This has to be the dumbest mobile accessory I have ever seen....

By Kevin Michaluk on 25 Jun 2012 12:10 pm EDT

I don't watch too much television outside of specific shows / sports I like to stay on top of, but Saturday night I had the tv on in the background while some friends were over visiting and I happened to catch the commercial above.

That was the first time I watched the commercial or ever heard about the GoJo. I almost spit out my beer laughing in disbelief. I thought it was a joke at first, and then realized this guy was being serious. Jumping onto the web, it looks like the GoJo has been available for a while now. Thank god I have yet to ever see a person ever use one. And hopefully I never will. Wow. 

Check out the video above -- it's good for a Monday laugh -- then be sure to sound off in the comments. Is this something you would ever consider using for real? I'm *hoping* not... I don't think I'll be bugging the e-commerce team to get this one in stock at anytime soon...

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This has to be the dumbest mobile accessory I have ever seen....


Wow! I'll keep this product in mind if I ever find the need to strap my laptop to the side of my head. For the moment, I think my Bluetooth headset will suffice. :-D Thanks for the laugh!

What a terrible invention................nothing like putting all those cell waves up against your head. The hands-free part is only ONE reason people use a real headset.

I really hope that its the rubber band causing the indent on his forehead.. Not the years of use doing that.

This coming from the guy who spent $200 on a android app last could buy 800 of those for that price, and give them away on I think it is not a bad idea at all.

I could not resist :). I still can not believe you bought a $200 android app. Are you going to buy the most Expensive windows and iPhone app as well? If so, I need to start writing one ;)

Anyways..... The main issue I have with this accessory is not the look, but the suction cup. They don't work well, and when your precious $500+ phone detaches and shatters, you need a replacement.

Maybe Crackberry can do a hands free giveaway inspired by this accessory?

This is really funny! I have never seen One of this (thank Good). I think I would bust out laughing in front of the person. I think is is deffinitely useful for the laptop when using Skype. LOL

The question remaining is that if you have the phone on your hear with the "headset" while driving, why the mat offer?

Thank you for helping me have a good start this Monday morning.

Perfect! Now I don't need to bring a bag to school for my laptop! I'll just strap it to my face.

I don't think it's a bad idea. Lol. I would rock one! Not in public though. Just as how I would never rock a blue tooth ear piece in public

Sharing this with my wife to humor her this morning she reminded me about a photo we received via e-mail a while back. The picture was of a guy with his cell phone rubber banded and taped to his head while driving. She is right; I remember now! I think this guy got this idea from that picture! LOL

This is no worse than the people I see walking around with their phones tucked up in their baseball caps. That's the ORIGINAL poor-man's handsfree lol

I saw them for sale at the beast from bentonville store about a month ago. I would never in a million years buy or wear one I'm just waiting to see someone wearing one in public.

You know what would be a really cool accessory in the year 2020 ? Augmented reality contact lens connected to your smartphone.. Ooh I better pattent that before crapple does ..

Kevin, I say you order about 50 of these bad boys and then hold a contest for 50 "Editors' Choice", mystery, handsfree devices. Give one to each winner and wait for the comedy to happen :p

BILLY MAYS HERE!!.....To sell you a.....headband?.....with a suction cup on one end?....

Pass..... give it to the ShamWow guy.

These are sold in the 'As Seen on TV' section at Dollar General. I don't know how much they were asking for them due to my eyes rolling.

As silly as it may appear I could actually see myself getting some use out of this. I answer phones at work all the time and have to push out emails or look stuff up and this would be a lot more comfortable than holding the phone between my head and shoulder. Also I love to be active while I'm on the phone so this would work. I know a lot of people will tell me to get a bluetooth headset but I dislike them quite a bit and to get a good one it costs over $100!!! I can get 4 with the offer for $10. I know it looks silly and more than likely won't be widely adopted (then again who knows) but, I have to disagree with you Kevin. I would put my money towards this before I would ever consider buying a $500 Clock App or a $200 Android App. You Crazy lol

My sister and I were riding the tram up to the Getty Museum (LA) last week and a woman had a full-size telephone ear-mouth thingie plugged into her cellphone and was using it. It was a Princess Phone PINK. I could only think she had a hearing problem and could not deal with an in-ear setup.

I feel like slapping this guy. For real though we can make fun of this dude all we want. People are actually buying this crap and he's probably rolling in dough.

Im just upset I didnt think of this. Could be rolling in the dough on all the people that "will" send their money in to get this. Phone probably wont stay stuck, and headband will probably stretch out of shape. It will end up in the kitchen drawer with all the rest of the junk, but I would still have cash rolling into the bank. Grrrr, got to come up with an invention!

Yep I've seen the commercial. First time I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for the punchline... and then (like Kevin) I realized it was a for-real gadget they were pushing. For actual landlines, there are multiple wireless headsets available.

For mobile, there are also multiple Bluetooth headsets available. (Often for free/discount when you buy your device)

But, like any business, the whole point is to make money. And I'm sure there are a bunch of suckers who will buy this, and therefore make somebody richer. It doesn't matter how crappy it is -- all that matters is that people WILL buy it.

Yeah but this one device replaces both... Kidding...

Who uses a landline anymore except at work or calling from your grandmothers house???

Sorry to burst bubbles but i have seen that a few months back. It is stupid in its own. Wonder if they even sold any.

LOL I'm going to get two, one side my bold and the other playbook. Just hoping I don't stumble into quick sand and sink immediately! Now where is my weight shaker......

I want to laugh too... Sadly, being behind a corporate firewall that restricts ALL streaming media I have no idea what the fuss is about.

A search for "gojo" turns up a bunch of hand cleaning products.

There's no description, no external link and no still of the product.

But hey who cares about the corporate people. RIM obviously doesn't anymore so why should crackberry?

What? View it at home you say? Well that's a brilliant idea I never thought of that! Thanks!

RIM does care about corporate people, it's the COMPANY's IT people who impose an IT/policy to prevent some people from accessing non-productive media or anything like that. RIM isn't to blame.

WTF, No CB contest to win one of these! It could really come in handy when I have a beer in each hand.

Then again I only talk on the phone for about 5 minutes a month vs the hours of BBMing so I could probably use a ring with a suction cup more than a headband with one.

Hey, uhmmmm, Kevin? As penance for going all Android on us, you have to sport one for an upcoming Mobile Nations podcast...lmao and keep it on the entire episode.

I almost Shat myself when I first saw this commercial. To funny. Can't wait to see people driving around with them lol.

At least he put some thought into it...almost 2 years ago, I was behind a guy in a coffee shop with what looked like an underwear waist band holding his phone to his head! I almost fell over laughing.

I can see the appeal for people with disabilities where something like a Bluetooth would be too inconvenient or expensive but I just about died when he used it WITH A CORDED PHONE.

I'd try this out for the office phone. I hate using speakerphone, especially the cheap half-duplex ones at my office, so this would be a good way to be on a conference call without getting a crick in my neck. Wonder if it really works.

EDIT: BestBuy sells them for $10 for 2 and available for in-store pickup. Risk free trial at its finest (well, except for BBY taking your driver's license to return stuff).

Actually, that looks useful. Currently what I do when I want to switch from the phone to a headset and do it without interrupting the conversation I need to put the earbud in my ear and then slip the plug into the jack so I don't miss a part of the conversation. It's not easy. This would allow a seamless transition from hands to no hands.

A local radio station here in Orlando had the "inventor" on the air in the last few months......They have moved well over a million units since it went on sale.

Im not sure if u will read this but wanted to share this anyway.
I follow u on ur personal twitter account and today saw ur tweet about how u taught android users on hw to get refund even after the 15 min window. But to be frank those people donot appreciate your efforts and simply bash u without any good reason. I think mobile nations world tour is a good initiative and knowing the competition is important. but at the same time i dont think u shuld post there and get bashed for no reason. just sharing coz felt bad after reading some comments. we'll show them what blackberry and blackberry people are once BB10 hits the market.