Have $8k to spare? Check out this 24ct Gold Plated BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981

By Adam Zeis on 13 Mar 2012 11:14 am EDT

Gold Plated BlackBerry P9981

As if the $2,000 base price for the Porsche Design P'9981 wasn't enough, you can now buy your very own 24ct gold plated version on eBay. The Buy It Now price is set at £4,799.99 (or just over $7,500 US) and gets you a brand new, limited edition, 24ct gold plated device. According to the listing only 100 of these will be made and each will be marked and numbered. 10% of the sale price even goes to support the Sport Relief charity.

So if having a plain old BlackBerry P'9981 wasn't quite your style, maybe a gold plated P'9981 is more your thing? If you haven't seen the P'9981 before be sure to check Kevin's first impressions video [full review coming soon]. Hit the link below for more, and if you actually buy one then we'd love to hear about it! Thanks Dave!

Check out the gold plated BlackBerry P'9981 on eBay

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Reader comments

Have $8k to spare? Check out this 24ct Gold Plated BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981


Sure! Why not eh? I mean who doesn't have a spare 8k to blow on things now-a-days...

/s(just in case)

Sure why not after all...$500 for an App, $2,000 for a Phone, its just a matter of time before we see an un-boxing.

Seriously... This THING is the ugliest phone on the planet (including the regular version). Why anyone in their right mind would want it is beyond me. I'm a huge Blackberry fan, but if they ever change the look of the phone to THIS, I'll be rethinking what smartphone I want.

Well I guess thats 50 50 because I am a Huge fan of Blackberry and Love the P9981 I have held it and it looks f ing amazing lol so i guess there are mixed opinions

As said in the article - "If you haven't seen the P'9981 before" - fortunate enough not to rather !

This looks horrendous. Those of us blessed with the gift of sight ought to be pre-warned when this is next shown.

One born every minute !!!

I thought the next one was supposed to be the Titanium one with the built in dilythium crystals????

I didn't mind the original silver one. I mean, there's no way I would have dropped the money for it anyway, but I think the gold one is sexy!

$8000 would pretty much cover my tuition for the remainder of my BBA degree, so if anyone feels like spending that kind of money, why not do it for a good cause :D - the panda needs tuition money

Seriously. Kevin....do NOT buy this, even if you can. I'd also rather see you donate $8000 to a good charity.

At least it will be a real eye catcher! Showing off your bling bling and maintaining your professional cool!

I heard that AT&T is giving these out as upgrades for contracts of minimum duration of 2 generstions of your immediate family members????

And when i think that this equals about 27playbooks.... Untill they get it a saphire or diamond trackpad installed they can count me off >:(

No. Even at the present ridiculous gold price, heavy duty gold plating is not very expensive. Even an ounce of the stuff plus the $800 donation wouldn't come near the price increase over standard. I can't be bothered to do the arithmetic, but a gramme of gold should be enough to provide a very solid coating. If it really is 24ct they might have applied a layer of nitride over to give it durability, but if it costs more than a few hundred dollars, someone doesn't know what they are doing.

I'm calling BS. 24ct gold would not hold up to wear and tear of daily handling. Most gold coins are 22ct or less. The organization that would allegedly have to handle the gold would surely know this...

Judging based on looks again? Come on. LEARN TO APPRECIATE. My goodness.

I wish mine was exactly like that. Maybe soon enough I'll get a pink housing... :)

You can plate it in gold, platinum or whatever you like - it still doesn't look like a BlackBerry to me.

looks like it got hit over the head with the ugly stick.

The thing must cost more than the net worth of Lazaridis by now. lol

I know you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but you have to wonder how RIM picks their designer partners.

Two things:

1) Kevin if you buy this device I think my respect for you will go down just a little

2) Since the P9981 is a 9900, does it have the bricking bug too?

I think Kevin MUST buy this, the only true FanBerry, has to have it. I hope to see proof in a few weeks time with him having this one in his hand.
As for me, i'd never get it. I'm not even really i fan. I use it because work/location forces me.

If smartphones were around in the 1980's they would have looked like the P'9981 - ugliest smartphone of all time.. (I am a blackberry fan as well)

Yeah this looks really, really tacky. Gold and then that really UGLY design. Maybe guys like it better, but I think it's horrid looking.

for 8k and no diamonds? what the f*** is wrong with rim

i wanna be iced out son!!!!! lol

But in all honesty to the fashion buyer porsche isn't gonna appeal as much although its a good looking phone i think to capture the luxury buyers dollar they need to go with something more fashionable not like the cliche gucci and louis vuittons but preferably with a watch maker.

Id love to see Breitling for Blackberry or Audemars for blackberry or Patek phillippe for blackberry, stuff that has a lot of prestige that your average joe can't get, it could even come with its own custom serial number to its registered owner and papers to come with it, it should also come with free upgrades, say if blackberry 10 becomes blackberry 11 you should be able to send it back for a complete hardware upgrade at least a couple times.

A side note: i think the porsche design phone is too plain on the back, thats what people are going to see the most, if you have a 8k gold phone, the battery door should be blinding the driver in the next lane.