From the Forums: Having issues with your 9900/9930? Check here for some common issues and simple fixes

Bold 9900
By Jared DiPane on 12 Sep 2011 10:35 am EDT

Are you one of the many that rushed out to get their hands on a brand new BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930, only to realize there were still a couple of kinks in the device? We have all probably hit at least one issue with the device, some with some simple fixes, others not so simple. Forums user mss-ca has compiled a nice list of these fixes for us. The list addresses a bunch of common issues, and there is some great discussion around other issues, so if you have a Bold 9900/9930 you will definitely want to take a minute and jump in the forums and give it a read!

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From the Forums: Having issues with your 9900/9930? Check here for some common issues and simple fixes


Is it really that difficult to make a device that can actually work as it was intended. I am so fed up with RIM and Blackberry.

Seriously? Can you name 1 smartphone that actually works as it was intended on its inital release? It's a part of life, suck it up and stop crying

any developer will tell you .. zero bug software isnt possible.. otherwise iphone lineups would have been 4 times longer on launch day :D

Makes sense i guess, create products that don't actually work, buy something that you know won't work, ahh but just suck it up.

I have 3 broken blackberry phones 2 storms, and 1 storm 2nd gen in 2 years - and your telling me thats normal blackberry protocal.

These were my first 2 years on a Blackberry needless to say they will be my only 2 years with a blackberry. Give me a rotary phone over any RIM product.

"Really not that difficult?!" Those of us who create products know that perfection is something to strive for, but impossible to actually attain. And if you think BB is buggy, try Android.

you are joking android is like the linix of the smartphone os when it released it struggled to perform the slightest of tasks granted it has been improved significantly since then but that is the same as blackberry would you rather have a phone with minor bugs than no phone at all until those bugs were sorted out i personally would want a buggy phone than a late phone and if you like android so much go get one no one is stopping you this page was meant to be helpful not an excuse for you to be a prat

I love my Bold! This is my 3rd one I had a speaker issue on the 1st and a red line that would appear across the screen when taking pictures on the 2nd. Overall I love it all new tech has issues you'd be crazy to think otherwise.

I love my new 9900 and also my gf loves hers, it's a fantastic device.

On another note, I am on my second 9900 due to some sort of sensor issue which occured each time I picked up my phone, locking up the device rendering it unusable. Also, after spending hours on the phone with tech support I had to end up doing a reload of the software on my gf's phone because of BBID login issues. My bro has to go to T-mo today to exchange his because it just crashed randomly on saturday and it's unusable (JVM Error).

I am a tech and I love beta testing (BBM music Is awesome) so I don't mind those issues, but an average consumer might get turned off by this.

RIM needs to have a better QC system setup, this would deff keep any doa numbers minimal, and I'm sure they know this and probably just need to hear it again, GET BETTER QC!

PLEASE help wanted........Was very thrilled with it for a month ,up until now ;it won't turn back on!! It keeps restarting,but it won't turn back on!! PLEASE somebody help me!!

does anyone have a solution for my 9900 randomly rebooting issue? mine is bell on offcial firmware :)

Upgrade to .353. I've not had that issue since I did... If you don't want to update if you lock the phone and unlock it usuing the top button it seems to fix it...

yes, you should upgrade.

But until then, you can press the left-side "alt" key. It seems that every once in a while the phone gets into an alt lock mode or something.

It is normal operation to bring up the app switcher when pressing alt-esc. Hsving the alt key locked is not normal operation, however.

Just press lock/unlock two times when it happens. I posted this as the NUMBER ONE issue that everyone complaint about on my list.

This is caused by your OEM holster. The fixes are in the tread.

TO ADMINS: Thank you for posting my thread on the first page.

No issues that I don't know how to fix. Anyone that has been around BB's for awhile will be the same. New comers might not be so savvy. Great article for those that don't know the tweaks. My advise is, don't give up on the devise. My 9930 is literally my favorite phone ever. My wife has the iPhone and its alright for music and movies but I have a iPod touch. Every phone has quirks, trick is to educate yourself and don't get frustrated by every little hiccup. My friends new droid won't let him text, he figured it out but it took him almost a week, but he loves his phone. I definitely love my 9930. You have to remember, you have a PC in your pocket and they are just as temperamental.

I hav a Rogers Branded made in Mexico 4 running 9900/ I haven't had any issues with it really! But I do notice that the trackpad may not have been centred properly! Nonetheless the device works fine. Glad to say I've never really had any problem BlackBerrys :D

got two issues..

1- it doesnt charge unless i do a battery pull.. it doesnt even get connected to the pc.. something related to a limited usb power supply message. most times i wanna recharge i have to do a batt pull...
2- the sensor beside my LED kept on blinking red "hardly seen" even when i switched the device off till i did a batt pull..

im running on .353
i wonder those issues are all hardware or firmware related????