Having issues with your Android Runtime not working after the 10.2.1 update? Read this!

By Bla1ze on 29 Jan 2014 12:12 pm EST

Amidst the excitement of BlackBerry 10.2.1 rolling out across carriers, there's been several reports from users who have updated that their Android runtime is no longer working as it once was before the update. It's hard to say how many people this issue is affecting but it's causing their Android apps to not load or otherwise not work right and that's a bit of a bummer and frustrating, especially if all was well before the update.

Understandably, a lot of folks have taken it upon themselves to try and correct the issue by reloading their OS or attempting to load a different Android runtime on their device but we're asking that if you're doing that, to please stop trying and help us gather up some log files from your device that would be beneficial in helping BlackBerry get to the root of the problem and address it accordingly.

The process is easy, all you have to do is generate a log file on your device using the instructions we've posted in the CrackBerry Forums and attach the log file to your post. One thing we ask though is that no one who has messed with their runtime take part. Only those who have upgraded, found it not to be working correctly and have not tried to fix it by loading leaks, loading a different runtime or whatever else. Only post your log if it's 'naturally' just not working.

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Having issues with your Android Runtime not working after the 10.2.1 update? Read this!


I think it was a little too late tbh... I think the majority of us who did have issues didn't get a response from anyone at Crackberry in the forums in time saying that this will be looked into or whatever... so we proceeded with finding our own solutions and hence (like myself and it's my own fault) ended up losing stored data of the Android apps... (not a big deal unless you play Clash of Clans... then... all your work is gone down the drain... frustrating but not the end of the world)

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yeah, kind of busy day for CB yesterday, and when did they first hear about issue? Least they're on it.

There is a reason why I stated that it was "my own fault" guys.. I should have backed up my data but I was at work at the time the update was pushed to my phone.. not to justify my actions or anything..

I'm not hating but we barely get big release days at Crackberry.. I'm just saying maybe someone on the team should be assigned to just watch any developing trends within the first hours of release (because it was a big trend with several big threads in the forums) and just let us know that they are looking into it and will bring it up.. especially something this big where allll the android apps just don't work anymore

And people take this as positive constructive criticism so that Crackberry gets better... why is it always regarded in a negative way ... Jeez!

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A little late? Not for those who think f**king with their phones is not the best policy. I bet you ran a leaked version too.

I suspect that the people having a problem with the Android runtime used a leak, as mine is just fine.

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Wrong, if your read a few more post you'd see a lot of folks haven't "used a leak" myself included.

I tried downloading SnapChat from 1Nations and when I click install I get "Parse Error; there is a problem Parsing the package" what does this mean?

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I would gladly use Snap2chat but its not available in BlackBerry world yet and I don't want it that bad, was testing with a friend and got same result as her

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I have the same error as well, let me know if you find a solution, I get this for both Amazon and Mobile1

It means you have to goto settings, app manager , installing apps and then allow apps from other OS's......1 mobile market instagram app works flawlessly.

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I offered a fix to Michael Clewley and several threads that has helped many people. It is the runtime which didn't update correctly for everyone. The lig file is a great idea, but the runtime version is straight from their servers. Sideload the sys.android and sys.android.shell using Chrome BB10/PlayBook Extension and reset using volume up and down keys. Wait for blue bar to load, it may take 5 minutes. Then problem fixed. That will be the official current runtime.

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Hi Bla1ze,

I know my post is quite late, but I didn't upgrade to 10.2.1 until very recently (thanks to the late AT&T push) and for the past few days have been diligently trying to find a solution to successfully running, or even OPENING, Android apps. Has a viable "official" solution been determined yet? Unfortunately, I can't even get Dropbox or LastPass, at least one of which I need to run YNAB.

Thank you, and great post and forum.

I mean, I get freedom to express your opinion and all, but I'm really sure why you would write a comment like this? Regardless of how you feel about BlackBerry's adoption of the Android runtime, there are going to be BlackBerry users that see the utility in such functionality, and as a result CB is doing their part to ensure that issues like this are addressed.

Finally they are trying to figure it out. I know I had my Z30 stock wasn't running any leaks or side loaded any android run times. But to late I added them last night to fix the problem. Would have really liked to participated. Oh well glad they are looking into it.

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I downloaded Amazon app store. It works perfectly fine, and all the apps are there, why would you need Google play,

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My point exactly. I am starting to get sick of google this and google that, there are better alternatives out there.

Not all the Play Store apps are in Amazon app store unfortunately. Amazon App Store should be available in BB World so people actually know about it.

Don't you need from people that have it working to compare? I don't know enough about programming but just guessing

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Thanks for this. I installed another runtime but need the correct fix for my wife's Q10.

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I don't download leaks, I updated yesterday and mine is working fine. Netflix and a few other working on my Q10.

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Apk file while Turkish language option in the device is getting connectivity problems and gives error connection could not be made. Applications to provide Internet connection to the device is supposed to be English language options. How this problem will be corrected. This is a very serious problem.

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This was the official fix for the same issue happening during the rollout of 10.2 - not for 10.2.1.

I found restarting the device worked in the past when encountered similar issues.

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Restarting solves the problem. If it doesn't, shutdown the device, pull the battery for a few seconds then put it back in and turn on.

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No. Bad. Do NOT do that.

I realize you're trying to help but that's not the suggested path for a fix. If you're having issues and you've not messed with it, please post your logs!

More incompetence from BlackBerry World. And Marty Mallick, the guy in charge of BBW, has now taken over developer relations from Alec Saunders too.


Sometimes you'll get what appears to be a stalled progress indicator with the Android runtime on a fresh install. This is normal. Give it some time without messing with stuff and it will eventually work as advertised.

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On my z10, no Android App is able to run. Even some Apps I download fro Appworld do not work. Unfortunately, I tried reinstalling a different runtime, nothing works. Even Skype downloaded from Appworld, no longer works. Have no idea what to do, am happy it is being looked into. Am using Z10 Z10STL100-1/

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Thanks for trying to fix the problem! It's hard to convince my friends to switch to BlackBerry when we have these sorts of problems. :(

I can't find the android runtime in app world.

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Had the leaked version of the latest version running on my Z10. Updated with the official version (8 MB) , and my Android port banking app now loads everything faster. It was smooth previously anyway, but now the delay in loading up any selected section is almost zero.

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Hey Bla1ze,

Thought I'd throw my 2 cents in here even though I can't contribute a log file.

I was having the Android issues and have since corrected it. Just to shed a bit of light on my experience:
- I did not have any leaked OSes installed, but I did sideload the .595 unlocked runtime onto the stock 10.2 OS.
- I removed all sideloaded Android apps and the .595 runtime before running the OS update.
- After the update I obviously did not have the direct APK install function, nor did any of my Android ports work.
- After scanning my Z10 with Sachesi I recognized that I oddly did not have the updated sys.android files, despite me doing an official OTA update and removing the previous runtime files.
- I am unsure what it is called in Sachesi exactly, but when going to the Install>Apps screen, within that main dialogue box I did not see the sys.android files, but upon hitting a button to bring up a notepad document outlining all of the files on my system, I STILL saw the sys.android files for the 595 runtime. Not sure if this means they were installed or residual listings of some sort?
- I used Sachesi to load both the shell- and android- files (both downloadable in Sachesi, but I grabbed the files someone posted in the forums) which restored my Android functionality and allowed me to directly install APK files.

Dude, you are awesome!!

I have an STL100-3 from T-mobile. I bought it in June of last year and unlocked it. I live in the Caribbean and have Digicel as my carrier. Both local carriers (Digicel and bmobile) sell the STL100-1 and according to Sachesi only are providing the 10.2.1 update for that device. -3 owners are out of luck. So I downloaded some Rogers software and it installed fine but my Android apps (especially Waze) were kinda fidgety until the phone sorted itself out. I was updating all my apps in app world and saw there was an update for the Android runtime and allowed it to update as well. Since that my phone hasn't been able to run Android apps.

I did a security wipe, I reinstalled the software, did all of the usual things but nothing helped. I tried installing another runtime but I don't think that was the right one because it didn't work either.

I followed your instructions to install the runtime and shell, and it worked!!


we are not dependent on Android apps , we just need few more apps and I think then we don't need of loading this APK file, if people think they need android apps then they are using a wrong device... I am happy with the apps which BB World has just few more apps and I am satisfied and who care other providers have 3 or 4 lakhs apps which is useless and who are going to download all those apps?

Wow did no one read the thread????
He is asking for logs from people who can not load apps who have NOT try to do any fixes!!!!

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The first time you try to load yes there is an issue. Restart and fixed. Almost had a heart attack for five minutes got to say. Dram queen I know.

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I downloaded 1 mobile market on my Z10 and working fine, also downloaded on my Z30 and it's not processing the download.

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If u do a fresh install u have no problems..
Done a z30 + z10 no problems when do a fresh handmade .1925 (ee uk) + 1926 modem.

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Well, makes me feel a little better that Sprint is going to be dead last. Hopefully when my time comes I won't have this issue.

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Bla1ze - I'm glad to see CB being proactive and helpful, but seeing as this same issue happened in the 10.2 rollout (and I had no leaks or alternative runtimes installed then... it just naturally didn't work), I would have expected 1) BB to avoid this happening again and 2) now that is has, I would have thought they would know why and be able to get a fix up fairly quickly.

Not being a hater... just saying, they should have done more to avoid this and/or been prepared for the fallout.

If you think crackberry was late to posting this then take the online survey let them know on the survey that Kevin posted a few days ago. This post is to help crackberry and blackberry fix the problems. Not to post that crackberry was late. Just be happy they are trying to help us.

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Love it nice job BlackBerry. I have been flashing android apps at all the goofs dealing with cheap android devices. Now I have my BlackBerry Z10 running every BlackBerry World work related app I need and can hit up amazon or Google for games for my nephews to play

Love it


Rkelly on his Zed10

The problem stems from anyone that had the unlocked runtime installed not BlackBerry issue but power user issues

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Wrong! I had nothing side loaded on my Z30, So your statement is false!! This was also known to have happened the last time BB sent out the 10.2 OS update, My guess is its a glitch in the OTA update files. I thought it was odd as my OTA update from Telus was only 350MB. While others were getting 600MB + I gather from the file size that my android system files were missing but why is the question.

and I will add to Hup55's wrong.

- I have only ever followed the Vodafone UK update process, never installed a leak of OS or Runtime
- I HAVE this time updated via Sachesi to the O2 UK update

I could not get past the Package can not Parse error (or whatever it said)

ok guys, i found a solution to the problem....heres what i did.
i sideloaded the old android runtime...
thats the link
then i try to run skype that i downloaded from BBworld, and it did not load at all....then a few minutes after, i got a update notification for software update, which was 82mb, (this was after i already updated to the new 10.2.1 software) which i assume was the android runtime. i click update. after the update was completed, i restarted the phone and now i can install apk files and it works....yay...

jwkosk, that worked perfectly for me!

There were a few different things I tried previously, but this was the only thing that worked. I did have a unlocked runtime, but what was odd is that I did a wipe of my device and still had the issue. Here are a couple scenarios I worked through
1. Initial upgrade was through BB Link. Unable to run android apps
2. Backed up, factory wiped, restored and unable to run android apps
3. Backed up, factory wiped, did not restore data and downloaded skype. unable to run android apps
4. Repeated #2, with same result (of course) then followed the steps you provided and now the apps are working!

Thanks you made my day. :)

Thanks. It works great now. Lucky I read this post. I really headache a week have no idea.

What you need to do, just download the 4.3 runtime. Then sideload it. After that you try to update your phone, it will appear 82MB updates. I assume is latest runtime. Just update it.

It work perfect now. Awesome os10.2.1

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For what it's worth, this is how I was able to get it working.  [Z10 model STL100-4 on Verizon]

I originally upgraded to OS 10.2.1 via Blackberry link because it wasn't available OTA on Tuesday.  The install was smooth and I had no problems, except that I wasn't able to load any android apps.  So on a whim I looked and saw that the OTA upgrade was available.  So I deleted all the downloaded .apk files I had, backed up my phone,  and ran the OTA upgrade.  After it installed I did a hard reboot (using the volume up and down keys).  After that, I was then able to install Android apk's.  

Prior to doing this I had restarted the device twice with no luck.

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Tried downloading 1 Mobile, Amazon, Appland and F-Droid none of these will even download, why dose this seem to be so complicated, BB must simplify things

Vary frustrating.

FWIW, I downloaded the Verizon update yesterday. Upon completion, my BlackBerry Maps wouldn't open and my BlackBerry World downloaded and roid apps were kaput. It was a 650 MB download.

Today I received a notification that I had a new 112 MB update. Downloaded it and the apps all seem to work now. Excellent!

My Fido OS update was only 300 MB as well and I have the same problem (Android install loop) with a fresh install (no previous leaks).. is this region of carrier specific? And yes I've turned outside apps on, dev mode, restarted, etc etc.


My amazon app store does crash now, but I did install Netflix, Xbox smart glass and bitdefender.

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Hi, it wasn't working right after the install. I restarted and now it's working fine. Hope this helps.

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I updated my Z30 through BB Link (a 380 Mb file) then sideloaded SNAP using the instructions found on here. Everything worked great. Have installed about 20 Android apps and all has worked fine, except Chrome.

I have a none leaked z30 and since I updated none of my old side loaded android apps are working, and every time I try to open an apk I download it just crashes.. way to go on making it even more difficult to convince other people to buy blackberries :/

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All I did was reload the newest update through auto loader and used a back up to retrieve my contacts and it works like a charm now.

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I had this issue before the official update. I had leak 1259 and all my apps ran perfect. I think I was using 1mobile, amazon app store and all was great. So I decided to side load Snap. So along with snap bar, I also loaded android runtime. After which nothing worked I thought my issue was with Snap. But I had loaded another android runtime on top of another and everything failed. So I started over with leak 1925. No official update because I am t-mobile USA. So only one android runtime people. Sometimes you have to leave well enough alone.

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Getting a bit fed up waiting for vodafone UK. My son is on o2. He had his update yesterday. I had already side loaded android apps for him. He has same problem as others now. Side loaded won't respond and new apks won't install just keep saying processing. I have read the links on here about how to install apks properly and what to do if you had already installed android runtime. We both have Z10s. I have 2, one private, one work, both bloody vodafone. I was hoping the update would Appear, but after talking to customer care, not yet. When???????

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Load the leaked OS. problem solved. Just to let you know there is no difference between the leak and the official OS. However, some people find the radio file on the leak less than ideal and flashed 1926 radio.

The solution for the Android issue has been mentioned numerous times. I believe a link is in one of the posts above (NOT the one directing you to BBRY World)!.

In my case, I manually loaded the update and then forgot to change the stupid default "auto-update" setting, and when I had gone out and left the device charging Verizon pushed the update AGAIN to my device, all 800MB of it.

But worse, all my Android apps stopped working after that reinstall and restart, and I had tested them all after my own update and they had been working fine.

Luckily after another hard restart (power off via power-button, then power back up), the Android runtime started working again.

I just got Instagram and tumblr and both loaded up fine, have had zero issues but i'm using Q10 you know the top tier of BlackBerry


1-Restart the device after update.
2-switch development mode ON.
3-now try any/all of your Android app's
That what I've been doing when my runtime goes haywire :)

STL100-1( from STC)

My biggest issue is that the camera function does not work in the remember app. I know 7 devices that it doesn’t work on.

I'm running the latest leak for some time and my Z10 has been working smoothly...if it ain't broken, don't fix it I reckoned?

With all the reported issues, ie older mobile module, Andriod runtime not working, app crashes, email failures etc...I'm wondering if I should just stick to my. 1925 leak and avoid the carrier "update" altogether. Incidentally, it's only 12mb for me.

What's your opinion guys? Thanks you and appreciate the advice.

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Didn’t work for me. Can't do anything Android related. I just get the endless processing spinning wheel. Also can't upload the log. I have a stock Z30. I was hoping for better, but I am dead in the Android water.

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Same this side I also remember side loading the OPEN android runtime in the past, bet ya the old open runtime version number is higher .. that's why the runtime won't update. I guess we being punished :)

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Since the new update my headphones doesn't work anymore. I restarted my BlackBerry z10 like 3 times and still the same bug. Before my headphones were perfectly fine. Anyone having the same problem?

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Karma for those who ran a leaked version or side loaded apps because they lack wisdom and self control. Patience is a virtue.

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Crackberry i think i've found the problem for who ever that stuck at prepare to download.. the problem is ur connection, , when i was using wifi i can download whatever android app, , but when i use my own network (in my country the maximun connection is still 3G) it stuck again.. hate this zzzz

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Solved for Rogers Canada

Similar solution to previous post.

Get image files with Sachesi. For Rogers Canada
Then I used DFPB(easier for me) in development mode to side load official android- and shell- reboot and it's working.

However please remember to submit logs before you start to assist BlackBerry and a rollout fix

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Damn im on 10.2.0 but I got the Android runtime update and updated now my android apps not working, they better sort this out immediately, the app gap just opened up again

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I had issues but I installed leaked version. 1925 and then official update on top of it and now android runtime works great

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Hey guys find and side load android runtime That fixes it! It's the original android runtime that comes with os've had this issue and I fixed it with this method!

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BlackBerry should PUSH this fix. They sent out the OS update without the proper runtime update for users who have only been using official releases. I don't have time for sideloading with Sachesi. Nor does enterprise or prosumers. BlackBerry needs to FIX this FAST.


Android Runtime not working after the 10.2.1 update?

Does this includes one that doesn't seem easy to be first found unless you enter BBAW, then clicking it to initialize the application.
It closes down.

Do I uninstalled it then reinstall

Z10 Jtv

Yup Dramioa is right!
That's the fix.
Solved my issue.
Just be sure to shut down and restart.
You the man Dramioa.

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I have a problem, I've downloaded and installed the new OS but as we know android apps have stopped working after we do so; even though we can now install android apps without side loading. I download the apk and click on it and it just says processing? And doesn't proceed futher.

If you side loaded any Android run times, unions tall them, and follow the previous instructions to download the actual runtime fir the 10.2.1 update.

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No BlackBerry should delete that new android and put the correct android runtime on BlackBerry world, what about the "average user" the app gap was suppose to have been closed for, they don't know nothing about Sideloading quite frankly I'm done with Sideloading ok I just wanna use Snap, why are they still asking for logs when we know what the problem is?

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Sorry to say but the update is really sad when it comes to have the apps running, even though I download the apps from BlackBerry App World few of them have stopped running on the new OS 10.2.1. This really needs to be rectified asap because at least the in house apps need to be running flawlessly.

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Hey guys... we didn't get the updation for 10.2.1 yet in India..... what we do??? when it will release in India..? :(

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Tried everything. For some reason can't sideload via Chrome Extension. Command Line sideloading is failing to replace "bad" Android RTE. Have a Mac and tried to "Restore". Link has a new update that never quite seems to take. Ready to put phone in a drawer and forget it for the moment and just use my iPhone. Any other things I can try? Thanks for any help and suggestions.

Asshole blackberry device i ll never ever suggest any1 to buy it pls don make the device and update complicated

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I too had the issue and the apk files would not run. First time that i have ever had an issue with an upgrade I did the back up and reloaded the os and all is good now. Thanks Crackberry.

This thread is a subset of the major thread; that the developers could learn a lot by talking to the side load people. My problems began with an update on a 9900 that permanently eliminated the ability of the phone to see a memory card. I upgraded to a Q5 and after the frustrations of getting used to a hobbled keyboard missing the most used traditional keys, [menu and back, with no directional arrows on a touchscreen keyboard?]

I gave in to the constant nag to update my software [once bitten...] After numerous attempts to install said software resulting in "fatal error". In the absence [VOID, asleep at the switch, AWOL; select your choice and hit return] of any recognition of a problem, much less any Blackberry solutions, I decided to look and see what others were suggesting. I downloaded Sachesi and installed the new update along with two more, that were available but not reported by either the phone or the PC software. Problem solved with no further issues including being locked out of the Android apps.

Perhaps if the software were better prepared and tested, prior to it's release, you wouldn't have so many talking to their associates, as I am, looking to see what other phone options are out there and how many of their users have more problems brought on by the developers of the OS software, than they have actually using these phones?

Perhaps a new initiative should involve the removal of the "we take no responsibility" terms from your public offerings. putting the pressures and frustrations here, back where they belong. In the hands of those getting paid to deal with them, rather than inferring an obligation of the users to find a solution.

If you see this as a job security issue and not just an annoyance that you can deal with later, the situation morphs into something else, that would work well for us all.

As the update for Android Runtime appears in BlackBerry World and stays there afterwards. Some people seem to think. When the open it. It should work or do something. I can not open Android Runtime from BlackBerry World bit it works. I can download Apps from Amazon.

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Hi guys.
The solution is for the android app problems is out so don't worry :)
You only need to sideload the new android runtime and restart the phone with the volume buttons. The old ones work too and u can download the new ones from the amazon or google play. Good one ;)

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I have send my log file pls help me to enjoy my blackberry phone no android apps are working pls help me for god shake

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After the update i cant even download Apps from BBWORLD . reloaded the OS like 3 times still didnt work and no help in the forums.help

How to post my log file? I already did the "Go to help app" and finished the instruction. I even zipped it already. But how can I put it here? Pls help.