Have Fun With Your BlackBerry Photos with Picture Magic!

Picture Magic - 100 FREE COPIES TO BE WON!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Jan 2009 03:54 pm EST

Time for a CrackBerry Contest! This one is for the fun little app called Picture Magic. Here's the official word...

Picture Magic is a photo editor that lets you to add some fun into your photos. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that's why we created Picture Magic, so you can share funny and entertaining photos with friends, family and co-workers. Did your co-worker do something funny at the bar last night and you just happened to snap a photo of it on your Blackberry? Add some funny captions or put a funny hat on them and pass it around the office or your school. Have a laugh and share a memory.

Picture Magic lets you add the following to your photos: Text bubbles, Balloons, Hats, Hair, Mouths, Arrows and Text!

    Guaranteed there were a ton of pictures being taken by BlackBerry smartphones today within the crowds at the Inauguration of Barack Obama, so we figured it's the perfect time to pay tribute via this contest. To enter, simply login to CrackBerry.com and post a comment to this blog post. Need something to comment on? Why not tell us why you want this app, wish President Obama good luck in keeping his BlackBerry or anything else that tickles your fancy. 

    Download Free Trial
    Picture Magic sells for $7.99 in the ShopCrackBerry.com software store, but a 48 hour free trial is available. Be sure to give it a download. This contest will end in 48 hours from this post going live, so the 100 lucky winners won't have to skip a beat in getting their full free copy.

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    Have Fun With Your BlackBerry Photos with Picture Magic!

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    Wow, I get to comment first . I never get to win any of these contest. I really would like this app. It is a great day for the USA. A new beginning, fresh start. Now how 'bout a copy of 'Picture Magic'. It looks like a fun application.

    While watching President Obama give his speach today all I could think about was "I wonder if they finally let him keep his blackberry?"

    This is something I didn't even knew existed for the Blackberry! As a Storm user I'd love to have my hands on something that lets me technically take my phone and its camera even further with the possibility and ability to now do so!

    Id love to get a free copy if this! I am always taking pictures and wanted to do more with them!

    I already posted on here, but apparently was not logged in to the site.. so this is to confirm that I am a user on here that entered for this contest. Sorry about any inconvenience.

    Is this storm compatible? Oh yea, good luck Mr. President (Damn, I like the sound of that!) in keeping your BlackBerry!

    I bet the Storm is the ultimate device for this. I love to
    upload to Facebook straight from the camera app. It would be nice to add some captions.

    Best wishes President Obama and good luck to me winning a copy of Picture Magic! I have been blessed with a new neice and I have a great Pug dog that are just begging to have thier pictures "enhanced"!

    I have never won anything in my life, well maybe thats a lie, a goldfish which died, anyways, i think that is all the Bold is missing is a way to edit pictures, Thanks in advance

    Woohoo! I want this because I constantly look at photos on my storm and would make the experience that much more fun!

    I hope you can help bring peace to a troubled world.

    I used to have a similar function on my old phone and the kids loved to play with it!

    Will download the app for my Storm and keep my fingers crossed that I win a full copy =D



    History was made today and I sure hope the President can keep his blackberry.. he does run the country and all :)

    Sounds like a fun program, and just the thing for my new Storm. Which, by the way, I have had next to no trouble with, despite the many agro posts in the forums. Thanks for the contest!

    picture magic, picture magic, (to the tune of picture pages with hmm, was it Bill Cosby or Lamarr...)

    I already have some photos that could use this!

    Seems like a great app. Getting the free trial for my Storm 9530 now. Would love a free copy. Great time for such a contest.

    Already have the free trial and I love it. I NEED IT. my last $8 went to a new skin for my storm.

    I hope you can help bring world peace.

    I used to have a sililar function on my old phone and the kids used to love playing with it.

    I will download the demo and keep my fingers crossed that I win a full copy!



    oh la la ...i love when new apps are available. i would enjoy this being that i take a lot of photo on my bb and have always been looking for a fun way to edit them .

    Im still watching Obama and i hope he gets to keep his blackberry

    oh la la ...i love when new apps are available. i would enjoy this being that i take a lot of photo on my bb and have always been looking for a fun way to edit them .

    Im still watching Obama and i hope he gets to keep his blackberry

    My kid is adorable and this app would let me have fun with his pics without having to log on to my computer which I refuse to do other than to backup/update my bb! :)

    This is something I didn't even knew existed for the Blackberry! As a Curve user I'd love to be able to do more with my pictures!

    congrats on president OBAMA,although i am canadian he has certainly starting to "change the world" now if only he can keep his blackberry!

    I am new to the crackberry community - and blackberry in general and would love this app!!

    PS. This site has been a lifesaver!

    This is something I didn't even knew existed for the Blackberry! As a Curve use I would love to be able to do more with my pictures.

    ooh ooh ooh pick me pick me. hey! right here! me me me me me. pick me pick me. ooh ooh. me pick me

    Would love the app. new to Blackberry, got a storm about a month ago, Love it, and text alot of pictures, sounds like a cool app.

    I want this!!!!! Good luck Mr.President. I'm not sure which is a tougher fight, the economy or keeping you BB! I'd love to know what model he uses! We need a full write-up on his crackberry habits!

    ha hey kevin hopefully i get chosen to get a free copy, ive never won anything on here so it would be awesome to get a new app!

    I use the camera on my blackberry upwards of 20 times a day for work & personal reasons. This would probably make me use it another 20.

    Ex-President Bush thoughts on Blackberry. He was wondering why people made a big deal about President Obama keeping his fruit.

    I'd love to have an application like this. There is one out for the Iphone as well as the G1, lets bring it to BB

    Sounds like a cool app. hopefully it works for storm if not my wife can use it.

    oh and obama is so money for keeping his bb

    you guys are rocking the BB world again, So even when things look gloomy you guys bring out the joy for another year here is looking at the CRack Berrys

    I would love the Picture Magic for so much. I can't think of any better way to celebrate the Inaguration of our Blackberry strong President than a chance to win a new app! I could use this with pics of family, friends, pets, or especially those moments you don't expect like the time I took my girls to a bird seed curio store and a hawk came down on a dove and snared it.I would really put this app to use and I would really be thankful.

    you guys are rocking the BB world again, So even when things look gloomy you guys bring out the joy for another year here is looking at the CRack Berrys

    Watching the teary-eyed faces of Americans across my television screen made me so proud of the fact that I am free. Finally a cultured African American is now the president of our United States. I feel like in the past, so many people have forgotten the fact that we are "UNITED as ONE" ...but none of that was lost this morning.

    I'm a freelance photographer and I'd love some cute application like this to go hand in hand with my Blackberry; because hey, why not be able to spice up your everyday generic pictures with a splash of kooky and fun?

    I really hope I do win, and thanks for reading my long comment, :P

    I'd love this, just think of all the pics of the kids you can make even more embarrassing with comments. Oh yeah I can see lots of uses for this app.

    One of the great features on my blackberry is the camera...
    Being able to edit my pix on my Storm is an added bonus

    Another great app you guys are showing. Love to see stuff coming out for the bold. Continued success! Would love to try it out.

    I want one! I have always been jealous of all my friends with non-BlackBerries (idiots) who have the feature in their phones to do that!

    I can't get over how much stuff this site gets it's hands on and passes on to it's members for free. Hope I am one of the lucky one's for this one :)

    Wish I could have been in DC, but I would settle for winning a copy of the app. I am also new to the Blackberry space, just getting a Bold, and looking to get new apps to replace what I had on my old Palm.

    Wow! Thanks for running this competition.
    One of many reasons to come back to Crackberry - the community, the developers and fun things to do!

    This would be pretty sweet, I could have a lot of fun with this app. Maybe if I win, I won't go and buy an iPhone now! Hahaha, just kidding! And hopefully the president can keep his BlackBerry. I know I wouldn't like it if I had mine taken away from me.

    Maybe this will actually get me to start using my Storm as a Camera, updated OS fixing the camera's bugs would help too.

    i have been waiting for this application since 1973, ok, maybe I am getting a little excited here but what the hick
    go OBAMA

    My Bold takes some great pics, this would be a great addition to make them even better to look at. Especially the ones I take of my pets!!

    Just droppin my comment in the hat. I hope it's a small hat to draw out of ... so small only my name is in it :)

    With the amazing resolution of the Blackberry Bold some magic with pictures would be an added welcome; since it comes with limited, if any user tools.

    This looks like a very cool app. Once I have this app. there is no reason for any verbal explaination of pictures just let picture magice do the work!

    It would be like having a scrap book without the mess and on my New BlackBerry BOld!!!!

    Thanks for this opportunity and Good Luck to Pres. Obama on keep a tight grip on his beloved Blackberry!!!

    I downloaded the demo. This app is greater than the one that is similar for the ipod touch.
    This kicks a$$ to the one that I have on my itouch!!!!!!

    Super excited about inaugeration today! Way to go OBAMA! Hope you can keep your Blackberry...I love mine and totally understand!

    I would use this software all the time. My sisters and I are always taking funny pictures and sending them to each other, posting on Facebook, etc. This software sounds like it would make my photos the best!

    Since I am a true blackberry fan, I also wish Obama good luck in keeping his berry!

    so this app looks pretty cool. i already terrorize people with posting my bb pics to facebook. this will make it that much more fun!

    I would love to have this app to use with my new Bold! Sending pictures will be more fun with Picture Magic!

    This is the coolest application ever. I love my blackberry and Crackberry.com