Heading to BlackBerry Jam? Show some platform love with these developer wallpapers!

By Bla1ze on 26 Apr 2013 09:18 pm EDT

This year, BlackBerry Live and BlackBerry Jam are being held together in Orlando, Florida starting on May 14th and running until May 16th. To help celebrate the activities, Pootermobile has whipped up some awesome wallpapers. They've been put together for everyone but ultimately; they're a shout out to all the great developers out there who are working hard on making great apps for the BlackBerry platform. As Pooter put it:

At The World Of Pootermobile the aim is to bring joy to your devices’ screens in many ways. I will be forever grateful to the people that have supported the site. But there are others that grace our BlackBerry screens with awesomeness that may be overlooked sometimes. The BlackBerry developer! I will always be a fan of a developer and their coding skills. As we have seen in the last few months developers have been hard at work making sure we have some exciting apps on our BlackBerry 10 devices. In order to show my gratitude for developer’s work, and wishing them success, I have made some slick walls not only for them but for everyone!

Whether you're a developer looking to show off some platform love or just like some nice wallpapers, you can head on over to Pootermobiles website to grab the files. Also, if you're looking for a more varied selection of wallpapers to choose from, I suggest giving the Pootermobile Wallpaper app a look. It's available in BlackBerry World right now for only $1.99. You can hit the link below to check out the developer wallpapers.

View the BlackBerry developer wallpapers



Ouch. Well, um....uh....hmmm. I like wallpapers?

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Lmao! Anyone with common sense knew this day was coming! Lol

Oh and I'm all for some wallpapers!

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Brian Ouellette

Aww pooter... no android love?

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OMFG, my heart almost stopped... the photo looked like a red dev alpha C or Q10...


Add a boy Pootermobile love the avatars too!!!!

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? link problem ? I want my redZed to be dev wallpaper loaded in full ! :)


Links not working.

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Since your posting with the cb10 app it looks like they rooked you into a sale. If you don't like blackberry phones sell it and move on we don't wanna hear it. #AintNobodyGotTimeForDat

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Your a dick

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This is a Blog post about wallpapers. You know what we call people that post comments that are completely off topic and are only posted to bash the product that this fan site was created for? A Troll. Crackberry is a better place without you.

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Return it and get a life.


Before buying and spending $2, I'd suggest checking the reviews on the app world. Some can't even get it to load wallpapers.

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The only reason the didn't load for those people was because they somehow declined the app's permissions. A simple off -> on in Application Permissions under the device's setting will solve the problem. Many people post reviews even before sending me an email for help. I understand basing your decision off of reviews but many reviews don't reflect the quality of the app, but more so hasty users that might even be the reason for the error.

If you decide to purchase my app I'd be very grateful. And please feel free to send an email to support at theworldofpootermobile.com

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How do we score a red Z10?


You've obviously not read as many reviews as much of us have. Besides BGR (and not even in full), most CURRENT reviews (meaning reviewers actually having the phone in hands) are very positive. Many of them even turned 180° from their initial ones (when they thought BB10 DOA, due to gloom and doom flood). Now, market share is what is is ... but nothing is perpetual as the last numbers reveal a somewhat 5% decline of aapl worldide for instance. You should consider some here as not blinded, and keep your condescending comments in a safe place. You've been fooled ? Well ... you're the fool, not us.


Like I said in my last comment don't base your thoughts of an app on reviews alone. The app is not dysfunctional as you put it. As for your stance on BB10, it's your opinion and you are totally entitled to it. As for myself I love BB10 it fits my needs and likes. Sorry it isn't for you, just don't let it stress you out lol find something you like and enjoy it :)

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I heard people are leaving the jam event on account of it being haunted.

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Harold Thompson

Steelers your a loser troll

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Specs don't really matter (8 processors...etc) as long as the phone performs well and this phone does! look at Apple, their specs are always a bit "Lower" than everyone else and a lot of people buy that phone.

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THANK YOU for the excellent wallpapers! :D