CrackBerry Asks: Has your BlackBerry ever been lost or stolen?

By Adam Zeis on 21 Sep 2011 05:18 pm EDT
 Lost BlackBerry  

The other night I "misplaced" my BlackBerry Bold 9900 and needless to say had a bit of a mental breakdown. I searched high and low for nearly an hour before it turned up, but the panic that I endured in that short hour was painful. My wife had a similar incident a few weeks back, however the device remained MIA for a full day before it turned up. I had already wiped it with BlackBerry Protect and given her a replacement from my stash so I wasn't too worried about finding the device again -- but luckily it did turn up.

As BlackBerry addicts we're pretty attached to our devices. Most times I have mine in my hand or in my pocket, but it's rarely ever out of eye sight. I assume mostly all of the CrackBerry Nation is the same, but I'm curious to know just how many of you have had a lost or stolen device and if you ever found it again. Let us know in the poll above if you've ever lost or had your device stolen (pick the option that best fits your situation) then leave a comment below with your story.

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CrackBerry Asks: Has your BlackBerry ever been lost or stolen?


A million dollar reward adam? Seems kinda high... unless it's got some seriously incriminating evidence tied to it that couldn't be remote wiped :)

All the nearby stores were sold out of 9900s, and he couldn't wait the extra week (or even the extra day or two for shipping), thus the large reward.

On my wife's first mother's day, i thought, i'll let her sleep in and make breakfast for her... so with baby in tow, and trusty blackberry on my side, I headed for the grocery store for supplies and flowers. everything made it from checkout to car, (all breakfast foods, flowers, card, baby), but my blackberry. not realizing it until i arrived home and after hours of searching, mommy got breakfast in bed that morning, while daddy got a new blackberry that evening.

Okay, don't judge me, but I've "lost" my device once in the lavatory... okay the washroom at work. It was returned to me not long after (and before my remote wipe) by a co-worker. He couldn't blame me for losing it though, we both agreed it was a great way to waste your time while your ummm, dropping the kids off at the pool, if you know what I'm saying...

Down the side of my bed, had to use my friends phone to find it. It was the day I passed my grade one violin :) ( :) is for the pass not loosing my phone!!)

I recently lost my old Storm2... Granted, a lot of you wouldn't even help me find that model, but I do sorely miss it even though i'm rocking the 9810 for now. Where are you Stormy?! :'(

Never lost mine but I did have to use the BES at work once to brick a lost device. We never got it back but I know no one else used it. :)

I was at electric picnic festival was v drunk and lost my bb bold 9700 I was heartbroken was 2 years ago:( did the usual rang it text it left messages partner worked for 02 so got the number barred! Then 3 days later partner got a phone call guy found the phone was wrecked from festival and got his mate to charge it and rang my partner :) he lived 100 miles away and posted it to me! I found a bb storm and a camera at the festival and handed them to police so I think it was good karma :)

My wife left her BB in a WalMart dressing room. It was already gone by the time she noticed it missing when she was at the cash register. Fortunately we have BB protect and I was able to wipe it remotely. The only bad thing was that she had to use her upgrade to replace it.

i live in colombia and mine was stolen in a bus, like a month and a half later i found that a girl activated my phone and was using it, my friends that still had me with my old pin noticed because they saw the picture of the girl, i dunno how she activated it because it was reported on my carrier, and the carriers share reported imeis and pins.

Does/Will Blackberry ever have a Blackberry Protect program for the Playbook??? That would be so "uber-cool" if a program could be made so you can find the playbook through your phone...or your phone through the Playbook...or both through a computer...just me thinking out LOUD...LOL!

Great idea !!! Still waiting for PB price to drop a bit b4 I'm 'allowed' to get one but I'd really like BB protect for it !!!

I lost my blackberry 9700 once and never tried to find it again...
I bought another phone and wiped it remotely.

I've posted pics before of Tankenberry, my friend's 8310. It's been lost, stolen, chased down by a posse, thrown across a parking lot, recovered, and replaced by a 9700. Tankenberry was given to me, and I rebuilt him, Darth Vader-style, transplanting working guts into the shell of a flawless, but water-damaged 8310 donated by another friend. Now we call it Frankenberry. Frankenberry LIVES!

Mine was stolen at gun point. It was a bad craigslist deal, luckily he is a moron & the # he was communicating with me from was his actual #. Took a couple of months but they found him & I identified him. He's been locked up for 3 months & was just arraigned today. 10 years minimum in GA for armed robbery. :)

had a hockey game in hamilton, ontario and someone got into our locked locker room (obviously had to be someone that worked there) and took a bunch of our phones, wallets, and money. oh and it was my birthday :(

Lose my BlackBerry? Are you high? Lol. The only time it leaves my sight or pocket is when I'm sleeping. Even then, got Charger Alarm.. So anyone touches it I'm up instantly...

I left my phone at the ticket counter in the Las Vegas Airport. Luckily for me it was unlocked because I was getting the ticket info out of an email. The clerk quickly posted a message on my Facebook wall, my sister's boyfriend (at the time) saw the message. He called my sister, she called my wife's phone while i was on the phone with Tmo suspending my account. I ran back to the counter retrieved my phone and gave the lady a tip. She didn't want to take it, but one of her coworker's made her.

I lost my 9650 in heavy snow while running to the car to grab lunch. It was in its holster in and in silent mode. After lunch I noticed it was missing. Searched the car and restaurant and everywhere at work before I decided to grab a shovel and hit the parking lot. Everyone was wondering why I'd took the initiative to shovel the lot. About 30 minutes of throwing snow in the air my beloved appeared. Dangerously too close to the front driver side tire of my friends Tahoe. Whew. Whole ordeal took about 2 hours. I was determined to rescue it. It was a bit cold but was safe inside the holster and covered in fluffy snow. And I told them I'm done shoveling snow.

I've never lost any of my the BBs that I have owned. At least not yet. And I say not yet becuase you never know when you'll go through that terrifying experience. I am so paranoid about loosing my BB that I'm always checking to make sure its by my side, or in my pocket. My wife lost her brand new Torch 9800 back in May. We were going out to dinner and she left her BB on the roof of our car. By the time she realized it we've already traveled almost 3 miles through turns and different streets. We tried to drive back in the same direction to see if we got lucky, but no luck. It didn't help that it was nightime and it had been raining most of the day. She was devistated. She had no insurance on it. So she had to go back to her old Curve 8310. She's now waiting on the Bold 9900 to be released on ATT, but then again, who isn't.

I was used to keeping my previous BB in the original pouch which fit nicely in pants pockets or in a bag pocket. My Bold 9700 came with a holster, massive belt clip and all.

I won't wear a holster, and the whole huge mess wouldn't fit snugly in my bag's interior pockets so... three days after I got it, the holster and BB bounced out of the bag and into a busy NY City street where it lay until a rubbish truck rolled up.

The driver spotted the phone and stopped in time. He called me at home and and I met him further along his route where I was reunited with my BB. An offer of reward was declined.

The damage? A tiny chip in the chrome bezel where it stuck out of the holster--and you have to know what you're looking for. I ordered a nice Beyza pouch that very evening. The 9700 is still going strong and looking good 18 months later.

A few years back I threw some laundry in, little did I know that my wife had left her BB Pearl in her pocket. When I found it, as you can imagine that didn't go over well, but she was appeased with a shiny new one

My bberry 8800 was lost I thought in my friends car. I think it was stolen though. People are so sketch! Now on my 8520 I've attached a camera strap, bottle of hand sanitizer (key chain sized), a key chain with 2 voodoo dolls (one with a bell) and a house key! Hahaha It's really hard to lose now...

I left my Tour on an Airport shuttle from the remote parking lot. I was going from Phoenx to Baltimore for a week long seminar. I checked in headed for security and went to put my stuff in the basket for security when I realized I didnt have my phone. I freaked out. All my reservations were on the phone plus my work stuff. I collected up my stuff and went against the crowd to look for it. A TSA agent wanted to know why I was bolting out of security. I told him I left my Blackberry at the check in counter. He smiled and waved me thru. I thought about it and realized I left it on the shuttle. Lucky for me I had plenty of time before my flight . I ran outside and caught on of te vans and asked the river how I could get it. He called in and the driver that had it came right over and returned it. That guy got a nice 25.00 tip. I was releived and had a great week

My BB was stolen twice
1st, my pearl flip was stolen on a bus
2nd, my bold 9700 was stolen at a party....both times my phone was in my pocket

I had a BlackBerry Pearl 9100
It was also stolen from me while riding the metro.
I had BlackBerry Protect installed, but because they threw out the sim chip I couldn't locate it. (I did however have a pin on the device so at least the device was wiped)

It hasn't been activated since but I check on BlackBerry Protect on and off till the moment I am able to reach it! I wan't it back! Luv'd that darn thing!

Now, if you ran this poll in Venezuela (where Blackberry has somewhere around 70% marketshare, no just of smartphones, but phones in general) you'd hear a different story. Monthly there are over 100 thousand stolen blackberry devices reported. (Yeah... crime also has about 70% marketshare in our daily lives)

My VZ 8830 disappeared out of a rental car in Bethlehem (in the other P.A.--not Pennsylvania). Sadly I lost 3 months of data that had not been backed-up. The thieves got a semi-dysfunctional unit that had a faulty trackball and all of my data (this was over 3 years ago..before our precious BB protect). Oh yes, and I've had Asurion coverage since the incident

I lost mine when I was at a car dealership and of course my first thought was it was in a car. So I checked the ones I remembered going in and no luck D: I had blackberry protect so I knew I could find it or at least erase the info on it. I looked for it on the blackberry protect website and it kept moving so I knew someone had it. I asked everyone around...long story short it was in my dads pocket behind his phone so when he check he didn't think he had it :p

Never lost or had one stolen and can't imagine the thought of it! My BB is in hand or within eyesight at all times.

After reviewing the poll i was shocked to learn that approx. 15.51% (988) votes said that they lost their phones and had to replace it?

988 missing BlackBerry phones??

Holy beep!!

I would go insane if i ever lost my BlackBerry Torch.

You have to question yourself if losing the phone makes you go bonkers or the fact the information that is stored on the phone and very likely lost and/or deleted forever that is a different story (after all, you can remotely wipe the data before someone gets their hands on it), but the potential headaches learning that the info you just deleted permanently wasn't backed-up at all, prior to the unfortunate event(s).

I don't care if losing my phone (well I'm lying to you now) i would go nuts looking for it, not to mention the crucial data that is inside BlackBerry phones maybe a goldmine to a unsuspecting thief who should be hanged up side down if attempting to access info- they have no right to snoop around in there, absolutely none of their business.

I make sure i never ever forget mine, NEVER EVER forget my 9800, yeah it may not be the latest and greatest, but I love it.

Looking forward to the day I buy the Torch 9810, or even considered the Torch 9860.

So, if I may include in my final notes here ladies and gentlemen, try not to forget or loose your BB phone, cause someone else may find it who has no intention of returning it, then you're really screwed.