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BlackBerry Print to Go desktop software updated to v1.0.161

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Setting up and using Print To Go for the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Print To Go for the BlackBerry PlayBook allows you to print files and documents to your PlayBook from your desktop computer!

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Having problems with Print To Go since updating to 10.2.1? Here's a solution

By Bla1ze on 4 Feb 2014 02:36 pm EST

Although there hasn't been a lot of reports on it, some folks who have updated to BlackBerry 10.2.1 have been having issues with the Print To Go app crashing. If you fall into that category, the solution is easy enough. As noted by Michael Clewley on Twitter:

  • Uninstall the current installation of Print To Go
  • Restart your device, this is important. Be sure to do it.
  • Download and install Print To Go from BlackBerry World

That's it, the issue should be fixed. Most people likely have tried this already but skipping the rebooting of your device part but really, that's the most important part. Let us know if it works for you in the comments.



PLEASE how about some help finding a solution to serious problems with Link not updating or even uninstalling for some of us on Windows 7 ... I've not been able to use link for many months now very frustrating (all over the forums)... :- /


Haha or how about when you reply to some emails, html is disabled and you get a dialog

"HTML is disabled by your IT Policy". So so so frustrating, no fix anywhere.

Posted via CB10


Is your device hooked to a BES / Work account? IT admin can disable these from the BES and the only thing you can do is to ask your IT department.

Posted via CB10


Same helps if you have problems with the 9GAG app.

Posted via CB10


Hey, awesome job with the 9gag comment. Been bothering the crap out of me that after I updated, it did not work. After I read your comment, tried it out and BOOYA!! Like an effing charm!!

Thanks again!

Posted via CB10


My problem isn't P2G's that the desktop software won't install. Even on a new system with a clean OS, and even on a brand new laptop. BB's desktop software has always been a bit of a fail.


Is the print to go desktop driver coming to osx at some point?

Posted via CB10


I've been waiting for that since they announced Print2Go for PlayBook. I doubt it will ever happen.

Posted via CB10


I'm still waiting for 10.2...... damn tmo move lol

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


I don't use it much so I hadn't tested since 10.2.1. I just did test by printing this very Web page. Worked flawlessly as it always has for me.


It did work.

Posted via CB10


I agree with "BlackBerry means happiness"

Posted via CB10


I want 10.2.1!

Posted via CB10


Yeah, I had this problem but got it fixed by uninstalling, rebooting and re-installing. At the time there weren't too many people who had observed the problem.


Seems like ATT is now pushing out the 10.2.1 update in the US. I have to let my kids know to do this after they finish updating. They use this app at college alot.

Posted via CB using my Q10


I just checked my Z10 with AT&T, and there is no SW updates for 10.2.1


Must be rolling out slowly. My daughter got it today.

Posted via CB using my Q10


I have NEVER gotten Print to Go working. Tried every trick in the book including this one. Sigh

Live it, love it, be it.....BB10


It's only worked a couple times for me. Had to reboot computer, reset passcode, everything. It's too much of a hassle that works less than quarter of the time for me.


Yep problem with print to go but did not reboot so will try that

Posted via CB10

Bruce Desmond

If only there was as simple a solution to the failure of Word Substitution under 10.2.1


Thanks... Works

Posted via CB10


Print 2 Go on MAC!!! Come on BlackBerry give it to us!!

Posted via CB10


Just got my Z10 back. I didn't have it for about 5 months because I broke the touch screen. Finally got it repaired and I'm loving what I see with the OS updates and especially SNAP. I think I'm going to love SNAP.


Small joke bla1ze but I thought the days of having to restart after installing a app were gone? :p

Essential app. That's for sure.

Posted via CB10


This is restarting after UNinstalling an app! ;)

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2

Prem WatsApp

Reboot cleans out leftovers, this is a bugfix procedure, not an everyday thing.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Sorted! Thanks. Print to Go is awsome.

Posted via CB10


So that's the problem fixed for the half dozen people who use Print2Go sorted.

I've never found a use for it since the PlayBook days. It's not like attachments in emails never took off as a feature.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2


You would be surprised that a lot of (BB users) professionals or real estate agents use it. It cuts down on paper waste. :)


I love these "I don't use it so no one does" comments. Absolutely hilarious.


I didn't say nobody would find it useful because I don't. I said six people find it useful, in BlackBerry market share terms that's a lot! ;)

And email doesn't cut down on paper waste? Why would Enterprise use this when BlackBerry Work Drives should be right there in the Work space where you saved the document in the first place BEFORE you printed it to your phone?

Ok so PlayBook didn't get BlackBerry Work Drives, but still using a PlayBook in Enterprise 3 years on? And they say the World of BlackBerry moves slowly....

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2


Thanks. This might come in handy.


Thanks for the thread, the same process helped me with another app that wasn't working!!

Thanks crackberry buddy. ;) ;)

Posted via CB10


This bugged me after updating to 10.2.1 and trying to Print to Go for a work project. But the forums here at CrackBerry helped me with the answers right away. But not until after I'd vented my spleen at Michael Clewley's BBM channel. To his credit, he responded.

Posted via CB10


What I really need is something that allows me to print to my home or office printers FROM my phone via the mobile network, from anywhere.

Posted via CB10


This is easy if you get a wireless printer which are dirt cheap nowadays. My HP all-in-one with ePrint allows me to email documents from anwhere to a special email address and it's sitting at my printer when I get home.


Not exactly print from anywhere but this bb10 app has helped.

Very cool.


Yeah the very title of Print to Go is a lie. User experience goes down hill from there. Not the best BlackBerry-made productivity app.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system


so when I tried this, at the reboot stage, my Q10 is stuck at 99% for the last one hour! #confused


It's likely finished. Sometimes the phone doesn't reboot itself and gets caught in a loop.

Joey Spicuzza

@aghs blackberry desktop software is for bb7 phones if you have a bb10 you want to install link

Posted via CB10


I had the same Issue twice
First time when I Installed the 1925 leak back in December
and the last time when I wiped and ReInstalled the leak again
All I did was to Generate another passkey (both times) from within my device's P2Go client and Repair Installation In windows (I cannot remember If the second time I uninstalled and Installed again P2Go for Desktop), after that I entered my new generated passkey and worked a treat.


I screwed up the sequence, I deleted the app, reloaded it from BB World and then reset the device. That worked too.

Posted via CB10


If the above instructions didn't work for some of you, you also need to delete the device in your desktop app. Essentially you are re-pairing your device and computer and it always needs to be done after a software update (and I always forget). So here are more concrete instructions for beginners to save in Evernote:
After OS upgrade must pair with Print to Go again:
1. Select Print from the desktop application's print menu (while in Word, or Excell)
2. Select Print To Go as the destination printer & click PRINT
3. Click on little blue "Account" icon in upper right corner
4. PlayBooks and phones that are the intended print destinations are listed.
5. Delete the device that was upgraded or needs to be added again.
6. Open Print to Go on the device, swipe down from top and open SETTINGS.
7. On the computer click ADD ANOTHER DEVICE. Fill out the Pairing password and PIN from the device and check the box to indicate there are multiple Tablets. Click Next.


Yes, I am having a problem. Thanks for the fix.

Posted via CB10


My problem with print to go is that I cannot get past the blackberry ID sign in, to log in , on my pc, anyone have a solution, ,i have tried it all. Re installing. And updating

Posted via CB10


The app worked fine after updating the OS for a short while before unexpectedly crashing and failing to operate. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app, then rebooted and found that it failed to operate. Pulled the battery out a second time and tried it after rebooting again, but to no avail. Tried the app about 8 hours later and found that it would still not operate. Tried it again a few hours later, and it is now working fine. Don't give up on the app. You may have to reboot/pull the battery out a couple of times after a new install of the app. Good luck.

Posted via CB10


Make sure you power off the device before doing a battery pull unless it is frozen.

I love Print to Go. It is quick & easy and has saved me several times. When I don't have time to print or need a lot of info dumped on my Z10 or one of my PlayBooks fast it is the answer. I can throw together a small presentation in minutes then use HDMI out.

Posted via CB10 with "Z" best


Thanks for the fix, works great!

Posted via CB10


how's the DL speed with that uTorrent?

Posted via CB10


I think this is a great app! For me, resetting my password device side, then updating it on my PC was enough for me to get it working. Good luck. :)

Posted via CB10


Message for Michael Clewley: make P2G update without resetting all the PDFs to not being filed. Oh, and how about letting me choose where P2G stores the files (ie: on the memory card) and when I make a folder, the folder is created in the location I decide P2G stores files (see first comment) .

Posted via CB10

Mridul Dey

Great post...Thank you

Posted via CB10


Having problem in every apps mother fokers fuckedup wid this fukin BlackBerry Z10 after the update no android apps are working fuckers its like m using nokia phones

Posted via CB10


Ahh, that was it! I had the app not working on me and reinstalled it and everything but it didn't work. At some point I tried it again and voilà, it works again. I must've restated the phone in between

Posted via CB10


My print to go is. OK

Posted via CB10


Thanks! It works perfect!!

Posted via CB10

Omar Al Daoud

Is it possible to receive "prints" if app is not running?

Posted via CB10


Tried the suggestion but Print to Go still not working. Unsuccessfully sends