Have a question for BlackBerry's VP of Developer Relations? We'll ask him this Friday!

Have a question you want us to ask Alec? Let us know in the comments and we'll do our best to get the answers you want!

Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations at BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Apr 2013 06:46 pm EDT

Get ready for a CrackBerry Podcast weeks in the making!

Shortly after the BlackBerry Z10 was officially released, we decided it would be awesome if we could get Alec Saunders, BlackBerry's awesome VP of Developer Relations, to join us on a CrackBerry podcast. We know the BlackBerry developer community and CrackBerry community have lots of questions around apps for BlackBerry 10, and nobody does a better job of answering them then Alec.

Alec is a busy guy, but this Friday he'll be ours for an hour. We'll definitely talk about the upcoming BlackBerry Live event in May, and from there? Well, the plan is to ask him a bunch of questions related to app development for BlackBerry 10.

We want to ask him the questions that matter most to all the current and would be BlackBerry 10 app developers out there. If you have a question you want us to ask, drop it in the comments to this post and we'll do our best to answer it (and no, Alec won't be answering questions about things like when Instagram is officially coming to BB10).

This won't be a live show, but we'll post it to the blogs as fast as we can after it's recorded. So ask your questions. And stay tuned... this will be a CrackBerry podcast you won't want to miss!

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Have a question for BlackBerry's VP of Developer Relations? We'll ask him this Friday!



Haha Kevin look at his username it says it all xD
In all seriousness could you ask Alec about future updates for BlackBerry 10 for the PlayBook because there are so many rumors about it. Even if he can't say much about it cause of NDA confirming that it is being worked on will make my day.
Thanks :)

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I read the original post carefully but to be honest, what's wrong with asking about whether or not Instagram will come to BlackBerry 10 or not? I was going to ask the same thing too. Besides, Instagram is one of those apps that makes or breaks the decision of those who currently aren't BlackBerry users about whether or not they're willing to give BlackBerry 10 a try. The other day, a friend of mine who's currently a BlackBerry user with a Bold 9700 asked me whether or not Instagram was available on BlackBerry 10 and I clearly hesitated before I told him that it's not on the platform. As a result, he's considering switching away from BlackBerry when his contract's up. At the same time, I thought Skype and TD Canada Trust confirmed that they will be making versions of their mobile apps for BlackBerry 10 but why aren't they here yet? Oh and also, how come Shazam and Draw Something aren't on BlackBerry 10? As for the OS itself, I'd like to see some features come to BlackBerry 10 like the option for a battery percentage, an integrated data usage monitor and also the option to choose whether or not we want use either a 4 digit pin or a password to unlock our devices if we currently have a password on our BlackBerry 10 devices.

The way you could ask it is would be maybe something like, "How has progress been with 'top-tier apps' that are not yet on BB10? has there been any flat out nos? Are there any surprises in store besides the app partners announced at the launch event?"

Don't just ban him, BEND HIM! lol.

Got an honest questions.
With the recent success of Z10, and pending Q10, will we see further integration of BB10 into cars and other family appliance or home automation? (ThermoStat, AirCondition, Fridges, Solar Panels, Household sensors)?

Will see finally see RIM moving into the lucrative Machine to Machine Business markets and how will this tie into BB10 users/corporations?
(Solar Farms, Automotive Industry using sensors/black boxen on cars/fleet of cars/trucks/trains - rail/subway /planes, (Boeing), building/office security, home security and sensor monitoring - maybe even tieing into BBM Video for security camera footage.

BlackBerry already has their QNX business into Machine to Machine markets but not offering services - just building the appliances, controls, co-developing the UI for things such as USA Military drones, etc. I'd like to see them push HARD for this ... sure it gets minimal public coverage, and much less even a spec in the eyes of consumers - but it ads HUGE revenue's for BlackBerry to support other products and future projects. They have the potential to go BEYOND the strength of Nortel in their golden years, and this is the right management style to work towards that and manage it.

FYI - RIM Endgame - is QNX & NOC by Donovan aka Prom1 aka Hardened aka Supa_Fly.

You know what? I think j_k actually has a valid question. As long as you are getting a chance to ask Alec a few questions, why not ask him about instagram and netflix. Whatever the answer at least you know you will get it from the source. OF COURSE, these are not the only questions we should try to get answers to. We need to know the timeline for the android runtime update as well as the playbook os update to bb10. The last question I can think of is, can they update bbworld so that you can search between native and ported apps? It's nice to be able to install ported apps IF you really need them but some of us rather not install many, if any, non native apps because they sometimes just give you too many problems. Besides, making it easier for end users, it would give developers an additional incentive to create native apps sooner rather than later.

Will BlackBerry be adding in the function to hold shift and send to go onto a new line for all texting and email apps?

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Yes adding paragraphs to text messages will be awesome. Also a shortcut for all caps like quick double tap on the shift key as in iOS.

- One BIG thing for me is recognizing email addresses even though they are not in my contacts.
- Being able to see the next email directly after I delete one instead of going back to the hub and having to tap on the next email to go into it.

- When in a group text, not having other previous single messages reappear as unread. REALLY annoying.

- Need banking apps
- I know you don't want hear it but yes the infamous Instagram... lol

I'll keep it simple for now...

Yes you are right, however it is much faster to do a quick double tap then it is to do a long press and wait for it.... It is a bit of a nit pick but what we want to do is create the best product possible and move BB up and not settle for a third place in the market.

Swipe down on the keyboard, it switches to capital, characters etc. i think a single swipe is faster than a double tap !

The likes of when more big name apps will be coming, such as instagram, shazam, Netflix, Skype (a release date)?

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Also will BBM have more features in any new updates such as when broadcasting, you have to select each contact, will there be a function were you can send to everyone or categories?

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This is the first this I thought of after reading a bunch of the above posts. Don't they know what Alec does?

Posted using CB10 via BB10 on a BB Z10

Apparently they didn't read the post, or the major part of the title.
I didn't think selective reading was a thing.

When (if at all) are we going to see a BB World update? As it stands, updating apps is a pain, finding apps is a pain. It really discourages development for the platform when the ONE way to get an app is so clunky in so many important regards.

I kinda like the format of BB World. It's unconventional. However, it seriously needs a list of installed apps, or at least the word "Installed" to the right of a title when an app is installed. When can we expect this to be improved upon?

It already does so. Go to any given app and you will see the green button with a touch of shade

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What is Dev Rel doing about the STL100 -1 and -2 mixup of European LE receivers? Lots of us have received a -1 while the country we're living in is selling the -2. We're missing out on 4G / LTE capability. Kind of unfair! The majority has contacted BlackBerry about this, but there's no real answer given to any of us.

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I'd like to know, but hopefully they are now aware of the problem - I've been told in the UK at least I should expect a -2 model from BlackBerry support. Fingers crossed that's what I'll receive next week.

When will BlackBerry stop announcing dates for apps that don't actually launch.

Also, what's being done to improve app quality for both native and android ports?

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Why is it taking so long to get apps running in the background. When can we expect that api.

What improvements will the next updated android runtime bring, and when will it be released.

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I want to be able to hold Shift and then swipe left or right to select words. And then press either C to copy, X to cut it V to paste.

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Not a question so much than a suggestions. Ask him if they could make active frames take up more of the screen (I think it is wasting good space or better yet, make it customizable sizes), allow for functions when minimized and allow the frames to be scrolled right to left instead of only up and down.

Also, will we see more options for hub integration in the near future? ie Whatsapp

Side note - I don't use Whatsapp just asking for the rest of the people

If I have more, I will hit you up. Thanks

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How soon would we getting the Android jelly bean update and what would that mean for our android apps (ported in app world and side loaded)

posted via the CB app on my Z10

Will new sorting features be available for BlackBerry world?
E.g. Sort by date, or name, or genre, or etc....

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Totally agree. I love the overhaul that BBW got, but they omitted some nice sorting features. Would be nice to see it return on BB10!

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QNX is used extensively in the oil industry. What can BlackBerry 10 developers expect in the future in regards to this rather untouched but related OS in vehicles?

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For example, are developers offering bb10 map apps going to be able to offer their mapping app to the QNX OS in the future?

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I too have wondered about this. BBRY should invest in a very good mapping solution. I'm ok with licensed, as long as it's quite good. The reason being that they are not only providing navigation on phones but also built into cars (who's manufacturers may want to choose who they use...but if the native is great, why would they want to bother finding 3rd party's)

Can you ask Alec what stance BB has on allowing torrent downloading applications, and if their position will change sometime in the future. I am very interested in downloading a Utorrent -esque app.

I was going to get one when I saw it on BB World, but didn't want to purchase the app so I decided to wait for a free one. A few days later the app was taken down, and has not seen the storefront since.

I believe torrent managers should be allowed. Please see this forum thread for additional material to discuss: http://forums.crackberry.com/blackberry-10-apps-f274/bittorque-bit-torre...


I know this really isn't a question that has anything todo directly with Alec, but will there eventually be a way to download movies bought on the Z10 on to the PlayBook (or vice versa) without having to buy it again?

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I believe I heard somewhere that movies purchased on the PB should be able to be DL'd for free on BB10, though I haven't tried that yet as I wont be transferring my PB movies till I get BB10 on my PB.

What major improvements would be added to the voice command; she's too robotic.

What if any developers have impressed BlackBerry that they are thinking of acquiring the company and integrate their apps into the BB10 OS.

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What steps are BlackBerry taking to remove duplicate applications submitted by different vendors? There a lot of applications have been ported from Android and submitted without the author's permission. It has been asked before, but I'm seeing more and more of them as of late.

The original author of those apps have to come forward and submit a request to blackberry for the removal of the app.

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That is azz backward. The original author should be the only person allowed to submit an application.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Are there any functions / capabilities BB10 offers that developers cannot get on IOS or Android? I guess I asking what competitive advantage does bb10 offer developers?

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Choice of development platform (4 languages!)
Developer tools that run on Windows, Mac, and Linux
Free code signing
Realible background apps (no limited APIs, or OS killing random running apps)

Is there any chance of blackberry balance being a feature made available to all os10 users not just those linked to the business server?..

Regards, Tino Chiko

Kevin, I've been waiting for this forever. Can you please ask Alec if bb10 devices will be getting a bb11 upgrade (if there will be one). Any plans on fixing the media player and making it more user friendly. I find that a few things with Bb10 just doesn't make sense at all. But overall a great device. Thanks Kev.

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My question is about the android player. When will the update to 4.3 be released?
How will backwards compatibility work with the older android application versions. Anyway that Z10 can support multiple application versions at once?

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Question #1:

Does the constant harassing, begging, and incessant whining from the "self-entitled Blackberry fan" via forums such as Crackberry, twitter, facebook, and elsewhere, actually have a positive effect; that is, are developers convinced to support BB10 by this type of action? Or are we are own worst enemies; that is, does the way in which some members of the Blackberry community act towards developers hinder, turn off, hurt, or in some other way make potential developers ignore Blackberry?

Question #2
When, or will, Blackberry World, ever increase their options available for searching and finding applications including the ability to filter out applications that are not natively designed, i.e., filter out Android applications.

Question #3
With the increase in applications in Blackberry World, particularly in the gaming category, it is likely that younger individuals will be choosing BB10 as their platform - young individuals who do not have or do not want access to a credit card/paypal account. Will Blackberry finally bring Pre-Paid Gift Cards to the market?

PS - Nothing would make me happier than seeing Blackberry World gift cards with the blackberry logo proudly displayed beside the smug iTunes cards at a grocery store. :)

Both Questions 1 & 2 by Darlaten are excellent!! (Even if #1 has 2 questions or a two part question, lol).

However ...

"PS - Nothing would make me happier than seeing Blackberry World gift cards with the blackberry logo proudly displayed beside the smug iTunes cards at a grocery store. :)" This would make a LOT of BB's proud yet the physical cards would increase expenses (production of unique coded cards plus shipping and marketing costs with vendor payout for shelf space in stores). I'd like to see this better advertised as one of the featured tiles in BlackBerry World, with better marketing costs put to use in print, email (for those that opted in for advertisement on BBWorld notifications) and also for end user print ads.

One of the features I would love to see used more than just once would be augmented reality I mean come on its so awesome and futuristic is there any chance we would ever see any kind of augmented reality integration into the Os itself or even a native app that has this because I feel it's really underrated and would set by10 apart from everyone else if it was used and focused on in greater detail

Ask him if Built for BlackBerry apps are ever going to be better promoted by BlackBerry, or if they're just going to stick with the occasional B4B banner rotation.

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What will be done to improve the quality of BB10 apps?

Will we start to see stronger
UI/UX guidelines being set and enforced for all BlackBerry apps?

What is Development Relations doing to convince teams to build BlackBerry native applications?

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I was thinking something the same... how will BB convince and get developers to seriously spend time building apps that take full advantage of cascades. I think the CB10 is a great example of what "can" be done but very few apps are as good. Even native apps lack polish and consistency (ui gestures aren't always the same in native apps).

So how is BB going to address the challenge of differentiating itself from competitors if developers aren't taking advantage of the tools that will allow them to differentiate themselves.

How is the conversion rate from Z10 to Q10 apps? Is anything being done to encourage developers to adapt their apps for the Q10, or will the sales of the Q10 drive this? Basically, is it looking like there will be a fractured ecosystem based on screen size?

I believe for 1000's of Playbook purchases the gutting of Bridge in BB10 is a major issue; particularly the ability to view Messages, Calendar, texts, etc. from the phone. I and others bought the Playbook because of this feature. We don't want to use the "new" native mail, calendar, etc - another device to secure and maintain. Without the bridge as under the older operating system, BB loses much of its appeal in the phone/tablet market because it loses its uniqueness as compared to competitors.

Yea, great question, will bridge features be restored, or will we have to wait till BB10 comes to the PB. If so, when will that be?

& will the BB10 device - BB10 device compatibility be everything heavy BB Bridge users have been dreaming of? I would love to be able to access my phone from my PB without it looking like I've left my PB (& vis-versa)

Please ask Alec if they have any new "Big Name" game vendors on BlackBerry. Also, please ask him to make rules about proper English when describing an app -_-

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+1 I want to know if BlackBerry World will be seeing an overhaul in the near future that actually improves reviewing, discovery, etc.

1) When can we expect a new BB Bridge for BB10? The current one is pretty well useless and I miss those functions DEARLY!!!

2) Can we expect an ecosystem much like iOS where if we buy it on our BB10 phones then its also bought for the PB (Pending it being developed for the PB).

3) What is BB doing to ensure that the current trend in Dev relations continues and does not fall to the wayside again?

I can answer number two, as it has been answered many times.
BlackBerry does have that feature, however, it is up the developer of that application to choose if they want to enable it or not.

A extra B4B app section @the online blackberry World next to apps&games
A Sticker for android ports...
A better Design for the online blackberry World it's 2013 my Outlook.com Looks better :-(
A Video preview section where dev can post a Video of gameplay if they want
Beside that i'm realy happy with my Z10 inthehopethatyoubringPin2Pinback2me

May not be the right person to ask, but does the modular nature of QNX/BB10 mean they can update the browser/media player/contacts app/pictures app etc. on their own so that users can just download it in BB World, or do those kind of OS delivered apps still have to go through the carriers?

And if yes, do they plan to, or will they wait for big bundles with the carrier's approval?

yea they made a big deal about this last year, & now they are back to doing carrier specific updates.......

if this means when can third party apps start showing up in the hub then THIS. seriously.. the hub is really not being used to it's full potential right now. Also, you shouldn't have to run apps in active frames for them to be running in the background. ( personally not an active frames fan as they are trying to be like Android widgets but not as functional.. think I prefer Windows phone tiles...)

yea, the background app API's are desperately needed...... lets keep them native. No need for Android apps to be able to run in the background. If they want to be able to do that, they should spend the time making a native app ;)

Have they spoken to Steam about a BlackBerry app?

And is the BlackBerry world going to get overhauled as it is really poor right now? I would like to be able to have more filters and sorting methods, something like sort by price or ratings.
Also I'd like BlackBerry world to let me know when there is updates to apps rather then check manually. I know it's supposed to but it doesn't always work.

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Listen instagram is very important to boosting BlackBerry sales and keeping current users on board face the fact people love instagram and funny as it may seem to many I know a lot of people who left BlackBerry nation solely because they can't have the app like their friends on the other platforms. Get it together BlackBerry.

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Ask why every time a update is pushed on the AT&T network Linkden, device help app, etc are automatically re installed after they have been deleted. It happens every update and it is quite annoying.

Posted via CB10

That happens on my Bell Z10 too as well though it is quite satisfying to be able to delete face book twitter linked in and for square when it does happen.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Swipe up right to go to hub. How about swipe up left to get back into the app we were in? I'd love that.

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Ask him if he thinks the dev alpha C has been a worthwhile project, mainly because its under 3 weeks to device launch in some countries, and devs who qualified still haven't had their dev c devices, and it seems pointless to make a different device so close to the launch, may as well send Q10`s if ya ask me.

Also on a slightly more upbeat note how much does he think the dev alpha series as a whole has helped development of new apps and developer engagement (id imagine its been positive overall, but if he had some numbers or indicators it would be cool to know).

Please ask him when will the Q10 be coming to the US market and why did they decide to release the z10 before the q10 knowing that most blackberry users love a qwerty keyboard.

They have answered this question already. The did it to stop the hemorrhaging owing to business going to BYOD which is mostly if not exclusively touch screen devices. They did not have a phone capable of stemming that tide, now with the Z10 they think they do and they needed to get it to market as quickly as possible before they lost a notable share of enterprise.

Now what they didn't say, out loud anyway, is they know users of the BB keyboard aren't going anywhere, there are no competing phones that are compelling to those locked into the BB physical keyboard so they knew they could count on you once they had the Q ready.


There are very few companies/organisations, eg Banks, Telcos, Sporting bodies, Churches, Retailers, etc in Australia that seem to be willing to develop apps for BlackBerry. They very quickly have android/iPhone apps...but won't develop for BlackBerry. Is this likely to change? This is probably the sole reason that people move towards iphone/android in Australia.

Thanking you in advance.


Ask him if Blackberry is missing the boat as far as understanding how important it is for individual BB10 users to be able to sync their phone with their computer by WiFi or USB. Since there behind on syncing Outlook Calendar, and Email. Their totally lost as to how important it is for users to sync Outlook Task and Notes. Blackberry Link if primitive, you can't shut off loading a how bunch of thumbnail images with it loads which is a waste, it's slow and sluggish, they should be making it feature rich, and quick working to compete with other smart phones.

So hat Mami uns das aber nicht beigebracht oder? Vielleicht liegt es ja an deinem 7" windowsXP Laptop aber mein link läuft Super!!!

Ask if like the PlayBook if we could sign up for beta OS and have our Z10 receive the update. I know this was meant only for developers but I always downloaded and tried out the beta OS upgrades on my PlayBook

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I discovered a strong disadvantage in "BBM Broadcast" is the inability to select all contacts at one time. So it is please do check out the statement about this issue if Alec intend to solve them or not ?! Thank You...

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When will we be able to have our applications use resources across multiple devices? Forget for bridge I want my z10 to be able to use the resources on my playbook like the display and the keyboard and if it needs more processing power let it use the processor too. We are not leveraging the power of qnx.

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1.) BlackBerryWorld Cards I can buy at BestBuy, Walmart, Target, Shoppers Drug Mart, etc.
2.) Discount codes so that developers can give away free/cheap copies of their apps to reviewers and as giveaways on sites like CrackBerry!
3.) when we find an error in the API documentation - who exactly should we contact?
4.) when we find a bug in the OS/ CORE apps - who exactly should we notify?
5.) when we find a bug in the platform (as a programmer) - who should we notify?
6.) BlackBerryWorld improvements..
Anything notable coming?

Otherwise I'm good... really enjoying developing for this platform!

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Unless i am missing something through the settings of the music app. But i'd like the ability to use the volume keys to skip songs on os10. Pretty much the only feature i care to have

Actually you can set the volume keys to skip songs, my friend... you go to (general) settings, I mean out of the music app, you go to System Volume (I have it in spanish, so i guess it should read so...) then you will see the option to set volume keys to jump between songs, just switch it on... let know if you got it...

I have recently noticed the "built for blackberry" status which apps can achieve through review and testing by blackberry... Is this something that you could foresee being a filter or "section" in blackberry world so that we may weed out a lot of junk, lets face it, How is a recipe for barbeque chicken an app??

The top 2 questions that we all want to know but likely won't get asked or answered are: How much longer until Skype and How much longer until BlackBerry10 for PlayBook if it is still coming and please don't allow him to use the word "soon" whatsoever!!!!

When do they plan on updating the Z10 so we can send group texts and group emails? I lose a lot of time because I don't have this feature. I noticed in your forums that a lot of other people want to know about this feature also.

Please curate the apps and delete those nonsensical ones that are not even as useful as flashlights app.

When will all the big apps start building native ones... is blackberry building for them? (ebay? amazon?)

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Just heard from my cousin in Ottawa that the Ottawa Real Estate Board made up of 2500 real estate agents will not be supporting Blackberry 10 and the APPs they use will not support BB10. There are many real estate agents who have used Blackberry for years and were waiting for the Q10 are spitting mad. My cousin a Ottawa realtor loves his Z10 and now is told to dump the phone. Question: will Blackberry be working with all Real Estate boards in Canada representing 1000's of Realty agents ? Also these agents can benefit with BB10 apps designed like the Crackberry APP. Simple and efficient.

Does all the ppl that bought the Z10 for $199 get some type of something FREE since it's already marked down to $99 bc I think that's messed up it ain't so been out o month yet.

White BlackBerry z10

Would love to know if/when the following apps will be made available on BB10:
-Blackberry Traffic
-Blackberry Podcasts
-Google Maps

Sorry if some of these questions are redundant/have been answered, but i'm new to this!

Maybe not a question for Alec, but I have noticed a rather frustrating glitch with my Z10 and I'm curious to know how quickly they are working to solve these...

When I have Word to Go open I find that when I switch to any other app and try to input text in any text box the words are not appearing. It took me a few times to figure it out, but what's happening is that the words I'm typing in the other apps are appear in the Word to Go app even though that's not the app on the screen.

Thank you!

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Where can I purchase some BlackBerry socks?
I was disappointed I could not find some RiM socks as they are obviously collectable now!

Thank you Alec. :)

Edited for spelling: 2+ old 9930 keyboard is dying... I get Z10's on Friday!

Apps are becoming what the phones are about. I have seen a lot of iPhone commercials that solely advertise applications. A lot of pressure on Alec I think, and he has done a great job so far. A lot of people are complaining in the forums about what apps they need, I am wondering why BlackBerry doesn't straight up answer questions to, "Is this app coming?" If they know it's coming (Kevin has said instagram is coming, but I don't believe BlackBerry has ever officially said it) why can't they just say yes it is coming. Or a no, this company has said no at this current time to developing an application for us. BlackBerry always says so much about customer loyalty and if they did this for us I think it would be a big step in showing it back to us.

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As a developer, I have one important question.
When will functionality be added that allows us to do things without the user having to launch the app and keep it open.

My DREAM, WISH for my new Berry: a Native App "Add To Calendar". When someone calls or sends a text or email to have an option once I open the Calendar go to the time and date and just click my client in there and their name and number and email address will be there instantly. Every body that uses their Calendar to book appointments with clients will LOVE this " Native" App. I have a third party Add To and I still have to fill the name and search for the time and date....too many steps. Maybe I am just dreaming for this.

1.What has been the most rewarding achievement in regards to BlackBerry 10 apps?
2. What has been the biggest disappointment in regards to BlackBerry 10 apps?

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Is OneNote being considered? I have noticed that new notebooks on other platforms are not easily moved into correct folders

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Does blackberry have any plans to stop side loading?

If not, does blackberry plan to upgrade the runtime to jelly bean instead of Android 2.3? Does this require approval from Google? Which I could see being a hurdle and if not and this is merely assigning resources at blackberry, if there are plans then what's the timeframe and should we expect to have this in by end of year or should we even expect it at all?

As blackberry is being marketed as a productivity device or platform, where are these apps such as citrix and others that will allow me to be equally productive as in iOS or android platform.

Microsoft is having a hard time attracting apps such as instagram to come to windows phone 8, how is your strategy differ from MS?


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Would you be interested in hearing about a media distribution model that would enable shareware-style P2P distribution of media as well as multilevel marketing that would pay consumers to share the media to a net benefit for both the artists and themselves?

(Media being music, video, books, apps, etc. Bit of a run-on question.)

It involves DRM, but tailored to benefit the producer and consumer. A similar system was developer on Microsoft's PlaysForSure platform, but it was based on a much more restrictive set of rules and platform specific codecs.

Why does BlackBerry still need to develop their own app for Facebook & Twitter when those multi-billion dollar companies develop in-house for Android & iOS? The BB10 Facebook app currently has a 2 star rating, with some reviewers saying it's the worst Facebook experience ever. Will BlackBerry please convince these companies to develop their own native app? Thanks.

How does BlackBerry prove to a developer to develop an app. Some developers/companies have said they don't know if they can commit the time to a platform that isn't proven type of thing. Does BlackBerry ever give numbers on how many BB10 phones are now in circulation and how much people are spending in app world/how many apps are being downloaded?

Posted via CB10

I'd really like to have a modern and better way to unlock my phone than actually the 'alpha-numeric' way.... please!!!!

When is he making another cool music video, and hopefully he can get Alicia Keys to do a guest appearance.

Posted via CB10

What can we regular folks do to convince devs to jump on board with BB10? . . .and what are your favorite apps currently available on BB10?

What is needed by both BlackBerry and developers to achieve success with their titles on the PlayBook's BB10? Can current PlayBook apps and games be easily ported or do they need to be completely redeveloped? If the latter, does that delay the release of OS10 for the PlayBook? What sort of progress is being made?

since apple now is coming out with their own pandora like streaming service i fear you will lose pontential customers because of this ,did you think of possibly taking out a loan and buying pandora,ir would be a coup of the century,it would put you guys on the map in the states in a big way besides you would also make more money of of song sales through pandora

I was hoping OpenText 's app FirstClass would be available soon. I would hope with both BlackBerry and OpenText head office's beside each other that there would be a lot of cooperation? Most all the school boards in Ontario use FirstClass. OpenText provide the app for both Android and Iphone. Over the past couple of years many teachers have had to switch from their BlackBerry phones to Android or iphone because it was the only way to get work emails on their phones. Is there any chance we will see the app working on BB10?

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I read only a handful of comments before realizing people did not read the post. An example question would be to ask him how, developers who missed the deadline to submit an app to be considered for the "Built for BlackBerry" get that privilege and what will the fee be, if any.

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Keyboard shortcuts were awesome on all my legacy berries. Can you ask if they can enable them on the virtual keyboard too? I'm not sure how many people know that if you swipe up from the bottom bezel with two fingers you can bring up the keyboard on any and every screen. I loved and miss the profile toggle by pressing and holding "Q" etc.

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Would really like to know about any future apps releasing and more importantly what "New" features we can expect to see BB10 in the coming months. Data usage, battery percentage and maybe something other than just the voice recognition for the "Special" key. Thats to name a few.

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Hi my questions

1: when can we expect rotation on bbm active frames and everywhere ?
2: something like social feeds of bbos to update all profile message at same time typing just once?
3: any updates of camera software, at least same options like bbos?
4: will be able to activate the option to put icons everywhere on the gird? (to view clear wallpaper)
5 : pleaaasse the option for calling a contact from bbm if it's have any number on agenda (not bbm voice)

Thanks for your amazing job

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What is the "REAL" reason for the atrocious delay in releasing the Q10? When these phones were announced back in January.

Why pre recorded and why are you censoring the questions. Alex is a big boy, what's with the structured, non live interview.

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because they probably want to make sure this podcast looks good, going to get a lot more views than your typical CrackBerry podcast episode 69+#

How are native the Chinese apps going on??? Alec, Please tell me that you have come to China to visit Tencent, Sina for the Wechat, QQ, and Weibo, they are the must-have apps!!! If there are other native apps, That'll be great!
Please Hear the Chinese BBer's Voice!!!

Bridge updates and BB10 for PB are my best questions. Also what is the best route for a new developer to begin developing for BB10? Especiually if they want to have a PB version of the app as well as a phone version of the app?

CNN, RBC, FLIPBOARD ATB and many more apps all those app are not toys like some would say. I have to use my Iphone to access any of those apps and there is more I could add on the list. Don't waste your time to tell me to bring those apps from Android common people don't have time to carry those apps. Not working for me those Android apps.


Please help with the following:
- fix bridge on the Playbook and Z10; we can't use SMS, BBM anymore
-we need H.323 video conferencing support, so I can walk in a board room at work, HDMI out to the large TV and video call to any Polycom, Cisco endpoint (SIP would be great too)
- please get Jellybean working, I hope it will bring more apps
- remember that guy who got iOS emulator running on the Playbook? That would be huge to open ip that library.
- Great job I hope to see more port a thon events!

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What is being done to hush the "There are no apps" people. Will there be more incentives to lure developers over to BB? Where is the BlackBerry Troops showcasing BB10 as the premium platform for apps?

well to be honest, i really doubt if much will be achieved if Alec cant answer the questions relating to delays to the most awaited apps; instagram, skype and even a proper facebook app(yea, the one we have right now sucks!!).
The Z 10 is a wonderful piece of art, i love it. it is so fluid. But i really fear it may go the way of the PB which with all its multitasking,still couldn't cut into the tablet world cos there were no good apps to make people try it let alone stick with it.
Please Alec( and i really hope you have the CB app on your Z10), you must have some of answers to the the above issue raised.
Just as aside(question for my fellow CB fans)is it just my Z10 or is it a flaw in the Z10 design? my BBM almost never go to the landscape mode if i lunch it from the BBM app, unless i open it via the hub.

Hey Kev - just a suggestion but maybe you should mention who posted the question as well when you ask it to Alec. I think it'd be great to know that my question(s) is/are being answered. My $0.02, take it or leave it. But this is AWESOME

Is there any new development going on with Docs to Go to make it a more robust Mobile office suite? I would love to be able to embed live links in Word compatible Documents and build Power points from scratch. Mobile computing requires this and not just relying on Microsoft 365 or Google Docs since we know they will use that leverage to limit the potential represented by BB10

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

Ask him about offline documentation. Right now I really, really could use an offline documentation.

Or were they forced to use online docs because of Qt's license or something?

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Is there going to be a fix for blurry dp's on bbm? The camera takes great pics but when you put them as you bbm display picture its all blurry. Quality is down graded

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Also, any plans on enabling shortcuts with virtual keyboards? I mean, two finger gesture and there it is. No real difference with physical keyboard

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Not a developer question but... Any status update as to the causes and solution of the random rebooting issue.

My z10 heats up too much whenever any download is going on. Battery heats up tooo much. Can u please help.

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I would love to know how the progress has been with the app partners they announced were bringing apps at the January 30th launch event, such as SiriusXM, by when should we expect all of these partners to bring something to the platform?


Please ask the Alec for Map Application?

BlackBerry map not provide a many country like India and more...So as per this country i developed map application then which map i use because third party application not provide such functionality as per BlackBerry map so can you share this detail to Alec and update me.

Would BB be willing to promote native apps in BlackBerry World, giving those who want only native apps the option to find them easily? Promoting native apps might give developers some added incentive to produce them. This would be different than the current "Built for BlackBerry Apps"--which are also somewhat difficult to find on BlackBerry World.

One serious question and it's really simple. When are the huge and popular iOS and Andriod apps to be coming?

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He y! How about a running App? No Nike running or Endomondo... those are must haves!!!!

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He won't answer about apps coming to the platform? Am I missing something? What exactly are we supposed to ask? What's your favorite color? Wow...great interview, can't wait. and if he says ANYTHING is coming soon (other than Frank Boulben's resignation).... I'll go drop a steamer on the floor of my local Verizon and leave a note on it that says "best regards, from Crackberry."
Or I'll get very upset and say, "Darn it"
One of those two.

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Thanks, Kevin. Here are my questions:
1. Can he please push lot of resources behind some cross-platform video chat? (Skype alternative). This is unconventional, but FaceFlow is a small shop. Maybe they can HELP FaceFlow develop iOS and Android apps. Then FaceFlow will become a decent alternative to Skype of sorts.
Or they could make cross-platform BBM or support some other cross-platform video app.
Point is -- HEDGE your bet against Skype by helping build credible Skype alternatives.
Can and will HE do that?

2. Can he please put extreme pressure and get important issues fixed? For instance, you can NOT paste a number into Z10 Phone Dialer app screen!!!!!!!
Can he get such trivial (but annoying as hell) issues FIXED?
More issues reported in CB forums.
Can and will HE do that?
Those are my two questions!


Thanks again, Kevin! Hope you get definitive (not vague) answers to these questions with a very definitive time-line!


I've read that Developers currently have apps that need to remain open and running to function because they don't have the APIs (i.e. LED colour changing apps). When will they be provided the APIs?

I really want some kind of instant notifications on top. Someone please ask for that.

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Hi Kevin,

Can you ask the following question?

What strategies and incentives is Black Berry using to attract more developer teams to commit to develop for the BB10 platform

What strategies and incentives is Black Berry using to get the top tiered apps on the BB10 platform

My question is: Blackberry also became famous due to some of its own indigenous apps like say BBM which was and is still the best messaging app out there. In the BB10 we have seen apps like BB Remember. Are we going to see any more apps developed by BB in house which could really lure users from Android and Apple to join the BB team for those amazing BB only apps?

Also by when can we expect to hear the news of BB10 OS licensing? I was really hoping to see Sony Xperia use the BB10 OS but they have gone with Android. Lenovo maybe? Andrioid OS won as it flooded their OS with the top cellphone hardware makers. Why can't BB make a solid beginning?

Whe will a version of OS10 become available for my 64 gb PlayBook? I have not given up on it. I would like to see BBM "stand alone" come to the PlayBook. I would also like to see SKYPE become available. I would like to see BlackBerry Bridge developed into a full powered link to my BlackBerry's data with no financial penelty from my carrier. Let me use the data that I am paying for.

If I can't ask when instagram is coming to blackberry, I would really want to know if they plan on actually getting the app. Also, Skype and Google maps.

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Do you see Viber coming to the BB Z10 anytime soon.

Why doesn't Blackberry buy some of its shares back? A Million per month to start would be nice.



Got a Z10 today and I had to use my old Galaxy S to video chat with my kid. When should we expect a cross-platform video chat such as Tango?

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I'd like to know what the chances are that we could talk BBRY into NOT adding Instagram to the app list for BB10. No reason to spoil perfectly good pictures when the Z10 has such a sweet camera.

I want to know what comes next after cascades? What will cascades v2 look like?

And bluetooth for Android ports... Will it happen?

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Kevin can you please ask him about the playbook. We need something soon. I know it's going to be slow with the 1g of ram. But I personally don't care. I just need a new facebook and twitter and some other features from bb10. And if you can ask him what it's going to be like.

Please ask him why the BlackBerry 10 Server is not ready. Why we get the final version om Q4 and not yet.
What is about task and notes synchronization with IBM Notes, also Out of office message.
Why we can't order BDS subscription licences?
Why is the support for the enterprise customer so bad, the server part is not finished and all BES customer has wait a long time for it!

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What apps does Alex think are (still) missing from BB10?
Will we see more TAT apps (ScrapBook) or are they still busy with getting Cascades APIs done?
What can we expect to see at Jam Americas? New APIs?
Will BB approve alternate browsers for the BB10 (eg ones that can change the useragent)?
What phone does he have in his pocket? More than one?

When is BlackBerry going to get serious about Cascades and native development?

Will BlackBerry please cancel Android? Stop promoting their OS.

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The universal search features new to the Q10 and keyboard shortcuts will be available for the z10? Is there going to be a major upgrade soon for the users of the Z10?

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Alec - when will the apis be released so I can make my app headless? That is, my app will be able to perform functions and not be in active frames.

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What are some up coming features for the BB10? What happen to some of the common features and conveniences we came to love on OS6 and 7 that isn't currently in BB10. Will they eventually come over?

For instance the birthday reminder features are on Z10 even though there is a field for it; creating your own notification profiles; monitoring tool such as ability to see data usage.

Also the great feature of appointments being able to scan and attaching relating emails but no ability to manually add them in case the automation wasn't able to pick them up or it was incorrectly linked up.

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When will the rotation bug on bbm app fixed? I cant go landscape... need to go to hub to type in landscape mode

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I have struggled with the rotation on the Z10 and only found out yesterday how to use the rotation on this device. IOS and Android deploy the simple rotation algorithms. The Z10 is more advanced in a way that will keep you from accidentally rotating the screen.

What you do is this: if you want to use landscape view, put your phone in landscape and then tilt the phone towards you until you reach an angle of almost 90 Degrees ane hold it for a split second. It will rotate the screen into landscape view. Same thing applies to normal view. It sounds like a bit of a hassle, but the you'll get used to it in a couple of seconds. Just try to go back and forth from normal view to landscape and you will notice how it is far more intuitive than how it works on other platforms

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I have one question. Well, actually two but since instagram questions seem to be banned... when are banking apps coming to BB10?

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Ask him whether there will be the video store in Europe please, and most importantly when BlackBerry Maps is supposed to be working, please. Thanks.

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Question 1) When will the broadcast message problem will be solved in bb 10 i.e in previous bb OS there was a checkbox to select all bbm contacts for broadcasting the message which is missing in bb 10 and now have to select contacts one by one which is a real pain.

Question 2) Why there is no option to view saved bbm message chat history date wise ( it was present in all previous bb os)

Question 3 ) Why there is no option of copy pasting number on bb 10 dial pad (very very basic feature).

All the above 3 features are very basic but extreamly essential features and should have been available out of the box.
Please let us know when will these minor issues of otherwise an incredibly advance bb 10 os will be fixed.

And for the way more important, business side, of my BlackBerry life...ask him when will flags will get more features like setting complete within the hub (not in the remember app) and when Remember is supposed to get due time with ringing alert. Thank you so much!

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