Have you checked out our BBM Channels forum yet?

If you have no clue what BBM Channels are, make sure you read this post first.

By Adam Zeis on 24 May 2013 04:24 pm EDT

If you're starting to fall into the groove with BBM Channels, you may now be searching for even more channels to subscribe to. While there is a section within BBM that lists featured channels, there is no other way to discover new ones that may interest you. Of course you're all following our official CrackBerry channel, Kevin, Bla1ze and myself already (if not you should be) so what next?

BBM Channels is obviously still in a very early beta, but down the road BlackBerry is certain to bring in easier discover ability among other things, so eventually finding new channels you like won't be an issue. 

For now however we thankfully have a thriving BBM Channels forum that is blowing up with channels on all kinds of topics from Jeep's to beer to Doctor Who. More and more are added everyday so you can rest assured you'll never run out of hot channels.

We've done some of the hard work and rounded up our top channels so far to make it even easier for you, here they are:

CrackBerry Channels

  • Official CrackBerry Channel: C00012B19
  • Kevin: C00010BC5
  • Adam: C000184EE
  • Bla1ze: C00015DD7
  • Michelle: C0001B3B5
  • DJ: C00024E24
  • Simon: C000E48A7
  • Alicia: C000FE2DE
  • NaviWilliams: C000B75E8

BlackBerry Channels

  • Official BlackBerry Channel: C0001F622
  • Alec Saunders: C00098DA9
  • Alex Kinsella: C000AB2B2
  • Michael Clewley: C00014277
  • Vivek Bhardwaj: C000BFEAB

Other Channels

  • Kisai Labs: C0008DDD2
  • Cocktail Recipes: C00012B3A
  • Craft Beer Channel: C000288DD
  • Mercedes AMG Petronas: C00011785
  • NYScanner: C0003119A

There is also a great resource in channelpin.com that has a continually growing list of channels as well and even breaks them down by category so you can find just what you're after.

So add up the channels above and if you're still thirsting for more, be sure to jump into the BBM Channels forum below and seek out some awesome channels. Drop a comment here with your channel PIN as well.

If you read this post and have no clue what we're talking about, find out about BBM Channels here.

Check out our BBM Channels forum

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Have you checked out our BBM Channels forum yet?


BBM Channels is BlackBerry's way of getting into Social media. I liken it to Facebook Pages and or G+ Pages. Individuals, brands and businesses can share things with subscribers and they can comment too

Posted via CB10

Hello. Can you me with the installation of BB Channel for z10? I always get the key code is invalid message.

Posted via CB10

Loooool the whole point is there are too many channels so we need a way to organise them..?..

BBM Channels; Tech C0008DDD1, TV -C0006E22D

You need to get the BBM beta from the BlackBerry Beta Zone. There should be instructions on how to sign up as a beta tester in the original BBM Channels post. It should be released officially by BlackBerry in the next few months.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

Yep, works on all OS's 5.0 and up, so it does include OS 7 and 7.1. You need a Beta Zone account to access the app file.

Posted via CB10 & loving it!

I think so. The more I use it the more potential I see. It may not replace facebook by any means but if everyone is back on BBM it gives an incredibly straightforward way to post, share, and chat. Definitely going to be exciting to see how it pans out.

Posted via CB10

You must sign up to be part of the blackberry beta zone. You then have to go to the website and download a beta version of BBM and install.

Posted via CB10

So I run a stage/event decor business with my sister. It's called Sublime Event Decor. Channel has just been set up more to come in a few hours C0004E65C

Posted via CB10

ChannelPin.com is a really good source to find some BBM Channels. They've done a good job to try and compile all the channels, including descriptions

Posted via CB10

Join the one and only worldwide news channel on BBM Channels by adding pin C000E96C1 and share it with your friends!

Hey guys, for the die hard tennis Dans i've create the Tennis Freaks channel on BBM.

We will have news, live scores, draws, tournaments, ranking movement and more.

Feel free to join, our channel pin is: C000165D0


Posted via CB10

If you're interested in mixes for your jobs or workouts, I have a channel where I post my monthly 30 minute jogging mix.
Pin: C00119063

Posted via CB10

I'm a home brewer with aspirations of going pro. My channel is about our brewing and other beer related stuff. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Thank you and cheers. C0001CB2F

Posted via CB10

Use my channel to promote and share your channels. Follow the link to copy and paste my pin channelpin.com/C000D3759

Posted from my lovely Z10

What is cool for me is that I just downloaded BBM channels from the Beta zone, while sitting at my cottage which I just opened for the season, using my Z10 WiFi hotspot to access the betazone via my work PC. My wife is also using my Z10 hotspot to surf with her Playbook. I've been waiting since February to see how good the speed is here in a somewhat remote location. Much better than tethering with my old torch. I also did some work which meant tunneling and VPN, still very fast, and also means I can work up here without worrying about not being efficient.

I think this is really good. I have the usual suspects in my channels, all the BB folks, All the good people from CB. I just hope it doesn't become a CB repeat channel. I hope there is more chatty down home stuff. IDK I think its cool

Begs for a tablet sized screen IMO... hopefully they can improve layout to where it feels more natural on the small screens (even my Z feels cramped) .

Love the idea hope it catches on.

Posted via CB10

I can't do squat because I'm on Verizon and Verizon hasn't updated my software which is because Verizon sucks!! However, BBM channels is revolutionary. Think about it. How do you get yourself or a product or anything for that matter noticed? Create a channel. Once BBM goes cross platform it will be huge. Millions of users. Facebook? Twitter? Nope. BBM channels. You will see mark my words.

Voice on the Web - covering IP-based communications and smartphones with an emphasis on BlackBerry and Skype C0004ABB2. (Wonder if someone has one ending in ABBA ... maybe a former Swedish singing group?) I'm still trying to figure out how to use it best and what I can put up. (photos, links, etc.) Fortunately BBM Channels has become one of the Share options.

I'm enjoying it so far. Already took the dam survey and made some suggestions: Channel search via key words, show trending channels, make channels click-able to easily add from BBM, show # of people in a channel before joining (this may already be added, sorry didn't check), adding someone to BBM friends list from channel posts and the list goes on!

Prepper's Dinner Table Channel C000E218B Explore with me as I express my views toward prepping & living life on life's terms. E218B

BBM Channels needs to be updated quickly. I don't like having to discover new channels on my own. This capability should already be there within BBM. Not seeing the allure of it quite yet, but it is still early in the game.

Users Plz help how to Uninstall an app from the bbz10 and it is reflected in the storage.

Posted via CB10

I'm finding my 9900 to be running a bit slow now when I'm browsing channels. I'll click the back button and it takes some time to respond. How is the Z10/Q10 performance?

What BBM channels should do is create a "BBM channels name look up service" , in other words you create a BBM channel, give it a name which when entered then will connect you to the pin# of the channel. Sort of like a when you type a domain name that then connects you to the IP address of a website. That would be a lot easier to remember than a pin #, so then ChannelsRus, > connect to C000EF999 .

Hmmm....6 small pages of channels? I couldn't find anything worth my time...maybe more as we get closer to iOS and Android cross

downloaded BBM 8.0 with Channels OTA on my 9800 Torch-works great. Not yet sure of content value. It is valuable to my wireless prover though as I can see a lot of data being used on this.

I have a Mac like the rest of my family and friends so no channels for me as yet. PCs at work are locked down.

I can't get passed the subit sections, I get to the page to submit your name and hit Submit and zippo I can't get further. when I sign out and sign in ...it does not save my information.. CrackBerry help me Keep Moving with BBM Channels