Haters NOT Hating?!! BlackBerry Love *finally* getting pitched again

Haters Not Gonna Hate?! AWESOME
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Dec 2012 05:06 pm EST

FINALLY. After two years of receiving nothing but PR pitches proclaiming the death of BlackBerry as we know it, today the tide turned and I just received a PR pitch that's positive on BlackBerry and the upcoming launch of BlackBerry 10...


By most accounts RIMs survival depends upon the success of the BlackBerry 10 (BB10). Twenty-year cell phone veteran Marc Leff, has been tracking the history and evolution of BlackBerry since its earliest days, and is available for comment on BB 10 trending news, consumer patterns, and the BB lifecycle.

As founder of GRC Recycling and SmartphoneTradeIn.com, Leff has bought back and resold millions of BB devices over the past decade, providing him with a unique expert perspective on the company. While BlackBerry has struggled as of late in the U.S., Leff sees the brand's strength holding up well overseas.

As the leading buyback and recycling company of BB devices, Leff resells most of his refurbished BB stock to 2nd hand markets in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Leff believes that a strong BB10 launch in the U.S. will recapture the company's glory around the world.

Like the iPhone5 release, consumers will be looking to offload their existing BB devices to trade up to BB10. 50 percent of SmartphoneTradeIn.com's current trade ins are BB's, and Leff expects that figure to increase significantly with the BB 10 release.

Leff's GRC Recycling pioneered the cell phone collection and recycling for charity concept 10 years ago, and has since recycled six million cell phones. Leff launched SmartphoneTradeIn.com earlier this year to tap into the growing smartphone trade in market, and offers consumers market leading pricing on BB trade ins. He has become a go-to source for over a decade who can talk about the history of popular models and which ones trade in heavily today.

Again, he is available to provide expert commentary about the history of BlackBerry's from a consumer and small businesses perspective, and he can lend commentary on what he thinks BB10 has to do in order to make features more appealing. Let me know if I can put you in touch with him, should you have anything in the works.


Jerry Schranz | Account Supervisor
B E C K E R M A N | Antenna Group
One University Plaza| Suite 507| Hackensack, NJ 07601

Ok. So it's not the most well-written or compelling pitch I've ever read, but it's definitely POSTIVE about BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10 which is GREAT to finally see come through my inbox again. As BlackBerry 10 approaches, we're definitely feeling the momentum build for BlackBerry once again. We're seeing it in our CrackBerry forums and community. We're seeing it in the share price. We're seeing it as demonstrated by a PR pitch like this. And most importantly, I'm starting to observe it from REAL people I talk to while out about.

Even this past weekend, I had to head out on the town Friday and Saturday evening (Christmas parties and stuff like that), and I was amazed by the BlackBerry positivity I was encountering. This past year most conversations I get into with people I don't see that have often have been a little awkward as they're thinking BlackBerry doom and gloom and they're talking to the CrackBerry guy. But this weekend was different. It wasn't even me bringing it up the subject - it was friends, friends of friends, my fiance's co-workers, etc. that were talking about BlackBerry and BlackBerry 10. There was genuine awareness and excitement for the Ten.

RIM's early efforts on the BB10 marketing front are clearly starting to pay off. Only 43 more sleeps to go.

Keep it up RIM. #BB10BELIEVE 

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Haters NOT Hating?!! BlackBerry Love *finally* getting pitched again


"So it's not most well-written or compelling pitch I've ever read, but it's definitely POSTIVE".

Neither is that sentence the most well-written. Postive?

You just got busted for being a hater. :p 

WAHAHAHA.. I did that on purpose. I figured if you're gonna make fun of somebody's writing, you need to make your own mistakes.



People, once and for all:

"there"= a place that's not "here"
"their"= belonging to them
"they're"= they are

Please pass it along, to the whole web, preferably!

You forgot to read "Like the iPhone5 release..." This also happened prior to the iPhone 5 release, people with older iPhones start getting TradeIn offers so they can sell it in time for the new phone.

When I saw this in my rss reader I thought the article was going to be about the "Love what you do" line of commercials being run again.

Heyyyyyyyyyyy everybody its kevin here for crackberry.com we are live in toronto for the launch event of blackberry 10 and thorsten heins is about to take to the stage

Looking forward to that

LOL! That's the best picture ever!!! I use the regular version when people text me and make fun of my phone. So now I can use dis juan. Iz duh bess. Anyways this is great

Buying shares now in Research In Motion Ltd. isn’t a wise investment, warns UBS Securities Canada Inc. analyst Phillip Huang.

While surprised by the swift turnaround in market sentiment since late September, he notes there’s a disturbing historical precedent for a stock rally in a hand-held computer maker that ended in tears: Palm Inc.

Palm saw its shares skyrocket from $3 to about $18 as it struggled to regain significance in the mobile computer market. But the stock fell back to $3.76 in about 15 months before it was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2010 for a mere $5.70 per share.

“Interestingly, RIM, Nokia and HTC have all rebounded strongly off their recent lows with the market hopeful that as many as four platforms and ecosystems (iOS, Android, Windows, BB10) can succeed. We remain doubtful,” Mr. Huang said in a research note.

He notes the recent rebound in RIM’s stock price comes amid no change in fundamentals, given that the BlackBerry 10 device won’t hit store shelves until Jan. 30.

“With the shares now well above the 200-day moving average and trending towards the upper end of our sum-of-the-parts range, we find the risk increasingly skewed to the downside,” Mr. Huang added. “The range of outcomes is wide, and we can’t recommend shares on a low probability of success for BlackBerry 10.”

He conceded, however, that until the launch of the BlackBerry 10, “there are likely limited hurdles” to stop the stock inching higher.

Downside: Mr. Huang maintained a $9.50 (U.S.) stock price and “neutral” rating.

Nothing wrong with predicting positive/negative movement in a stock.

But as soon as someone compares RIM's stock to Palm's their argument has lost any credibility in my eyes

No kidding. You would think that after the Palm comparison has been discredited, it might be time to update your analogies. Anyways, we shouldn't be too hard on Mr. Huang. He is an analyst and as such is trained to look in the rear view mirror. They rarely look forward and consequently miss trends and new developments.

Clearly Mr. Huang was still playing the long Apple-short RIM pair trade too late in the game and wasn't nimble enough to unwind it before both of those turned and now he is left trying to salvage something of it, hence his "analysis" which should be given all the consideration it is worth......movin'on!

Mr. Huang and let his wang hang. RIMM != PALM. An analyst making this kind of comparison should not be considered a knowledgeable fellow. RIMM has NO DEBT, has CASH on hand, 80 MILLION subscribers (and growing), etc, etc. I wonder what he said about Apple when the company was one quarter away from going bankrupt before being bailed out by MS.

"... No changes in fundamentals.." Is this guy for real? He really needs to pay attention. Haters gonna hate.

Ha ha, as a self confessed member of the grammar-slama-jammas all I can say to my team mates is that if you think it's bad here, never visit GSMArena - the comments there make one's head explode!

Ubs IS as crooked as canacrap! I can't get sued for saying that because it's the truth,lol!

"while surprised by the swift turnaround in market sentiment since late September ......"

Dear Phillip Huang,

You stupid ignorant sluttt,(gotta luv SNL) you truly have no clue about Blackberry BB10 or "market sentiment".

You are not hooked into social media because if you were you would have seen/felt/heard the

market shift positive for Blackberry BB10 back before Aug this year in a big way.

That sentiment grows everyday, so much so it leaves folks like you meaningless.

Want to redeem yourself?? Then do some research instead of writing what you are told to

write, better yet hav the balls to come onto www.Crackberry.com

Everyone is talking about BB10 in my neck of the woods.
I've never seen so many people so excited about something. !!!

Everyone is starting to realize it! And I'm in full force preaching mode!!! THE TEN IS COMING THE TEN IS COMING.

Yeah, this is a pretty blatant one-man press release! 'Hey Kevin, before the launch of the iPhone 5, we saw a big increase in the number of customers at Tom's Mega Burger! The best burger joint in town - come for the widest variety of relishes and sauces in New Jersery! Now, at Tom's Mega Burger, we are seeing a big increase in sales with the upcoming release of BB10! Come into Tom's and mention Crackberry to go large - for free! Tom's - come for the food, stay for the sterile nostalgia.' Small print - Tom's Mega Burger is a fictional diner for purposes of parody and humour, any similarity between this and any other resturant, living or dead is purely coincidental.

Actually ordinary customers have no interest whatsoever in the New BB10. The only ones who go crazy about BB10 is Crackberry and similar BB Tech-sites and RIM of course.
A storm in a teacup !

Sorry to disappoint Mr Bobcat, but I'm not a hater ! I have BB Bold 9900 and a Playbook and use them both but I' m not living inside the "Blackberry Bubble"! :)

Developers are excited, that's very important. The average consumer just needs to be told what to buy. Once its on the shelf its important for the point of sales vendors to push the BB devices. If Verizon pushed BBs as much as they push Droid you should see a nice pop.

Get a grip. Trip through the local mall and make a serious effort to note all the devices in use and how the majority are NOT the latest handsets. Windows Phone 8 itself is having traction troubles in spite of having an easier to use interface than iOS and Android while also being aesthetically more pleasing to the "ordinary customer". Familiarity is a big thing to most people whether they realize it or not and Apple has been banking on this since the 4s. A new RIM device with a feature set that smokes the others out of the box is an easy sell to non-techie types because of its familiarity but how easy could it be? Bean counters I work with are already flashing the green light on buying out current handset's contracts for a mass migration back to familiar ground.

BB10 marketing hasn't started in earnest yet... that's why consumers are "not interested"... but, as this video shows, just about everybody who does see it takes away an excellent impression and eager anticipation for the launch.

Arthur108, how is your comment relevant unless you have excellent insider info and the requisite skill to determine that the marketing plan that is not in "full swing" will not meet it's objectives?

I don't think your comment is relevant at all... just another "BB Fan" who just has to say something negative or irrelevant with nothing to support your position. Not helpful, really.

Arthur108, the "Crackberry Bubble" has millions of viewers, so "bubble" would hardly be an apt term.

"Ordinary customers" do have internet , so if they hit directly on Crackberry.com great, if not those millions visiting Crackberry.com do propagate in a viral way to other social media avenues, where the "ordinary customer" is also.

Keep in mind that is just Crackberry.com in regards to social media propagation, there are many other websites/blogs etc. that are not technology based propagating BB10 to the masses.

Don't ever underestimate viral marketing, it's a very powerful marketing tool. Keep in mind that strategy is but only phase one of Blackberry's BB10 roll out.

The Blackberry marketing to date is brilliant, I look forward to more. :)

" Can your phone do this? "

Former 9700 user turned Android user, contract expired a month ago waiting on the N-Series to jump back on BB. I can't wait.

Ironically, as I'm posting this, Telkomsel and Indosat are pushing iPhone 5 with TV commercials.

I'll have BlackBerry 10 as my birthday gift, and it's gonna be a long wait. Let's hope the hardware gets much software love, and that later incarnations of BlackBerry 10 OS has theme support.

I'm not really worried about iphone5 hype in indonesia. Why?
1. Compared to cheap line of android products the iphone market share here is still very small because iphone doesn't have cheap line products. Price is still the most deciding factor here. Though carriers like telkomsel&indosat are “trying” to start the subsidized iphone plan by offering iphone5 starting from Rp3millions=±$300 (indosat) and Rp1millions=±$100 (telkomsel), the monthly subscribtions are still too expensive (±$30 on indosat and ±$90 on telkomsel). Averge people here spend only around $3 - $25/month for their mobile phone. Iphone5 won't sell good here. Even samsung galaxy's line that sells good is not the top line like note/ sIII but the middle and lower line like ace and duos.
2. The iphone5 tv commercials from telkomsel&indosat is only one of many commercial they have. They are not pushing it, they are more focused to average/ordinary people who have tight budget for their mobile phone. They have other tv commercials they push for people that just want to be able to connect to the internet with whatever phone they have (telkomsel's agnes monica's new exclusive song is seen more often than the iphone ads).

I think when bb10 launched, market here will follow the hype too, but probably more to OS7 than bb10 (assuming OS7's price will got lowered because of the bb10 launch). People will buy bb10, but I think more people will hunt for cheaper OS7.

I sent Ryan Block of engadget fame an email telling him to tell the editors at engadget to stop harshing on RIM and that if they continue I would take it up with the review board of Americas media standards association. we had a pretty good chat about it, how I felt that engadget being so big and influential that they could ruin a brand, he assured me it wouldn't happen again and you know what he was right. they now praise the new look and feel of BB10. sometimes you just gotta talk to the ones really in charge to get stuff figured out.

Oh and I get my bb10 as a free upgrade with Rogers, considering I have been with them since 1996 and never got an upgrade. thats 16 years in hell so far but soon to rise like a phoenix from the ashes to flight of my L series BB10.

Thanks for the shout out, Kevin. If you really want a good laugh, I only recently departed from the BB world for greener pastures but for the longest time I've been clinging to my original leather BB case with the belt clip to house my iPhone. It's a nice joke around the office here but I'm sure there are many more sentimental types like me, maybe that's got something to do with wishful thinking. Have you seen this not so distant sketch by The One Ronnie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yiLg5RH6gA which starts off where his blackberry isn't working? Give it a whirl.
Stay Pos'tiv and have a happy holidays.

Are the naysayers finally not naysaying anymore?!? By golly Jenkins what year is this? What colour is Micheal Jackson? Good to see The Ten fever spreading!!

I think every single time someone from RIM or CrackBerry is interviewed by a site like engadget or CNet or BGR in the future, they should just be polite and calm and before the interview is over, the RIM or CrackBerry rep should say "oh, before we finish, I'd just like to remind you how absolutely terrible you were to RIM in 2012.... your site talked a lot of trash, willfully ignoring all the right moves that that RIM was making with BB10 development and developer relations, stuff that was very well publicized but you just left it out of any of your posts about RIM or BlackBerry, and you posted every bit of uninformed negative sentiment, and none of the positive... except when you would also make some sarcastic remark... Boy were YOU ever WRONG! Wow, you were just totally incompetent and unprofessional with regard to RIM for just about the whole year, until the buzz for BB10 was so positive your stupid jokes just weren't funny any more. Really, you should be ashamed of yourselves, putting yourselves out there as technically sophisticated and informed, yet being so absolutely terribly WRONG about, well, just about everything related to RIM. I hope you learned a bit about journalistic ethics, because 2012 was a real low point for you guys."

(I deserve to use the positive F-BlackBerryBomb, because it's DAMN AWESOME!!!)