Have you ever tried using your old BlackBerry 7 phone after upgrading to BlackBerry 10?

I tried...
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 May 2014 05:58 pm EDT

As you can likely guess from the title of this article, yesterday I downgraded from BlackBerry 10 to BlackBerry 7. If you follow me on Instagram or BBM Channels (C00010BC5), you already know the reason.

Whenever the weather gets warm, I always get the itch to rock a white phone, and looking through my collection of phones yesterday the white BlackBerry Bold 9900 caught my eye. I still think it's one of the hottest looking phones of all time. So spur of the moment, I decided I was going to leave BB10 for BB7 for a week just to use my sexy old 9900.

Long story short, I didn't last 24 hours going back to the Bold 9900, let alone one week. I mean, I could adapt again to BB7 — the functionality is mainly all there, and in some areas can prove better than BB10 if you're a power user (lots of customization/personalization settings, and the trackpad makes it very one hand friendly), but I just wouldn't want to. Overall, the experience of BlackBerry 10 is just so much more powerful, modern feeling and fun. Plus the apps and gaming experience of BB10 is lightyears ahead of BB7, as is the web browser. BB7 is a great communication device and productivity tool. BB10 is that, and way more.

I haven't used a BB7 phone in a while — once I got my BlackBerry Z10 review unit I never looked back, so it's kind of crazy now to look at the BBOS way of doing things. For example, when I first powered up my 9900, I didn't yet put my SIM card in the phone and was just running it off WiFi. With no SIM card, there was no OS option on the device to update the software (which I forgot was the case, so I wasted 10 minutes scanning menus for the missing software update option thinking I was crazy). I ended up updating the Bold 9900 the old school way (as pictured in the Instagram photo above), via BlackBerry Desktop Software on my Mac. It brought back fond and scary memories of all the BlackBerrys before it I had managed to brick and had to restore.

With the Bold 9900 OS updated to the latest official version, I began putting the Bold 9900 to use - but once my old nemesis "the hourglass" popped up a few times, I was done. Thankfully, I also have a sexy white BlackBerry Q10 in my collection, and it's an equally hot looking phone.

Question of the Week

Now, what I want to know is... have any of you BlackBerry 10 owners out there attempted this? Have you tried switching back to your older BlackBerry 7 phone after having used BlackBerry 10 for a long time? If so, how did it go for you? Were your experiences similar to mine, or ????? Be sure to sound off in the comments!

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Have you ever tried using your old BlackBerry 7 phone after upgrading to BlackBerry 10?



I can't stand my old torch! Night and Day difference.
No wonder ppl who left their old BlackBerry phones for iphones and samsung s won't go back to BlackBerry even if BB 10 is totally different.

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I still have my BlackBerry 9900. It is an awesome phone. I principally use it for Flixter, to check out what movies showing at the local neighbourhood...

Anything else, it's back to my Z10..... for plugging into my TV for watching download movies and working on docs to go.

Also going through all my 10 Channels saved as well as Bloomberg news, which neither are good on the BlackBerry 9900.

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Yes, but sadly it doesn't work all that great. It only shows a few months ahead compared to a year or more. The downside to ports :(

emPowered by 

I don't use it since the movie review synopsis's don't have a Web link that takes you to the full review.

How hard would it be to include such a simple thing?? We're talking about a link to a Web page in the movie review text!

Review were the main reason I used it. And the fact the devs excluded such a simple simple thing like a basic Web link made me delete the whole app and give it a 2 star review.

It hasn't been updated for just under a year now.

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I just use Flixster for movie times, Review percentages, & Trailers. If your needs are as simple as mine then you should be more than satisfied ;)

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All you have to do is tap the "More" link and it displays the entire review within the app.

(Black Z10. Because the Blacker the 'Berry, the sweeter the use.)

I think what's really crazy to me after going through this experience the past day is the realization that BlackBerry is still selling more BB7 phones than BlackBerry 10 phones.

I get that for enterprises running BES that rolling out BB7 is likely a cheaper, easier solution and that in this case the BB7 experience is still awesome (great productivity / communication tool), but as a "consumer" or "end user" I just think BlackBerry 10 is a way better experience in comparison.

Upgrade people!!! :)

Agreed Kevin. I would try but I upgraded to a Z10 when my torch died. Now I am on a Z30 and will never look back.

Mikescraftbeer.com - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

I use a Q10 for my personal device and a 9930 for work so the transition back to OS7 isn't that difficult, but BB10 is much more enjoyable to use (IMO).

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I did this for about a week while transitioning to a new company and I could barely type on the physical keyboard which I LOVED so much.

I had an iPhone for about 6 months (not by choice) and when I have to type something on someone else's iPhone now it's equally as hard.

This blew my mind when using other devices as well as the old keyboard as well. The Swipe Up feature is just ridiculous and paired with the Heat Censored screen it's just a ridiculously SUPER Experience! I always describe using BB10 like playing a video game. LoL And I'm so use to the simplicity of one hand that 2 now seems like overkill. LoL

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Other phones just feel so clunky and awkward, even nice stuff like a KitKat Moto G. And don't get me started on the iPhone keyboard.

I love the "alt-key replacement" to enter the numbers and symbols screen on the Z, just by flicking down. No hunting for that silly "symbols"touch button.

It's so awful to get punctuation right on the iPhone, so most users' messages I get are very short, full of abbreviations and misspelled words. I can almost always pick the iPhone SMS or email just by the way things are spelled (disregarding the "Sent from my iPhone" line)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I never knew about the alt key replacement. Surprise, surprise!

I fired up my 9810 to find something I had stored on the device. What a difference! I did notice that the 9810 was able to pick up a fringe wifi signal in the area that my Z10 couldn't pick up, but that's the only plus.

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The difference between antennas is ridiculous. The Paratek has nothing on the old antennas. I can't use my phone at home at all.

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I use the Q10 as main device and 9320 with my second sim card that I need to also carry around all day. I choose to use the 9320 to work with my emails because of better options for notifications and individual inboxes which is better for MY use case.
OS10 more modern and advanced, but OS7 can be quite functional if used just for voice and emails.

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Yup, I miss being able to set notifications at a super granular level - like having my phone vibrate twice quickly, with short bursts, for SMS, and a long vibrate for calendar events.

I actually miss my trackpad a little on my 9930, but what I really miss is BIS. There just is no substitute.

Posted from my CB via the power of "Q"

But, it's mostly made up for with LTE, that would have been mostly pointless running everything through BIS.

Posted from my CB via the power of "Q"
SaveThePlayBook on Channels! : C000EAA94

Hey Kevin, I think we are on the top of a big hill that BB has been climbing as far as trying to get companies using BES5 enterprise to switch to BES10. Right now if a company is running exchange 2012 it is completely free to upgrade, with the free upgrade offered until I think July I believe a lot of companies will make the jump, I know mine is and I can not wait! As this happens the scale which is still tilited towards BB7 will start to sway towards BB10.

The sales shouldn't even be close. BB10 is such an advanced OS compared to 7 and offers so much that it doesn't. I know of tons of businesses here in Toronto that have upgraded to 10 and haven't heard of anyone make the move to a 7 device. I would assume most of these sales are in developing markets.

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It's a "Steal!" phone for probably quite a few...

But thou shalt not, ... even covet!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I am not a BlackBerry 10 owner, I'm an iPhone 4S owner and I whipped out my Bold 9900 a few weeks back and I was loving it. Email and text messaging was an awesome experience, especially the physical keyboard... Man. I really really want BlackBerry to make another device with a physical keyboard but with a larger/taller screen.

And now we have the z3 that's priced well for BBOS users who haven't upgraded and with new bes software coming it's going to get better (hopefully) for BlackBerry 10 uptake.

I'm a Z10 owner. I use my Torch as an auxiliary device. Problem with having a device is you try to do everything with it. Annoying getting a call when watching a video. I use my torch to stream radio, alarm clock, and back up when traveling in case something happens to my Z.

Kev' I think this is the scariest thing of all and our biggest problem. It's not that they wouldn't use BB10 it's that they don't know.

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See my comments yesterday morning about BB7 phones being as Electronic Football is to a Nintendo 3DS XL. BB needs to literally and figuratively by commercials take old outdated hardware out of people's hands and give them new hardware. Show folks that it is no longer 2000. The Y2Kl scare is over, and guess what? Blackberry is no longer the 'hour glass' company.

I have a 9900 for work. My typing is much better on that. Thank goodness for the predictive elements of BB10.

But I miss so much the alt functionality that turns backspace to delete. I have large thumbs so trying to select or delete the first character on a row is nigh on impossible. If I try to select something at bottom right in a text message or BBM I invariably wind up sending it without correction.

Such an easy thing to correct, surely.

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I still fire up my 8530 occasionally to see what's available in the app store, the Facebook app upgrades, etc.
It's good to see what 3/4 of the user base is using.

I was thinking of jumping back to my 9900 just a few days ago because I completely shattered my screen by dropping it face-down on my driveway :'(

I have a new screen (and a new SILVER bezel and keyboard) coming in the mail now. I was considering the 9900, but I knew I wouldn't be able to live without Netflix, CB10, the Hub, the speed, etc. So I decided to put up with my horribly broken display, even if it does put a small piece of glass in my thumb every once in a while.

Posted via the super amazing BlackBerry Q10

I too would sacrifice some glass in the thumb to stay with BB10! I loved my old devices especially the Torch, but no where near my Z10 and BB10 :)

Next BBM update....BBM Peak

I had to do it once because I broke my z10 screen and had to get it fixed. It was the worst week (? Perhaps it was less than that) of my mobile life LOL. I kept on trying to swipe up and using the track pad was such a hassle. Ever since then I've been babying my z10 so that I never have to experience that again :p

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Every time I pick up another phone (from my Z10), especially my stupid work iphone, I instinctively try to swipe on it and it drives me nuts when it does nothing!

Posted via CB10

For me that instinctive swipe up started after using the PlayBook for a couple of days. Nothing after that made any sense! So, so glad to have my BB10 phones and can never see going back.

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

That's funny that you try to swipe up on bb7, I do it on all the phones (my family is Android friendly), I think BlackBerry 10 phones are the most efficient mobile devices on the market!

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Nop. Not even thinking about it. I got a Z10 since it came out and it is great. Now just waiting to see what the next full touch BlackBerry will be or move over to the Z30. Not sure about the size though, I think the Z10 has the perfect size. Maybe the next will the be Z10 s. Just kidding.

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I did for about 2 days while my Z10 was being repaired. I couldn't do it on my 9800, I went and bought my Z30. Now I only switch between my Z30 And Z10

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I use both, the 9900 for work and the z10 for personal use. Unfortunately my boss is to cheap to upgrade bes and any of the BlackBerry 7 devices.

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I do miss 9900 for the fluidity of texting and so much faster going back and fourth I would only go back for calls texts and iphone for the rest :)

The one and only Iphone wallpaper channel C001F26A0 no hate please I personally own a Q10 and 9900 :-)

I completely smashed my Z10 last summer while on a trip. Luckily I had my wife's old Bold 9900 which I was using with a local sim card for calls only. After spending a day without any data enabled smartphone, getting that Bold up and running with BIS felt like a godsend. Of course it quickly went back into the drawer once I got back home and got a replacement Z10.

So yeah... it can be done, but the question really boils down to: how desperate are you?

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Nope still have my old 9900 and my z10 but they are backups to my z30, should that ever fail on me. Don't think I could handle going back to the old BlackBerry OS now.

BlackBerry 10 is where the future is now, sooner people realise that the better. Hopefully the new BlackBerry classic will get the legacy os users to use BlackBerry 10 phones.

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I also have my 9930 and Z10 as backups to my Z30 and travel phones. No plans to use either unless my Z30 fails me.

[URL="bbmc:C0018C14B"] Join C0018C14B [/ URL] She, Me, Her: I am Woman ~ VZW Z30 ~ Posted via CB 10

I tried it...not my own phone, but another one.
5 minutes in, I couldn't, it felt claustrophobic, not sure how to explain, but it doesn't even compare.
The reason people still think blackberry is crap is because they associate BlackBerry with bbos, which is horribly out of date, I could never go back to bbos NEVER!

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Yes, claustrophobic is a good word.

Those side-swipes from hub and into the different layers make the BB10 phones so "roomy", even on the smaller screen of the Q10.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Use my Torch 9810 for a bit of youtube, and as a music player, and a few bits and pieces. The nasty hourglass. The laggy browser.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

My wife ditched her Q10 and went back to her 9900.
1) She hated the Q10, no track pad.
2) Small Business Owner, No Call Blocking, She was getting swamped with solicitation calls

She's very happy with her 9900

I've got a client that went from Bold 9650 to Z10 last year. The lack of Sync with her Outlook and limited Playbook Bridge mode made her very unhappy. She bought a used 9930 from me and has been happy ever since.

If Bridge mode would support email, contact and calendar linking, things would be good. They use Pop3 email and that's the biggest drag, but poor internet access made it necessary.

In an earlier post I talked about my 9900. That is sooooo awesome on work Email with my PlayBook. Another frustration with BB10 that the Z10 Bridge is so poor.

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Few months ago I dropped my Z10 and broke the screen. Had to go back to my old BlackBerry phone for few days and it was then I realised BlackBerry 10 is, just like you said , light years ahead. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good device but not as good as it used to be.

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I kept my white 9900 around for a while after I got the Z10, after selling my black 9900 and Torch 9810. I thought maybe I'd miss the 9900 or not be able to adapt to the touchscreen.

After just a few days with the Z10, I sold my white 9900, and ONLY used the Z10 for a few months until the Q10 launched. There was just no way I could go back to OS 7. It felt like I was reverting back to some primal phone.

I used my BlackBerry Style for 1 whole day after someone stole my first z10. That was a sad day I used to love that phone. Used some android until I got my new z10....

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I tried playing with my 9930 for about 5 minutes last year after having my Z10 for 6 months or so. The only thing that felt familiar was the keyboard. And now, since I got the Z30, I'm experiencing a similar foreign feeling every time I grab my Z10. I haven't been able to transfer my CoC progress, so I still carry it around occasionally. But I hear there's now a solution for that! It should be headed for the 'retired BlackBerry drawer' soon.

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I never try to get back in bbos, but the few times I see people around me rocking a bbos while i'm on my Q10 9onvinced me to never get back.

Posted via Q10 on CB10

Kevin, how about a white/gold Q10 for summer 2014?

And I'm still waiting for that shirt! :p

Edit: To follow up, I tried to change a setting for someone who had a Bold 9700 and I couldnt for the life of me remember if the feature the person was asking of me existed but it was something I know BB10 had. Can't recall but navigating through it was weird. Could get re-used to it but BB10 is in many ways superior, why would you want to go back?

I don't have a BB7 device to use but I do have the Torch 9800. It's still a solid device.

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No I love my Z30 to much we are inseparable me & my Z30 are going on holiday in July we can't wait...


I had to be back to my Torch when I broke the screen on my Z10. It was a painful experience. For the life of me, I don't know why someone would buy a legacy device over a BB10 phone, unless it's cost.

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I tried and while it makes you feel all nostalgic, I can't do it permanently. I lasted two days.

I used to miss the trackpad but not anymore

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I went back to my BlackBerry 6 phone, a Bold 9650 from time to time at first, mainly because BlackBerry Bridge was not allowing SMS and BBM use on BB10. The experience was frustrating because of how much better everything else (not just BB10) performs in comparison.

Seeing as they fixed that and I built myself a gold Q10, there's little reason for me to bother, although my Torch 9800 serves as a proxy for BarInstall from time to time. I might take one of the legacy devices down to the pool too, there's free wifi there for Internet radio and they aren't as tempting to steal or as expensive to replace if they take a bath like a BB10 phone.

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I had to switch back to my 9930 while I waited for my replacement Q10 after it developed a bad case of the double typing problem. Before this happened, I had always looked back fondly at my time with the 9930 but faced with the daily use again after 3 months with the Q10? I was freaking out LOL.
I was more than delighted to receive my replacement Q10 and have loved it since. Now with less than three months on my contract, I have Z30 on the brain and it seems that I'll setting my wonderful Q10 aside but BB10 is irreplaceable with me. I wish more people would try the upgrade from BB7, they don't know what they're missing. :-)

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Every day at work I use it a little bit. Got a personal Z10 and that is still my main device. But I do keep my 9900 charged and on, use it for some work calls, some filing of emails (since the z10 cant file sent items). Few other odds and ends, better pairing to my playbook than the Z10 too.

I switched back to a Bold 9900 for a bit and in certain ways it's amazing compared to my Q10 (ignoring the weird double-typing issue I'm having with it). For sure, the 9900 has a sexier exterior ;P

Otherwise, the 10.3 browser on the Q10 blows the 9900's browser out of the sky. :D

Yup, tried to help out a friend with his Bold 9900 and I totally embarrassed myself. I couldn't find anything and I kept swiping...

I had the same experience I don't know how I forgot how to use my 9930 so fast

Posted via CB10 on my awesome black Q10 or my white sexy Z10

Ha, you're using the same combo.

Black Q10 and white Zeddy. No idea what it would be like if colours were vice-versa. The Q10 has to be black, if it's for business. At least I think that looks more serious.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I did some prior to 10.1 and link updates. The inability to sync contacts with outlook and no support for pop accounts was incredibly difficult. However, since the updates I couldn't be happier. I can't wait for 10.3 and next premium phone.

Posted via CB10

Looks like I'm in the minority here. After a few months using the Z10 touchscreen I began to miss my 9900 keyboard and I ended up buying a cheap sim and BIS plan for it. Now I use whichever phone suits my daily schedule. If I'm likely to be making calls and texting/emailing then I'll take the 9900; if I'm consuming data (say using GPS in the car or needing web-access) then I'll take the Z10. I use the call forwarding feature so i don't miss any calls as most of my callers only know the number for my Z10

My daughter has a torch still and I had one too but had a Z 30 for a while I couldn't figure out how to use her phone when I was trying to fix it

Posted via CB10

I'm still contemplating going back to the 9900. To the extent of trading my z10 Plus cash for a 9900. Miss the track pad, and I still haven't quite mastered how to copy anD paste on the z10.

Posted via CB10 with z10

Yeah, copy and paste is not to great on Z10, it can be a hit or miss at times, especially when you can't lock it down to the area you want to copy. It's the dawn circle which mostly jumps around.....

 Posted by the Crackberry Pirate 

Yes, some sort of arrow keys would be handy.

WASD arrows for the Q10 please;
on the all-touch, no idea what could be done. Larger circle or virtual trackpad?

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I don't think I could do it. I remember when I first got my PlayBook and began swiping other devices trying to use them. I've become so comfortable with BlackBerry 10 I can't imagine going back or moving to another platform. There is zero appeal. Once BlackBerry gets high end hardware in these, people would be stupid to ignore the company as a strong competitor in the market.

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I have switched back to my torch when I sent my Z10 in for an ear piece repair, find it small and kept trying to swipe up for everything the first while. Much prefer the Z10.

Why do these kinds of questions always assume everyone who is on BB10 now came from an OS 7 device?

What if some of us came from an OS 6 device? Or OS 5, or OS 4.6, 4.5, or even 4.1?

Just wondering.

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I think I could actually go back to an OS4.5, 5 or 6 BBOS phone more easily than a 7 phone for daily use for one reason. Only BBOS 7 phones had the terrible RANDOM hour glass of lag.

The hour glass was there in the earlier releases but it didn't just appear randomly whenever you wanted to do something. It appeared because you'd opened something or set something off that took a bit of number crunching to do, but at least it was predictable!

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.2

I came from a Bold 9000 that I had for 4 1/2 years while I waited for the Q10. For the first week I kept it charged on my desk and lovingly looked at it till I got used to the Q10. Now it is tucked away in a box on the shelf and I haven't looked at it for almost a year. The Q10 is light years ahead of the 9000.

I have been having the double typing issue lately as others have mentioned. Is that a problem with 10.2? Otherwise I love this phone.

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

There's the odd day where i wished i had a keyboard (Q10)
Still think my Z10 is the greatest phone ever!! After the latest update i have forgotten my legacy phones

Posted via CB10

My 9860 is in a charging stand on my bedside table, used as an alarm clock. That's as close to using BB7 as I care to get :-) Z30STA100-5/

Posted via CB10

I've got a Bold 9900 and tried countless times in store to play/get used to the BB10 phones to no avail for my business uses. Just not fast enough on productivity and my tradie thumbs aren't soft enough. :) Yes the speed and browser blitzes as do the apps etc but I'll be waiting for the classic.
For other users that have "thrown" their BBOS phones to the wall after going back for a short time .........I suspect it's a bit the way I feel when I pick up my wife's iPad after using the Playbook.

I have had my Q10 for 3 months and our IT guy still has not been able to set up BES10 so that I can access emails to my work account! So I have to walk around with my 3 year old Bold 9700 as well . . . .

The Q10 is light years ahead at most things but cutting and pasting is not one of them. At best it is a tedious experience and slow as a snail. If you try to copy text from a text to an email, or one email to another email, the Q10 usually forgets what it was told to remember . . . . has the working memory of a goldfish!

Posted via CB10

Try the clipboard app.

ClipMan. Helps you with repetitive tasks. Saves clipboard history. Even lets you push stuff to the HUB, so you won't forget.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Well, I did use mine for a while until 10.2.1xxxx came out and I could use eKey app from android, but that's all. I tried using it as a backup for my contacts since Link won't work for contacts, but finally stopped worrying about it, so I'm Waiting for a Link that works...

I got out my old 9810 the other day. I forgot how much I loved that phone. I wouldn't trade the z10 for it... because I love having all those android apps. But there is no question there is still a soft spot in my heart for it. I would love to have a slider BB10

I would never put my hands again on a legacy OS device, can't understand the functionality poster is talking about.

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I use a BB Curve for work and Z30 for myself. Love the buttons for emailing, and the curve has the apps I need for my business travel. If I was only allowed one device, I'd settle on the Q10 - best of both

I see many comments saying "I will never use BBOS again". Isn't that the same reaction of people switching to other platforms? Isn't that what the average iOS user is telling every time BlackBerry is mentioned? BlackBerry problem right now is that the experience on a "modern" OS is way more fluid and powerful.. users who switched to other brands do not know that BB10 is completely different.. and still consider BB10 just an evolution of the old software.. BlackBerry needs to put the BB10 experience in as many hands as possible to radically change this wrong perception! Without that BlackBerry coming back is just a fairy tale.. I really really hope that when 10.3 is prime they start to effectively advertise the product (no matter if only in the enterprise market). It makes me bang my head on the wall thinking that they have an amazing OS and great phones and NOONE knows about that!!!

Posted via CB10

This is the problem. BB10 was/is years too late.

Nearly everybody who would have switched from BBOS to BlackBerry's next generation phones between 2010 and 2012 already made a switch, to another platform entirely. And stayed away.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.2

Yeah, I did. I already had a Z10 when I suddenly found myself switching back to my Bold 9900 often. I thought it was much more reliable at the time and I guess I was much more used to it. BIS on BBOS is just better at handling my email, contacts, and calendar. That BlackBerry button, back button, and touchpad was suddenly more useful. Calls on it was much quicker with the green and red buttons and not relying on me pressing the touchscreen to initiate.

So I traded my Bold 9900 up for some cash. I thought I needed to do it so as never to look back. Haha and I had my Z10 for a long while, which improved as I kept on autoloading new (leaked) updates on it.

Eventually, I missed my Bold 9900 too much, so I upgraded to the Q10 with AT&T's new ditch-your-current-contract Next programme. I've loved it ever since. :-)

Posted from my BlackBerry Q10 on AT&T

Definitely. I've gone back to my 9900 several times after getting my Z10. After I got the Q10 I never did feel the urge to go back. Next steps, acquiring the BlackBerry Z30 :D

Posted via CB10

Never use a BlackBerry before I got my Q10. Android decided to stop making physical keyboard phones (no sliders pleases) and the iPhone never did. So if I wanted a nice physical keyboard phone with updated hardware, I pretty much had only one choice -- the Q10. I love the physical keyboard and the OS is superb. Don't miss Android one bit.

Posted via CB10

I got a Z10 for $0.99 through AT&T and also had a 9790 at the time. 2 weeks later I ported the other line for another Z10.

Now I have a third Z10 as an emergency phone. 2 running official AT&T OS and one running 10.3.

I love these phones!

Posted via CB10

I still use a 9900, but not on a permanent basis. I agree it is a very classy looking device. Like a dress watch. For messaging and phone calls, I think it still does a super job.

My daily driver is a white Z30.

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I upgraded to a Z10 when they came out and still had a Torch 9800 for work. When I upgraded to the Z30 I was using a Bold 9900 for work. I finally was tired of carrying two phones I just put my work SIM in my personal phone and now solely use a BB10 phone. Although I loved the Bold 9900 it can't hold a flame to the Z30 with OS 10.2.1. I don't miss them at all

Posted via CB10

Have to say I never have gone back. Only thing I miss is the ability to theme in BBOS. Other than that, love the BB10 and would never go back to such slow phones. Hourglasses drove me nuts.

I can say also, taking a peek at the leaked 10.3, it just gets better and better. I cant wait until this is released. BB has to convince people to move from 7 to 10 at a minimum. If you can't do that then you have little chance to get someone to move from iOS or Android. Sure some will stay on it based on cost for a while. Until eventually the advances leave it too far behind. You cant move them before they decide to move. But you have to compel people that there is a reason to move. That it is so far advanced you can't not move to it.

The phone does a fine job of that. Everyone I show the Hub to, and pinch to show just unread, and swiping to show messages no matter what app you're in, they are impressed. I have no doubt that if 10.3 was 10.0 that people would have been much more impressed with BB10. Also know things take time to cook. iOS had no cut and paste, multitasking, app store in version 1. Problem is with the legion of Android and juggernaut of iOS you have less chance to cook.

Still, having used all of them, I like what Blackberry is cooking. I just hope they have time to finish the stew.

Yes. The first time I send in my Q10 to have the double-typing keyboard replaced, I went back to my trusty 9900 for 2 weeks.
After having mouthed off regarding the lack of keyboard shortcuts on the Q, it was quite an eye-opener to see how the Q had grown on me.
The second time, I sent in the Q the have the keyboard repaired, I bought a second hand Z10 for the duration.
After all is said and done, other than the maddening double-type flaw, the Q10 is second to none.

Posted via CBQ10

Yep, and I fail to see what was so awful about it. It did exactly what it was programmed to do, be an efficient smart not somebody's adolescent toy.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Even though I miss all the reasons you mentioned for going back, no way I'd go back, my Q10 is a different breed in comparison.

arTie's berry "Q10"

Still rock both a Z10 and 9900 everyday. Both are corp devices on BES.
When I need to speed type I grab the 9900, but if it's not a long response or just using the browser, I use the Z10.

Waiting for Classic or Torch-type device to launch.

BTW: Where is Social Feeds for BB10, hub is great but Social Feeds is different.

Although still I have a 9850 in my shelve I never used it after upgrading to a 10 .

Sent from my Z 30

Yup. Wife's 9900 and lord oh lord doesn't suck! I actually made her order an iPhone 5s yesterday just cos it was so slow I got angry. Would've gotten a z10 but they didn't have any at O2. It gets delivered tomorrow.

Posted via CB10 on my Z mfk'n 10!

For the record.. I meant "doesn't it suck". So much I made her get the iPhone 5s just to get rid of it as O2 didn't have the z10 which I use.

Posted via CB10 on my Z mfk'n 10!

Browser, camera and apps. That's the 3 weak spots of the Bold 9900 compared to the Q10. Otherwise, I was very efficient with the Bold.

Posted via CB10

Browser, camera and apps is what makes a smartphone for most people nowadays. :-)

Yes, for contacts, txt and more phone oriented stuff and communications, the Bold is a great phone.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Dude... is that pink nail polish I see in the second picture? Anyway, I don't have a functional Bold 9000 to go back to... my current sim card just won't fit. My 9860 got traded in for the Z10.

It's not. More likely a frozen Canadian finger holding so hard, the nail turns pink from all the blood squeeze.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I recently activated my old 9650 (I have a 9930 as well, but did want to let her have that) for my 15 year old, after her phone broke. It was painful for me to operate! Long live BlackBerry 10!!!

Posted via CB10

I had to as my BB10 phone went in on the warranty. My Telus store only had 1 lonner and it was in use. It was a long 5 days my playbook got a lot of use.

Posted via CB10

I can't relate to OS 7 but I did pick up my old 8520 the other day and it was so small compared to my Q10, not to mention toy like with the plastic and weight.

emPowered by 

I went back to my 9900 for a good two months...the battery life was better than the Q10 and I don't do much surfing or game playing. The 9900 is (IMHO) the BEST communication device ever created.

Life is about moving forward. Thinking all the way back to my first BlackBerry, the 7100g ( in 2006), I've had some good (and bad) memories along the way with my BBOS experience ending at my 9800, but those memories belong in the past. Never go back to old girlfriends is the motto I live by; there's a reason you broke up in the first place. The Z30 is the only woman for me (for now).

I used my almighty Z30 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I was just having this conversation on your BBM Channel. There's no way I'd ever consider a return to BBOS. BB10 is just incredible and meets every single criteria that I need. Even for nostalgic purposes I couldn't. I was recently wanting to try a physical keyboard again after a year of my Z10 and bought a Q5. I guess I'm with BB10 for the long haul.

Posted via CB10

I've bought BlackBerry Z10 in the last July. Since that time, I've been using both phones, BlackBerry Z10 and Blackberry Bold 9700 every day (of course having 2 Sim Cards).

Posted via CB10

Actually yes! My Z10 died after I took my battery out one time so I had to wait for Rogers to ship me a replacement and then I'd send mine back and had to go back to my Bold 9900. First time I figured out how useful the Crackberry Forums were for getting some help and then was able to get my micro SIM card into my 9900 working fully! :p
It was a little weird going back to it, but I have to say, man I miss that physical keyboard!

Posted via CB10

I actually hate BB7. Buggy, freezes and crashes. If that was my last BlackBerry experience and I went to an iPhone or Android I would never go back.

Posted via CB10

I got my Z10 on pre-order, and have had it ever since. My son got my BBos7 Torch 9860. Every now and then I have to do things on it. I'm almost totally lost for a good 10 minutes. Then it all comes back. I could never go back to that phone. BlackBerry 10 is just light years ahead. Now I'm contemplating the Z30. Hmm, decisions......lol

Via my Z10 with 10.2.1 awesomeness

Sheesh! Imagine what it's like going down again to a Curve 8520! Man, that is such a horrid pile of pigeon waste that I can't wait for my new BB 10 work phone (a Q10) to arrive. In the meanwhile I am using my Z10 to double as my work phone. Now, all I need is my big boss to sign the damn things off!

Careful! Z10 in action!

9900 vs Z10.
9900 is imo somehow better built. Looks more expensive, solid. Microphone &speakers r 2 good 2 b not satisfied (for calls). 9900 rings louder in comparison to Z10, and I can hear the other side much clearer. Maybe it is just in my case so. Maybe not. My 9900 after 2,5y's still makes over 2h/day calls, a lot of @ &bbm+IM's... I do not browse Internet on it, as it makes no sense in comparison to the bigger screen of Z10 and simply better browser :)
But, I've 2 say, I'm missing all the possible and impossible settings of Bold even being addicted to the BB10 HUB... I wish I'd have all the customization on my Z10 from the very beginning. I think it should have the possibility to switch more advanced mode in settings for those who would like to do so. It would be nice option to chose basic settings or advanced... I also miss the automatic ON/OFF function. Yes, BB10 is much faster almost in everything, but it is still missing a lot of things it should have from the very beginning, especially when BB7 had it...
After all, King is dead(BB7), long live the King (BB10)

Posted via CB10

Haha the memories I was on an iPhone for about 6 months, then I went to android and then after I sold both devices and ordered my z30 I went and pulled out my 9860 torch2 long story short battery was exaggeratedly inflated so it was a no go. Damn long story short, I could not be phone less so I took my old storm 2 and sported it for about a week. It brought back so many memories both good and bad. I updated all.my apps dealt with miserable battery life and got a glance of me 4 years ago. Overall it was an interesting experience one I will cherish and hate for the rest of my days with BB.

Posted via z30 STA100-5 the only high end business device on the market

I went the opposite (from the 10 to 7). It's a matter of taste so I don't throw temper tantrums when some prefers touch screen to trackpad. The one thing I do miss is the speed of a 4G network.
Which is why plan to get the new Q20/classic/new thing-eee.

I just reactivated a (black) 9900 on my Bell account on a line for which I sold the original phone. I have to say, although I agree with what you say, Kevin, the 9900 is still a great phone, I really like the back button and the menu button. I also think it's a great phone for call and speakerphone quality - speakerphone is actually amazing - and it's beautiful to look at. Thought about trading this one in for a Q10 (I also have a Q10) but there's something about this one that I don't want to part with it for the time being. :)

P.S. The white 9900 is a gorgeous phone.

My girlfriend has a Curve 9320 and I use it once in a while. That said, there is no way I would go back to a BBOS phone. As much as I loved my old phones, my 9360 is still being used by her son, I just have really bought into the BB10 user experience and there is no going back.

Haha great post!
Yes I have and wow did it suck! After going bb10 I could no longer use the ipod touch! The swipe up on playbook and phone became muscle memory.

Posted via CB10

I still use my BlackBerry Style which is OS6. I use it with Wifi to use a couple of apps not available on BB10. Also it takes lower resolution video which is better for emails.

Posted via CB10

Yes I have a zed 30 and for work a 9900, Yoiks what a difference!!!

I was a die hard keyboard fan having had BlackBerry from the 8300, 9700 and 9900, and was really nervous going to a zed10, well gotta say the keyboard is clunky now that I'm used to the virtual keyboard, I'm no slower on the 9900 but am way faster on the zeds

The other stuff doesn't really compare a few nicer features in 7, but that is a very mature OS I'm. Sure in no time we will have all that 7 offered plus more in 10.X


From my Zed 30 running

My work phone is a curve 9320 and my personal phone is a z30. The difference is night and day. I can't stand using my 9320, it's painfully slow, the low res screen is awful for opening attachments. And it also doesn't recognise many attachments my work sends me haha. They are upgrading us to q5s this year thankfully.

The GIF Exchange C001B7B16ً

Got out the Bold 9900 just the other day,powered the baby up took a look at the screen and said no way was this going any further!! you gotta ask yourself how did I use this thing, I'm still using my Bold 9780 as a home radio on weekends though hooked up to a bose sound system.Z30 is way too good to put down now and now just about to load 10.3 leak. Which has taken a good part of 6 hours to down load. I did load the new leak on my Z10 which seems to be running fine.

My extra extraordinary Z30

BB10 is so much better than bbos 7. Yes there some issues with it in terms of functionality but after a short time BB10 becomes natural. Gestures are a more natural way of flowing through the device features. So much so, that even Android and Apple are migrating towards that functionality.

With a few more iterations of the OS going forward, the OS will mature and only get even better.

IMO the only real competitor for BB10 is Android, as the iPhone OS is actually a dinosaur relatively speaking. If Apple doesn't evolve it's OS, it will lose customers over time... I'm sure Apple will innovate but hardware is only one aspect. The OS is the most important part. I see BB10 as an OS that can morph into a tremendous OS with time and hardware to match.

I remain optimistic that BlackBerry will move forward and keep giving us better and better products. As long as Chen is on board, that is...

Posted via CB10

I didn't have a choice but to use my old 9900 while waiting on a new replacement S4 to be sent to me. Could Not stand it. Screen too small, browser slow. SO used to Swiping!

I used my old 9900 for a day this weekend. I love that device so much. (the hardware. The phone itself) BlackBerry 7 however, made me giggle thinking I was so in love with it at some point

Posted via CB10

I went back for a few days, but it was short lived. No comparison. BlackBerry 10 is a much better experience.

I've had a few acquaintances receive a new BlackBerry phone issued by their jobs, recently - they were 9900's. I felt sorry for them.

My daughter recently moved up to the Q10 from a 9780 - she was awesomized by the difference in the experience.

It's taken a few updates, but BB10 has arrived.

Go back to BBOS? Never.

Posted via CB10

Nope but I was playing around on my 9100 pearl and bold 9780 the other day for fun... good ole BB6 and no touch screen which was messing me up haha

Posted via CB10

I tried company is still giving out 9900.... O man its hard to go back and fourth

From my Z10

I did for one day. I have to say that although I dislike BB0S 7 compared to 10, my 9900 is still MUCH faster and more responsive than my Q10 is. There's a clear sluggishness with BB 10 OS when it comes to email management. I also really miss the trackpad for faster editing of text & the physical call start/end buttons.

Case-in-point: I simply want to end a phone call, BUT because there are reminders on the screen, I have to snooze every single reminder before I can tap the "End Call" button. On the 9900, I could just quickly press the physical "end call" button no matter what to end the call. With the Q10, it sometimes takes me more than minute to end a call, because I may have 10+ reminders that I need to snooze or dismiss first before being able to end the call.

Speaking of which, I also really miss the ability to choose a different snooze time for specific events like BBOS7 offered (otherwise I wouldn't have to snooze every single reminder for just 5 minutes only. Which also gets really annoying!)

Tried it, especially tried going back to the old physical keyboard on my Curve after using the BB10 virtual keyboard and I was surprised that I didn't last more than an hour. The experience of the old BBOS wasn't as sleek and enjoyable as BB10.

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

My friend is going through the this right now on his iPhone5. He tried BB10 for two weeks, and now he can't go back.

Posted via CB10

been using my old 9900 this past week, instead of my z30 which died and is currently being repaired.... to say the least this past week has been horrible.

Perfect timimg of this article. Leaving for southeast asia to explore caves in Indonesia and malaysia in 4 days. Im using my 9900 there. Still a solid phone in my books, perfect for comm purposes. No need for a lot of apps use so never any hour glass issues. Should be interesting to see how well it fares this 2 month trip.

Blackberry, my proverbial middle finger

I am absolutely ruined when going to any other phone now. I swipe up, down, left, right, expecting a fast and familiar response and end up thinking; " WTF is wrong with this stupid phone? Why isn't it, oh wait, this is a (fill in the blank), not my Z30, no wonder. Great, where do I find..."

Best mobile device I've ever used. Keep up the good work BB.

Posted via CB10

Absolutely. This is how you create addicts....

... no other crack will do than the one that is black. Everything else doesn't give you any kicks anymore, LOL

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

No Way...not even willing to go back to hourglassing and the older OS. I LOVE BB10 and especially the Z30 I just upgraded to from my wonderful Z10!

Unlocked Z30 on AT&T,

From. Tone to time love the alarm auto on/off feature of BlackBerry os. Something that bb10 does not have and have been told it's too sophisticated? I beg to differ but anyway...

Posted via CB10

Interesting to read these comments. I keep trying to move to a Q10 but get too frustrated with the poor select, copy, paste and lack of notifications. I never get the hour glass using a 9900 on ATT and nothing compares for all day calls, texts and emails. The Q10 is far better for HTML and browsing as a second device.

Posted via CB10

When I had to look at the kid's or the in-law's Curve 9360 to work on them it was maddening, slow experience. Will never go back. I sold the 9900 shortly after getting the Z10. When I had to work on the wife's it was better experience than the Curve, but still horrible compared to BB10. Luckily no more BBOS devices in the family now.

Posted via CB10

Who is this Kevin guy and why is he posting on Jubeil's blog?

JK Kevin. We love you!

Posted via CB10

Can't do it.. frustrates the heck out of me almost as much as using an iphone!

BB10.. simply the best OS out there!

Posted via CB10

I first started with the BlackBerry brand after buying the PlayBook. My smartphone at the time was a Sony Xperia Pro which I bought because if the disappointing iPhone 3Gs keyboard (my first smartphone).
After the Sony update to my Xperia broke the tether option, I bought a Z10. Great phone, but I missed the keyboard.
I bought the Q10 and I also bought a Torch for my 10 year old son as an emergency phone. I didn't realize that in order to use BBM you needed BIS (he is on a pay as you go with 7 Eleven).
The Torch is a nice phone, crippled without BIS, but my son wouldn't trade it for anything because of the sliding keyboard.

Posted via CB10

forgive me CrackBerry, for I have sinned...but I am one of the few users who became a BlackBerry fan after purchasing my PlayBook. I have never used a classic BlackBerry device. I also bought a Z10 as soon as I could.

Yep, I have my 9900 and I decided a month ago I wanted to use it and now I opened up another line of service for it. I found myself using it more for BBM/text and email. I always pick up the 9900 for getting stuff done but love my Z30 for apps.
I sold my Z30 and bought a gold edition Q10 (posted the pics) and I missed my Z30 too much so I bought a white one from Shop blackberry. So now the Q10 is on ebay my 9900 and Z30 are never far from me.

Posted via CB10

My wife still uses her 9900 so I get to feel the change all the time.

My main BB10 differentiators compared to OS7:

Q10 shortcuts - I always use "text", "call" to contact someone
Pinch gesture in hub - It has become my MAIN form of ensuring I have responded to all flagged emails at the end of the day
Browser - not even close, when we're driving, my wife will use MY phone to look something up, the 9900 is really behind on this one.
Reader Mode - Part of browser, but deserves its own category IMO. I use this all the time to read article links from other apps like linked-in etc.
Remember - The old way of adding/managing tasks was just not efficient. Even though its got room for improvement, it is my most used app to manage tasks and calendar integration with folder indicators are a huge plus for me.
Apps and games - I do enjoy snappy performance on games - 9900 was a very laggy platform for graphics.
Battery Life - The 9900 battery life was not good if you did any web or multi-media with it. My Q10 can watch a few Bloomberg videos, 30 min of games, hour of browsing, email here and there all day, an hour or so in calls and still be at 30% at the end of the day! (sorry cannot say the same for my Z10)

I picked mine up about 6 months after being on my Z10. That was about the extent of it. The old 9810 was good for then, but BB10 is great for today!

Posted via CB10 via my Z10

I never "switched back" but my personal phone was a BB10 while my work device was BBOS7. I kept trying to do the BB10 type navigation etc. on my 9900. It became extremely annoying every time I had to use the work device - I just found the BB10 so much more convenient for day-to-day operation. Of course there were small things I missed about BBOS7 (shortcuts via the hard keyboard as an example) but my overwhelming feeling was that I preferred BB10 to BBOS7. I was one happy camper when we switched to BB10 for our enterprise. Anecdotally, it seems that most people who have been converted prefer BB10 in my workplace to BBOS7.

was showing my son but the hour glass was a killer , but what I really like with BBOS, was when I open a medical 20 page PDF , I would quickly hit the menu key select View Text and voila instantly quick read my PDF . I could cut and past the text insert and send...Done !!. Miss that feature big time on BB10, nothing beats that feature ! Mr Chen bring back " View Text " on the classic and in 10.3

I tried to fire up my white 9900 a few days ago and realized it's on Telus so I couldn't use it. I tried to unlock it but I don't know how. I was expected to use it again. I was having a itch four weeks now for my 9900. Such a strong feeling phone when you hold it. Just feels tuff and classy.

Posted via CB10

I consistently use my 9670 running OS6 to use BlackBerry Traffic. The BlackBerry Maps app is horrid. Still don't know why this hasn't been made available for BB10. But I'm willing to pay a good amount to have it for BB10 if it is exactly how it is for legacy devices.

So till then, I will keep a legacy device with me whenever commuting.

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I have a Z10 and a Lumia 925 that I switch between for personal use and a 9900 for work. I use both daily without issue.

Tried out my old 9900 for a day after using the Q10 for about a year. The 9900's keyboard curve felt odd, it's browser sucked ass, and the OS just felt like eons ago; it was a terrible experience!

Posted via Commodore 64

Nope as much as I liked the Bold9930 it was sold soon as my Z10 arrived which has been replaced by a Q10 because I missed the physical keyboard. There was a time prior to getting the Q that I almost went back but couldn't do it. Now I am loving the Q10 and Z30.

Posted Via CB10 Using my Great Z30, PB or Q10

I have an older Torch 9800 sitting on my dresser and feel like trying it out again like using it for a day or two but it doesn't fully work so it's still sitting on my dresser.

www.apktrain.com for Android apps from your blackberry 10 browser

I never had a bb7 device but a curve 8520. I would love to have a bold 9900 to try it's email and text messaging. It rocks more than the Q10 in that category imo. :)

Posted via CB10

I use both. One for work and one for personal. Wanna guess which one for which?

It's not a phone, it's a 

I think the article should acknowledge Newfangled's 30 day trial of returning to the 9900. It's pretty in-depth about why it may not work for you (and why it'll work for others). I'm actually surprised it wasn't mentioned in the article since it was a fairly popular thread in the forums.

I haven't thought about going back to a legacy device as a primary phone, but it has crossed by mind a few times to use it as a secondary phone (mostly emails and BBM only). However, since I picked up my Q5 to go with my Z10, that thought has kind of disappeared and I've been debating getting another line so I can rock both the Z10 and Q5.

I just got a replacement battery for my 9810 to retain as a functioning backup. Can't really be bothered to switch. I am currently using a Z30 and previously was using a Z10.
After getting the Z30 it took almost a month to get me to switch me off the Z10. I felt the Z10 was the perfect size and the Z30 seemed it would prove to large (it is a two hand phone).
Now I don't see myself switching back to my Z10 let alone my 9810.

Posted via CB10

Every time I get home I will go back to BB10 but when I am at work BB7 gives me the unique upper hand, plus a keyboard :)

Posted via CB10

I think the Q10 and esp. BB10 is superior to the Bold - but completely agree with the statement: "the white BlackBerry Bold 9900 [...] it's one of the hottest looking phones of all time"

My hope (although not my believe) is that the classic will have a keyboard/toolbelt like the Bold with a 1:1 ratio screen above and the nice, old-fashioned, metal frame.

I could never go back, since my employer doesn't have BES. I need Activesync on my Q10 to connect to work. Would never go back anyhow. I need the android ports and real browser. Certainly do miss some things like the sound profiles from os7 though. Nice to see some good features making their way back into bb10.

I have a 9930 that I was letting a friend borrow. I currently have a q10. He got some new droid (with bbm of course). I tried setting up a new BlackBerry ID on my 9930 and installing bbm on it to use on a wifi network but that failed. Then then I felt like the thing was staring at me with a "let it go" attitude. I was kinda bummed. Then when using my q10 I tried accessing the buttons which I missed but quickly got over. God I love my q10