Use the BlackBerry Logo in your BlackBerry Messenger Name!

BlackBerry Logo in BlackBerry Messenger!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2008 09:49 am EDT

This isn't actually a How To post. It's more of a I Want to Know How To Do This post. Check out the image above. It turns out in BlackBerry Messenger on OS4.6 on the BlackBerry Bold you can actually have the BlackBerry logo as a symbol, which, as you can see, makes for a pretty cool looking display name.

I stumbled onto it from one of my BBM contacts. But when I asked my friend how he did it, he didn't actually know. He got it by copying and pasting it from another contact who got it from another contact who got it from another contact who was somebody from RIM. I did the same and copied and pasted it into my BBM display name, but what I'd really like to know how to do is actually make it! What's the original shortcut? There must be one. Or not??

So if you know... post it in the comments! First to post the answer will get the satisifaction of being a CrackBerry Hero having helped BlackBerry Nation! Worst case, just keep an eye out on your contact's list... this BB logo is spreading like wild fire!

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Use the BlackBerry Logo in your BlackBerry Messenger Name!



You need a Bold for this.

While you're connected over 3G network to the BIS/BES server, the 3G (BB logo) appear on the screen...

Go to Manage Connections> Service Status>
Under Mobile Network it should say 3G(BB LOGO).. you have the option to copy it.

Done, exactly as you explained. Now if only I had some blackberry messenger contacts to show this off to :(

When someone gets the chance please send them to me as well :) Thank you My BBM pin is: 320A3A9B

- I had added someone here who said " they wanted to make the CB community happy " but he just removed me from the BBM contact list, lol.

Hi! Pls. someone can send me icones to my blackberry? like here. My pin no.232E6B33 icones for bbm, and what's up.

tnx. a lot

Copy the logo in bb messenger. Then go to options and go to auto text. select new and past the logo in the with part and type what you would want to show bb the logo in replace part like me I put it like this


this is where I pasted the logo I copied from somebodys messenger.

Then Save it and add the shortcut name to your name and bb logo will show :)

Gracias muchacho... this piece of info really came in handy been looking for a way to do this like 4ever.
Thanks again.

there isnt you have to make your own. In auto text just type the something you can think of like djfl in the Replace part and WIth: thats where you paste the logo

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What if you dont have a bb contact that has the logo??? Theres has to be an orginal key combo or procedure...

Indeed. I think this was the question originally asked in the article. Copy and past is quite easy, but what to do if I don't have the source...?

If anybody wants it just PIN me: 207BC674

P.S. I didn't have to set up autotext for it. I just copied and pasted it beside my name in BB messenger and it worked.

I started a thread in Discussions with the code.

It looks like a little block of nonsense but when you copy and paste it into an email and then send it to your berry............IT WORKS!!

i like this a lot. can you send to me as well? id like it use it as a template to see if i can whip up my own :)
p: 245AD088

As for an original procedure , I emailed it to my self and got an italicized "(" so who knows

PIN ME I HAVE IT!!! 24875ff1

That was me. If anybody needs it and needs instructions on anything other than the Bold PIN me: 207BC674

you should be able to find out the key stroke command, you guys know how your typing in one conversation and someone else msgs you, you can see what they type...

it will show the keystock command in the txt line, and not the symbol

eg instead of a smiley face you will see :-)

This sounds super cool. Would it be possible to add any logo/icon if this works?

My pin is 205574e7


Yeah, it's just 4 dots...maybe its not the BB logo, maybe it's a ghetto version of the windows logo!

... which was a week ago.

Go to Manage Connections -> Services Status
Under Mobile Network mine has 3G then the logo
I just copied it put it in my autotext under "BB" and also put it in my BB messenger name.

Essentially just find the logo somewhere on your BB and just copy paste it. Forget the whole email thing.

This shows how much the crackberry community comes together when something is out there that we can only get with the help of others.

I for one didn't have this and pinned someone that left a post on here last night early this morning. Not only did they bb message back but took they time to explain the best and easiest way to get it on there.

We chatted for a minute or two, found out he's lucky enough to have the bold and joked about that as well.

I see a lot of posts on here with people droppin their pins to be contacted for it (mines on there) and I'm sure anyone who wants it pinned has received it. I'm just glad to be a part of this community and website. Keep it goin crack heads.

Maybe someone in your forums put this others icon, somebody bring to us in but are not being posted as :
☁ ♡ ♥ ☇ ⌣ ♋

thanks for the symbols! i just copied them on my computer and sent them to my Blackberry then i copied them and added them in my autotext. i heart the heart icons!!!

And NO, you don't need a Bold, stop the rumours. Read the link i posted, Curve and Pearl users did it too.

Hi i need help on putting it on my pearl i have the icon in autotext, but it will not go to my bb messager what did i do wrong.

everyone going crazy over this symbol and it isnt even the bb symbol from what i can see. it has 4 dots but according to my bb i have 7 dots 2,3,2 whats the big deal over a bootleg symbol lol was it made in china?

Hey can someone send me a PIN message with the list of icons we can use in BBmessenger please? Saw the blog on the front page, so I figured I would ask.


Thank you, Happy Friday

can someone tell me what i am doing wrong, i have not been able to paste this logo into bb messenger. my pin is 2431298D

like i said i have the logo on my curv. the way i got it is because i work for best buy and a BB rep went in there with a bold and was showing me things about it and he sent it to me. If you want it i cant also send it to you just PIN me: 2410f51c

with extra awesomeness on top, can someone PIN this to me? it would be very much appreciated.

PIN: 31A38FF0

could someone send me the group of icons? i'd appreciate it a lot:
just send a message with all of them and i'll copy them off you.
thanks in advance.

can anyone here figure out how to get the "N" from windings as a symbol in bbm? It is a jolly rodger (skull and cross bones)

I an running version 4.5+ and have html email, tried sending it to myself with no luck.

With all the smart people around here, i bet someone can figure it out



 I have a new Curve 8330 and this worked. Copy that little square into an email by highlighting it and pressing ctrl+C to copy and pressing ctrl+V to paste it to the email. Send it to your device in the email and open it. Your device can read it. My computer can't. Message me if you have problems. It worked for me :)

Someone said you can get the skull and crossbones... I'm still looking for that one :( If anyone has it, you should help me out ;) Thanks :P


Back-space's method worked for me. Thank you by the way. Only problem I had was Mozilla firefox did not recognize the the symbol but Internet Explorer did and allowed me to copy and paste to my e-mail with no problems. Once I had it on my phone I went into auto text and named the logo "bbl" and pasted the logo right in the appropriate spot. Once you have accomplished that go to blackberry messenger, go to "edit my info" and put "bbl" no quotes and your name. good luck crack heads = )

The method worked for me, too, in that I have an AutoText entry properly formatted. However, the bbl before my name in BlackBerry Messenger doesn't change. I'm on a Bold with OS 4.6 -- any ideas?

if anyone happens to be up this late and stumbles apon this and has the symbol add and send it to me 302a7e80 - kevin

There are more characters available for this. I use a phone icon personally. Just nice to be different. :)

Hey! so I need some help asap!
I was wondering if anyone has the clear heart (to put next to my name) for BBM I really really want it and have no clue has to how to get it !

& my other question is there any way to change your font color on blackberrys in general or in BBM convos?

please let me know

Robin :)

hey guys i have tons of different small icons including the bb symbol. if you want them send me an email with you pin and ill def PIN them to you

ilPadrino888, or ANYONE, can you please send the symbol to (+ any newer ones)? I haven't been able to find any.

PIN #: 24B4B617

Hello my name is kitty,
I would luv 2 receive symbols for my bb.
Is it possible 2 send 2 my ping: 258B4D5E
I am looking for symbols for over 2 weeks now.
with no result.
Thanx in advance

Hi silverspoon, were you ever able to get the bb logo for instant berry messaging? If so would you mind sending it to me...thanks in advance...3079bcb4

can anyone add me and help me get this on my pearl? pin is 31DFED24. Also would love to get any other symbols anyone might have!!! thanks

Can someone please graciously make my day and send the logo to me please. It would be really awesome of you!!! pin- 24b2de86

I've got the BB(ish) logo but am looking for some other ones. i.e. skull & cross bones, etc. if anyone has any could you please pin them to me?
Thank-you in advance.
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Could someone be so kind and send me all of the cute BBM icons, including the BBM symbol? My PIN#20770C86..THanks

Hey, I'm new to this and have the tour. Could someone please send me those logos and symbols for my bbm pin. I would really appreciate it, thanks a lot. pin:30F87765