Have you nuked (or bricked) your BlackBerry 7 Smartphone yet? I have, twice.

Nuked BlackBerry Bold 9900
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Oct 2011 12:43 pm EDT

To be dead honest, I'm kind of pi$$ed off at my BlackBerry right now. Yesterday, for the second time in two weeks, my BlackBerry Bold 9900 nuked itself on me.  If you're not familiar with "nuking" (my term) or "bricking" (the more popular/standard term), it refers to the BlackBerry white screen of death. Instead of your BlackBerry booting up properly, something goes wrong. You might get a JVM or App Error message, the phone might go into an endless reboot cycle, or occassionally it'll just sit there blinking red lights with the display never really turning on. Whichever way it manifests itself, I consider it nuked or bricked. Until fixed, your BlackBerry is useless.

In my earlier days of BlackBerry ownership this happened fairly often. You could even make it happen at will if you installed an incompatible theme on your phone. With newer hardware and newer iterations of the BlackBery OS I found the problem to happen a lot less often -- only once did it happen to me on a BlackBerry 6 device -- and that was on the Torch 9800 when I first received my review unit that was on pre-release software.

Since buying my Bold 9900 I've found BlackBerry 7 to be pretty stable, but now for no good reason that I can ascertain, it's failed me twice. The first time was on my way to San Francisco for BlackBerry DevCon 2011. After touching down in Minneapolis to make my connection, I turned the radio back on my phone which was turned off for the flight. After five minutes of waiting and no emails coming in, I did a soft reset of the phone. JVM Error 517 emerged, which points to a corrupt file system. I had rebooted the phone recently with no errors, so don't think it was an error waiting to happen as a result of bad apps being installed. Maybe my 9900 just didn't like the thought of roaming fees and decided it would rather be bricked. Either way it made for an annoying day, and resulted me in borrowing a PC so I could reload the OS from my hotel room later that day.

DevCon made for a busy week as did last week playing catch up, so I honestly had not even installed one third party app since reloading the OS fresh. For two weeks I've done little more than use my 9900 for emails, phone calls, BBMs and texts. Then yesterday, shortly before heading out for lunch, upon trying to open my email messages I received an uncaught exception message and couldn't get into my inbox. I pulled the battery out of the phone this time, which usually fixes any bugs like this, and again was greated by a 517 error message. As I blog this, I'm in the process of reloading the OS on my phone. 

Sending out a I bricked my BlackBerry message yesterday on twitter and talking to friends and colleagues, I'm really starting to wonder if BlackBerry 7 has some weird issues that allow it to brick a little easier than it should. I received quite a few tweets where people have also bricked their 9900s. And even on the Crack Team we've seen it happen more than it should. Also at DevCon, Shao128's 9900 went into an endless reboot cycle on him - though in that case we found a weird fix for it. I told him to pull out his SIM card and try again and we found that with no SIM card it rebooted it ok and fixed itself (maybe his 9900 was scared of roaming fees too?). Then yesterday, apparently at the exact same time that my 9900 bricked itself, so did Bla1ze's. Super weird. Super not cool. 

Looking at our real time site analytics right now as I write this post, it becomes pretty obvious that a lot of people still suffer from bricked BlackBerry Smartphones on a daily basis. How can I tell? Because even though it was posted in 2007, this article on How to Reload the OS on your Nuked or BlackBerry is still the single most active page on CrackBerry.com. More eyeballs are looking at that page right now than any other article, page or thread on this site. It's a good validator of exactly why RIM needs to move off of the BBOS and onto BBX, ASAP.

Question of the Week: Have you bricked your BlackBerry 7 Smartphone yet? If so, let us know how it went down in the comments!

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Have you nuked (or bricked) your BlackBerry 7 Smartphone yet? I have, twice.



I haven't had that issue with any bb. That includes the two OS7 devices I have. Strange because I install every leaked OS possible.

Sh*t... 9900's are not looking too good :(

I've seen way too many complaints on hardware issues as well as these nuked issues..

I was lucky to sell my 9800 this week, now using a LG Go-Dumb-Phone while I decide which way to go... since i know desperation will kick in very quickly, I'm now more inclined to go get a 9810 unless ATT brings the 9900 tested and with a full warranty policy so I can return as many times as needed.

Uber weird! Happened to me for the first time today while a song was buffering on BBM music... :s

Wasn't saying it's a BB7 problem. This has been an going problem for RIM for YEARS... what I'm saying here is that it has been LESS of a problem recently... I found it to rarely happen on BlackBerry 6 (personally anways), and now on BB7 I'm seeing it happen more frequently again.  It's never been a problem that has gone away... part of the BBOS when stuff goes wrong.


I'm just curious. Is this happening to people because they play around with it (side load apps, doctor settings, etc) ? Or does it happen to the average Joe who's using his/her blackberry for all the standard appworld approved apps?


I'm am pretty average user, in fact I've been careful not to load a lot of apps on my phone relying on playbook instead.

I never got this bricked issue (knock on wood) but I did get the battery heating issue (before I upgraded to current and official OS).

However since i am the average joe. I wouldn't know how to recover my phone if it did happen. I am going to China the day after tomorrow. Could you review the process you go trhough for unbricking phone.


I consider myself an average Joe. Mine bricked (Bold 9930) after 2 weeks and I don't download much of anything let alone leak OS or apps. It just happens to the best of us sometimes.

Thanks Kevin, I've read this whole blog and am gaining an perspective on the bricking developments. I have a 9930 Verizon and haven't upgraded the OS yet(still.254) as I haven't had time to study what it is I want from my BB, so, I must be an "average Joe" type user as I only use two apps at this time and mostly rely on email, texting and the Bold keyboard. I haven't bricked yet but last week the phone started doing strange things like the Switch Apps feature became a permanent screen and I had trouble getting my regular home screen back up. A frequent password popup would appear asking me to log in to Verizon Backup for contacts and I would have to work to get back to whatever I was scrolling to on the track pad or touch. The BBM screen would also popup often while I was in the middle of another app. I called VZ and asked them to delete VZ backup as historically I've had problems with this anyway as they would screwup double, triple and more synchronizing with Gmail. I then deleted my free "Battery Watch-Free Power Consumption Monitor" I downloaded off BB Apps and presto, everything returned to normal and even better than when I got the phone three months ago, but it took about a day for things to reset. I noticed that the Battery Watch update really does "monitor" alot of functions so I suspect that this can potentially cause alot of complications, perhaps as you jump from app to app it may play catchup with the processor, slowning everything down and draining the battery. Today I am enjoying a faster speed and better battery durability on my 9930. I love my 9930.
I have come to realize that any of the apps may not be reliable, even those that are downloaded from Crackberry or Blackberry Apps. Also, the carriers (mine being Verizon) may create conflicts with their system updates as well as any third party apps. Very few of the techs (Blackberry or carrier techs) know what they're talking about. It's like going to the hospital, where they may screw you up in surgery and they're innocent.
Looking forward to the next OS upgrade so I can join in on more of the fun, but I just wanted to add that the average Joe can have a very complicated relationship with his BB even if it is running great.

That's if WINDmobile gets the other two. Seems they have the 9810, maybe if that isn't nuking, I'll get that instead. Has anybody's 9810 self-destructed yet?

Not sure about you Kevin but ever since I have the 9900 my BBM has been very unstable, constant clock symbol and only a reboot will make bbm working again, sometime even the cursor freezes, I am not sure if there is a bug in one of the apps that I have installed but at the same time I never had an issue with any other B on OS5 or OS6.

Maybe its time to deflect to Android with the NEW Motorola Pro+ 4G that comes out next week on Bell.

hope I find an answer to these issues


this has happened to me too kevin! glad to see u admit it!

happened to me after a battery pull, got the same JVM517 error and stuck in the white screen of death. this was entirely spontaneous.

so i angrily reloaded the OS, but about 3 weeks later, performance got so terrible i had to do it again, because ever since the first error, its never been the same. the thing gets stuck in a black screen for up to 15sec sometimes before it will come out of sleep, my bbms would lag, typing wouldnt show up, and the spinning clock has become way to common..

2 weeks ago i got frustrated enough (this is not my first BB, nor my first time having to reload the OS) to buy an iphone and wish RIM farewell.

miss my 9930 keyboard, sure dont miss the unstable software.

Bricked my Bold 9930 one time so far. It seems the Verizon Navigator app had something to do with it but it's impossible to tell. It came at a really inconvenient time as well so I was pretty angry.

I love this phone but the whole concept of your phone 'bricking itself' is new to me. I have never had this happen with any mobile phone ever since I started using them (1999 is when I got my first one)

So... this was kind of a shock to me.

Is the verizon navigator from Telenav? I have the Bell navigator from Telenav and it seems to randomly restart my blackberry from time to time. I don't know if its related to the GPS on this phone... Or maybe something else but it does happen often. My Bold 9900 also restarted itself using Poynt!

My 9930 also bricked right after I bought the cool telenav gps app. Verizon replace the phone but I had to wait until Monday for a replacement when it went dead on Friday

I have a test T-Mobile 9900 and waiting on a test AT&T 9900. Will let you know. My T-Mobile 9900 has running on it and a few apps I installed but so far so good.

its happened to my 9810 four times counting this morning. Im thinking it has to do with one of the latest app upgrades either BBM Music or BBM itself. Either way very very annoying

My 9900 was very stable until a bought a cheap 8g data card ....... so wondering if its that. On the other hand I wonder if its relating to deleting apps as it seems to happen on rebooting from deletion. I have an HTC android and that stiffs too. On the whole much prefer the BB experience.

see my post further down - I think it's related to cheap memory cards (at least it seems that way for me as a higher quality Lexar card seems to have fixed it).

Every poll is skewed by Android trolls. I haven't had any issues but I wonder how many people getting bricked are using the OS version certified by their carriers.

This happened to me last night after a soft reset. Luckily a battery pull fixed my problem but I lost all my emails. Had to restore them from a backup I made last week. You think I should reload the the OS to be safe?

I got an endless reboot cycle happen to me. Afraid it's going to happen to this device. That's not good, I shouldn't be afraid of my device dying.

My 9900 won' t turn on, screen stays off while the led keeps flashing.
Before I went to sleep I connected it to a wallcharger and the next morning it was off and won' t turn on anymore!

I had exactly the same issue on my StarHub BB9900!! Got in at 1am, replied to a few BBM messages and plugged it into a wall charger. Battery was running out then. Woke up at 9 only to see a blank screen with a flashing red LED ! Could not reload the OS. Had to send it back to StarHub for a replacement. The battery was very hot though, not too sure if this has anything to do with using a PlayBook charger on the BB9900 (Yellow tip) instead of the standard one. First time ever this happened on a BB device for years. Back to the good old 9780 for now...

I have 9810, so far no nukeing issues. I have been reading several post with 9900 nukeing issues, I guess thats why ATT has not released the 9900 yet.

Kev... I'm disappointed that you had a connecting flight in Minneapolis and didn't drop off a Rogers 9900 for me (AT&T user). Guess what? No Christmas card for you this year. :-)

I haven't upgraded to OS7, but I've done it twice with OS 6.0, all within two weeks of each. I had my 9650 for about a year with no problems. I installed and removed software during that time. I tried to download Evernote at the beginning of October 2011, and it went into continuous reboot. VZW sent me another 9650. Two weeks later, I tried to download ScoreMobile, and it went into the continuous reboot again. VZW sent another 9650.

I havent had a brick on my 9850 yet with VZW. Two friends with 9900s on VZW have bricked. Maybe device genre specific?

I haven't bricked my 9850 either, but I do get a lot of hour glass & freezing. I was beginning to think that OS7 was kinda unstable. Also, I've been having issues charging my battery and the only way to get it to charge is by pulling the battery. I'm disappointed as I thought maybe now that these phones have 1.2ghz processors, we'd have lag and performance issues gone. Guess not. Will BBX save RIM???

9850 has bricked 2 times so far. Both times was working when I went to bed and woke up to a OS wiped phone, clean nothing on it.

Same here, I have had mine since the week of release, still running stock OS .241 and no problems, "knocking on wood while typing"

I've bricked mines twice already.

I find device switch is probably the cause, as sometimes it move 3rd party programs in a weird way...

I now jus transfer data, then manually reinstall software on the new phone... and so far it haven't crashed yet.

But I do have another issue. BIS (the little B icon), drops at least 6-8 times a day where I need to reset my connection. Its a little annoying as it dc-es all my IM's

Had problems since the outage with my Torch 9800. I downloaded Ubersocial since my browser was still working at the time, phone ended up going into an endless loop. Reinstalled the os, installed all apps again(thanks rim for having DM not make complete backups) and one day woke up and noticed app world was gone, then noticed over half my apps were gone! Installed app world, said I had no apps installed, did a reset in app world and it showed the few apps that were still on my phone and had to download and install the rest all over again(thanks again RIM for DM not making a proper backup),

So far everything is working fine, but man if it happens again I'll probably grab a new phone and it probably wont be from RIM. Iphone is looking tempting since Im already in the ecosystem with my macbook.

had same happen on wife's 9810-- thank goodness the articles were still posted online as it had been years since having this type of issue.

Was still a major pain as some data was lost from last backup as well as headache of reinstalling all apps etc...

I thinI've had 3 JMV errors (9900) - all of which have come through listening to radio via the browser (all BBC stations direct from the BBC website). Forunately none have been serious - clicking the trackpad when the white screen/JMV error is up has prompted the phone to reboot, after which it's been fine.

I haven't bricked the phone yet but the phone did take to corrupting my 32gb memory card everytime I rebooted it, or if I plugged it into the pc.

Very strange as well.

I bricked my BB9900 2 weeks after getting it. Got the JMV error as well so I had to reload the OS as well. It's a pain in the a$$, especially when I'm traveling and don't have access to a PC to reload. I need to start carrying a spare phone because I don't know when it's going to happen next.

Same thing happened to me. I did a battery pull and the loading bar was stuck 2/3 the way and after about 10 minutes or so got the jvm517 error. While that was very frustrating, after I reinstalled my os7 to my bold 9900, I was missing apps! My password keeper is missing, even after a clean wipe and install, along with other apps. (Bricker breaker, word docs and compass). Oddly enough my compass reappeared a few days ago.... My phone was nuked less than a week ago. Now I have no password keeper which sucks as I relied on that app a lot.

at my job i have had too many customers come/call in with complaints of JVM/app errors....all have been on BB7 devices! this makes me hesitant to get one....or at least hold off for the time being.

Not by your definition, but my OS7 9850 will occasionally reboot while using the Browser - not much of a problem. Has not occurred in the last 2 weeks. This browser is truly amazing.

What really hurt was getting in an infinite loop with a GPS pre-app that installed on each boot sequence. Was away from my Fortress of Solitude. Walked into a Verizon store in Round Rock and they handed me a new phone, no problema. DO NOT just willy-nilly use your DM to load all your old apps onto your new OS7 based phone. Instead, go to the Crackberry or RIM app stores to pick up apps, OTA. These sites have helpful, furry little animals working feverishly to help make these apps rite under OS7. Doc Neutron

Had it happen once on my 9930 Verizon, did a soft rest and it set at the "E" on the BlackBerry start up screen for over 8 minutes so I pulled the battery. This time I just let it set there and when it finally came up it had done a device wipe. Good thing I had a back up to put back on. On my wifes 9930 while doing a back up I got a java error which lead to all kinds of problems to the point VZW sent us out a replacement device. RIM has a problem here that they better get on fast!!

atleast we can recover from JVM errors on the BB even after loading Custom/Hybrid OS. I have 2 bricked Android phones, that can't be recovered without sending them into the mfg (and for a $130 each)..

It happens across the board I think. So funny how people like to get so upset with RIM, stomp their feet and go to another device. Nothing electronic is without issues. Nothing.

My 9700 on OS6 has been bullet proof. Give OS7 some more time. It will get there.

Life is like a cup of coffee http://bit.ly/ic8IFp

My girlfriends 9900 worked one minute and then just a blinking red light. No booting. Nothing but the stupid blinking red light.

To make matters worse she had insurance on it but tmobile no longer does a straight exchange. She had to call t-mobile (on a friday afternoon)and wait for a replacement to come on monday afternoon.


UGHHH...it happened to me about 2wks ago!! It was very annoying!!! I tried to re-install the OS a few time, but no success. Then I gave up, swung by a store & placed an order for a replacement...finally back up & running. :)

Be patient.....

This always happened on a friday while at work. Both times I was using an app and chatting in skype. I'm on a 9900 as well. My bb just froze up and so I did a batt pull. As it loads up it gets to almost 75% and then freezes again or I got a white screen of death jvm error.
The last reload wasn't so bad. I don't feel so bad knowing I'm not the only one now. ;)


I need to be direct. I keep having to fix my track ball on my old Bold. I've been waiting for the new AT&T Bold. The problem with my current Blackberry is causing me such a problem that I was getting ready to just switch to Verizon....so I could get the new Bold. Are you telling me to wait because of your stated issues?

Mine hasn't "bricked" yet, but it overheats like crazy and I'm lucky to get 3-4 hours out of the battery even with minimal use. Reconsidering my choice on this one.

I had that happen once and then ugraded my OS so I was hoping it wouldn't happen again. SInce upgrading my batter lasts a lot longer.

I've done it 2x ... Once while using it for directions and luckily had my netbook with me. I had to pull off the highway, and 45 minutes later I was back on track. Fml

A friend hat that problem - black screen red light. And there was no way to re-install os7 on it. He's on an iphone and wanted to change to BB. . .too bad. Now he has to wait till december when he goes back.

There was really no way BBSAK - and all other methods from forums did not work. . .worked on it for 2 days without any success.

Beside this my 9900 started to need some thinking time. . .does not matter when or where in bbm, mail, home screen or even to wake it up. It sometimes takes about 10 seconds for thinking of "siri"?! I don't know. . .
And I don't want to talk about batterie life. . .6-8h?!
May be I nerver go anywhere without a chrager. . .
So for the futur RIM should make slidly bigger batteries even if that causes a bigger divice. . .
But how the 9900 works - come on you can do better!

I hope the make BBX available for the 9900 as well, like they did with os6 for the 9700.

My 9860 went to a cycling loop with the lights and had to do a battery pull twice. Seemed to correspond to my Poynt upgrade so uninstalled Poynt and hasn't done it since. How many of you did the Poynt upgrade?

9930 since launch day and no bricks. Sad to see Kevin have a reliability issue, since reliability is important to me and must be very important to other BB users. Hope this issue gets worked out.

My Iphone froze often and I could never do a hard reset because I couldn't find where the battery door opened from and there was no app to add one.

Glad you asked Kevin, i do not experience your issue but the following with my 9900 that occurs from time to time:
I go to bed, deactivate the phones mobile network and plug it into the charger as every night. When i wake up i notice that the phone is in what i would call a dead circle:

First the red LED lights up, then the phone starts booting. After nearly 3/4 of the booting procedure it goes off and restarts the procedure.

The only thing that helps is either taking the battery off and plugging it into my computer at the same time or to wait until the batter is dead.

it kinda freaks me out and i really would want to know how something like this can happen, i do not know any OS that does things like that.... It seems like a small bricking issue to me, some thing in the middle that can be fixed without restoring the whole OS...

I did. I was speaking with someone on my bb and suddenly heard a sound like that of a driiling machine and the bb went off and went on to restart. It almost rebooted and then an error popped up "Error 102" It said to re install the OS
That sucked because it did not do a proper restore so i lost quite a lot of data

First 3 days of no internet and now my 9900 won' t turn on anymore...iPhone ain' t lookin that bad anymore

One month with a 9810 and it has been bricked twice. Re-installed AT&T's OS and worked fine afterwords. The strange thing was the 2nd "bricking" was caused by the phone hitting the ground. Never heard of that happening before.

Happened to my 9800 twice. Got my carrier to replace it.... And I did go to Crackberry page to find out how to reinstall OS :)

Same here, infinite reboot with flashing red light about 3 days after loading rel1950 build 440 on my Vodafone 9900. Blackberry operating temp was really hot for a couple of days and battery life was less than 12 hours whilst doing nothing as this happened during the big outage.

Device is still in repair (2 weeks now). Have to agree with previous posters here that the quality of the devices is currently non-RIM. If someone @RIM is reading this... device software functionality way outdated compared to all other platforms, device build quality issues, network quality issues, QNX/ActiveSync/whole new infra strategy unclear, PB OS2 only in february so no BB with QNX before february either as BBM/BIS/BES integration not done yet, PB2 beta battery life just as bad as regular PB 1.0.7 OS + leaked Android player. Need I go on ? You don't honestly believe someone will still buy a PB if the iPad3 is released just because you release BBX2.0?

I have been using blackberry for a decade now and man I love my 9900 keyboard but it's getting harder. I start to miss all the goodies the competition has to offer like hotspot, DLNA and a ton of apps. As more people are switching devices, they all seem to type less text so why answer a yes/no with a full sentence :-)

I haven't bricked it yet, but as far as stability is concerned, my 9900 periodically reboots when in BB Maps, and the network connection isn't as stable as my old 9000.

I have had no problems in 3 months with my 9900. I have only run leaked Os's, and dozens of apps, supported and unsupported. In fact I rarely do battery pulls on this device, compared to almost daily on my 9700.

I have bricked/nuked 3 Blackberries. Two Tours and one 9650 Bold. I'm waiting to choose among the Galaxy Nexus, Razr, Windows 7 or iPhone.

Good luck to all.

Verizon 9930, upgraded OS on line. No bricks here. Got 'blocked' (is that a brick-ette?) a few times on boot (progress stopped under the "e") but a battery pull has always fixed it. I have had some trouble with "rebooter" apps but I've noticed OS7 seems much more stable on that front, so I've disabled my nighly reboot. Understanding that I don't have a bunch of apps here, overall, no complaints here. Even battery life has even been excellent but I admit I've got a good Verizon signal both at home and at the office.

I've had issues on both my 9810 and the 9900 - mostly on the Torch an it was the same file system error. I put it down to an inexpensive microSDHC card - replaced the cheap Class4 with more expensive Class10 from Lexar and I haven't had the problem since on the Torch.

The 9900 is back with Rogers getting examined for excessive dropped calls, however. :(

I am so glad to see this post. I upgraded my 9800 to a 9810 last week and have had nothing but trouble since. Nearly every time i reboot the device it goes into a reboot cycle. I have to pull the battery and the SIM card to get it back. Gotten JVM errors a few times and its even started rebooting for no reason. I've done everything from security wipes to full reloads, but cant get this thing to work correctly.

well , at least five times since I got my 9860 (30th Aug) I picked it up to find a bright white screen with a little message in the middle 'app error 602' and beneath that 'reset', annoying.

Still, as soon as the 9900 arrives in white on Vodafone I shall be getting one. My 9860 is fab but just cannot get use to typing without real keys

I have definitely bricked mine as I cataloged in the forum:


But one thing you said that I was wondering about was the removal of the SIM. It had dawned on my that when I did the device switch between my 9700 and 9900 and the SIM was out of the 9900 and I booted it up, it worked fine.

I was almost tempted to go in to my mobile provider and ask for a new SIM, because I thought that something had happened that corrupted the old one.

However it seems to have recovered and is working fine, at the moment on .439 OS.

AlsoKevin, I am glad to see you are honest with your crackberry nation and letting us know that you are also having problems with your 9900. Thanks. :)

Torch 9850 No Nuke\Brick, but as with the Storm I can no longer go on App World. I am getting the old error message, "BlackBerry App world is having trouble connecting to the BlackBerry App World server. Verify your network connections and try again". Needless to say Verizonwireless was not able to solve this problem after again going through a lot step and checks I was sent to RIM who has been of no help and states that they are aware of consumer having this issue. I referred them to many forums\blogs even their own. Been dealing with this since Friday, Oct. 28th, they have promised to get back to me by tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 1st. I love BlackBerry from my Storm to now the Torch, my wife has had Three she loved, but what is frustrating is the way RIM is responding to our concerns and issues. How is it that we go from device to device, upgrade to upgrade and still have the same old issues, unaddressed. Come on RIM stop focusing on a BlackBerry Watch or a $2,000- phone (Porsche) and get back to basics. Really!!! a Tablet (PlayBook) with no emailing come on!!! Server going down for three days, didn't like it but technology will fail at various points even with backup, don't like it, but can deal with it. The downtime affected my business and life style but a law suit against RIM negative only the lawyers are going to profit. But ignoring our basic concerns, issues and wants for our devices, the Board and Management of RIM need to wake up and accept the fact that their nighmare and our frustration are real. I am loyal to BlackBerry and believe in its potential, I have friends who are Iphone and Android users, not that impressed (and you have your problems and weaknesses also), it is all about preference and need, but RIM you are taking us for granted and pushing it. Get the basics right, address the concerns of your current client base and the innovations and additional consumers will come.

I havent had it brick on me like this article mentions. Mine was a white screen of death with a App error, of I believe 200. Theres an option to reset, so i click that and it comes back up just fine. This has happened to me now twice in the past 1week. Dont know whats causing it, seems to be possibly an app as the error suggests but cant narrow down which one it is since its not reproducable on demand.


my BB 9900 bricked a few days ago. it was an endless reboot cycle, display didnt show anything - just the red LED was flashing some seconds.
happened after loading while sleeping an next morning it was dead.
i tried everything, used all available programs for restoring/factory reseting/wiping. now got a new 9900 unit from my carrier an iam happy again - but always a thought on if it happens again :(

no surprise here, Happened to my 9900 with OS.440. so ive downgraded back to .353( the best so far for 9900).

My 9700 Bricked about 2 month after it came out but thats my only Bricked BB & ive had a few. One issue i had with my 9900 was i left it plugged into the charger over night but switched the power off (i just wanted to turn it on first thing in the morning to top the juice up as i regularly do) but when i went to it on NOTHING & i thought it had bricked till i realised the battery had died, which i thought was strange. But ive since sold it & im currently back on my 9700 till i can get another 9780.

YES! Twice :@

Between that and absolutely crap reception, I'm on the verge of going back to my trusty old 9780 :p

I had the 9930 the day it came out on VZW. i had sworn off BB, but found that this was a beautiful device and maybe it would bring me back. It was good until it was bricked. I researched my particular error and it happened to be a hardware issue and not a software issue, so Verizon replaced it for me, then it happened on my replacement also. Needless to say I have once again sworn off BlackBerry and don't even thinkQNX will bring me back. We will see. So long for now BlackBerry world.

My 9810 bricked on me once during a soft reset. Never had that happen on my old OS 6, OS 5, or OS 4 Berrys.

Interesting conversation! Torch 9850, VZ, official OS only. Happened twice so far. White screen first time I tethered to PC using Desktop. Last week when udating OS thru Desktop (Windows shut down the process about 3/4 thru update to prevent damage; on device got java.lan error plus application terminated messages.

Common themes:
Both times updating OS thru Desktop (trust is broken & from now on will only use app loader)
Both times VZ wanted to just replace phone, I asked for RIM & they were great.
If I totalled up the wasted time on device issues, would I get to live an extra 10 years?
Still a shameless BB fan, but consider BB phones too high-maintenance for the average user.

Have bricked mt 9930 3 times now since I got it on release day. My 9650 only did it twice in the 8 months or so that I owned it. Always seems to happen to me when doing some hardcore multi-tasking (isn't that what BlackBerry is known for?).

Kevin, I think you should do a BBM stress test again to see if you can get as many contacts as before. We could really find out if OS 7 is any worse then...

I've never thought I've bricked my phone but after reading this I guess it's done it like 4 times during ownership. My 9700 has done it once on bbos 5 and 3 times on bbos 6. However I've never had to reload the OS. All i had to do was a hard reset with holding the power button for 30 seconds once I have the battery out.

I've never accidentally bricked my BB. I've loaded a leak here and there, also. The only thing that might save me is that I really don't install or use very many apps at all (less than 6 or so at any given time) so that probably helps keep the BB at it's best.

The only problem I have (and I'm waiting on the AT&T 9900, so no BB7 yet) is that my last two devices just won't connect to a GPS signal anymore. At all. Like, even close. That's frustrating, but it's no nuked berry.

I got the JVM white screen about 1 month in with my 9900. It did get me to update to the latest leak though, which has been much better - so I see it as good&bad.. :)

I'm only on BlackBerry 6, but I never bricked that or any prior os BlackBerry. Then again, I don't even have any third party apps except the AOL AIM now. I just use all native apps and the RIM versions of yahoo and windows live messengers. I wonder if the bricking that took place around the same time was courtesy of the carrier, something pushed that was no good ...

That's really sad to hear Kevin...I haven't had any with my 9930, admittedly I keep very few apps, not sure if that plays a role. Currently running on the latest VZ Frwr. I don't use VZ Nav as other's have mentioned either, I use TeleNav.

Here is hoping to having a good, long and productive life out of my BB, so far I have been extremely happy.

My Bold 9930 went to a cycling loop after the OS upgrade last night!! This is driving me crazy!!!! Did anyone else do the upgrade?

oh Kevin I am In the middle of reloading the OS, I know what you mean. I have to fix my BBM all over again and My BBM Backup did not work nor did BB protect. Im not to thrilled either, Also when I got it back up everything was back to normal except for my Memo pad and Password Keeper, the 2 most important things. So I go back to my Desktop and do a restore which completely messes my BBM up with none recent contacts to NO groups. the restore of the OS went perfect, everything went back to normal except for the 2 most important things (password keeper and memo pad) which let me to do a restore via desktop which was a 1 month old restore with wrong contacts and some what outdated info.... Loosing faith in my BlackBerry.... doing a system restore from a PlayBook would be a great "app" for business people on the go if they ever get the white error 561 reload OS lol .... good luck everyone
Jonathan Kopycinski

I've had no issues with my 9930 from Verizon which I got the day it came out online and I've installed every leak and hybrid I could since then. Now I'm currently on the official from Verizon. It never happened on my storm 9550 either, except for once but I was istalling a hybrid at the time. I install and uninstall apps every day, hopefully I won't run into this issue! I couldn't be happier with my 9930!

Totally with you on this one Kevin! I woke up one morning and my 9900 was dead! All I had was a blinking red light and it never turned on. I tried everything: javaloader, bbsak, running loader.exe to see if I could interrupt this reboot cycle, absolutely nothing worked. My 9900 was frackin nuked! SFR could'nt repair it either so I just got my new replacement today! RIM must have sent out a dodgy first wave batch of these devices, that's the only conclusion I can come to!

I have had my Torch 9810 JVM error 4 times and I've had it since ATT released it. Last week it did a JVM 517 then after I did an OS reload did a 201 JVM. Then after another reboot did a 507 JVM. After a 2nd OS reload it has been bahaving as of late. The previous times this happened it occured after a lot of usage of BBM Music. I was listening to BBM music for a good hour when it happened this last time. I'm not certain that app is the culprit but what ever is happening under the hood a simple batt pull is not always the answer.

@bbschorsch bbx will not and cannot be backwards compatible. Also 6-8 hrs is terrible. Make sure you are managing your resources well, it should be more than that even with heavy use, except people like blaze maybe.

I run a 9810 with latest leaked os and sinceit's release have found it to be amazingly stable. I work for an att auth retailer and deal with a lot of bb's and have only had one or two os 7 devices go fully. Most of the time I have been able to boot in safe mode and fix the problem. Also when the app causing problems is not native it asks you to shut the app down before throwing reboot cycle at you... kinda nice.

From these posts it looks like a lot of 99s... think it's a bold problem? obv they can all be bricked, but I've seen almost no 9810s bricked without it being my fault :)

My Style used to brick all the time. It would overheat from tethering to my computer, or overheat from using the GPS or just from roaming. And when I pulled the battery to resset i get the white screen. I've had my 9850 since it came out on Sprint in 8/24/11 and has'nt bricked yet.

I've been a user since the 8800 was released and I've had no problems so far (knocks on wood). Using OS 4,5 and 6. My girlfriend has had her 9900 since August and we've had no problems. I'll be cautious when I get mine in January...

One of the things that frustrated me was the difficulty of correcting issues with my BB after switch from Android to the 9900. The 9900 seemed like it was the BlackBerry I had been waiting for, and in a sense, it was. But it also seems to have many of the problems of more advanced operating systems with very few of the benefits. It also was less stable, in my experience, than every other current mobile OS. I would look over at the nightstand and find it was booting up freshly every once in a while.

RIM is giving loyal Blackberry users every reason to want to buy devices that they don't make. Stability, battery life, useful applications, web access, email, ease of use, and a few other characteristics have all in been strong points for BlackBerry. Right now, those are all weaknesses for BlackBerry.

I've never had the issue on any BB that I've owned, but I did have it occur to my bosses. It would just crap out with odd errors usually when opening messages. I reloaded OS after OS and it kept happening. I finally swapped hardware with him and it's been gone. I attribute it to bad RAM...

I had a 226 App Error happen on my 9810 2 weeks after getting it. I think it happened after Docs to Go froze on opening what I believe was a corrupt Spreadsheet file, then a Soft Reset yielded that result and endless reboot. Took it back for a replacement unit, since I wouldn't have access at work to a PC to reload the OS for about 10 hours...

Really thinking I should have waited and tried fixing the OS, as I've been through 4 other hardware-related defective 9810's and my current solution is electrical tape on the back of the slider to correct a wobble issue when closed.

Also had a co-worker with a 9900 on T-Mobile have a 517 error too. Definitely something weird with OS7.

BlackBerry 7520i > 8830 > 8330 > 9630 > 9550 > 9650 > 9800 > 9810
BlackBerry Playbook 32 GB

About those sim cards.
My wife's 9810 has been very stable for the last month and a half since it was purchased.
I specifically remember asking for a brand new sim card at the time of purchase because I wanted to completely disassociate from the older 3g device. I remember reading somewhere that sim cards (on average) are designed for a two year life. They tend not to be optimal anymore with age.

In the spirit of trying to expose some kind of pattern here, could there be a correlation between old sim cards and OS7 instabilities?

Never had this problem on OS5 and OS6, but happened to me as well on my 9900:-(
I installed one of the new apps off AppWorld, and my phone wanted to reboot. The loading bar went up to 75%, and then 507 error appeared. No batt pulls helped, had to install fresh OS.

Two weeks ago I had the Error 517 -> infinite reboot loop on my 9900. I had a hell of a time wiping it with BBSAK so I could reload the OS. Since it was always booting up / rebooting, I had to catch it at just the right time for BBSAK to do the wipe. It happened to me just after the BlackBerry service downtime, I wasn't receiving my emails even though reports said the network was back up and running. So I did a battery pull, and when it booted back up, I got the Error 517. Then from there the infinite loops of reboots.

I did ! JVM 517 had to send it to RIM for repair... it happened after installing the BBM music without uninstalling the previous version... but still I like this phone it is great

This has happened to me TWICE!
1)I woke up one morning, and my BlackBerry Bold 9930 would not turn on. It just Blinked the Notification light every 5-10secs.
-I pulled the battery out several times, and did everything I could to get it to turn on. I walked away for about an hour to read forums for any known causes. Nothing I could think of should have affected it since I hadn't installed anything "shady". When I went to try one more time it FINALLY turned on!

2)Same thing happened about a month or so later, and in result was almost late to work... *grrr*
Not cool for happening shortly after the outage, so this didn't help my case when still trying to promote BB.
-I attempted the same steps I did last time, but with no luck. I gave up and headed over to Verizon to get a replacement free of charge. (Have no insurance on the phone either...) Should arrive in a couple of days!

I understand sh!t happens and there are bugs especially when we demand so much more these days from them, and each OS has similar problems for their respected phones, but it is just a snowball effect for RIM/BlackBerry with all the bad publicity that's be going on.

I really hope they can blow our minds with BBX. I need to some more ammunition to destroy my friends Android/iPhones! lol

Mine randomly nuked itself just after I got to work one morning. I took it out of my purse & put it on the table & it started rebooting. Then the white screen of death smh. I then spent the next few hours being unproductive at work but I got my 9930 up & running! Of course I had to get admin access to my PC & all that good stuff.

just a got a new, replacement phone from T-Mobile after receiving a JVM 517 error on my Bold 9900. RIM recommends that you get in touch with your carrier to have your phone replaced when you get that error as reloading the OS is only a temporary solution.

Yup my 9900 bricked last weekend. Dead screen, flashing red light and nothing I or Rogers could do to save it. My new 9900 is working nicely. Then again so did my other one for the first month.

Yes, exactly the same thing happened to my 9900 twice! The second time was weird - my BB ran ot of power so it shut off. After connecting to power supply and charging for a while I turned it on but loading progress bar stopped at 3/4 and froze for about half an hour, after which I simply rebooted it but the story repeated. It stucked again. BUT then after about 20 minutes a white screen and an error message appeared for a very short time and then it disappeared and small (I mean - REALLY small) sand clock appeared. It was spinning for another 20 minutes and then.... It started up normally! Fully operational.

The only thing was missing - all of 8 of my BBM groups were gone.

It was the most strange BB crash I've ever seen using BB for 4 years.

I am super happy I didn't spend $500 on buying this device.. I was gonna get it now because my upgrade is not until oct 2012 and I'm using my Curve 3G which is awesome by the way on OS 5.0.. I was gonna get the latest and greatest with the bold touch but I will hold off and keep my Curve 3g til next year when I'm eligible and see what RIM has to offer by then!

I am currently on my 5TH 9930!! My first two were following a 102 error code. I tried re-loading the operating system - wouldn't work - so I took them back to Sprint and both times - they kept the phones for over an hour and both times came out with new boxes. One of them had an issue BEFORE i left the store (when I flicked the track-pad - the screen went off - when I flicked it again - the screen went back on) - so they replaced it right there.

The final time I received a JVM error and again couldn't reload myself. I walked back into Sprint and they guy just looked at me. He told me that I AM THE ONLY ONE that he has had go through this. He has not had 1 other return. He took it in the back and an hour later came out with ANOTHER new box........ He told me that if this happens again - I should sell the phone on ebay and buy an iPhone!

When I first tweeted Kevin I forgot about the 1 that I never left the store with....... so its actually 5 - not 4.....

On my 3rd 9930
For a Berry who's hardware is 2nd to NONE, its SAD my first and second Bold's got JVM errors (102 the first time 5 days after I got it; 507 the 2nd time). With NO computer to re-load the OS; and VZW telling me they'll just KEEP replacing my 9930's.

I've nuked my 9800 Torch 3x already. The first one was caused by installing latest and AT&T official OS (Yes, I'm an AT&T customer not bootleg OS). The last was just couple weeks ago. Its frustrating.

Mine hasnt bricked no problems. My pal has one with OS7 his is fine too. This website really sucks for loading though!

I am so happy with my 9780. Never had any problem with it. I will not upgrade it to 9900 or any other OS7 device, no need. Lets wait what will come with QNX (sometime).

About 30 days after I got my 9930 I got a jvm error and I had to reload the os. 10 days later I woke up to a phone with a red light blinking on/off but not turning on and I couldn't even connect it to the computer to reload os had to pay $35 for sprint to exchange the phone and on my new phone I also already got once a jvm error that I had to reload the os. I have already a bb over 4 years and besides the 9930 I only remember once having a jvm error. And now with the 9930 in 2 month 2 jvm errors and 1 dead phone... I'm very upset!

And also my friend who got the 9930 got an app error that stays even after loading the os.. He doesn't have a phone now

It happened to me over the course of a week because of incompatible apps for OS7 (my example was WhatsApp). Since I uninstalled the culprets, I haven't had the white screen of death.

My BB 9900 is a work phone and sorry to say, when I leave the company, I'm not getting a blackberry for personal use.

On my third Torch 9850 (Verizon). The first one lasted a few weeks, the second one lasted a few days. So far, the third one has been fine. In both cases, I woke up to it blinking red and was unable to revive it. There are several others that had the same issue (in the forums). I get paranoid every time my screen is off and I see a red light.

bye bye BB. It's been great ride. After the Devcon news I went out and bought a Bionic from Verizon. I'll hold onto the PB until OS2. If that doesn't work I'll get a Fire tablet.

I bricked my original Bold as well. I got one shortly after the launch. It was acting very odd....way too much freezing. It would actually be locked up for 3-4 minutes at a time. The time doesn't change, just the spinning "busy" icon; then once control comes back to the user, the time jumps to the current time. I suspected it was an app (The Weather Network seemed to cause major slow downs) Then finally, one day I got the JVM error!!

While I know I could have easily fixed it....I was frustrated enough that I just exchanged it under warranty.

So far, so good, with the new one, but The Weather Network app still seems to slow things down...nowhere near how bad it was on my first 9900, so I definitely think something was wrong.

Just one more reason I passed on the 9900, chucked my 9700, and went with i4s. It's sad what has happened to BB.

just one nuke, right after I installed the free version of drive safe.ly. it's gone and everything is back to running great.

Happens alot on my 9700, Since ATT won't release the 9900!
Plus have to wait til contract is over to switch out of ATT.

I have. Once. It was right after I updated the OS on my 9810. Then midway through it bricked itself, on each blackberry I've owned since the 8100 has nuked at least one. The worst one, was my 8100. That thing kept nuking itself at least a couple times a month. Best piece of advice, backup, backup and backup some more. Because you never know when your BB is going to give you the white screen of death.

- CK Goggles

Sounds like it might be region/carrier specific, I'm on TMO US, my 9900 is a month and one day old today, no issues with OS, and I've updated to 2 leaks from stock. The only thing is I may have a defective battery which a replacement is being sent to me. Other than that, solid.

Though I'm on .440 and it seems to be slowing down a bit, hitting "b" to open up the browser takes a good 2 seconds for the browser to actually show. I'm so use to my 9900 having cat like reflexes that 2 seconds to open the browser is a drag. ; )

Mine has. I have a Torch 9850 with Verizon, and mine bricked after I used a program called QuickPull to clear the cache which simulates a battery pull. It had apparently wiped some critical operating files when I did this, as nearly as I and a half dozen Verizon techies were able to figure out. This program wasn't strictly made for the device, but I'd used it hundreds of times with my Storm 2, so I thought what the hell. Looking for a good Torch compatible equivalent now. Doing so far so good on my new Torch.

I'm on second phone (9930) and 3rd OS. 2 are official Verizon releases. Can't remember nuking any other blackberry ever and I've been around..... a long time. Can't count the number of nukes on this one. 517, 607, on and on. Some reinstalls require pulling battery to get installer to see phone. Have become an expert at JL_Cmder and javaloader. Granted I am "power" user w/ BBM Music, Xobni, Socialscope, iMplus Chat and on and on. But am using no bootlegged or non approved applications. Fortunately for some reason the reinstalls are getting faster and easier and even on the severe nukes don't wipe out my 3rd party applications. The last reinstall even kept all my pocketday customizations. Hope there is something coming to improve this. As I started to type this response on my plabybook it locked up and required a soft reset. There I am on OS2 - so no room to complain.

The 9900 is my 4th BlackBerry since 2007. I've also had the 8330, 9000, 9700.

It has been my experience that every new Berry is amazing - for the 1st two months. Maybe I install too much, tinker with leaked OS's and Hybrids but I've found that with usage - phone performance declines.

I'm running and am charging my battery at least 2x a day. This is unacceptable. This past weekend I was away and left the phone in my room - still the battery drained with ZERO apps running in the background.

I love having a physical keyboard but am most annoyed with the limitations that my phone has. Every phone should be equipped with an amazing camera. Why are most photos on Flickr from the iPhone???

I really hope BBX changes the face of RIM or I'll switch to Android.

I've not had any problems with my 9900 from new. Stock OS .296 was very stable and current .353 also very stable. The phone is also quick and hasn't bogged down and hasn't needed a battery pull since I got it. My last OS6 device .600 was great and never once 'bricked' In fact the last time I had any bricked phones were with OS4.5 and OS5 devices. So far OS6 has been the best in my experience. Time will tell if OS7 does as well and gets me to the end of my contract without bricking the phone.

Im on vodafone uk, had to wait nearly 3 weeks for my bold 9900 and after a day that I got it , it went into an endless reboot while i was sleeping, and there wasnt even an error msg or a white screen. Theres only a red light and a clock icon, and it still cant be fixed. Iv been able to fix my current torch and a few of my friends blackberry in the past when it got nuked but not this one. Its been 2 weeks now, and vodafone is being as useless as ever with their service to send me my replacement phone. We want BBX asap RIM!

Just a guess here, but I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't related to poor quality control in the hardware and manufacture of the 9900. Buyers found so many external manufacturing problems that I can't help but think if they had that many problems that end users found, the internal construction has to be equally as bad.

I also have to wonder how much time they spent in the integration and testing phase. Are the phones heating up during charging and breaking down materials?

RIM used to make some pretty hardened systems that you could drop and kick down the street only to find minor scratches, but the darn thing worked just fine.

Good luck 9900 owners. I'm staying put with my 9700.

After reading all these posts, I am inclined to agree. My 9700 on OS6, though resource challenged (I have lots of apps), has never totally bricked on its own. An occasional reboot here and there...then again, often I am running at 5-10MB's of RAM. Again, lots of apps. The phone is stable and solid. Few clocks here and there, otherwise a rock!
As with any "First Generation" device, buyer beware. Fun to be an early adopter, yet that often translates into Beta Tester! Good luck!

Life is like a cup of coffee http://bit.ly/ic8IFp

Nuked my 9900 once, but pretty sure it had something to do with running software from another carrier. I had been having problems with the phone (cutting in and out, sometimes didn't ring or couldn't call out at all). On my engagement night as I was desperately trying to call to tell people, it was giving more trouble, but I found that it sometimes worked for a bit afterward if I restarted it. I restarted it about 10 times in about an hour until eventually it went into a white screen of death. I gave in and used Skype, and then went back to the Telus OS the next day - so far no problems since.

I received the jvm on 3 or 4 different occasions on the stock os from verizon. Every error occured after the phone had been idle and then I would unlock the phone to see the jvm error :/

After updating I haven't had a problem

i bricked mine today when i installed hangman from appworld, used javaloader to view my log and remove the error, working fine now.

Yep, I've bricked my 9810 twice. In both instances it was due to my impatience, forcing a reboot while it was exiting or entering a program. I know now to be patient.

                  My 9900 Nuked last week.. (OS: - Rogers 9900)
                  This is happen because uncompatible application..:(
                  I trying to get back the compass app that blocked by my carrier..
                  after installing that compass cod, reboot..
                  it takes almost 15 minutes..zzZZzz....
                  after reboot White Screen of Death appear...!!
                  it says APP ERROR 200 - RESET.. :(
                  I trying to release the battery, sim, mem card,
                  reboot again, again, and again.. it stil App Error 200..
                  Lucky me, i have my 9900 backup files & apps backup..
                  I do full data & apps backup my 9900 every 1 week..
                  Then I reload, restore, my compass back,                   everythings ok..:D

                  Tip of the day: Do Backup your BB regularly..:)

Torch 9810 Rogers user here...had the JVM517 following a memory card error and stuck in the white screen of death. i had just read the JVM stories a few days prior to 'the event' and thought i was doomed to spend 4-5 hours recovering. BUT was very very very fortunate to have been saved by a simple soft reboot. been nervous about installing apps ever since. could there be an issue with the developer's kit....or the video recording software?

after reading this whole thread, i'm very concerned for my friends that have recently invested in 3 yr contract renewals for Bold 9900 's.

Thank you so much for this article. I actually just bricked my Torch 9850 last night and I'm am wondering what to do. All I get is a red LED light and the screen is black, I did hard reset 3 times with no help still the same. I hope I don't have to reinstall the OS. There has to be a better way to fix a corrupt file. Does any one know much about JL Loader. Well anyway I'm going to go home and see if I can fix my phone. If any one knows how to fix this without a fresh OS install please let me know.

Don't have a BB7 phone yet, but it has never happened to my 8900.

A few weeks back, I thought it had, but it turned out to just be the battery going bad. That very same day, the Shop Crackberry dropped the price on the Seidio extended battery to $10.

Spooky, but awesome!

i have a 9900 from TMO but no bricks so far. Not sure of the issue but as far as I'm under warranty I would just do a warranty exchange instead of trying to fix the problem myself. I f everyone has to to keep warranty replacing that will get better results than "home" remedies. These OS7 are new devices.

Had a problem with my 9900 - rogers .261 reboots several times in a two day span - spoke with Rogers tech support - ended up getting phone replaced.

Got the new one and two days later rebooted itself again. Updated to the .439 and it seems to working well.

fingers crossed. Never had a problem with my 9700 or 9000.

On my second 9900 had the endless reboot cycle and sent it off b4 I saw the link on how to fix it and even Vodafone couldn't fix it and just sent me another one

I had this happen to me, got a white screen saying I needed to load sofware with my old bb and I was so pissed. I had no way of loading the OS 5 so I had to fork out money (which I don't have) and buy a new bb. I hope this doesn't happen again w/ my new bb because if it does then I'm done with Blackberry.

No probs here. Im still telling all who listen that the 9930 is the best cell phone ever made by anyone.

I thought this was a problem that was only related to my device - but it seems this is a much much larger issue.

France - SFR - 9900 - OS 700 pack 1465. No such issue here.
Just noticed that update of BBM seemed to slow down the whole thing, even when not used.

My wife's BB unde OS6 had sometimes the white screen problem. As a fast tip, the battery pull + SIM removal made the device to 'come back'.

I had a JVM 517 error once... It was a Bell Mobility Bold 9900 with the original OS that came with it (I think it was .261 or something like that). It bricked after I tried to install a game... The installation failed during the installation process... I tried to reinstall it and it bricked. Brought it back to Bell and they provided me with a new one. Now I had been on OS .439 with tons of apps and it seems to be stable. I think that its app related... Remember that BB OS is "old" and layers and layers of code had been add year after year. At the start, it wasn't designed to support todays apps. Hopefully BBX will come fast enough and help RIM get a much more stable OS. It would be great if they can get a trimmed down version of BBX for all those loyal customers with old phones. Either way... I think as blackberry addicts with are pushing our BB to their limites... We need a new engine!

My brand new Bold 9900 bricked not even 30 minutes after having it. I got an update for the Blackberry App World and when It went to reboot, it just continued to Boot Loop! I was so mad! O well I said. I plugged it in, and got it to redownload T-Mobiles OS. Two days later, I get a facebook app update, same thing happens again>! I was NOT happy!. What can you do though? Good thing for backups.

I've put off getting the BB 9900 because I've decided to wait for the QNX BBs to be released. In the meantime, I'm using my BB 9800 Torch and BB 8330 Curve, both with OS 6.

Since I have four e-mail Accounts, I mostly use my BB 8330 for this purpose. The 8330 has NEVER given me any problems. It takes all the punishment and abuse I give it. I've dropped this "Baby" countless times, downloaded many apps on it, watched videos on it, and surfed the internet all the time on it. Yes, it is slow compared to the newer BBs. But the reliability/dependability more than make up for the slowness.

BTW, during the recent three day BlackBerry outage, I used an Apple iPhone 4, or should I say Apple "iToy." Lol. Since I had to do a lot of typing on it, I found the experience to be "horrific." I hated typing on a "piece of glass." I'll take a BlackBerry any day, and was ecstatic to use the BB Keyboard again. IMO, BlackBerry truly has the best Keyboards of all the Smartphones.

Happy Halloween Everyone,

- CB

It happen to me twice on my 9900 as well. I paid $300 for my 9900 on t mobile. All my friends are like why did you get a blackberry? Dont you know they suck! I tried to tell them that the New 9900 was great but now I'm starting to think I made a big mistake. I really hope RIM gets there act together. Wheres the themes for the 9900 and what about Netflix and finally I got a eBay app for OS 7 today. And WiFi calling? There just too much that needs to be done. Rim need to start treating the 9900 as a flagship device because it sure don't feel like one right now

I'm liking the new bold9900! Faster internet was worth the money for me. However, I had the white bootup screen though once, although I traced the reason for not locking the screen before I threw the BB into my packsac (pencils were triggering apps).

twice in the 1st week i got it. once when trying to back up my Bold 9900 with BB desktop manager and the second when i installed a game and then deleted it. since it was within a week, Tmo sent me replacements. this 3rd one has no problems...so far.

You know, I like my blackberry as much as the next guy, and since I'm Canadian I really hope they can pull themselves up out of the trouble their in, but I'm just about done apologizing for them, as I'm sure some of you also are.
My phone (Curve 9300) runs out of memory, cannot load web pages, more than 4 apps kills the memory. The Facebook app doesn't work among others. I even try and provide feedback through the Beta Zone to improve things, and try new apps like BBM music.
The plastic bezel on the phone was warped out of the package, a mistake that I was willing to forgive when I first bought it. MY friends curve has been returned 3 times on two months due to defects causing failures.
I know it's a lower end smartphone, but its $329 bucks to buy outright, for that price I expect functionality. New Blackberry's have improved, but at this point looking at what the competition offers, I just can't see the value in upgrading to a 9900 or newer BB.
RIM has some *serious* software and hardware quality issues IMHO (battery pulls? I mean seriously?), they can show all the tech demos, flashy commercials, and future plans they want, but they can't deliver.

BBX had better be amazing, because Windows 8 will be here soon, and if it runs cross platform on tablets, phones pc's etc, then RIM is in for a real problem. Apple, Google, MS all provide OS's, hardware and services on many platforms, leaving RIM hanging as to what its purpose is.

seriously frustrating.... i was ready to get the 9900 really soon but with many complaining about batt life and now this, i am seriously gonna rethink it....
what is wrong with RIM??? i love blackberry but right now i feel I'm still with BB because I'm just stubborn and don't wanna try anything new
get off ur butts and get to work RIM!!!

I have the Verizon 9850 and this is my 5th BlackBerry and I have never bricked any of them (scared to say this as I may jinx myself). I did have the problem where is got stuck after a reboot on the e in blackberry. When that happened I pushed in on the lock button (NO- I don't know why I did that) and it got it moving. That happened twice and both times I was deleting the DriveSafely app.
I am running the latest official Verison update and lots of 3rd party apps.

Recently bricked my 9700 (on purpose), to step back to an earlier OS 6 release (.666 was ramdomly rebooting the phone on its own). Found the directions in Crackberry 101 to be spot on in reloading the OS to an earlier version. Point being that upgrading/downgrading the OS on a Blackberry is pretty easy vs. an Android device - one of the reasons that I am hesitant on upgrading to the Android Platform.

Bold 9700
TMobile - $30 PrePaid Plan

Have a T-Mobile 9900. Got a JVM 545 error the other day. Reloaded OS and the OS would freeze randomly and only a battery pull would fix, but would freeze again. Hours on the phone with RIM reloading OS, etc. yielded nothing. Eventually, the phone would freeze during the boot process and then wouldn't even do that - just gave me 4 fast blinks of the red LED, which seems to indicate a hardware failure. TMO replaced my phone and so far, so good. Looks like this phone has serious issues.

I have bricked mine too as Kevin discribed. I was trying to navigate to a different note with Evernote that is when i noticed device froze. After a minute i did a reset with keyboard and that is when the java error and white screen showed up. This is my 3rd 9930 since the Verizon launch. the first device had reception issues which i got replaced. Now the white screen of death has claimed that device. My current replaced unit looks like it has the same reception issues. I'll have to test it further, but so far I'm not impressed. Nice phone but who has time for this? One other thing is that I will not load Evernote just in case it's program related

Twice now on my AT&T 9810 with no special software on it and just a battery pull the 1st time and a soft reboot the 2nd time. It sucks!

I bricked my 9900 2 days after I got it. All i did was pull my battery because it seemed to be hung up on the menu screen. Nothing I did got my phone back up and going prior to me calling Tmo and having them send me a replacement. While it was on the way, I decided to do a wipe with BBSAK and then reinstall. the BBSAK wipe change the error code from 517 to 504. I then reloaded my OS and I was back in business. That happened the 1st week of September and have had no other issues.

AT&T 9810 nuked (JVM Error 517). And it was quite simillar to the issue described by on the post. Everything was running ok until i installed the Signal Booster and got Roamming. BOOOOM, white screen of death. Thank`s God i was able to run the apploader and got it back on business in no time. But it`s sad to see that this thing can happen again anytime. I am not installing anything unusual until i see some update for my phone.

Was having some problems lately with calls not dialing and the phone seemed "dead". I went into Future Shop because I have an extended warranty, showed them the "SOS" message and they tried to do a security wipe and reset for me. It "bricked" for the rep..............took 45 minutes to get it back. Anyway, long story short, turns out that the problems I've been having are attributed to my sim card....................it's old, and each new device the store just swapped it over for me. Now with the new card my 9900 is working great. So if anyone has kept an old sim card and your phone is not working 100%, try getting a new card. My 9900 responds way better now.

PS: Rogers rep told me my antennae might be defective, but it's not.

I feel I must add my comment, as I expect many squeaky wheels to make theirs!

I have had a BB 9700, and now a BB 9900. Neither phone has EVER been bricked!

I have not fooled around with leaked OS builds for my 9900 (yet). But I did change my 9700 OS on a number of occasions.

Not much to add to the thread. Just felt the need to be a positive voice taking the time to respond.

I had the JVM problem 1 week ago on my blod 9900. I got a white screen saying JVM and under it reset so I clicked it and everything worked fine after the reset. I was just listening to music and it was in my pocket.

It was slowing way down while browsing, and I hit the return key four times in a row before it could respond. Froze completely. Nuked upon soft reboot. Haven't had this much fun since my old World Edition 8830 nuked on me. Took me four hors to get the 9930 up again -- curses!

Mine is bricked daily! But, its because of the user, I am usually creating and testing different hybrid builds. Trying to squeeze as many new files in as I can.
But, I have yet to have my 9930 brick on its own....yet!

My 9700 has gone 'funny' on a number of occasions after I have finished using the playbook in bridge mode, and disconnect the bluetooth.

That is, my 9700 freezes in internet screens the next time that i access the web on it.

No time clock shows - the screen freezes and none of the commands work.

I literally have to wait it out and close down the program, although sometimes it closes by itself.

I then do a simple Turn off phone and it works ok again.

(Not totally relevant to this chat - but may have some similarity for bridge users)

I'm just curious. (I'm still running os 4.5. Probably won't upgrade to another BB for personal reasons, so really it doesn't matter...) Anyway...

Is it the 9900 that is more prone to nukes then other models? Is this as common on other OS7 models (ie 9810, or the curves) as it is on the 9900? or does it just seem that way because the 9900 seems to be the more popular OS7BB?

(and yes, feel free to flame me for rocking the 8130. It works. And until I decide which carrier I'm going to go with, and which OS I'm gonna go with I'll just keep it. It won't fall apart in the next few months.... I hope....)

I got my 9900 the day it was launched and it's still going strong! I know a lot of people who have the 9900 and no issues either. I use mine heavily most of the time. I get dropped calls but that's Rogers.

And for all you Apple trolls out there, DON'T GET ME STARTED ON iOS5! It's a f'ing DISASTER!

@Kevin... mine bricked itself for a second time last night as well..dont know what the hell is going on. first time it was an endless boot cycle and "Error 200". I woke up this morning just after my alarm usually goes off, but it never went off. grabbed the 9900 and its not responsive, red light and constantly rebooting (except it reboot itself before the progress bar even came up) pulled the battery and it started up fairly quickly.

On another note... is anybody else having to wait 15+ Minutes for their 9900 to reboot?!? mine locks up on the progress bar screen at approx 60% and sits there for a good 10 minutes. have replaced the BB 2 times and still does this. even left it without any aftermarket apps for a while. have tried everything, wipe and fresh OS install etc. still does it on each of the 9900's I've had.

it only happened to me once on my 9650 over a year of use and many different OS and hybrids. In 2 months my 9900 has bricked 6 times; no hybrids.

I haven't had a single problem with my 9900. Granted I've only had it about a week or two I haven't bricked it or received any error messages. I have nothing but love for 7 and the BOLD 9900.

My wife is currently on her 4th 9810 after getting uncaught exemptions and java lang error, followed by a bricked device. I was starting to get a bit weary of it, and now that I'm reading this I'm starting to get a bit weary myself. I was looking forward to picking up an AT&T 9900 here soon, but now I'm confused as to what to do with all the bricking going on.

It's happened to my 9900 three times so far. The first time was after I purchased it and was installing all the infromation from my old Blackberry. That caused the device to change ringtones and drop calls, as well as not allow me to send e-mails or make all the phone calls (it would make some calls, but not all of them). Once I was simply syncing my device using Desktop Manager and that manager crashed (that happens far too frequently), then the device went into a hard reset. It didn't come out of the reset, it froze and then went to the white screen. The next time I was doing a reboot after installing BeBuzz when the white screen happened. It's made me wonder if I made a mistake in purchasing this model and second guess myself as to whether I should have kept my 8330 going strong, I never had any issues with that device and it is still working for my girlfriend, without any issues.

Yes, to me as well! I was in Belgium in roaming and it was not downloading anything. I restarted and gave me an error of one of the RIM modules. It automatically restarted an well white screen. First time it happens in 4 years of BBs

Happened to me twice with the Bold 9930. First time I was simply going to place a call. Hit the send button, the screen flashed white, reset, came back on with error 102. Tried the fix from the Crackberry post on error 102 and still couldn't get it to come back. Then the other day got the JVM 517 error after a soft reset. Very frustrating!!!

A 9930 completely bricked. Stuck in endless reboot, and couldn't do anything. Even a different battery didn't solve the issue......

Had to waste 500€ and take back my old 9800, which is a "brick" but in the other sense! (heavy and big)

Thankyou Kevin!!!! I totally wanted a 9900.....so bad I could taste it, and I have no upgrade options right now! But this post is making me feel a lot better.

I'm glad u started this thread I have had mine brick, as well ass errors in app world where it won't let me in as well as jvm error 107, as well as freezing up for no reason in all aplications I have talked to Rim and they have ordered a RMA on the device and its goin back it has had the software reloaded and wiped about 15 times and never gets any better

The antenna is absolutly horrid for signal on this ph, just another device released by rim that is full of bugs and not ready for realese, I am also pissed at this and am back to using my torch

yep happened to me too AND I HAVEN'T EVEN USED THE PHONE YET! on the 2nd day of my bold 9900 . got it the previous night and decided to tinker with it morning to start my day right. then KA BOOM! i thought it just needed an os update or something but it wasnt recognized by my laptop. i restarted and did endless battery pulls to no avail. what i did was connect it to my laptop then i restarted my laptop. it worked and got recognized. maybe it went to the storage mode or sumthin i dunno. when the desktop software opened i reinstalled the os and since then it has worked flawlessly. and good thing i have a habit of backing up my phone at least once a week coz if that happens again and i cant jumpstart my device, id lose a lotta files. i hope they get a permanent fix for that or a clear troubleshooting guide.

I bricked my 9810 after about 15 minutes of owning it. Downloaded the most recent leaked OS, loaded it up.... but it hung up, then I got the pretty white screen with 517 spelled out for me. durr

Yes, I consider myself a pro-user - and have had my 9930 brick twice on me. Once after doing a norma reboot, and another time - I've already forgotten. It was a pain in the ass to recover - too. RIM should be utterly embarrassed that the "How to Reload..." thread is the most active thread. It's 2011! No wonder they are being left in the device. I am loyal, but gawd, it's getting harder and harder. The OS is a joke, I cannot wait for QNX.

My first 9900 bricked the very night I bought it. Turned it on, loaded it, and then a black screen with a red light that blinked every 20 seconds or so. I called RIM tech support, who wanted to charge me $49 for troubleshoot. Then they connected me to T-Mobile RIM support.

They tried to help me, but told me to go to the T-Mobile store and return it. What a hassle.

My second 9900 bricked after 35 days. Yep, the dreaded JVM 517 error. Another phone was sent to me two weeks ago. So far so good...but I know it's going to happen again.

I love my Blackberry. I type a lot and the keyboard is fantastic. I used Autotext (Word Substitution) all the time and consider it Blackberry's best feature. I don't want to leave, but if this 9900 bricks again, I'm gone...and taking that long, hard typing on glass learning curve to Android.

RIM should be ashamed of themselves for releasing such a buggy device. Never have I seen a company crap all over their devoted base like RIM.

The 9900 has great features. The speakerphone is fantastic. Call quality is supreme. The device is a texting/e-mail dream. Just fix it RIM. I am a Blackberry devotee, and my patience is being pushed to the edge. I'm gone...and I'm sure many are if this problem persists. And nice job RIM tech support...$49 for a tech call on a device that bricked the same day purchased. No wonder why RIM is circling the bowl.

I was looking for! I first eperienced a bricked bb with my 9800 when I upgraded an app and a 2nd time when I installed a beta twittcaster app which left my bb in an endless reboot cycle. I had to downgrade to my 8900 for almost a week till I had time to fix it. Now with my 9810 I'm running the orinal os and some beta apps when the other day after a alt/shift/delete I got the error 102 white page :/ which is easier to fix than an endless loop issue. Nothing had recently changed so I have no clue what triggered the crash. I had my bb set up perfect with folders and all, had a folder with shortcuts to my bill sites etc. So I was sick. I also had an important email from that day that hadn't got backed up yet that was lost :( I haven't set my bb back up yet cause I'm still mad ha! Also after the os install I noticed an option in my bb menu I hadn't seen before, orientation lock?! I swear that was not there before the crash. There is no official os out from att and I don't fiddle with unofficial ones. Hope this doesn't happen again, its so darn anoying!!!

HHmmm I have a 9850 on Sprint and no nuking issues. I have upgraded my software and no issues. I have 16 apps installed as well. I have had the phone since August, when it first came out.

I have been with BB for a few years and have never had a bricked Berry. I almost did once but it was when I was learning how to upgrade the software on my Pearl.

I just reloaded it and the phone was fine. I have been on two different carriers - VRZ and Sprint.

Yes, it happened on my 9810. The problem I had was that I could not load the OS becuase the DM did not recognize the one installed on my PC. I found a posting where someone explained that I should uninstall DM and the OS version from my PC and then reinstall them again; after this it called for deleting the vendor.xml file. I did this and was able to load the lates non-AT&T OS.

It´s true. I had to return my Torch 9810 (att). Got the message "jvm error 517", I went back to my 9800.

My 9650 would "brick" and would go into a endless reboot cycle. It was still under warranty so, I sent it back to VZW. I got the new refurb & it did the same thing! I figured it might be the battery because it couldn't be happening to two diffrent devices in a row! The only thing the same was the battery. So, I took the battery out of my 9550 and now it is working fine with no problems! It could be a battery defect!

I've not had a problem with mine and i have loads of apps and have reloaded my o/s 3 or so times to get the latest leak.
I seem to see many people mentioning BBM music, is it maybe a bug with that as i don't have it installed.

I was thinking the other day how little my 9780 needed rebooting. I've never had a nuked device. Whilst rebooting and nuking occurred far more frequently with os 5.

I'm surprised with the problems you've had. I've been well chuffed with the performance and reliability of os6 :)

I once bricked my 9000 whilst playing with BBSAK (but had not read the instructions).
My 9700 was indestructible. My 9900 only froze once, but then again I had everything open (Docs2Go, WhatsApp, Facebook, SugarSync and Rollecoaster Rush 3D); I tried to switch from the game, which is pretty intense in using resources, to another app, and then the phone froze.
I waited a full minute, but nothing happened. After a battery pull, everything was fine again.

Then again, I have not yet loaded any kind of OS (leaked or official) since I got this phone. There doesn't seem to be a need.

Mine has bricked on me 4 times already (I've only had it since August) and the problem seems to be crunchSMS.. I can't quit the app though. :( It's so useful and so much better than the native texting app.

In the last year my Wife has had both her 9700 & then her 9780 both BRICK on her, so my method of fixing these devices on both occassions was to plug them into the mains charger & wait for them to get enough juice to be able to switch the phone on & then explain to her that the batteris on these things dont last for ever. To have this happen once should have caused enough embarrassment, but for it to happen TWICE is just plain ridiculous.

Anyway good luck to those whose BlackBerrys really are Bricked, i feel for you & its something ive only experienced once on a 9700 & dread it ever happening again, and i didnt keep my 9900 long enough for it to happen to me (Battery & camera HUGE let down Loved everything else though)

Ps my wife is now moving to an iPhone as of tomorrow (2nd November)

My Blackberry 8350 has been acting up terribly since the new Apps Store was upgraded to 3.0 and the battery life drained terribly, After reading this post, I decided to delete the Apps store and simply install new software throught he computer. Now the battery life has become awesome and there has not been any terrible spinning clocks either. I wonder if the 9900 problems come from the apps store.

I installed the Facebook Messaging app on OS 7 and it drained my battery (because it was always connected) so I uninstalled it and had to reboot. The reboot never happend because I got the JVM ERROR during boot and I had to wipe my BB and restore it to factory settings to get it working again!

Joining in with the same. I loaded the new OS7 update for Verizon, .374. The next morning my 9930 was bricked and going through endless attempts to reboot. I did a battery pull, completed a 2 hour charge, and I wasn't able to get passed the black screen and blinking red led. I don't even know the number of attempts made, but not being able to acquiring a stable boot, I wasn’t able to reload through AppLoader. I finally call VZW. The new phone just arrived.

I got away from my 9800 because I managed to brick it something like 10 times.

BBOS is possibly the most unstable operating system I've ever had the displeasure (and pleasure) of using. How on earth a 'bad' app throws it into the endless reboot of death is beyond me, but it shouldn't happen!

I have had a number of blackberry phones over the past few years, and I'm not sure if it's coincidence, or what, but mine seem to fail when I leave home.

* I had a pearl brick itself upon landing in helsinki.

* I had a tour brick itself upon landing in helsinki. (Different trip, 1 year later).

* I had a tour get into a mode where it rebooted every 30 mins or so when I was in australia. It was fine when I got home.

* I had a tour brick itself the day I arrived in new york city.

It gets annoying to have your phone die right when you land somewhere, leaving you to hunt for a replacement.

That said, I've also traveled a lot with blackberries and had them not die. Just that it seems to push them over the edge.

My 9930 just survived my trips to utah and helsinki/tampere/oulu, and a couple new york trips...hoping it holds in for hawaii and new zealand this month!

This thread will exceed 300 comments with most acknowledging that their 9900's have bricked due to both software and hardware problems. Step-up RIM. People have committed a couple of thousand dollars in-contract and almost $600 off-contract. All users are loyal Blackberry aficionados. Not the best way to assure brand loyalty.

It's not if mine will brick again, but when. At least Apple has the Genius Bar to troubleshoot and exchange. Android is at least stable and actually offers a much richer and detailed user experience.

If RIM alienates its base, then they will surely circle the bowl. I hate typing on glass but I might be forced into that learning curve. Typing on the 9900 is nirvana and should be a terrific owner experience. Not that way now. I'm sure RIM will offer some useless, crappy, buggy apps to the victims of their folly. Nice considering my 4 hours on the phone with my carrier, and the $20 shipping fee for the refurbished replacement, and the hour or more reinstalling my info. Screw you RIM!

Owning a Blackberry is a balance of compromises...An awful multimedia experience, screen size, functional apps, stability and horsepower vs. a great keyboard, Autotext, and email. I'm sure we are all rethinking our commitment to RIM when they care so little about us.

OK, after reading a good number of these posts (admittedly with some anxiety since I'm on ATT and dying to get my 9900), I'm starting to suspect (as in, GUESS) that OS7 is not as fault tolerant or as resilient as it could be when faced with (maybe?) software that might not know how to address the graphics unit in the device, or that maybe the OS can't tolerate the VERY frequent write errors that occur on most microsd cards on mobile devices (after all, there is a wide variety of cards in different classes and qualities- class 2,4,6,10 etc. The reference to KB19442 really is suggestive of memory issues being a prime suspect. RIM hardware in general can be accused of not being the best out there, but the years have given it a general track record of reliabiltiy, if nothing else.
If you run a chkdsk on your microsd card from your PC every so often, you are almost guaranteed to find some kind of file system error that needs correction (FAT32 file systems are funny this way).

Could this be at the center of all of this frustration?