Having troubling installing BlackBerry App World 3.1? You might need to delete your BlackBerry Identity

By Joseph Holder on 7 Dec 2011 08:50 am EST

BlackBerry App World 

App World 3.1 has hit the BlackBerry Beta Zone, but a number of users in the comments to our article and to the Beta Zone forums have reported some difficulty with the new application. Specifically, users are reporting that they get a message saying their BlackBerry Identity needs to be updated. Even after updating, resets, and battery pulls, the same error message appears. The problem seems to only affect phones from previous generations; i.e., OS6 and older.

RIM is aware of the problem and is said to be working on the solution now. A new version of App World 3.1 should be available in the Beta Zone within the next few hours, proving once again the awesomeness of the BlackBerry Beta Zone. If you can’t wait that long, we may have a workaround for your. Deleting your BlackBerry Identity should get App World 3.1 (beta) working again. Don’t worry, App World will prompt you to reinstall Identity later.

To delete BlackBerry Identity, open Options, select Device, and then Applications Management. From there, find and highlight “BlackBerry Identity” Open the menu and select “Delete.” Confirm the delete and restart your BlackBerry. When you next open App World, you should be prompted to reinstall the necessary application.



I have already downloaded the updated Beta and it works great. I was able to get it yesterday afternoon. It was a fast fix.


Yep. Worked for me as well.


Its great to see u back!!


i am trying since the day it got launched and getting this message 'Sorry, this program has reached its capacity."
please if someone can send me this application OTA via email and the code it would be really helpful

i am from a non-supported country and want to check if it works ere please send the OTA and codes or via email send thr user name and pass so i can download. please someone help me :)


did you find a way around?


I'm just starting week #2 of using an Iphone. I really don't understand my mistaken loyalty to Blackberry. Wow people - make the switch; you'll love it!


Glad you enjoy it. Not for me, sorry.

The Me


You keep doing the same mistake over and over again.




You obviously don't understand the meaning of BETA... so yes, an iPhone will be a better device for you. No sharp edges to hurt yourself in that little padded room.


Hell after both builds and multiple deletes and reinstallations I still don't even have a damn icon for AppWorld. I've sent them logs and everything. *sigh*


No trouble here installing the App World 3.1 update.


how do we post a tip to crackberry? btw guys there is a new version :D


Wonder if this relates to the appworld 10k error >.>


It is not compatible with OS 7.1 either. Same goes with Beta BBM. Cheap!! but I'm not downgrading Battery life is great on it, Wifi hotspot is cool. I wish NFC worked with TMO. I got tags I can't use. Booo!


Downloaded & instal it on my 9780.... No problem at all, no need to delete BlackBerry Identity


I hve the Blackberry 9860 with OS7 and have seirus problem with the AppWorld, when I try to download an app from my device, the AppWorld hang. I ask if the AppWorld doesnt work in the Blackberry 9860 wich is the lastest generation, in wich phone it work, How its posible that the AppWorld of RIM have an error thta make that their phone hang !!!!


Nancy hi DL App world and have the above problem. Blackberry identity update needed. It says would you like to install it, I say yes,it seems to try to install a 0. Doesn't work,sometimes it trys 100 and hangs. I looked in options and don't appear to have device option. Have BB version 5,curve 5820.0.0.092. Please help.


hello,my bb application world 3.1 is not working,it keeps giving error report i.e blackberry identity needs to be updated.how can i solve this problem.i av a bb curve2 and i reside in Nigeria.i went to options on my phone and i dkidnt find a menu for device or application management in order to delete my bb identity.and am unable to download fron blackberry beta zone.please i need help asap to solve this problem.my email is shattiewilliam@live.com.thank u.
please i also neeed tip on how to delete the blackberry identity apart from this method below
To delete BlackBerry Identity, open Options, select Device, and then Applications Management. From there, find and highlight “BlackBerry Identity” Open the menu and select “Delete.” Confirm the delete and restart your BlackBerry. When you next open App World, you should be prompted to reinstall the necessary application.


I also have a 8520 curve and i updated the bb apps world, but its also asking for some identity update which i am unable to do, and i can't even delete it , as per the instructions above ..i can't find device in options...pls help


I have an BB 9500 Storm OS V5.0 and have the same issue after installing app world, it goes to 100% on the Identity check but hangs, help please


Here is the solution: Turn off your radio and turn on wi-fi only. Once connected to wi-fi, open app world and then do the identity update. Once complete, reboot and all will be normal.


Ok I have a 8520 curve and it doesn't have a raDio so what can I do??plees man help me!!


Hey jayjay

At your main menu go to "manage connections", turn off your mobile network (radio). Only select Wi-Fi. If this is the first time you use Wi-Fi you need to set up a Wi-Fi network aswell. I've just done it and my app world is working perfectly now.

For the peeps that doesnt have Wi-Fi at home or work, i know that SOME of the McDonalds shops has Wi-Fi and the first hour is free. otherwise go check on the internet where you can find a Wi-Fi spot. some Wimpy shop and Mug and Beans has Wi-Fi.


Jermaine Cloete
I have a curve 8520, I dleted my blackberry identity from my applications, nd restarted my fone, bt whenever I try 2 log into blackberry app world, it still give me that blackberry identity error. Anybody Help, pls.. My e-mail: jmlcloete@gmail.com


what if your Tour 9630 has no wi-fi capabilities and no Device selection in the Options menu?? Any clue what do do in that case? can't turn off the radio in "manage connections" because then you can't access App World!