Has Anyone Seen This BlackBerry Icon Or Screen Before?

Has Anyone Seen These Icons And Screens Before?
By Bla1ze on 31 Mar 2010 01:00 pm EDT

I'm not exactly sure what that icon in the picture is or what screen it took me to is. What I mean by that is of course, aside from the obvious. Clearly it's some sort of application updater which alerts you of out of date applications and advises you to upgrade. But, I've never seen it before and well, it had no reason to show up when it did. So, I figured I would ask you all as well.

The shots were taken from a fresh installation of the leaked OS for the 9700. And despite the newest BlackBerry App World already being installed, it popped up and advised it needed to be downloaded in order to work. Has anyone else come across this "Application Updater" icon or screen? Let us know in the comments if you have or what you think it is exactly.

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Has Anyone Seen This BlackBerry Icon Or Screen Before?


That color is neon-like and is in the Twitter-client maybe it's a pre load because it will buzzz when Twitter for BlackBerry® Smartphoes is launched and the commercial aspect may be bought by providers;Yet another special dataplan and no real news. what would you say?.pictures of the coloured app are here:

Showed up yesterday after I did an install of 5.0 for my Tour. Prompted me to update App World and Facebook. Then rebooted after installing them both.

I saw it when I updated my Verizon Tour to the official 5.0 without doing a wipe of the device first on Monday night, but it didn't come up when I did the install on my girlfriends Tour (with full wipe and app restore with BBSAK) last night. Must only happen if you do the upgrade and carry over your apps.

while that was true before, I've since discovered that I don't suck as bad as I thought at storm themes, so expect this one and others in a storm version soon

those icons are nice. if you could change the striped background showing in the image and use the default one and also change the home screen 8 icons to only show 4 that would be a nice clean theme. I'd use it mainly for the new app/etc icons. be cool if it was free for the Storm2. =)

I got this when I updated my Sprint Tour to OS 5.0 - It was the application that automatically showed up after the install that advised which programs needed to be updated to work with the new operating system.

I got the same prompt when i updated my Bold 9000 to Mine prompted me to update App World, Facebook, My Space and BBM.

application updater has been working for a long time (at least here in Spain), my friend bought a blackberry storm 9500 over 1 year ago and it already had it by default even when the app world didn't exist and OS was lol
but i don't find it very useful, why would somebody need an app updater when the app world already alerts you when there are updates?

I had that icon too when i downloaded the leaked os to my 8520 the last times. I guess it only happens when you delete your vendor.xml or something?

Saw it a few days ago after updating my wife's Berry, it showed up on the home screen and after I clicked on it, it disappeared.

I updated my 9700 the other day to the newest OS leak and haven't seen it yet! Wonder y? Wonder if its only for sprint and verizon! Can anyone confirm this

When I first loaded Sprint's on my Verizon Tour it said Google Talk and Facebook needed to be updated, one click of the trackball and it deleted the old applications and re-installed the new ones. I really liked that...

I got this too when my Storm 1 on vodafone uk made the upgrade to OS I think it affected App World and BBM. Both of which had to be re-installed. I had serious battery life issues for several days after this although this might be something else.

It is new to 5.0 and it will show up after you install an upgrade, basically it just ensures you have all your apps up to date before it let's them run. It's kind of a neat feature, but it only ever runs after a 5.0 update.

If you have RIM apps installed under 4.7, then upgrade to 5.0, they say you have to upgraded them to make them work with 5.0. If you cancel out of the screen, it places the icon there so you can go back and upgrade them later. For me it was App World, Facebook, and all the messengers except BBM. After the updates finish, it goes away.

I have the Tour 9630 and upgraded to OS 5.484 a while back and never got a flower icon. :( Should I be jealous? ;)

I go this screen immediately following the 5.0 updgrade on my Tour. After the system reset, that update screen came up and told my to update Facebook and Google Talk to the latest version in order to run on 5.0. I actually found it helpful as all i had to do was click the update button after selecting the programs I wanted to update and it ran the downlonad and installation. Ironically, I don't recall seeing the screen when updateing my wifes Tour last night. Oh well.

I got this icon on my Curve 8900 after I tried installing RIM's Ticketmaster app. Apparently it won't run on 5.0.

Sorry to sidetrack but wow what an uber cool theme by ninjathemes.net. that's gonna be my next theme when its out.

Forget the icon, which theme are you running? That's what I'm interested in right now. Thanks man.

EDIT: n/m Bla1ze. just read all other comments.

I've had this ever since I upgraded my 8900 to OS 5. It only shows up when I pull the battery, and then disappears when I click it.

App world was already running the latest version. There was no reason for it to show up when it did as I mentioned in the article.

I got that on my Storm 1 when updating to VZW 5.0. Seems to happen when you do a straight upgrade with the app and data restore from 4.X to 5.0

It actually worked pretty good and updated everything to 5.0 compatible versions, rebooted, and was good to go.

I have changed my OS many times, but only seen this screen that one time...I usually will do a wipe or restore app or data seperately.

I've (literally) taken afvantage of every single leaked OS, and offical OS in addition to numerous hybrids and I have NEVER seen this icon. I have a Tour with Verizon.

I'm on Telus and have done a lot of upgrades on phones. IE: tour, Storm1, storm2 and bold and never had or seen this icon. Must be what carrier your on.

Definitely not the case. It happens any time applications may not be compatible. For example, if someone was running a device with older application versions (like my gf's bold 9000 from Rogers which now runs on Telus), those older applications may not work correctly. It seems this "internal checker" is for official RIM apps.

That same screen showed up yesterday after I did an install of 5.0 for my Tour. Prompted me to update App World and Facebook.

This is the Application loader that looks at currently installed programs and if there is an update will download and update your software.

I have the Application Center icon which seems to serve the same function. I wonder if this is the replacement to that app.


Got it on BB messenger. Did a reboot and it would dissappear only to reappear later. Recently did a memory clean and have not seen it. Running the latest version of BB messenger and OS for 9700.

I also got this screen updating to the new tour OS released on Monday. It advised me to update my facebook. I didn't get the icon though. the application updater was the very first screen that came up as son as the phone finished rebooting

I have seen that little starburst on BlackBerry messenger, which I don't use. It won't go away, so I hid the icon. I also saw it when I had to upgrade my OS, but that time it told me if I didn't schedule a time, it was going to start the upgrade at X hours.

It also made me upgrade my AppClock application, but then only gave me the trial version even though I paid originally for the full version. I had to email the developer to get my registration code from the first time to get the full version back. Just an FYI.

The Icon is shown when you have just upgraded your device software BUT that upgrade includes older versions of App World, BBM, Facebook etc.

I saw it three weeks ago when I upgraded a friends 8900 from 4.6 to 5 OS

It helps you upgrade the apps BUT (yes another big but) as BBM is over 2Mb (2.4Mb) when i used it, it failed every time due to the size. Facebook worked and once you have upgraded the said apps, its goes away, never (that i know of) to be seen again.

I get the icon every time I do a battery pull. I have the latest WIND release for the Bold 9000 (.509)

It's kind of annoying. Even if I click on the icon, it doesn't open the updater, it just disappears.

That icon is definitely nothing new. I've seen it on many BlackBerry's when an app needs to be updated following a firmware update. I even had it when doing device switch from Bold 9000 to 9700 a few months ago. The app is even an available one to change the icon for in the theme builder.

Also, I think you should clarify in the post that the icon "in question" is the one in the top left that is in focus. Not the flower icon with the notification symbol. I think it's confusing some people.

i just installed OS 5.0 on an 8520 last night. when rebooting and getting reacquainted w/ the phone, the updater popped up asking to update, BB App World, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger ... and 1 or 2 others that my sleepy eyes could not decipher.

seemed to work straight forward enough, but unexpected.

I am interested in the theme I'm looking at in that picture... is that the new look that comes with the Leak? or is it a theme? if so what is the name of it?

Installed the new Tour 5.0 and got that screen for Google maps (multiple times for each module!) FB, BerryBuzz, the app store and more! Though these are the ones that come to mind. Strangely,most of my 4.7 themes work on 5.0

... i manage a UK t-mobile shop and when i have upgraded customers from 4.6-4.7 upto 5.0 this icon tells me that certain apps need to be upgraded. usually msn and appworld show up on the list

I have 2 bold9700. I've got it on one but not on the other. both are running I'm guessing it's carrier based as each of my phones is with a different carrier.

when i updated my 8900 to 5.0.411 i had that ap.... i was able to enable it through the setup process, iirc...

it never did anything for me though, i would click on it and it would dissapear....

I'm the berry person in my group. Seem to always be updating someones phone. I have seen it on the 8330, tour and 9000, I don't remember seeing it on the 9700 though.

This is out of the air. Does anyone think that there is going to be another OS update for storm 9530 aka Storm 1?

This comes up all the time, once you upgrade the sofware to 5.0 then it automatically comes up and advise you if you have any outdated application, such as facebook, msn messenger, yahoo messenger...etc Once you select update then it automatically download and install the application, afterwhich the icon dissappears. I thought you people would know that, its been around long time now!!!

i hv tried updating from desktop manager and its show is the latest updates for device (OS) and im using 5.1 desktop manager, if u could help would be gr8 help.

I had seen it b4, have already showed up like 3 - 4 times, just after succesfully upgrading a OS from my 9700 and it showed up aswell on many 8520 after I changed their OS

I seen this screen the other day when i updated my Buddies Tour for 591 the night before it was officially released! and i did an upgrade i didnt feel like completely wiping his phone... If it was mine i woulda done so... haha

I've seen one very similar to that, if not the same one. It was always for apps that needed to be updated, and always came from appworld. The screen isn't familiar though.

I seen this the first time that i upgrade an 8520 from an OS 4.6 to an O.S 5, upgrade like 3 apps, like face, app an another that i don't remmember now

OMG.. Thats the same screen and action that just BRICKED MY PHONE!!!!!! i have the tour, and did the OTA update last night, OS got installed no issues (even now, when it reboots, it has the new loading screen and hourglass), then that screen popped up, but with also flickr and facebook. So i went ahead and updated, since i couldnt get past the screen since the close option wasnt there, they downloaded, installed, rebooted, now my phone is completely bricked.

It gets stuck at the last verizon reboot splash screen and stays there. Cant connect to DM because its still "rebooting" as DM says, and tells me to connect it when its done rebooting. which obviously i cant. stuck that way for 18 hours or so now... battery pull doesnt help what so ever.

Went into verizon today, and this must be a known issue, because he didnt even attempt to TS, just told me they'll ship me out a new phone and it'll be here on friday.

anybody have any ideas? id rather not swap the phone out...

so, i was sitting here thinking that if the phone is stuck in reboot, and the only way i can not have the phone turn on is to pull the batter, what would happen if i plugged my tour into DM without a battery...

well.. it is reloading the 5.0 software as we speak. so i might have gotten lucky here.. i'll let you know...

...had it today. Upgraded to Storm2 607 leak. Had problems with videos/video camera and had to go back to the SaskaTel 517.

During/after the restore this came up. Had 2 apps, BB App World and BB Messenger that it said it had to download and update. It did and they were alright. The 607 leak supposedly has the .66 BBM and the 517 had the .65 so it prolly just got CORNfused.

got that when i dled 5.0 from verizon for my tour. told me to upgrade AIM and facebook for 5.0. I did so and the icon went away

When I installed to my Tour that had 4.7 on it, I got the same screen. Facebook, App World and I think Flickr, MSN Live Messenger all claimed the need to be updated. I didn't think much of it as those are all RIM developed applications. I thought that was pretty smart of the OS to notify me..

It looks like it's a built in check for OS 5.0 for the Bold series and Tour series devices to make sure that all RIM software is up-to-date and compatible. I saw this when I updated my girlfriend's Bold 9000 to OS 5.0. It asked to update her Facebook application, MSN application, and something else which escapes my memory at the moment. Once all was updated and the device was reset, it disappeared.

I looked into this a bit more, it seems like it's actually part of Application Center, just a very visual reminder that something urgently needs updating.

This ico will come up when u upgrade from os 4 to os 5 and when your existing os 4 hh have apps that u download under version 4 like fb, mmsn...normally is rim software. Once you upgrade from version 5 to higher version 5 u will not get the icon anymore...

After playing around on my 9550 I found that icon. Options - advanced-wireless update. If you hit the application switch key that icon and notification shows up in the list of running apps.

had that too when I upgraded my cousin's bold (9000), OS5 from OS4. It will upgrade your installed app version, after that, the icon will dissapear. on my case, the apps are yahoo messenger, blackberry messenger etc. (cant remember)
note: I upgrade it via wifi connection.

I did the update but that didn't appear on my Tour but what has happened is now there is the number 1 when I make a call before the number and it isn't on my address book on any number never had it before

Yeah, had it before when updating to 5.0 on my 9000 quite awhile back. It told me it needed to update AIM. I said okay. It did it and went away.

I use a Storm 2 but still have my Storm 1 for an unfortunate event (S2 stops working/lost..etc). But I thought it would be better updated to 5.0 rather than keeping 4.7.
After doing that with no wipe, just through DM I got that icon too. Used it to update some of the apps and it worked fine.

I updated a 9000 Bold to an offical release of 5.0 last week and I saw it as well. At the end of updatin on the Desktop Manager I had a message saying that certain applications would have to be updated from the device? I'd never had that screen after loading OS's in the past. Sure enough, that same icon was in the first slot when I looked at it for the first time. Didn't try to do the updates but now wish I had?

You usually get it when you move up to a new OS number. It knows the old one was installed but not for the new OS, so the app updater downloads the correct version for you.

Well from what I read about after I updated my BB Tour 9630 to the Official released version from Verizon (after 6+ months it's about time too). I guess RIM is going about this method rather than having someone go into App World and individually download the newer versions and permissions for each app. What I don't know is if they update everything from App World that leaves the folders in your SD card.

I just recieved the same icon on my phone and I have now idea what it is because I can't find anything on my 9700 showing there's an update.