Blacked-out BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981 makes an appearance... looks hot; still insanely expensive

Blacked Out P'9981!
By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Dec 2012 09:37 pm EST

On my nightly stroll through the CrackBerry forums, I stumbled upon this thread posted just a few minutes ago by member filoinstyle of a photo he came across on Instagram today. 

CrackBerry readers will recognize the device at once as the exclusive BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981 Smartphone, which carries a price tag in ball park of $2,000. But this isn't your typical P'9981, which normally sports a silver/grey color scheme. No, this baby is blacked out. It looks tough. It looks mean. It's HOT. I WANT IT. 

But what is it you ask? A custom P'9981 paint job or a legit device offering? All signs point to this being a real P'9981, soon to be offered by Harrods.

Harrods already offered the P'9981 in an exclusive titanium edition (it was auctioned off with proceeds going to charity), but the word is they'll soon be selling this matte black P'9981.

Back on November 26th we received the following email on the good 'ole CrackBerry tip line:

Harrods is now accepting waiting list names for a Matte Black version of the BlackBerry Porsche Design. Ring them up and ask for the Porsche Design dept. Expected dates "about a month". 

Put it all together and we're betting in a couple weeks time we'll see official word announcing the blacked out P'9981 to the wealthy of the world. In the meantime, we'll have CrackBerry's James Richardson call up Harrod's P'9981 department in the morning (UK time) and see if he get a little more info on it.

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Reader comments

Blacked-out BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981 makes an appearance... looks hot; still insanely expensive


You're right, especially considering it can't be upgraded to BlackBerry 10. But if you can afford it, maybe you don't care about that?

Also.. waste of money or not, it looks freak'n HOT. 

Dear Abby :

The iPhone that I have seems very outdated. I find myself entering an app, the exiting it, then entering another app, then exiting it to go back to the previous one. All this seems very repetitive, and a big waste of my time.There must be something better. My iPhone seems so out dated. It can't event handle NFC payments. What do you suggest?
Need help in New York.

Abby suggests you run out the first day BB10 is available and buy one. Abby also suggests you drive over that iPhone of yours numerous times until you completely crush it so it can never waste your time again.

Hey Kevin,

This release definitely won't be limited to Harrods. As someone below pointed out it'll be released in Dubai next month Also I went to the Porsche Design store at Bay and Bloor in Toronto to play with the current Porsche P'9981 yesterday. The salesman I dealt with told me that the phones aree currently back ordered but there was a new matte black version being released next month. Looks like a global update to the P'9981.

When I asked him about the chance of a Porsche BB10 device he said that they'll most likely be releasing a new device about every 6 months.

Looks like the Elite will be able to enjoy Blackberry Porsche devices for the foreseeable. I hope you continue to get them and continue to give them away as prizes cause there's no other way I'd be able to get one myself!

Absolutely agree! Ridiculously UGLY phone and I wouldn't buy it if it were $5
And the only way this phone "looks hot" is if you think a '74 Volvo "looks hot," which I'm sure there are some who do

If it were $5, I'll throw money at the cashier and took off with the thing while the cashier is confused. A standard BlackBerry Curve 8320 costs about 50 bucks here. A $5 BlackBerry P'9981 is not a steal, it's a kidnapping!

I lol'ed at that one.

I'd throw the five dollar bill at the cashier and punch them in the face while running off with five of them. Then eBay them all...

...Too much?

Hahahahaha... Should be DarthBerry Porshe Design

Anyway, i still think is a waste of money, but as say Kev, if u have lote of money, maybe dont care how much cost.

Live Long and Prosper!

1) I'm happy to be so high on the comments scale. 2) If they're not making this model for BB10 then the price tag doesn't fit the bill.

“Think highly of yourself, because the world will take you at your own estimate.”

Of course it isn't worth it, it is a collectors type of item. You produce a low amount and high price to increase demand. It doesn't always work for electronics (because they have the tendency to become obsolete)

This hotter than the grey version but what's even hotter is Jet pack Joy ride is now in appworld and its FREE!!!

The matte black sure gives it a wealthier look compared to its lighter toned sibling. This phone could have done well during 2012 if a plastic and metal RIM BlackBerry branded version came out with a suitable price point keeping regular and fashion conscious consumers happy while keeping the Porsche version exclusive as is.

Now being noticed and soon released (matte version) close to BlackBerry 10 has got me dazed and confused. It's like buying a race horse and carrage when you could get well equipped "smart"car!

I will admit though...tis' hot indeed!

i like this - it would look very nice in my studio. need a porsche playbook to sit beside it.

I mean... I'd take it to tide me over until BlackBerry 10 launches. I don't know though, I really like the look of the L-Series, and RIM designed that without the help of Porsche..!

If I'm not mistaken, I do believe the Porsche has the exact same specs as the Bold 9900/30 ..
Why pay for something that's so luxery and expensive, when there's another type that does/have the same thing in it ? Waste of money !

Love how everyone jumps to comment 'Waste of Money!' but never stop anyone from buying an iPhone because it's a little more affordable.. Now that's a waste of money.

If you know anything about Porsche Design this is the best of it in Electronics.. It's expensive because it's a limited edition and not manufactured in bulk.

Question is.. Is it worth? Look at your trackpad and then look at the P'.. Look at your keyboard and then see the P'.. It's pure premium and classic to the core.

This should be 720x720 run BB10 and light fire to the world.

Might be nice ... if a whole new operating system wasnt scheduled to be released in in less than 2 months !!!!

A P9981 with BB10 ? Now THAT would be a win !

Actually, it looks like a pager worn by doctors from 2006. It's too rigid and, well, looks like what Star Trek guys would use.

It's for people who put the same amount of thought into a $2k purchase as you or I put into a $0.01 purchase.

To Be Honest everyone has a valid point to be fair when the new BB10 phones launch this phone won't even get a look-in we will all be to busy enjoying the flow of BB10 don't get me wrong if you like the porsche phone great if you hate it great makes abosulutley no difference since it's pointless talking about a phone that will hardly see the light of's all about moving forward and BB10 baby.

major oops on the timing when the odds are that bb10 shows up less than a month later in the same place.

I think it is a great looking phone but if there will be no BB10 upgrade for it I don't see spending that kind of money. If I had the cash that might be a different story. But that would be a nice car payment.


I never thought of 9981 is nice/is not very ugly.

But the black one is indeed not bad.

Of course totally overprized for 2+ tec (singlecore cpu etc.)

Considerably more attractive. What it should have been from day one. Still over-priced and a waste of money.


Obviously the Porsche Design BB isn't for us (the average users). This phone is like a watch. Some watches are two hundred bucks others a couple thousand. Believe it or not there is a market for high-end bespoke phones like this. Virtu, Tag Heuer, and others I'm sure we'll never hear about. It's one thing to complain about how this phone looks but the price seriously doesn't matter.

Oh I'm sorry, weren't you banned? Why are you posting at the "cesspool of mediocrity"? Don't you have your super special board to bully?

Nice looking. Totally pointless.
I hope people with way too much money and not enough sense buy this phone. Soccer players spring to mind, although, they will probably be given the device for free just to be seen with it.

Total garbage! Please save your money if you're thinking of buying in to this. BB10 is around the corner not to mention OS7 is crap!

Despite what the majority is moaning about, I think it's a pretty awesome blackberry. I don't think their opinions count anymore. I think they're too blinded by trends and looks to see past what something looks like to adore the technology UNDERNEIGTH IT.