Have You Had Your BlackBerry Storm 2 Swapped For A New One?

By Bla1ze on 12 Mar 2010 12:34 am EST
Have You Had Your BlackBerry Storm 2 Swapped For A New One?
We've been waiting to see exactly how this one turned out for everyone. But as most of you know the past few days for Verizon Storm 2 owners have been rather interesting. BerryScoop got tipped the news about the possibility of Verizon being reissued Storm 2 devices due to a screen issue. Now while the screen issues seemed to be nowhere near as bad as what they were on the original BlackBerry Storm it did exist for some users. As indicated in the Verizon information, devices were being returned mostly with the lower left hand side of the screen either not working correctly or not working at all. This caused some high return rates for many users out there.

Noticing the problem and working with Research In Motion, Verizon was directed to return all current stock and was reissued a new batch of devices to replace the ones returned. Any customers experiencing issues with their current devices were also targeted through Verizons customer care in the fact if you had an affected device and called you could get a replacement for the improperly working one. The replacement coming in the way of a "Certified Like-New Replacement" or better known as refurbished. So how many of you out there actually had your BlackBerry Storm 2's replaced? Most people I ask state they never had any issues with their release device so I'm guessing the issue wasn't that widespread? Let us know in the comments either way. 

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Have You Had Your BlackBerry Storm 2 Swapped For A New One?


Is not our problem, is RIM, don't know how to make and design cell phones.

We pay a lot money, for this cell phones and we want to see it working properly. so i'm sorry if they have to change my phone 20 times, they have too. i don't care. we work too hard to make money. and if we spend it. we want to see it is worth it.

Do you actually talk like this? Or do you just not know how to type a message? My 8 year old niece uses better grammar and spelling.

perhaps they are from another country. What a horrible comment. Sorry, I just found that to be very mean. Let's talk about our Storm 2.

Just ordered my replacement. Phone will very rarely end a call (end call button does not work). At times the screen doesn't click at all. I have had a few times where screen went black and did not click at all for a little bit.

I have exchanged mine for a refurbished unit, the screen response is much better than my original unit but the problem with the sticking bottom buttons has NOT been fixed, it is much much better than it was but it is not fixed.

Well I did the torx screw mod and updated with a software leake. No other issues other than lag. So I'm keeping my same one. Too much time and info invested into it and its working fine now.

I love RIM and blackberry products, but come on, just throw this surepress garbage in the vault. RIM has completely failed so far in the touchscreen market. IMO they will never compare to the quality of an iPhone or HTC touchscreen.

A friend of mine has exchanged 4 Telus Storm2's already. He says he can't use the receive or end buttons at times. Must be a screen issue.

Remember, RIM told us a new blackberry is made every 15 seconds supposedly. So, no surprise quality control sucks. I'm surprised my Bold 9700 isn't dead.

Why does having something produced every 15 seconds mean that quality control sucks?

It's not that the device is built in it's entirety in only 15 seconds, only that one device is completed every 15 seconds.

Many things are built at much faster tackt times that 15 seconds, and they work flawlessly each and every time. Quality control has nothing to do with the rate at which a product is produced.

Had mine replaced this week. Was well worth it. Screen has been much improved. Wasn't having big problems, but I would trade it out. The screen just feels right to type on. More "button" like. Great to see RIM is improving the device.

I have had mine since release week, and I still am on the first. I had more trouble with my Curve and Tour than I did with this one!

I had to get my first Storm2 replaced 10 days after I got it. My bottom right sensor was not working correctly. The end button seldom worked. My current storm2 works pretty well, even with a couple drops, however my GF's storm2 might have a stiff screen. It's kind of difficult to type on.

I got my storm two the day it came out and I'm on my 7th phone all for the same problem! happy to hear verizon finally did something about it!! think its safe to have them replace it now??

I got mine early last month and I have noticed two screen problems.

1) It has a tendency to go trigger happy and adds duplicate letters.

2) The corner closest to the hang up button tends to get stuck.

I'm coming off of several replacements of the storm 1 and I anticipate having to return this one soon. Do you think I should return this now and just get the improved version as a preemptive measure?

wife and I have had ours since the first week....haven't had any problems at all with these 2 phones....hope this doesn't become an issue later on, we both love this phone after living with a Pearl for 2 years...

Well, unfortunately I am one of the unlucky ones. I had the Storm for a year, having it replaced 5 times, my gf had hers replaced only once. Got the S2, she took the Tour on our one year upgrade, and low and behold, it's been one of the worst typing experiences I've ever had. And yes, I still have the original S2 (since Dec 09) because I just haven't had the energy to go through the process of getting it replaced. Maybe, I'll call this weekend after having read this.. So many thanks to.....

the beaten one...

I was about to buy a 9520 as a secondary phone last month, but immediately got a hard screen. They gave me another unit. But that one is even worse, the bottom left corner was impossible to press. In the end I cancelled the purchase bcoz they only have 2 units at hand.

The very first Storm2 that I got release week, had a massive rapid fire problem.
The screen would go nuts with the slightest pressure down on the call, menu, back, and end buttons.
2nd Storm2 had the same problem.
3rd Storm2 has the same issue but to much less of a degree... I figured I was stuck with it! I'm glad to hear that Verizon has new units, I'll be calling to ask for a replacement tomorrow.
That will be Storm2 # 4...
Add that to the 6 Storm1's I went through, and this is getting a bit rediculous!

If I lost my Storm (9530), will Verizon replace it with a Storm 2 (using my $50 insurance deductible)?

what do you think? First verizon will not replace it, asurion will, and there are plenty of storm 1's out there, so I think the answer is there. I thought this topic was on the new storm 2 replacements, not storm 1 and insurance. Please stay on topic.

I've had my S2 since the first week of release and think its the best phone I've ever had. no screen issues. On occasion ill press the screen when its in standby and it doesn't click like it should and there is no reaction. But if i wait 1 second it will start working. Might just be a delay of some sort?

we know people are having issues, what we want to know is the ones that got the replacement to fix the screen this week, is there a difference. Is it fixed? I am running 451 now and my buttons work pretty good, but every once in a while the green button does lock up.

So please, the ones that got the new replacement, respond if it is fixed or not. We really dont need to hear about you are having problems, that is known, we need to know the unknown, does the new replacements out actually fix the problem.

I first reported issues with sticking keys back in December. It seemed to be getting progressively worse. I had called to report it back then, but they were clueless. Saw threads here, one focusing on a hardware fix of "loosening torx screws" that many said worked, and others saying that leaked OSs fixed the problem. Then, I read about the VZW replacement and it was a simple call to get a replacement shipped. I was out of the 30 day warranty, so mine came in a brown box, but meeting the date and date code criteria. I checked my phone for usage and it showed 0 usage for both phone and data.

Clicking is slick..beautiful and distinctly different. As for sticking keys, the jury is still out!

My first storm2 did exactly what you guys posted. I got a replacement three days later as VZW said I would get a new one. They sent a refurbished one. My screen sticks everyonce and awhile, but not enough for me to hate it...

I'm on my third S2 so far, but all exchanges were within the first 3 weeks of initial release. The first two were basically exchanged for this issue, but since I received this third device with a manufacturing date of 100209, I've been very satisfied. I switched to .451 when it was leaked and it definitely improved everything about the phone including the screen click functionality. I won't be exchanging my device anytime soon because it's unlocked and I'm satisfied with what I have.

I am in South Africa with MTN. I experienced problems with the screen and when I complained to the local agents they replaced my Storm 2 with a new one, so far no problems.

I will tell u this I got the first storm and i had 8 of them the screen was jacked in the bottom left hand side i told them the referbs are all bad they were giving me and they kept calling me a liar so i finally got them to put me with a tour then i had the track ball issue with 2 of them then my next 2 had software issues. so i have left blackberry for the droid and i paid full price because they would not put me in anything else for 2 years i miss my email but my phone still works better than my blackberries

Yup I have this! Didn't realize it was a big problem. Just kept pushing til it worked! Now I will call! Hated the Storm 1 now not happy with the 2.

and going right back. First thing I saw when I turned it over to put the battery in is what appears to be dirt or something black that was smeared on the inside, and where the barcodes are it appears something sticky was removed. I'm having some issues with my current one but I can live with them for a little bit longer while the replacement gets sent back.

I just had my 9550 replaced and I still have to same issue the the lower left corner of the screen. Its a pain trying to answer calls or bring up the dial pad using the "send" button. My old device had the same issue and so does the replacement.

Yeah thats the exact same problem I'm having. Have you exchanged yours yet? I don't see how exchanging it will help unless this issue is being fixed...

I have this problem on my S2 but i noticed the software leak does fix or decreases the probability of it happening. i noticed tho if my hands are cold my screen locks up too pre and post leak install. is this a problem with the phone? if we are to return the phone for a "reissued" model is there information to look out that will tell us it is a fixed batch?

I was told I was the first one in my town cuz I called Verizon right when the rumor came out. I went to the store and the regional rep was there and he showed the store manager how to do it with my order...I was the guinee pig I guess. Got mine 3 days ago and I can tell the screen feels smoother and more responsive.

Why do you decide to contribute if you have NOTHING good to say or even on this topic?

WTF is wrong with people, go bitch and complain somewhere else.

I should be receiving my new S2 tomorrow, I had A LOT of problems with the bottom left key sticking making answering calls using that button nearly impossible.

Hope the new one is much better and fixes that issue.

he/she says "WORSE", when it should be "WORST".

But I agree, the post is irrelevant and should be discussed elsewhere, this thread is for something entirely different.

this post is suppose to be on does your replacement that you got last week that is suppose to fix the screen issue, does it fix it or not.

But instead we get comments like this tool, or I have had 8 replacements since last november.

The article was on the NEW replacements that RIM changed the screen on.

got mine in earlier today but overall the screen does have a totally different feel to it, bottom buttons also feel nice. restoring it as i type.

I had a launch phone and i got my swapped out it was worth it. The new one is 100% more responsive. The bottom row buttons actually feel like buttons now. My old one if i tried to press the buttons over and over it would get stuck. Now i can press any of the bottom buttons and it doesn't get stuck its awesome.

I got my storm2 the second day it came out and it seems those who got first release aren't having the problem.

I did however recently cracked my storm2 from dropping it while getting out of my vehicle and spiderwebbed the screen surprisingly it still worked as if it was never dropped, I got an insurance replacement of course and updated my os to which fixed any screen issues that i had so i never really had to take it back.

The problem is in the os when everyone finally gets the official update is should fix the problem.

so i received mine today but i called in for the charging port always disconnecting in the car. But my new device does not have the date or the sticker Screen is a little stiff. Not sure if I should call them or let it be? only 30 day warranty on the refurbs right?

I have not had one problem with my storm! I got it the day it came out. Little issues I had disappeared after loading the latest leaked os. I love my phone :)

Since we bought the Storm 2 brand new, why should we have to get a refurbished one back if we bring it in? We should get a brand new one out of the box! Thats the problem with Verizon always replacing phones with crappier phones. I think the replacement idea is awesome because I have been having problems with my send button. But I don't want to bring my phone in and get a reburbised phone I want a brand new one. I mean when you buy something its suppose to work!

I agree but for some reason and for the life of me I can't understance the thinking behind this...there are a lot of people on here that will figth with you and tell you to stop complaining and be happy you got a replcement who cares if it's new or refurb.
To me though, if you buy somehting brand new and something is wrong with it that was not caused by you but is a maunufacturer defect of any kind then a NEW replacement is needed. Not "Like New" or "refurbished". NEW is the only thing that is acceptable.

Well...if you use the phn then its a used phn...but once it has been purchased and has been used its considered a USED phn. Thats not something that can be sold again by the store or by RIM as a NEW device. No matter how much it was used or not used. Would you want a phn that was recenlty used by the person before you in line and take a chance to see what the out come is OR have one that has been tested and know that the device works well IN THE SENSE OF it being a "refurbished" phn?

Verizon's return policy for a "New" phone is supposedly 7 days no matter how much the phone has been used they'll exchange it for a brand new phone. Although I had huge problems with them sticking by it and they kept pushing me off until about the 10th day (I have an original release phone and buttons and screen stick/don't work randomly). Then they were more than happy to send me a refurb phone, which they did, and it had the same problem, so I sent it back...then they offered to send me another refurb...no thanks. One of the worst customer service experiences I've had.

I got a new one and seems much more responsive. I had the issue as described above and Verizon shipped a new one ASAP.

I had my Storm2 since the launch and never had a problem with it. If you don't want a touchscreen phone don't freaking buy one. Or get a gayPhone...

My screen sticks only when I put it in my holster without locking the screen. Screen will be pressed in and then go crazy when I take it out. All I had to do is flick the phone with a sharp move of my hand by and the issue dissapeared. So maybe locking the screen will help some of you...

Yes and that was the exact problem. I could not answer the phone or bring up the phone screen. Took it in this morning and verizon have me a new phone out of the box. Seems to work fine now.

I had a ton of problems. Had 7 replacements. Now i have an 8530 and have been really happy. I don't care how cool the phone is, replacing it 2 times a week is a disaster. Glad they are doing something about it but it may be too late.

bought my wifes and mine @ the same time, hers had the lower left call button that would not work, kind of like the screen was pressed in all the time, my was fine, verizon replaced via the mail in 2 days time, no problem now

I would also like to say to those people who recommend putting a leaked OS on it.... I didn't buy a $600 phone to run a beta OS on it. It should at least work correctly out of the box!

I have the problem with the green phone area of the phone. I normally have to press that section of the screen harder then the rest of the screen. It's a little annoying, but it's not enough for me to replace the phone. I have too much software that's tied to the pin anyway.

I GOT MY STORM 2 THREE DAYS AFTER IT CAME OUT AND HAVEN'T A PROBLEM SINCE! I think most people except to much for when new phones come out. When sometimes its not the phone that's messing up. It probably has to do with the way you handle it, what you do on it, download all that can mess up a phone really quick.

I bought mine on release day. Never had any problems with mine. I would like to know what RIM did to "fix" the screen. Was it hardware or software?

OMG. i knew this was a big issue. i'm on UK vodafone and this is happening to me! Just 3 weeks ago i had my hand set replaced with a 'new' refurbed one due to my lower screen not working. Basically the 'end' call button will not work to end calls - then after the said call the screen is unresponsive.

It has been replaced and the very same is happening again!

I've been onto vodafone and they are just replacing it again? I hope m=now it is with a newer version.

i love my strom2, I just want it to work as a phone...

i do work for verizon and there are some storm 2 that are being recalled for screen issues. there is a specific code that you need to look for under the battery. but im not sure cause there are so many recalled codes. best bet is to stop in and see if yours is one of them. if it was manufactured after sometime last week you have new models with the issue already fixed

I've not had to swap mine yet for another. Still on the one I walked out the store with. I do notice every now and then that I have to press the screen more than once to get a reaction. It's not so bad in that I didn't localize it to a certain part of the screen. It does feel like the bottom of the screen more than any other part, so I guess I could be a candidate for another Storm, but for now, all is well. I could probably wait for a 4G Storm3 all things considered. :-)

No problems here. Knock on wood. Haha. Had my phone since January and am very thankful that I have not seen any problems. Love my storm2.

I have had my storm 2 since launch week after many problems with the s1 and many "like new" devices...the only problem I have is that my green call button will get stuck a power cycle will usually fix this. Just waiting for my next upgrade and hoping that big red gets a better device with a big screen. Is it really worth the hassel? I love the storm2 and it is a big improvment over the first.....if only Verizon would pull their heads put of their butts and should have done this months ago.

I had the Storm 1 from Feb '08 until Nov '09 (having had that one replaced once) but then I took advantage of an upgrade deal and got the Storm 2. Since Nov the Storm 2 had been rock solid and a great improvement over the first one. However, just the other day I was having an issue with the audio on my phone (seemingly unrelated to the screen issue) and my replacement is in the mail.

Hopefully I'll get one of these new and improved ones.

I have had my storm2 since Christimas.. I have a ton of add on software and what a pain to contact all the venders with the new PIN number. When mine acts up I reboot and *most* of the time it worka fine. If round 2 acts up I take out the battery and count (good for holding temper and keep me from chucking it out the window)for one minute. That seems 2 work.. I'd love to get a better working storm2.. But a refurb?? where do they get that refurb in the first place.. yep, from all us fools turning in our first units.. I paid full price, and be darn if I will accept a used paper weight. that and the pain to up date the PIN's to all the software.. I'll wait for now

I just got mine the other day. I was having intermittent issues in the lower left area of the screen, and sometimes others. I called Verizon Tech support, and they started to look for software updates, but then told me about the hardware issue noted.
I got my replacement within two days, and as of now, all is well

thank you for commenting on the issue of the article. I was hoping to see if the new fix actually fixes the problem, but instead getting the "my phone has been doing this since day one" crap. Thank you for answering the real question.

I've had my Verizon S2 since release morning and have had no problems aside from the odd ball prob here and there. I have had it in the Otterbox Defender since it came in after pre ordering it as well so mabye that has helped. I hope as well that there is no issues that will arise later but as I have it fully covered I can just get another anytime. I have loved this BA y more than any other I had previously and am happy with RIM. Thanks again for this wonderfull device.

I have had my issues with my S2, but I would call them all minor. With the official release of .320 it corrected 99% of them. The other 1% was the usual learning curve. Do I want to change my S2 to a "Certified Like-New", the answer is no.

Yesterday morning, the bottom left corner of my screen was acting locked, similar to when the phone is turned off. The rest of the screen worked as expected. I pressed lightly on that area and the send key for about a minute, and it gradually started functioning normally again. I dropped mine in the snow while getting out of my car about a month ago, so I figured that's what I get for being clumsy. Good to know that this might be something that a recall will fix. I might take mine in if it happens again.

I returned my storm the day after buying it for that exact reason luckily the 2nd phone has worked well, I do have the same problem off & on but it's not as bad as the 1st phone.

i had to replace my storm 2 only a week after i purchased it because the call and end keys wre not working and now my 2nd phone is acting up with the end call key not working all the time.....sucks dont know if the 3rd will be a charm or if i should ruff it out like i have...

Yep! Had mine replaced just the other day. Got mine around beginning of Dec. Sometimes "Send" and "End" would work, but most times not. New one was made in Mexico, original from Canada. Sorry Canada! New one has slightly more "bouncy" screen. The original was a little "tighter" and was easier to type with but its a phone first so my "Send and "End" keys gotta work!!

I got my S2 shortly after it was released. I've never had an issue. This is the best blackberry I've ever owned.

My GF and I got Storm2's from VZW via BOGO in Nov.

I had problems with mine. I had it replaced due to failing end key in Feb. That replacement also failed.

I called on Tuesday. I didn't mention the "recall", I just explained my symptoms. My replacement showed up yesterday.

It came in brown box, with Supplier: RIM-02272010 and green dot, has battery cover. It says SW VER: Inside label says Made In Mexico 5, has 27210 below the MEID Hex barcode. I put the battery in, did status -> {show keyboar} -> buyr.. it shows data usage: 0.0k, voice usage 0:00.

Based on dates, box, and usage stats, its possible this is a NEW, not refurbished or re-certified, unit.

Fresh out of the box, laying flat on table, end key does the repeating click thing.. hold in hand its fine.

After loading .451 on it, even flat on the table its fine. Since my old one's end key didn't work at all, this one is a keeper and I've loaded up my data, and started putting my apps on.

My GF's original storm 2 continues to work fine...

My wife and I both got Storm 2’s in early February. From the get go mine gave problems with the green call button mostly, but also the show dial pad button. Called Verizon on the issue and with out question they sent out a replacement (certified like new) with in a few days. The replacement doesn’t even feel like the same phone, everything works much better than on the old phone. My wife’s phone has never had any issues.

Amazingly enough the day this talk about S2 "recall", the bottom left of my screen tightened up & when I tried to type email or text, the entire screen tightened..... How's that for timing!! Called for replacement (my 6th... the last 3 had this same screen issue each time). Don't tell me there's no problem RIM/VZW....

New phone initially works better & feels better than any of my previous + screen is level against he casing (& not tilted in upper left).... however, doesn't have the date codes mentioned for the new "fix".... Here's hoping it works longer than 1 mnth!!

I bought my Storm 2 in November and never had any issues until I bought the Otterbox Commuter case. When I have the case on, the BB applications button doesn't work, it's the weirdest thing! Take the case off and everything works fine, kind of a bummer because I love the Otterbox case.

I have the 9530 and fixed the screen issue by placing a small folded piece of paper under the battery. It made typing much better, especially in the corners. Not sure if this would work on the Storm 2 though. Hope this helps!!

I been with Verizon since april of 2009 and i got the storm 1. what a deal. the replace that piece of fine equipment, 5 time till before thanksgiving, and they gave me the storm 2, no extra charge. week after that they again change me that one, because the lower part of the screen was not working right, 12 days after that one, they changed again, for the same exact problem.

So, my last one, is working OK. but i still have issues with the lower part screen exactly on the green send bottom. sometimes works and sometimes, don't.

I was really mad about it, i went again to the verizon, and the start blaming the screen protector, because i wasn't original form verizon, i told that is the most ridiculous bull. S. they can say to a customer, so i took my 10 dollars screen protector, and still my storm 2 doing the same crap.

So. i did tell them and they don't want change my bbs2. so just waiting for this piece of fine equipment brake down completly. so the they don't gonna have another choice and change it. again..

That's why i say BlackBerry Storm 1 & 2 are a mistake, if they want to compete agains iphone, and other imitations of iphone, they have to do better than that. i create something really diferent, and don't call it the iphone killer, because is a free advertising for apple and iphone.

Is not that stupid..?

I never changed my Storm and now that I have the Storm 2 I have changed it once and its not acting right so I may have to exchange it again.

I received mine the week they came out and have had a few isolated issues with the bottom right (end call and back button) area of the phone. It happens but not so often that it gets on my nerves that much... the issue usually fixes itself after a few minutes.

another issue with another BlackBerry...cannot wait to switch once my contract is up...RIM is just god awful at everything

If you touched the touch screen, it would press in multiple places. Hard to get anything done. New one works great now.

I had a storm 1, got VZW to replace with a storm 2 for free for obvious reasons. Left the store and within 10 minutes drove back because of this screen issue. They replaced it again and although not as bad i still have the issue. THIS PHONE IS A NIGHTMARE!!!!!

I regret the day that i bought this piece of crap!!!! I use this phone for work on a daily basis and i find myself breaking out the laptop more often than not to answer emails while im on the road which is ridiculous considering the reason behind purchasing this phone was to avoid that.

VZW\RIM needs to get it together and build some devices that work as they should!!!

I have had he blackberry storm 2 now since its release. I had the tour prior and didn't like the small buttons, bur didn't want to buy anything else but a blackberry. So I decided to try the storm 2 and haven't switched since. My personal device has not had a problem yet, completely responsive, and fast. Even after I have downloaded numerous app's I still haven't seen a problem with speed or the response. As far as the lower left corner problem nothing going on with my device yet. As far as myself I am a loyal blackberry Storm 2 user, till I can't use it anymore, or they come out with something better then the storm 2 with touch screen.

Just got my 1st Storm2 last week after upgrading from an original release date Storm1. I bought it reluctantly because I really want the new Tour2/Bold, whatever it's being called but couldn't wait. Got my wife the Tour and me the Storm2. So far, I'm very pleased with the additional memory, MUCH improved screen and typing, and added Wi-Fi. No screen problems at all, but maybe since mine's only 1 week old it is one of the new ones.

and both phones were affected. My more than my boyfriends. Sometimes I could not press down on the screen at all...as if the screen was not supposed to move. I would miss calls because answer button/area would not work. I took both phones into the Verizon store and they were both swapped out with new phones as I only had mine for 2 weeks. Let me just say WOW..what a huge difference. MAJOR improvement!! Although was extremely irritated when I called "tech support" and they acted as if they hadn't heard of the issue. They straight up lied to me on the phone. Walked into the store and had ZERO problems with the exchange! Good luck everyone!


I just got my Storm2 like last weekend or the weekend before. how can I tell if there's something wrong with the screen or whatever? I'm also wondering, doesn't it say that they're sending "like new - refurbished"? Why would I want that versus a brand new one that is working correctly?

Wife, myself, and 3 of our friends are all running on storm 2s.

Of those 5, only 1 has ever had a problem but it wasn't a screen issue (the battery contacts weren't making a good connection due to a pin that was 'clipped').

Sidenote: Coming from a support environment (not phones), I see people demanding new gear all the time. There is often no reason to demand new equipment, other than the fact they someone who had a problem, at some point, somewhere in the world.

Sadly, reading the forums, I'm seeing many CB readers just taking advantage of a system put in place to help those that truly need the replacement phone, due to REAL (not imaginary) problems.

Those people that are getting 'new' devices that were never having problems... shame on you. (I'm well aware that 'shame on you' isn't nearly a strong enough term.. but this is a family friendly site after all)

I received my replacement Storm2 yesterday, and it has the same problem with the screen not being able to respond, mostly the Blackberry and Return buttons. It's like that part of the screen won't press until you press somewhere in the center.


I have a 9530 for about 6 months now and have had a corner of my screen (just above the hang-up button) that doesnt work in landscape mode.

I usually just flip the phone so it is on the top of the screen instead of the bottom.

Being new to all this, I assume I should have returned it for a new one or should I bring it in and get it replaced?


No issues since I purchased mine last October. I love this phone but like many users, if I DID have an issue, I would not want a refurbished one. What's up with that?

I guess I should feel happy I don't have any issues but I also believe it is OS related. 428 was good but the 536 hybrid made the phone nearly perfect as far as the click screen is concerned. A lot of the complaining is just users not knowing or wanting to try the leaks or hybrids that make the phone better

I was having issues that have been talked about in the forums with my headphone inputs. Long story short I saw this release about the new S2 screens coming out with hardware fix's. So, I waited to get my replacement and when I did they sent me a new hardware model. Killing two birds with one stone I have my headphones working properly again but more importantly the screen on this storm 2 is by far the best I have experienced to date. I have gone from the original storm that should be burned at a bonfire, to the last five months with the storm 2 and honestly this new screen makes my old s2 feel like the original storm. If you haven't got a new s2 I would consider swapping, UNLESS you have no issues with your phone!

My first s2 back in November had a problem with the bottom left button sicking or clicking many times which I replaced during my 30 days. The second one started to fail on the call end button (lower right) within the past month. Now my end button clicks 3-5 times almost every time I click it. I've tried stock and hybrid os's and while some make it better than others, it still exists. I've never had a screen protector or a case on the phones. Will post when my replacement arrives.

I went through 4 replacemants in 4 months. Was waiting to swap out for a 5th, but then lost my current storm, oops!
Thnink I am just going to go with the iphone, loved my BB, but really loved the ipod. I will definetly greive!

I have my storm 2 for about 6 months never had a issue. You do have to get use to a touch screen. I did have other touch phones befor I got the storm 2 and so far it is the BEST!!

I got a replacement for my S2 and as far as I can tell the screen seems softer, it is actually flush at the top of the phone. I am able to set my phone on a desk and press all aspects of the screen and not have any issues. All in All I am glad I got the replacement. (They had to send me 2 before I got the correct one the first one they sent me was not the one with the fix in it.)

Got mine on release day, it has the problem with the button bar when on a flat surface, BUT this was fixed with the 2 leaked OSs, and I am happy, I'm not going to go for the recall, at least not until I'm ready to sell this puppy, when I'm ready to upgrade to a Storm 3 or Bold 2. :)

I was having the screen issue a couple of months ago when my wife and I got the BOGO. My first one started acting up within a few weeks after we got them, but my wife's is still working fine. I haven't had any issues with the replacement one at all.

I contacted the store where I bought the storm 2 and they were "CLUELESS" about any issues with the screen or replacements. I called Verizon customer care and they too were "CLUELESS" so what gives?? I have an issue with the screem rapid click and issues with the USB port being loose. So my question is if I go for a replacement will it be a basic "referb" or a certified like new"

I contacted the store where I bought the storm 2 and they were "CLUELESS" about any issues with the screen or replacements. I called Verizon customer care and they too were "CLUELESS" so what gives?? I have an issue with the screem rapid click and issues with the USB port being loose. So my question is if I go for a replacement will it be a basic "referb" or a certified like new"

I contacted the store where I bought the storm 2 and they were "CLUELESS" about any issues with the screen or replacements. I called Verizon customer care and they too were "CLUELESS" so what gives?? I have an issue with the screem rapid click and issues with the USB port being loose. So my question is if I go for a replacement will it be a basic "referb" or a certified like new"

I am on my third one but so far this has been the best of the three. First replacement was dead right out of the box. Did not have high hopes for the next one but so far so good.

I got my storm 2 a few weeks ago and noticed the issue pretty quick. I called the local store and they suggested an insert for behind the battery. KNowing that is not the issue I called the 800 number and am getting a new divice shipped today.

I got my storm 2 a few weeks ago and noticed the issue pretty quick. I called the local store and they suggested an insert for behind the battery. KNowing that is not the issue I called the 800 number and am getting a new divice shipped today.

I wasnt haveing any issues with my storm 2 but when i heard about this change out i jumped on it i called vzw on 3/10/10 and they didnt seem to know what i was talking about until they actually looked it up and from there they said no problem my storm 2 is a refurbished model anyway because my original (new one) crashed on me so this new storm 2 from this new batch is due to arrive today so we shall see if there is any improvements.

I am on my 12th storm 7 storm 1's for verious reasons then they upgraded me to storm 2. the 1st storm 2 the bottom keys didnt work at times. the next two phones developed bad ear speakers, sounded like a blown speaker. Number 4 mini usb port would only work after a battery pull. Number 5 works good running os .32 Im not messing with it, only going with verizon issued updates. The storm is a great phone when it works, im on number 12 and hoping rim can get right with this one.

I just got my 1st Storm 2 less than 30 days ago. Replaced it 2 days later as there was an issue with the battery casing, causing the phone to reboot whenever any pressure was applied. The replacement, which was brand new out of the box, seems to be working properly however sometimes the lower right of the screen sticks with the "end" and "return" buttons. but this is rare, like once maybe every couple days. Should I risk returning it again?

I have been having the same problem. Verizon transferred me to BB reps per protocol. They were ready to issue me the new device but stated that the fixed hardware was not being sent out yet and that I should wait because the ones that people are getting have not had the upgrade made yet.

He asked me to mms him the message that I got from bbleaks to save on my account with authorization so when I did call back in a couple weeks they would go ahead and send it out to me. I did believe that they might not be shipping the new devices because I too called right away and got a replacement two days later, but it had none of the verification info per the flyer and the screen was worse than the one I have.

I called back again after speaking with BBtech, just to make sure that the information was on my account and it was verified.

I need the replacement for the end button issue, but as advised by BBtech, I'm waiting a couple more weeks because chances are the replacement won’t be one that has had the hardware fix.

I had my phone since launch. Since the first day I noticed that the call button on my phone hasn't worked right. I figured I would wait a few days to see if there will be any change and there wasn't. And it was at the end of the month when I just had enough cause I would have hard time answering my calls because I would have to really press hard on it in order to register a click. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. I would have to hold the top right of the screen on the black area of the screen down while pressing the call button in order to make a call or recieve a call. So after all that I decided to go up there to see if I can get a new one and at first they said sure thinking I would get a brand new one, but little did I know I was passed the 30 days by one day. So they said sorry but the new one will be refurbished. I was so angry I said fine ok but then she goes looking around to find this lady that worked there to talk to me about the screen. She said that I should wait a few days to see if it loosens up like the her storm 1. She shows me her storm 1 and shows me how her screen moves around and stuff. She said it would work much better. Then she said started comparing her storm 1 to the storm 2 making it sound like they are a the same and they are not. I was so disgusted with her. How can she show me a storm 1 when my problem is with the storm 2. Never had a storm 1 to know it's problems with the screen. Just heard it had problems. That's why I went with the storm 2 because I read somewhere and watched on youtube that the screen doesn't move and RIM changed that because that was an issue with the first phone. So I was like ok ok bla bla bla bla just to be like ok so she would leave me alone. Then I told the lady that was helping me with my phone before that the lady was wrong and that the storm doesn't do any of the stuff that it does with the storm 1. So this button ain't going to change, so I want a new one. She was like ok but it is going to be refurbished one. Just because I was 1 day late of my 30 days. Then she is like if it was me I would wait to see if there is any change when using it, instead of getting a refurbished phone. So I was like you know what fine. I took my phone and left. I waited a few days like she said to even though I didn't want to, nothing changed. I waited a month more, still nothing and the screen hasn't moved like they thought it would. So I was right. Meanwhile I knew I was way passed the 30 days now. So I was like forget it, I am not going to give them my brand new one for a refurbished one forget it. I'll just deal with it since they can't bend the rules just once and give me a new one even though I was a day over the 30 days when I went up there. So I still have it today hasn't changed at all. So when I saw this I knew I had to say something cause this is wrong. Verizon/RIM should give the customers, even though they are passed the 30 days, with a new phone. It is wrong to buy a brand new one thinking it works right just to find out that it doesn't. And to fix it I have to give them the brand new one back for a refurb. I don't think so. This should of worked from the start and I should get what I paid for. If I were to get a refurb. then I want some money back from my phone cause I didn't buy a refurb I bought a brand new phone and why should I pay them brand new price for a phone that was refurbished. If anything it should be half off. Forget it I'll just stick with my problem at least I know I got what I paid for.

Now I been a loyal customer of Verizon for a while, do you think that they would keep there customers, like me, happy. Heck no. Don't get me wrong they are a good company haven't had any dropped calls but when it comes to dealing with people I think they need a little work.

I had my original Storm replaced with a Storm2 in early December. Right off the bat I had a problem with the 2 left hand buttons on the bottom. Most of the time they felt "dead". I went back to Verizon the next day and they were a bit reluctant at first to replace the phone, but they did - with another brand new unit.

Since then I've had NO problems with the phone and actually really enjoy using it, and all the 3rd party apps I've installed to make my life easier. I would almost like it better if it was just a tad bigger. "Advancing youth" requires that I use reading glasses for just about everything I do these days.

I have 2 users with Storm 2's and one of them is experiencing problems with the screen locking. It is like it is stuck in the "in" position. Called Verizon help desk and went through the trouble shooting. If it happens again they will replace it. I will update with the resultts when available. 50% is not a good ratio for bad devices.

Yes,mine was replaced; twice. And the reason for this was the lower left portion of the screen by the green call button. The button and the area immediately above sometimes didn't regist3er the click, no matter how much pressure was used.

I had a Canada one and it was tight and worked good but occasionally the Call button and Menu button would not press especially when on a table. I usually could cradle the phone in my hand and the extra grounding effect would cause the two left buttons to start working. Alternately, I could press the escape or hangup button and then the left 2 buttons would start working. A good bit of the time, all buttons worked fine and overall I was well pleased with the phone.

However, upon hearing about the hardware change for improved screen operation, I decided to get a replacement. The replacement was made in Mexico 5 and the date code is 270210 (indicating Feb 27,2010). Both the Made location and Date code are shown under the bar code on the main top left label under the battery. So far the phone has worked perfectly. The typing is a little easier as it doesn't take as much pressure to depress the screen.

IF it is a hardware issue, it should be fixed with a replacement device. Software will only cover up the problem. The replacement device still has the OS. I saw another note stating that RIM had added silicone actuators to improve touchpad performance and tactile response.

IF you have ever experienced the left two buttons locking up, I'd recommend going for the replacement device.

I've had my Storm 2 for about a month now, and I haven't had any issues with it. The touch screen is 1,000 times better than that of the original Storm (and I learned to love my first Storm). I didn't realize how different it would be until a few days into using the Storm2. I found myself using it much more often & sending much longer emails...because it was easy.

So far, I have not noticed any sticking. Perhaps mine is new enough to have avoided that issue? I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


I had to get my Storm 2 replaced, because the screen went absolutely haywire! I would try to scroll while reading and the screen would make random selections whenever I would touch the screen in the slightest. I would try to press an on-screen button on the home page and another button would be selected. Sometimes I would try to scroll and nothing would happen, then after about 2 minutes of trying, the screen would finally scroll.

At first I thought it was maybe some new software I had put on my Storm 2, but after totally wiping my phone and having the same problems I took the phone in to Verizon and they replaced it. I don't think I have the newly upgrade phone though. I think it may be just a refurbished older Storm 2. It was sent to me without even a back on it. I had to use the back from my original.

The Storm 2 I have right now is doing fine so far.

Storm2 a arrived on December 30th. Even after upgrading to .497, the send and end buttons started failing. After I read the posts here I called up Verizon CS and they were very nice and knowledgeable and sent out my new Storm2 b. But the new one is dated 01292010 so I didn't get the new hardware. But I'm really impressed with the clicking on this one, which was made in Hungary. The Dec Storm was made in Mexico. And it works just fine. I'm keeping 320 on until Storm2 b gives me fits.

I want to replace it but not on verizon anymore and have the phone unlock using it with Tmobile. After several reboots the lower right side started working again not giving the triple click. After a month later when I lay the device down the end button is hard to press. UGHHH thinking about switching device all together; been a rock hard fan since the 7290 and just losing the love every single click at a time. RIM GET YOUR DEVICE CORRECT OR EVERYONE WOULD BE FORCE TO IPHONE or HTC. Maybe they'll listen now.

I had problems with my back, send and end buttons when the unit was placed on a flat surface. The problem with this is I use a hard-surface case/holster combination that would simulate the effect of being placed on a flat surface. I think that the problem was the hard surface would "trigger" the face proximity sensor and lock that side of the screen. I was soooooo tempted to return the device but after reading the CB forums, I found that it was a common problem. I have NEVER installed a leak until I read that some people noticed an improvement in their screen response with the .451 leak. I installed it and I am now a believer. Who would have thought that software would affect the operation of the hardware with that much significance. This issue bothered me so much that almost 2 months later I still find myself tensing when pushing those buttons expecting them not to work, but thank god it does...

Yes i received one brand new and couldnt press the lower left hand corner, and the green talk button, in other words i couldnt answer my phone or make a call, and what do i get from that ?? a refurbished device back for my brand new in box storm 2.. THANK YOU RIM (sarcastic)

I had my storm 2 20 days before the memory slot pooped out. It was supposedly so knew that I got a NEW phone. Came in same box as the new one and had charger ansd such.

My green key wont work when I have a call coming in. This started the day I got my Storm 2, just before Christmas.

I assumed the phone was just slow or that it was being saturated with information. What I do now, I let the phone ring a couple of times before pressing the green key. It works! I never imagined something was wrong with the key. I just assumed, I made the mistake of buying a horrible phone.

I have no strength left in me to go fight with the Verizonwireless people for the "replacement." Will keep you posted if I do.

had mine replaced, the replacement turned out to by just as bad if not worse then my original device now im waiting on my second replacement

I wanna know why Mobihand is making such a big deal transferring my apps and adding new Pin when they are well aware that Verizon is swapping out devices? They literally sent me thru hell acting as if I was stealing their software of something???

I just read this article and I've been having the same problem with my Verizon 9550 Storm2. Specifically the blackberry button on the lower left can be very difficult to register a "click". I called Verizon this morning and their sending me a replacement in 2 days! My only issue is, I'm not all that thrilled to have to "re-customize" another phone. Also, after seeing all these comments it seems their sending out a lot of refurb phones. I really don't want to trade my phone in for someone else old problem, refurb or not. However Verizon couldn't confirm if I'd be sent a new or refurb.
Once I receive the phone, can anyone tell me how I can check to see if it's a refurb?

Yeah right over the call button the screen would not push it. It would happen mostly after I hadn't used the phone for a while like over night. It was like it would take a while to activate. Doesn't happen so much any more but occassionally.

I had this issue on my original 9550, and my recent replacement via Asurion (cracked screen). I will be calling VZW for a new one right away. The bottom left of my screen is dead and has been for about a week. a battery pull would fix it for an hour or so, but even that is not 100%.

i can't say i am surprised. over my 2-year run with the Pearl, i had it replaced 8 times, never via insurance.

Glad to hear others are having similar issues. The bottom left of my screen doesn't respond, but I've learned to touch just slightly above the receive symbol, and by doing that it has worked fine for me. Telus in Canada hasn't offered an exchange program yet as far as I know, but even if they did I probably wouldn't swap my new S2 that I've learned to live with for a refurbished unit. Just my 2 cents.

I had the lower left freeze less than a week after purchasing it in December.....the replacement has been working fine.

I'm now on my 5th from Vodafone UK.

Between screen being shafted, wifi not working and bad connectivity when a £5 nokia got full signal I've finally got one that almost works.

Wifi is still borked but I've completely given up on that now and the latest OS has stopped the hang up button working but apart from that its at least usable now

I have the first storm with the upgraded software. I really love my storm but I am on my second one due to it just stop working after a battery pull. The screen was cracked but didn't effect it from functioning. Altogether I love my storm but there are better phones for the money. Rim needs to do a lot more work to be the self proclaimed iphone killer.

I just received my replacement last night. The new screen works perfect now. The left side of the screen on my old device was kinda hard to press especially the the send button. This problem has been fixed and its a lot easier to type as well. The keyboard feels way better now and its easier to make selections. If you haven't traded your old one in be sure to tell your carrier that your buttons aren't working right other wise they won't send you a new one. If that doesn't work you can always threaten to switch to another carrier.

I had mine replaced within a week of the release date because of the multi-click issue. The new one hasn't done it once since I got it.

I bought my Storm 2 the day it was released, and noticed the button issue immediately. I went back to the store and they told me it would have to be doing it for them to do something about it. After reading about the recall I went in and they quickly ordered a replacement. My phone didnt even have any of the markings that they look for to see if it was from a bad batch. Verizon however was incredibly helpful and the new one works markedly better. The send button still seems to not be 100%, but much better. The screen and other keys are working great, so I am a happy customer. I agree with some, we pay enought that this shouldnt be an issue, and blackberry is slipping!

I HAD a Storm 2. Actually, I had 3 of them. Each unit had a dead spot either in the lower left, or lower right-hand corner of the screen, which if pressed, would lock-up the entire screen. The in-store techs told me they'd received a lot of complaints about the issue and had experienced it themselves. However, when I spoke to customer service and technical support via phone-- they insisted that they had NEVER heard of such a problem and that the Storm 2 had a very low return rate. It's a great phone on paper, but RIM still doesn't have a firm grasp on touch-screen technology. After my 3rd replacement, I had enough. After stating my case to four different managers, I finally got them to agree to exchange the storm 2.. for a Motorola Droid. Yes, I miss some of the functionality of the blackberry, but in my opinion, the Droid is light-years ahead of the storm in almost every possible way. It's unfortunate that RIM and VZW were in such a rush to bring the Storm 1 and 2 to market. Perhaps if RIM spent as much time perfecting their technology as Verizon does in testing firmware upgrades, the storm would have been a winner.

Well my new storm 2 has arrived and so far so good and it even came in a hole new type of packaging different than any of my other refurbished units in the past have arrived. The touch screen is very responsive and every thing is running smooth so far .I will keep you all posted if i have any problems.

Just got my replacement. Had old date, wrong codes. Requested another one. For the record - this will be my 5th Storm. However, I do like the Storm 2. Just wish they would get it right.

This is just one more reason why my phone was the first, and the last blackberry I'll ever own. NEVER AGAIN!!!

I got my first 9550 6 months ago and on the 3rd day of ownership, the green button in the bottom left corner would intermittantly not work. I took it in and they exchanged it, and I haven't had a problem with the new one.

Got my first Strom2 in the beginning of Dec. 09. Fine for about 6 weeks, then battery pulls every other day. Beginning of Feb. 10, I was pulling the battery several times a day as it was locking and would dial the last call if I touched anything on the desktop, all but the End button didn't click, and the End button did NOT end the phone call, I had to pull the battery to stop the call progress. Telus gave me a new phone. It's been 3 weeks and so far so good. Clicking is noticeably louder and feels clunky, but it works.

I wish they would have fixed mine, before I got mad at Verizon about the one I had , which was a t---

I got a Vodafone Storm 2 in December. Sometimes the send button did not work. The replacement device had another issue. I decided to swap to a Bold 9700 and it works and aworks,...

I actually was lucky enough to get a Storm 2 from my company as my business phone, or so I thought. First storm 2 had the button issue, 2nd one the actual screen came unglued and was hanging from the lower part of the phone, 3rd one now has a blown earpiece speaker. Unfortunately my company now thinks I am trying to pull a fast one and just get new devices all the time. I am extremely careful with all of my phones, never drop them, get them wet or even toss them. MY BB Bold 9000 has been great for 1.5 years and is still going strong. I am sick of spending money to get the full screen and phone protector just to have to ship the phone back every 2.5 months and buy another full phone protector. I am officially done even trying to use the S2 anymore. I am going to "downgrade" and go back to the Tour.

I did the two for one BB Storm 2's back in November 2009. Earlier this month, they started having issues. One was shutting itself off for no apparent reason and it didn't matter if you were using it or was in idle. The second one has issues when I am making a phone call, the top left of the dial pad screen is missing once my call is connected. Did battery pulls and everything, still having issues...

Called to day.. i though it was software making the screen stick. but ya got a new one coming and have 10% off for the next 6 month bc of the replacement kicks ass now i get 30% off.

Ordered the new refurbished one today.... Will let you know if its better or not. Personally I'm not having any problems with my storm 2 right now.

I have had 2 Storm 2's already and I'm now on my third. The first two I had would automatically reboot themselves on their own. Needless to say I voiced my displeasure with the people at Verizon, but they really gave me no problems as far as replacements were concerned. Aside from that issue I had...it's a great phone!

Still on my first Storm -- date coded 251009 -- no problems whatsoever. Screen is amazingly responsive and works great for me. Ages ahead of the S1.

I had a replacement phone issued in late January which had the screen issue. I tried to put up with it for a while but finally broke down and got a new one 3 weeks ago. No problems since and I still love my S2

This is why I wont be getting the new BB Strom 2. I have the 1st storm. All I have to say is this phone has really let me down. As a matter of fact I'll be leaving Verizon all together because of this phone. I've been with this company since 2000 and after I got this phone it really showed me it's time to move on. This company just thinks there all high and mighty. I know for a fact that I'm not the only Verizon client that is going to move on to another phone provider...

Had original storm stolen, I went to Verizon ysterday for new storm 2. The buttons on lower right side started locking immediatly and almost all the time. Into Verizon today and they took back the phone and gave me a new phone, I can still get it to lock up but the frequency is reduced.

i just recently took my storm2 into verizon on the 9th not for screen issues, even though they have did occur more often, but my speaker blew out and i could not understand anyone that i was talking to. the guy behind the counter said that he would ship me out a refurb but then said hang on one second and he went into the back to get me a brand new one out of the box. i dunno if that had to do with this issue but i left the store pretty happy. and the screen does seem different to me, like its raised up a tiny bit and more springy to the touch.

I bought my Storm2 online the day it was released as my NE2 upgrade. The only issue I've had with it was that it would reset if you dropped it even a couple of inches or placed it down hard on a hard surface (a known issue discussed in the forums). I placed a folded piece of paper inside the battery cover and solved that problem. Other than that, no other issues, except for the occasional freeze-up requiring a battery pull (no worse than what I experienced with my previous Pearl).

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my Storm2.

ive had mine swapped out only after having it three weeks. they tried to deny it at first and tried the post it note in the back behind the battery and said that would do it, but it didnt. the guy couldnt even get it to work. but the replacement i havent seen a problem with yet.

I must say that in reading these posts amongst others, that I'm very happy that I just stuck it out with my original storm 9530. When the storm2 was coming out I purposely waited to see the problems that would arise with it, and what a shocker that they just happen to be the SAME problems as were with the storm1! At that time I even posted on here that I was so disgusted with the way RIM treated us storm users with the sh!tty quality of the storm hardware and the lack of OS updates (let alone and OS update that would actually fix the phone) that I Vowed That I would NEVER spend another penny of my hard earned money to invest in their crappery.

I'm sorry but I think that RIM needs a complete overhaul in the mobile phone department if they want to stay competitive. They are way behind in terms of growth and abilities compared to other mobile phones. I can honestly say that the ONLY thing I love about my blackberry is the email, no other company provides the infrastructure like RIM to push emails. But if I should find an alternative or decide to just settle, I think i'm jumping ship unless RIM gets their act together and comes into 2010.

yeah i had to replace my storm2 twice & finally the verizon rep had to admit that got a bad shipment of phones and peaple were returning there phones due to the left bottom butons not working

Glad I heard this. I thought my screen started the problem when I had a Zagg protective film. In the landscape mode, the back key doesn't work. Now if I have to get a new Storm 2, I will have to pay another $25 to get a Zagg film replacement. Is there a fix for the screen without getting it replaced?

I had issues with t he screen and the head phone jack. Returned it and they sent me a "Like new Device" F*(K THAT!!

I complained and sent two "Like new Devices" back until they sent me a NEW device. It was a a lot of griping with Verizon but I got what i wanted. Phone works great

My send and end buttons both stick. Its not constant but it happens alot. I'm still on my first storm 2.

I just returned to verizon after a 2 year absence. My wife and I each got a storm 2. Of course, mine has this problem. Seems to be mostly the "back" button. The wife's phone appears to be fine. We got the phones Friday.
Here are a few concerns. Called rep tonight (Sun.) She is unaware of any technical issues with the device. When the package came, (didn't notice at the time) neither phone was sealed. Noticed later that the big round sticky tape that seals the box is there, and cut. Also, expected to have to install my battery, and maybe SIM card, and SD. All were installed already. Seems unusual to me. What do you think?
Not a great first impression upon my return. We'll see how they handle themselves when I call back tomorrow.

I just recently got a replacement phone on friday because my blackberry storm 2 end keys wasn't working. It kept getting stuck most of the time it wouldn't even work so i had to go to verizon and have them ship me another phone which they did. My certified like-new replacement blackberry works like brand new.

I have had my Storm 2 replaced 2 times. The first time I had the problem the phone was only a week old. I got a new one after the customer service rep open 2 boxes just to find they had the same issues. Finally on the 3rd box he found one that worked. That is until I left the store. I returned in a few day and they tried to replace my phone with a refurb. I took it into the store and refused it because my new phone wasn't even a month old. I still have the problem. I called RIM just hear that they couldn't give me any info. I asked if they planned on releasing a new OS that would address the problem and the response I got was that they couldn't discuss anything about that. I am now considering getting an Iphone. I'm not happy at all.

Replacement one has a mfg date of 022510, and built at "Canada 1" plant. Twice this weekend, when coming out of sleep mode, the bottom right (End Call) button multi-clicked on me a couple of times. Only occurred when coming out of sleep mode, however. Other than that, seems to be ok...

I had a storm 2 for about 2 months and the bottom left corner (by the green phone symbol) quit working. Not many questions were asked they sent me a new one by Fed-Ex the next day. that phone also was a little "stiff" at the same corner, and also had a GPS problem. I took it to Verizon store and they could not make it work so they sent a new one by Fed-Ex. (they were out of them. This new one immediately had a better feel to the whole screen than any of the others, works really nice.
Andy V.
Ft. Lauderdale

ROUND THREE!!!!. So on my previous post I stated that verizon sent me a replacement phone that did not have the new screen, so they sent me another one today, and guess what, it did not have the upgraded screen. Last Wednesday I was stupid and did not even know what I was talking about, Friday a bit of redemption and I was an informed consumer, guess what I am today?; I am stupid and they again (Verizon) did not ever hear about the new screen for the storm2! I spent 3 hours with Verizon again. I asked them if they did not hear of the new screen, why on Friday did they give me a ten dollar service credit and ship me out another phone, why did they send me out two in the last 3 days? Why did Jessica notate the account, Customer wants new screen for storm2. The first rep that I got this morning was completely insane her name was Hope! (I told her Hope and working at Verizon is like oil and water and it doesn't mix), Hope handed me off to her supervisor named Camilla and Camilla told me that they are not sending out new phones with the updated hardware, I said well you did Friday and you did not have a problem with it, you just sent me out the wrong screen. We went back and forth for 45 minutes! She then put me on hold and I dont know what she did, but she then came back and told me to take it to the Corporate store so they can test it, I then yelled!!!!! I said look at the account effin notes lady and ask me to do that again, I have already been there and done that! I asked how much is it going to cost you to keep sending me storm2's through fedex (someone is going to chime in and say this is why our bills are so high, so in case you do, suck an egg) its already cost you 17.98 through fedex. She as in Camilla hung up, so I called back! And this time I hit the option to cancel my account! Some lady named Karen got on the line and proceeded to ask me why I wanted to cancel my account and I told her why, and then she got her supervisor and then the supervisor got a hold of technical support, in which I explained from the beginning what I deserved (not wanted) and that I would not give up. She and I talked (name was Verna) for 1 hour for 47 minutes. She called RIM! THIS IS THE BEST PART!!!!! RIM said they did not have any clue what we were talking about (you know the whole thing about new screen actuators and all) and they could not help me, but for some reason they wanted to know my PIN!
Verna sent me a like new replaced phone today and should be here tommorrow! And her and I are both crossing our fingers that the new storm2 that they are sending is the new screen version. I am to activate this one, and if it does not work the way it is supposed to I am to get the new Droid (so she said she noted that on my account, crossing my fingers that she did but my luck dictates that she did not notate it on my account). We shall see what tommorrow brings!!!
I guaran effin tee you that if its not the new screen I am done with Storm2! (so in reality, I guess its just the storm1, tour and I will have the droid). And to end, both of my replacement storm2 that came from the factory BOTH had screens that were bent in by at least 3 to 4 mm from the casing! We fought over that point too, Verna wanted to know why I did not activate the phones that were sent to me, I asked her why would I activate something that I already had, they both had screwed up screens, why would I waste my time! She said if you were having problems with the Storm2 that you originally received why didnt you get it replaced in the first 30 days, I said I did! You guys sent me a replacement phone that was worse that the phone I had and I gave up! She ask me why I am trying to get a new phone now after 4 months of having the storm2 (my original), I SAID BECAUSE RIM FIXED THE PROBLEM.

We should not have to go through this! Verizon and Rim should just send us the EFFIN phone and thank us for continued patronage.

One thing is certain VERIZON does not get a dime out of me until this issue is resolved!

I am so glad to know there are many others out there with Storm-itis. My husband and I bought a Tour and Storm 2 on Verizon last summer. HUGE MISTAKE. I had been a curve user through and through and decided to make the upgrade. Without even mentioning the Tour issues, the Storm froze 4-5 times a day and my husband was to the point that he wanted to throw it out the window on the highway. We did upgrades, refurbs, re-installs, battery pulls......you name it. I was PISSED when both phones were replaced by Verizon with REFURBS. I paid a heck of a lot of money to get a refurb as a replacement!!!!! I finally had enough of the new gadgets and Verizon's unfulfilled promises of better network coverage and switched to Sprint. This allowed me to get 2 new curves. I AM SO HAPPY! Best little curve EVER! I love the trackpad and my battery life is astounding compared to the Tour. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Blackberry world- I AM BACK!

So if i were to buy a new storm2 from Verizon... will I get the new updated replaced Verizon storm2? OR should I ask for it explicitly in the Verizon store?

I recently posted on here about this before, stating my problems before this. That night I decided for the heck of it to give them a call. I asked if RIM was recalling the phones that have problems, and they said yes and they are sending out certified like new phones to those who had problems. The newer phones with the upgrade will replace all there stock so this won't happen again. So they sent me a certified like new phone and it is 100% better then my last one because the phones call button was stuck and I couldn't use it. This one, the screen seems to be lifted up a little more now so that the screen is flush with the device, which is nice. My other one was kind of low making it harder to press. The new one I don't have to make that much effort into my clicks. Each click is nice and crisp. None of the buttons on the bottom stick nor do I have any of that multiple clicking at once sounds either. The buttons on the bottom are a lot brighter too which is nice. My orginal phone had a real low brightness. Didn't have any problems getting my stuff that I purchased back on the phone. Even though it was a certified like new phone it sure is nice to finaly have the phone working like it is suppose too. Thank You RIM and Verizon!

My unit here in Alberta, Canada (Mexico built) purchased in December has not had any physical problems at all. I did add a OtterBox Commuter case for protection.

Vodafone uk just agreed to replace mine after it developed a vibrating ear piece buzz (really really annoying)
tbh i'm not sure why they are swapping it the called me back 10 mins after i called them to arrange a repair .........

Stay far away from this phone, I am having my fourth phone shipped via Verizon today. In February, 2010 the brand spanking new Storm 2 was replaced as defective...of course it was replaced with a refurbished phone...I have replaced it NOW a total of three more times.

I am not happy with Verizon nor BlackBerry. I will be joining the legions going to the Android market!