it out" for all things German since 1916.
Let's meet sometime at Concordia - the ONLY place you can get AUTHENTIC German Bier - for a real Hacker or T&T. Message me to set it up "before" the big 'fest!
Gruß und Prost!

"There" in München OR in Kitchener-Waterloo ...?

I can't afford the trip to Bayern, but Kitchener's a 5 minute drive from my house - ironically, just as BBRY-HQ is.

Wish I had this when I was at Oktoberfest a couple years ago. Did meet a few people while there and exchange BBM info. Also broke the screen on my BB and lost the battery cover, Spaten and HB may have been involved but my memory is a little fuzzy.

Thanks for bringing it to BlackBerry 10! We can even share the information about the current situation (tent is closed, tent is open), great idea!

I wishhh I was there. I live in Waterloo, Canada. The Home city of Oktoberfest and RIM in ontario ;)

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ME TOO - on both counts!
Cheers, Prost and Slainte!

What say we organize a CRACKBERRY Convention for THURSDAY night at Concordia? Kevin and Co. should DO IT and invite 100 (or more??) of us locals to make a rukkus with BBRY ... KEVIN, what's the deal; CAN YOU DO IT?? I can help organize.

ACH DU LIEBER!!! ... if you want a hand with the writing (even just proofing) in-future, just ask; I'll be happy to help if I can (timing/availability).

And you know: the Hoky Poky IS what it's all about!!

You know, the ironic thing is that despite being married to a woman of "German" heritage (Heidi) for - let's say 15 years or so, Jim Balsillie absolutely HATED everything about Oktoberfest - he made NO bones or secret about that - and (I'm assuming, now) even the culture. Probably what ultimately contributed to the divorce too ....

To which I say: "Zicke-Zacke-Zicke-Zacke- HOI, HOI, HOI!!!!"

.99cents for app. 1200$ for plane ticket. This app purchase just became the most expensive one on BlackBerry World. Lol.

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Been there done that...believe me after a few tents. the directions won't help. What you will need is an app that will drag you back to your hotel!!!

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@bpmg4u sounds like a plan!
@buccaneer54 a few tents later and you won't even remember how to unlock your phone let alone use the app. Hehe!

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The funniest thing on Oktoberfest are "Bier leichen" - beer corpses, laying around everywhere no matter what Weather is out there. Lol

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It's no fun anymore when you have to drive along the Wiesn... some of them don't seem to like their life...
Whatever, Prost!

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Nice. Going to Munich for "business" last Sunday of September/ first weekend of October. Looking forward to my first trip to Bavaria.

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Does it list how long the lines for the bathrooms are? :) , one thing to dread with all that beer flying around ;)

Z10 Rocking 10.2

Actually I am going there next Tuesday so it was just perfect timing! :) Thanks!

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Very cool! One day I too shall make the pilgrimage to Oktoberfest!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!