To have and to Bold, wedding apps for your BlackBerry

By Ryan Blundell on 13 Sep 2011 04:08 pm EDT

BlackBerry Wedding Apps

Look at how happy they are together. They’re so illuminated you can’t help but share in the joy of their union. Oh, and the bride and groom look great too. These two are BlackBerry users through and through. They are extremely detail oriented; which was reflected in the wedding and reception. It was, by far, one of the best weddings I’ve had the honour of attending. A few days after the wedding, I asked them if they had used any applications to help them keep organized; surprisingly, they said no. This made me want to seek out any application that may be out there that can be of use for those who are just starting out in their wedding plans. With so many website out there that offer advice on weddings, the idea of lugging around a mammoth binder filled with ideas and plans seems obsolete (and down right silly). There are quicker, smarter ways to prepare. On the other hand, the thought of a Bridezilla with a BlackBerry that utterly scares me. Check out the apps listed in the article and see if they can help you from the moment you put on the engagement ring, to the day you put on the wedding ring.

Wedding Checklist

Wedding Checklist

For some, stress can be reduced by something as simple as marking something completed on a checklist. Guest list? Done. Wedding Dress fitting? Done. Hire Ryan as the wedding singer? Definitely done. Wedding Checklist gives a detailed To Do list for every aspect of a wedding; each entry can have a list of items that you can check off as they are completed. Each checked box is one step closer to a perfect wedding. Hopefully you don’t have to check off a surprise visit from an obsessed ex. Wedding Checklist is available for $1.99 from BlackBerry App World.


  • Create your very own individual lists
  • Save multiple different lists
  • Choose from our suggested list entries and add your own entries
  • See your progress immediately with the background bar
  • Compare your progress of different saved lists in the “My Lists” menu
  • Create your own categories, you can even have identical entries in different categories
  • Easy and quick access to your last used lists via the start screen
  • Change name and category of existing entries
  • Name your individual lists

More information on Wedding Checklist

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses

I haven’t seen too many of my friends pick up bridal magazines in order to check out wedding dress ideas. Rather than dog-earring pages, they’re bookmarking sites and snapping pictures using their smartphones. I’m pretty sure they’ve ventured to to get ideas for their dress, hair, invitations and so on. You can access thousands of wedding dress images from your BlackBerry using the Wedding Dress application; the dress designs can be found on the Ring Bearer site.Wedding Dresses is free from BlackBerry App World.


  • Wedding Date Countdown
  • Create your wedding dress scrapbook by adding your favorite dress to your scrapbook
  • Rate your favorite dress
  • Share dresses with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail
  • Find a retailer near you, get the directions to the retailer store, call the store with a single tap or send an e-mail
  • Find a dress for your bridesmaids from thousands of bridesmaids dresses
  • Create account to view your scrapbook and ratings on our website or on another device
  • Find all the upcoming wedding shows and/or bridal shows in your area
  • You can search for your dream dress, filter by silhouette, neckline and hemline

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Ultimate Wedding App

Ultimate Wedding App

Sarah Haywood is a wedding planner that is world renowned and well sought after. If you can’t seem to get in touch with her, fret not: at least you can pick up her official app! Regardless if you’re planning an extravagant wedding, or a simple ceremony, the Ultimate Wedding App captures her expertise and makes it accessible from your BlackBerry; well actually, it’s a multi-platform application. Besides budget tracking, guest managing and scheduling, the application also includes tips and advice from Sarah Haywood herself. The Ultimate Wedding App is $9.99 from BlackBerry App World.

  • Budget Tracker in multiple currencies with assign feature to assist allocate the wedding budget. Allows user to view the total spend to date and includes a contingency fund. Link to the Wedding Planner for auto update of budget information
  • Wedding Planner divided into key categories of wedding planning with tips, advice and checklists. Links to the Supplier/Vendor Contacts Directory and Budget Manager to automatically update financial information. Facility for user to add custom categories and notes
  • Wedding Checklist viewable by category and by task due date. Links to the Wedding Planner, Budget Manager, Supplier/Vendor Contacts Directory and with the facility for the user to add new custom tasks
  • Guest Manager allows guests to be imported from user's device or manual input. Guests can be grouped and in multiple categories (e.g. bridal party, groom’s family, bridesmaid etc.) with facility to add custom groups. Allows guests to be custom grouped in more than one event (e.g. Stag/Bachelor Party, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Guest etc.). Ability to export group lists and email groups. Facility to manage RSVPs, make table assignment for the table plan and note gift received from guest
  • Supplier/Vendor Contacts Directory linked to groups (e.g. Wedding Ceremony, Reception, Rehearsal Dinner etc.) and with facility to create custom groups
  • Schedule: create your own Wedding Day Schedule from the template and share vie email. Facility to create multiple events.

More information on Ultimate Wedding App

Wedding Vows

Wedding Vows

I remember before I got married, my biggest worry was being able to convey how I felt through my wedding vows. I wanted to make sure everyone, especially my then-future-wife, knew what was in my heart. I can honestly say that I did not copy and paste anything from anywhere – my words were true. (awww). If you’re having trouble getting your feelings across, then take a look at the Wedding Vows application. They offer a few templates for you to use; whether you do so word for word or simply inspiration. If you’re daring enough, you can also pull out your BlackBerry and read your vows from the app. It may be the only time you’re allowed to look at your BlackBerry that day. Wedding Vows is available for $2.99 from BlackBerry App World.

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For the PlayBook, Weddingella is prefect for managing task lists, budgets and seating. In fact, the app has a seating section where you can create and edit a layout of the reception and arrange who will sit where. In the guest list section you can keep track of who is/isn’t attending and even those who are still sitting on the fence. Weddingella is available for $3.99 from BlackBerry App World.

More information on Weddingella

I do!

So these are a few suggestions for what you can use to plan your wedding. Of course there are plenty of apps that can be used for other aspects, as well. BlackBerry Travel makes it easy to plan, manage and book your honeymoon plans. Through it, you can search for hotels and flight information. During the reception there are almost always a few presentations to be seen on a TV or projector. For some, it’s a neatly organized, for others (who have a PlayBook), it’s a chance to bring the presentation to life. Flawlessly display images, videos and more with your PlayBook in presentation mode. Our own Joseph did an outstanding job of showing off the presentation possibilities. Perhaps you can also create a BBM group between you and your bridesmaids or groomsmen. The whole group can keep track of where to meet and who needs to do what. Who can forget about the fun to be had on your wedding night…and on your honeymoon. While I would normally say it’s ok to put your BlackBerry down; you may want to check out some other apps you newlyweds could…”benefit” from. You can check out a few Kevin let us know about last year.

Do you think you can make use of the apps listed above? What are you using to organize your wedding? Let us know! Congratulations Megan and Allan!



Cool. Are there any FREE simple wedding apps that just offer a countdown?


Any normal countdown apps


i just think its funny that they are holding torches with a title that says to have and to bold


:( the wedding dresses app isn't available for my 9900 :(


Doesn't look like the Ultimate Wedding App is either. Too bad - those were the two that looked like they would be helpful.


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