Having Issues With Your BlackBerry Data Service Today?

By Bla1ze on 27 May 2010 08:47 pm EDT
Having Issues With Your BlackBerry Data Service Today?

We've been getting reports from users letting us know that BIS email services are not working right at the moment. This was verified by the folks over at @BlackBerryHelp as well, as you can see in the tweet above. Other than that we don't have much other information to go on. Personally, I'm not having any issues at all on Rogers but I have spoken to others that are. How about you? Any issues with your BIS?

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Having Issues With Your BlackBerry Data Service Today?


Haven't really noticed any issues today with email but then again I don't really know when things were sent but I have received emails today

I thought BB email was supposed to be rock solid? That's what's always cited when people mention how RIM sucks compared to todays modern phones.

I have not been getting emails since 3PM and spoke to TMobile who acknowledged that BIS has been down and will be for the next 3 to 4 hours.

Bold 9700
Atlanta, Ga

No Gmail via BIS...just continual ping reply email to my att.blackberry.net

ATT in Florida, 9700, no e-mails most of the day, BBMs not going through. Restarted the phone a few hours ago and everything worked fine, so I thought it was my phone needing to be reset, guess there was a bigger issue

Man I didn't know what was going on, but I've been having the same issue all day. Thought my phone was trippin! Thanks crackberry!

Haven't received any emails or FB notifications in a few hours.

However, earlier today I emailed a pic from my phone to my photobucket account and it has apparently been resending the email every 10 minutes or so, resulting in the same pic being uploaded to my album more than 20 times.

BBM and the internet works for me, but my emails and Facebook are down.


ETA: Hubby says his Tour is receiving emails.

@blackberryhelp says they're resolving it, but there might be delays for the next several hours.

Ooo, and I just got two backlogged emails.

Girlfriend having issues with receiving emails but no prob with sending them. Mine seems to be working fine

I'm on Rogers and got BIS activation emails a few minutes ago out of the blue !!

Then suddenly got UICC Update Fail 2 message box

Yup. I'm actually on the phone right now with AT&T because I received a replacement phone for my Bold 9700 and I forgot my Blackberry Services password. He said that THERE IS a nationwide Blackberry outage and he might not be able to reset my password -_-.

Ugh, this seals the deal. I really like my Blackberry, I really do. I want to stay with them, but I think this is about the 4th or 5th outage since around November. I think I am now officially locked in to Android for my next phone...

Email stopped about 4PM. Couldn't log into BIS, wouldn't take my login info. Called ATT and they said that there was a mass outage and that they were working on it.

Sounds like the same as my problem, tried to login and wouldn't take my login. Did it several times. Thought I was losing my mind. Glad to hear this is happening to others. Maybe in the morning all will be well..

No email or texts since 10:48am today, got a few SMS messages since then, but still no email at 6:15pm.

No email in or out since 11 am, but browser, BBM and other apps requiring data working fine.

Oddly enough, the wife is also on a Sprint 9630 and hasn't had any email issues...

i have first noticed the outage at around 15:00 local time in Brazil (its 22:30 now). called the operator (Vivo) and they are also not able to log into their part of Blackberry server, so not able to help at all, besides having no clue of what is going on.

the funniest part is that i cant even login to my BIS account because my credentials are not recognized! my password is wrong! probably there is something quite serious going on @ RIM...
internet browsing, BBM and all data services are working ok, though. at least the problem is not at my end...

almost forgotg: my last sent message is being sent since 15:00 so the addressees have all received a million copies of my emails...

Storm2 9520 // Vivo // Sao Paulo // Brazil

noticed it when i was waiting for the download link from the Crackberry App store.. and it never arrived.. =(

i tried different email addys: the bb email addy was the only one working. reconciled and restarted my storm numerous times. still none as of 930pm EST. not even PIN mssgs or BBMs

i hope it comes back soon.. i feel deprived..

I live on the river in southern Indiana and just not started getting emails and Facebook notifications. Many of those I got three times.

I'm with Sprint, haven't had email since about 3p ET, with reports from friends that they've received my sent messages in multiples of around 20. Also, messages that have been successfully sent (verified through computer email account) are showing a red x, like they haven't succeeded.

In general I have experienced very buggy issues since the OS update early this week. Browser is unusually sluggish, with no response on zoom or click for avg of 4-6 attempts. Networking icons don't clear after viewing message, and even after resetting my notifications to my preferences, some apps don't update automatically anymore. Phone and service connection doesn't work in areas that I have service, and normally I rarely experience "no signal." Battery re-sets haven't resolved any of this and I almost want to go back to the old OS ;-(. (Even though I like some of the new improvements.)

same here on sprint too in omaha ne and since the update i dont have a alert tone when i receive voice mails

BBM wasn't working today...browsing and email was fine, but only BBM was giving trouble lol. things are coming back to normal now though, messages are going through..some right away, others take a little longer but they eventually go through!
my gf on the other hand had no BIS at all day, also with Rogers...

I have t-mobile and there always seems to be an issue where I lose blackberry services. Tonight e-mail, BBM & texting has been quiet.

My sister's Curve on rogers hasn't been receiving emails since 5pm. She is upset because she needs it for work. My Storm2 9550 is working fine with Telus.

I am traveling from my home area around Philadelphia. Mail has worked fine all week until today. I stopped getting emails some time around 1400 hours Mountain Time while in the Denver area.

I've had issues today as well as yesterday. Bell HSPA in Windsor Ontario. Some emails not coming through, some delayed, some instant. Hit or miss web browsing. Issues with bbm. FML. Haha.

Elwood, Indiana (40 miles NE of Indianapolis) here.

Haven't received any email since 5/27 1:08pm EDT. Outgoing email not working either.

VZW BIS / Storm2

Maybe they are upgrading BIS to work with the new facebook 1.8 that is supposed to be released this month?

I've had no issues. I've been receiving emails all day and could get on the net no worries. I have a Verizon BB Storm 9550 in Arizona.

Can't receive e-mails, cannot access the site to setup e-mails so I can delete and reconfigure e-mail account and I sent myself a test e-mail to a separate e-mail account and its repeating it every couple of minutes.

Provider is AT&T and they are experiencing high call volume for the advance support service.

I stopped receiving email around 11 am PST. Verizon.
BBM and SMS work fine as does 'net access.

Having issues here in MA also. My co-workers accounts are working fine however. It perplexes me that their BIS accounts are not organized by geograph or carrier, but seemingly arbitrarily or by date of account creation. How do they do updates that break certain users on certain carriers? This is an architecture that is quickly showing its age with the advent of cloud computing and distributed messaging architectures. You could be an IT industry veteran and have multiple ISP's and a BES cluster with 10 servers and lose your push mail because some canuck that can't battle-test code pushed an update...

Have been unable to receive email since about 2:00 EST this afternoon...was told by RIM support it could be until the morning before the issue is resolved...

No email since around 1030A PST, AND, the login page rejects userids and passwords. ATT say its BB. Nothing they can do.

Sprint has told me twice today,(once in the store, once on the phone)that BIS is down. Ive not received email's since approximately noon today

Mississauga, Ontario TELUS BlackBerry Curve 8530
I don't have email, I can't access my BIS account from web or BlackBerry. BBM is working. I haven't gotten any Facebook notifications.

I haven't received a e-mail since 3:20am pacific time on my BB.
**Edit as I am typing this, I received a "test" e-mail sent from GMAIL to my sprint.blackberry.net account - like 5 hours ago - it must be fixed**

Tried sending 8 Pictures today, took dang near 45 minutes to get them to send after they kept coming back to me as unsent! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

my email quit working shortly after 1 central time. I called in and the woman I talked to said she couldn't even access my account info. She said something was being upgraded. Ya sure gotta love technical progress. Can I use those two words in the same sentence? Fortunately the phone works

This afternoon's held-up e-mails just started pouring in on my T-Mobile BB in NY, including a few from from late last night and early today which I had already received.


EDIT: As you were. I can log in to BIS on phone and PC but when I sent the service books I got nada...

Email stopped coming in on my Tour around 2 pm. Browser is slow. I'm able to send email out but does not confirm delivery.

Hey all. Same deal down in Central America. Some users are fine others been down for most of the day even on same provider :S

It's 10:43 in TN and I just got a flood of emails flowing in that were sent since 4pm. Have been able to send mail, but not receive since then. But seems to be working correctly now.

Earlier I tried logging into Blackberry Internet Service and it told me that my password was bad. Now it works correctly and logged me in.

I'm on Verizon and using 8330 Curve.

Bell mobility
Montréal, Québec

Email doesn't work since the afternoon. BBM works well, internet also.
When I tried to go to the email settings, I had the message that I couldn't connect with the application's server.

I am not receiving any e-mails or Facebook notifications, however internet and everything else is fine. Been going on since around 3 PM (almost 8 hours now)

Verizon in Chicago area

Verizon here in VA still not getting emails - since around 2 or 3 pm. New Blackberry user here just glad to hear it's not just my phone. I thought I had messed something up!

I got a pile of emails at once from throughout the day. Didn't really notice as I don't get a heap of messages, but I do hate when that happens.

No email since 12:00 EST
Can't log into BIS. Password error.
No complete sentences. Type like Capt Kirk talks.
Uhura. Help

didn't really notice anything until i received about 5 or 6 e-mails all at once about 10 pm or so, guess it wasn't too major

I didn't even realize there was problems with BIS email services.

I wonder if anybody with nTelos here in Virginia had any problems with there BIS email account...

I haven't received e-mail since this morning - probably around the time the outage was first reported. Still not working.

10:30PM Pacific Time, BIS email not working. BES email working. Haven't been using BBM much today, but it has been working when I've used it. Twitter for BB is working. Web is working...

Hi all,

I sent a test email from my PC to my BB and no problems on my 9630 Tour on the Verizon network. All other data features working, such as browser, messaging, and BB Messenger. I have been receiving emails all night with no problems here.


Sprint Blackberry Bold 9650

I just talked w/Sprint support. Was told that Blackberry was having BIS problems that were affecting about 15% of their subscribers. Wasn't isolated to one area but all over the place. Sounds true to me since both of my daughters have Sprint BB Tour 9630 and their email is working fine here in Portland. No ETA but I have just gotten about 6 emails that I had received last night. Sounds like they've restored some kind of a back up system.FWIW, internet, Facebok and Twitter are all working fine.

VZW 9550 - I wasn't getting emails all day. About an hour ago, I started getting email from this morning along with several garbled messages.

No email issues here, just bbm, some going thru and some aren't, really hit and miss for me, browser is fine

Have had no issues in the UK as far as I can tell and my contacts in Holland also seem fine. Must just be one set of RIM servers.

Shame they didn't make that clearer in the tweet - although was funny when I got a BBM panic message from a friend that the system was knackered, then he realised it obviously wasn't for him.

Got an email from Crackberry Forums @ 8am, then nothing til around 6pm when I got one from Myspace...which is weird bcuz my stepdad usually emails me about 3 times a day & my sister at least 4 a day lol. I'm on BIS (no BES, my BB is personal, not a work phone) with AT&T. Both BB & BOLT browser working fine all day & loading pages as usual. Thought it was just a quiet day on the email front.

Update, on nextel north florida, 5 am cst, curve 8350i, was able to send e-mail but still cannot receive it this morning, browser is working though.

From around 11:30am to 9:30pm I didn't receive emails.
I called to Blackberry Customer Service in order to get help and they told me that were under a general fault.
During that time I received/sent SMS and BBM messages, but browser was very slow, some pages wasn't loaded.
All delayed emails started to income to my BB inbox around 9:30pm without any explanation message from my carrier.

Milwaukee area

No email from 12:30PM till 1:23AM
Then I got repeat emails of everything for the whole day.
One of the emails was filled with gibberish.

Do Android phones have these outage issues?

Good job RIM...just another nail in the coffin.

SW Florida here, I was getting emails & BBMs yesterday, still getting everything as of 6:40am this morning, I haven't received any new emails today so I'm not sure if there's any issues for me today though.

Issues with Gmail - hit and miss mail delivery... some emails are on my BB, some aren't (from last day or so)... yet all there on Gmail web. Sync is on and running.

Blackberry service OK in Boston/New England Area with messages yesterday, last night and today. On BB 9630 Verizon.

These types of sites posting this inflamatory crap is not a valid view of the issue if there even is one, but rather a way to draw traffic to their ads and they know it. On any network and using any type of device BB, Android, Apple etc there is always a small percentage of users that have problems. These types of blog posts create a distorted view of the situation due to drawing out the small percentage of problem customers who are always the main posters. Many of their problems may be dead spots by their carrier or issues with their device itself. It is not a valid report of system issues. Totally unscientific and substantiated. The characters who post these blog posts under the guise of journalism should contact the carriers themselves as reporters and do their due diligence.

oooooh so that explains why this morning i got a set of emails which i had already received yesterday..... i was wondering why that happened.
well atleast its fixed... hope it doesnt happen again or atleast not too often.

I'm able to send just fine, but my replies from my work email are not coming through. I haven't received an email since 10:21 yesterday morning...
All other services work fine.
Sprint, Des Moines Iowa

Middle of the night my emails caught up and at 9A PST I was able to Login for my BIS account management (ATT) via both my bb and my computer. At 10:30A I received activation required messages from BB. I went to login and couldn't - though I seem to be able to send and receive mail.

Since yesterday i lost all my email icons, called sprint and was really hard to find out that was a outage, so far i can't log in the sprint.blackberry.com in order to refresh the service book, seem like my account was deleted :(
Reporting from Orlando, FL BB 9650 Sprint

The afternoon of May 27th, I stopped receiving email. Then between 1 and 2 am, I received all the ones I missed that day. That was about 24 hours ago now and I still haven't received any emails since.

I'm on Verizon with Storm 2. It keeps going from 3G to 1x while I'm ob my browser. Sometimes slow as hell. Been happening for 3 days now.

I can send email just fine, but get no email in. bbm is working fine though. Just my incoming emails. Not sure why, but VZW told me BB is working on the problem.

I ordered a game yesterday and paid fr it yet the email with it's link hasn't been sent to me yet What can i do ?

i was told by RIM, that my email issue is because I have a unlocked storm and Verizon is blocking the service book and to either switch to verizon or get a new phone from tmobile

I have no email service today. I'm on the Rogers Network and live just a few blocks from RIM's servers in Waterloo, Ontario. Why can't they control their networks?