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Have you checked out DVICE for BlackBerry 10 yet?

By DJ Reyes on 27 Nov 2013 10:54 am EST

Do you love the world of tech, science, art and design? Then you should check out the DVICE app. It brings you the latest news and opinion pieces on innovations within the areas. It is a simple app the collates all the latest coverage in the world of tech, science, art and design. You can also check out videos, demos, photos, too.

Love a story? Then just add it to your favorites list and you can view it again for offline viewing. Find an interesting article? You can share it to your favorite social networks or contacts.

When viewing articles, there are no distractions as you have it displayed in a clean view, much like Reader Mode via the BlackBerry 10 browser. As previously mentioned, there are videos included with some articles however these videos are only available for those in the U.S. Within the DVICE app, you can also view any comments made on stories, as well as comment on them yourself, making it great for discussion. There is even a section dedicated to photos alone, where you can just feast your eyes on some nice photos of upcoming tech and gadgets.

You can check out the video above for a quick demo of DVICE in action. If you haven't checked it out already, download DVICE using the link below. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

Learn more / Download DVICE from BlackBerry World



Yep it's great!

Posted via CB10


Yes :)

Posted via BlackBerry Z10


Excellent app with great articles. Been checking it daily and it has plenty of updated content.

Sent from the future on my Z10.


Love this app

Sent from my Z30

jojo beaconsfield

What ? Videos only available in the US,they should make them available to everyone,going to give it a try anyway,designing is a passion of mine.


Looks like a really good app and I love reading about tech / science innovations. This may get as much attention as the CB app.

Posted via CB10


Ya got it last week. Pretty good so far.

BB Proud


Thanks for the review, DJ ;)

Pilot Prop

Why wasn't I aware of this before?! Dope

Posted via Q10


I've been using the app and enjoy it. However, it's almost perfect for a Channel. I wish they would go that direction with it.

Coffee Shampoo

I actually downloaded just last night and it's an amazing app, totally recommend it.

Posted via CB10


Sounds like this would be a perfect BBM Channel.


Sounds a lot like Flipboard.

Posted via CB10


I like it more than flipboard

Posted via CB10


Great app

Posted via CB10


Got it and use it often

Posted via CB10


Yes and it's very nice

Z10 on Telus

Tung Vu1

Awesome app. #BBRY4ever



Yes been using it for a week almost two now. I don't care for that small add that pops up at the bottom right of my Q10 although it does go away. It really is a good app.

Keep The Faith


The app is amazing!

Posted via CB10


Been using it for a while and it's really nicely done. It brings a lot of interesting stuff to one place. Recommended.

Posted via CB10


Totally wiped the app from my 9900. Update removed it from my phone and wont re download cause i apparently have it already.


Awesome awesome awesome app! I downloaded it just to see what it's about. Then when I opened the app weeks later it was awesome!

Posted via CB10


Love this app!
It really would make a great Channel.


Posted via CB10


It is an awesome app, everyone should check it out

Posted via CB10

Pete The Penguin

Great app. Would like to be able to sign-in to Twitter though (I click on the option, nada).

Geeks United C00122408


From the settings, you can only log out. To log in, you must first write a comment in an article, and choose a social media account when submitting. ;-)


Of course. It's a muat-have news app! :)

In a side note : us anyone ever gonna review PicsArt??? It's a port, but it's easily the best BlackBerry photo app. It even comes with its own social network.

It's literally like 5 apps in one (its the truth, not just marketing copy!!)

Bb10 users need to know about it. Seriously! :)

Posted via CB10


Very NICE app, recommend it

Posted via CB10


I laughed and almost choked on my breakfast when I saw the title of this....
Here in NZ, there's a R18 store called Dvice. I thought, "Damn, they're getting really popular!"


Strange all the text doesn't fit the screen perfectly on the right. There is soms space left on the left side off the screen