Have you entered the Travel Better with BlackBerry Contest?

Travel Better with BlackBerry contest
By Ryan Blundell on 16 Jun 2011 01:01 pm EDT

RIM is promoting their BlackBerry Travel application by offering a trip for two to Australia as the grand prize! According to the contest details, the winner will enjoy a 9 day trip to Australia and a $2500 American Express gift card. There are also weekly prizes available to be won, as well. You can check out our review of BlackBerry Travel here. It was helpful when we went out to Seattle for a few days. If you’re not familiar with BlackBerry Travel, in a nutshell you’ll get:

  • BlackBerry Super App designation - Get full integration with your BlackBerry smartphone Message List and Calendar. Hotel browsing and booking - With access to more than 110,000 hotels worldwide, you get all the features you need to find and book the perfect accommodation.
  • Itinerary Discovery and integration - Reliably import even complex itineraries consisting of multi-leg journeys and multiple booking partners, into an easy-to-manage BlackBerry Travel itinerary view.
  • Push based Travel Notifications - Find out if there are any flight delays, cancellations or other changes that could affect your plans – updates come straight to your BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Travel plan sharing - Use email or LinkedIn to share your travel plans with friends, family and colleagues.
  • Location aware travel benefits - Location aware search and booking capabilities help you find hotels or other points of interest, such as shopping and top tourist attractions based on your exact location.
  • Easy access to services - Enjoy easy access to local search, weather information to all trip destinations, social connections in each of the trips locations and a currency converter.

The contest started a few weeks ago, but it’s not too late to enter. If one of you ends up winning, let us know! Make sure you also download BlackBerry Travel, for free, from BlackBerry App World. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Have you entered the Travel Better with BlackBerry Contest?


Definitely a good app I use it all the time. The contest picture is a bit misleading, I got excited and thought there was a blackberry travel app for my playbook, fail. All good I use this app everytime I travel or even when I need to make sure I pick people up from the airport they email me my itinerary and it transfers straight into the calendar love it.

I agree! As a fellow work-related traveler I was extremely excited when I first saw this post - "Blackberry Travel on the Playbook!"
Then reality set in.

Definitely a big fan of this app - I travel often and it hasn't let me down yet. I love how it adds my itinerary to my calendar automatically and pushes flight updates - very handy.

One thing I do NOT like (and am wondering if there's an option to change it) is that it always asks for hotel information when I enter an itinerary. When I travel it's usually either for work (where the hotel is booked separately) or personal travel where I'm staying with friends and I don't have hotel info. When I log in it always notes "missing accommodations" and it will send me email reminders about it as well which are just kind of annoying. I love the reminders in general though and don't want to turn them off completely.

Anyone know of a way to enter a choice like "hotel already booked" so it will stop thinking I've forgotten this and remind me? :) If not, they should definitely add this as an option!

Thanks for the link to the contest - doubtful that I'll win something this cool, but you definitely can't win if you don't enter!

I'd love to try this app, but since I'm just a regular user with a data plan from Telus, I have a feeling I would get ripped for leaving my data plan on while traveling across the States and Europe and using BB Travel. I've been hit with roaming data charges in the past and it is not pretty.

If my logic is wrong, please let me know.

I find it funny how RIM is having more success outside the US yet they limit there contest to US & Canada soil #FAIL
Great app tho

Have only left US to travel to CAN, but you prodded me into entering the BB contest. My wife's aunt & uncle have traveled all over the world, so I if I won, I would go to them for tips. Will let you know if I win.

I used worldmate previously and then used the Travel app and it is a great app, but once again although growth in blackberry activations is on an upward growth trend outside the USA and Canada, we loyal BBers always seem to get the short end of the stick with these competitions. I agree with both HipPo13 and arisham in going AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHH! good luck once again to you North American entrants.