Chat with Reggae star Maxi Priest on BBM Channels

Chat with Reggae star Maxi Priest on BBM Channels
By DJ Reyes on 18 Jun 2014 08:09 am EDT

This is not the first time we've seen a Reggae artist make use of BBM Channels Chat to talk to fans. Back in October 2013, when BBM Channels was still in beta, Gyptian used the platform to chat to fans using his BlackBerry Q10. This time around Reggae star Maxi Priest will be at the helm of the VP Records BBM Channels to chat to fans.

The BBM Channel Chat will allow fans to ask Maxi about his latest album release Easy To Love, his first record in over a decade. The Channel Chat will take place over of VP Records Official BBM Channel on Friday June 20th, 2014 at 4pm GMT (5pm CET/11am EST). If you want to chat be sure to follow the VP Records BBM Channel using PIN C0003E8B3.

Press Release

Live BBM Channel Chat with VP's own MAXI PRIEST Friday June 20th 2014

On Friday June 20th Reggae Superstar Maxi Priest will be hosting a live chat with his fans via VP Records Official BBM Channel. Fans will be able to speak directly with Maxi at 4pm GMT / 5pm CET / 11am EST about his new album "Easy To Love" his career and more. To speak with Maxi download the BBM app on your BlackBerry; Apple or Android device and in the BBM Channel feature on the app add the VP Records BBM Channel using this PIN: C0003E8B3

"Easy To Love" is Maxi's first new studio album in almost a decade. 11 new songs taking him back to the foundation and highlighting Maxi's earliest musical influences; roots reggae and lover's rock. The album features Reggae music luminaries Sly Dunbar, Robbie Shakespeare, Earl 'Chinna' Smith, TheSteven 'Lenky' Marsden, Clive Hunt and labelmate Beres Hammond on the R&B flavored 'Without A Woman". The songwriting and production also feature some of the genre's best talents including; Colin 'Bulby' York, Handel Tucker (a producer on the hit "Close To You") and Donovan Germain. "Easy To Love" is an eagerly awaited album from one of the genre's most familiar and much loved voices. "Easy To Love" from Maxi Priest features the hits "Easy To Love", "Every Little Thing"; "Holiday" and the new single which is a remake of John Mayer hit "Gravity". The album also features a cover of the John McLean classic "If I Gave My Heart".

Maxi will also be performing LIVE at the world famous Glastonbury Festival Silver Hayes stage on Friday June 27th & will be at HMV Manchester for an exclusive in store signing on June 18th at 530pm

Follow the VP Records Official BBM Channel

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Chat with Reggae star Maxi Priest on BBM Channels


Looks like some of your comments got deleted on the Z3/India blog post, how come? :-))

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Make your dumb first comment, just don't speak for the rest of us here. You also seem to have a very limited spectrum of music taste and comprehension.

"Classic" better be a Bold 

oh don't be jealous that i have a job that allows me to travel.

The admins can see, I post from Canada all the time, and right now, I am in the US... So suck on that "First wannabe" LOSER!!!

And iBummer,what do you have to show?Apart from those silly 'FIRST' comments?

Incurable Q10 Syndrome.....Keep away!!!!!!

Maxi priest is actually legendary status in reggae. Used to listen to him as a teen. Great that musicians are willing to use BBM.

Posted via CB10

Jamaica is one of the countries that BlackBerry still has a strong hold in so this isn't really surprising to me at all.

Indeed, there is still relatively high Blackberry usage here in Jamaica, but that's almost exclusively BB6, BB7 devices.

I've successfully converted a few family members and friends to BB10, but Android is being adopted at fairly high rate. That, however, isn't the fault of BB10. Jamaicans have a tendency to follow whatever the rest of the world is doing, and can sometimes make ignorant statements.

Indeed, when I ask current and former colleagues why they wouldn't (at least) try BlackBerry 10, answers range from "Nobody uses BlackBerry anymore" to "Didn't Samsung buy them" to "Android is the most secure platform"

I'm z10ing. Yes, I invented a verb.

What a surprise. I love reggae and have liked maxi since way back, I will really look forward to this .

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Strollin on
♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Posted via CB10

Hey good for Maxi Priest and reggae fans, a small positive for BlackBerry and BlackBerry Channels popularisation.

Not much of a big deal for us majority of BlackBerry users who have little to no interest in Maxi Priest. Bit of a waste of time blog post, albeit harmless.

Posted via the inimitable Z10 handheld system.

He's not hard ore reggae he's the relaxing type. The kind u want to hear on a beach while drinking from a coconut. The other fools like bounty killah and that other idiot that went to jail for murder ruin the image and make people not even want to go to Jamaica. This guy's legit legend material. Not sure what to make of the channel owner yet.

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