Hardware keyboard users can now get BeWeather 10 Pro v2.0

Hardware keyboard users can now get BeWeather 10 Pro v2.0
By DJ Reyes on 29 Apr 2014 09:30 am EDT

Last week saw BeWeather 10 Pro get a big update to v2.0. At the time the update was only available to full touchscreen owners. I guess a little more work was needed to get it up and running on the BlackBerry Q10 and Q5 devices. Today though, QWERTY-keyboard users rejoice, v2.0 of BeWeather 10 Pro is now available to you. This update is actually the second update in the past week, the last update was a small bug fix that corrected the temperature unit shown on the Active Frame.

BeWeather 10 Pro v2.0.19 changelog

  • Added Q10/Q5 support
  • Fixed custom icon selection list

BeWeather 10 Pro v2.0 had a nice long list of updates, you can check out our original post on the update for the changelog. The update is free to anyone who has already purchased the app. If you're looking to download the app it costs $4.99. BeWeather 10 Pro is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices.

A note to QWERTY-keyboard device owners, the update may clear your locations, as it did for full touchscreen users when they first updated to v2.0.

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Hardware keyboard users can now get BeWeather 10 Pro v2.0

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Already have this on my Q10, it's badass and I use it everyday. Love the graphics and info updates constantly.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

That's a hell of a price for a weather app. Are there any advantages over AcuWeather or stock weather app worth this price?

I just updated and it's is awesome - can't say as to the accuracy but everything is really nice. All I can say is Wow, nice update. :)

It's a little different lay out, but there is little compelling reason to purchase this app. Accuracy is ok, but the BlackBerry app tends to be more accurate. Dev is notoriously slow to respond and sometimes doesn't read correspondence carefully. Right now, the geo positioning function (allowing it to follow you as you travel) is not working on my Z30. Used to have a great deal of granularity in controls, on BBOS, but BB10 doesn't have as many options. If it goes headless, that might be helpful.

This used to be my go to weather app, but since BB10 I've changed to BlackBerry Weather and Weather Radar USA.

It's worth it for me. Since I check my weather app everyday (and am outside every day for my job) I want to know as much info at a glance as I can without having any sort of ads taking up screen real estate. The built-in weather app is powered by AccuWeather and I don't like having to see that branded all over the place.

The latest update to BeWeather Pro has a couple really cool little additions. It's been raining here the couple days and will continue to do so. There is an estimate for how much rain is supposed to fall (tomorrow 2.8 inches) and a by "hour" section that shows a graph with 10/20/30/40/50 minute sections corresponding to Heavy, Medium, Light rain.


Didn't clear my locations, but I still notice a problem (incase the Dev is following the thread) where when I open the app via my city shortcut, the photo/animated background doesn't appear.. it's just the weather data over a black screen. The active frame background works fine, and my temp is correct (though I use Celsius anyway, so not sure if the Fahrenheit problem is present here too).

Posted via CB10

updated but see no difference at all except for the actvice frame graphics. No uv index etc. that was mentioned in the OP for Z models.

I switched tho BeWeather earlier in the week. It sure was pretty, but found that it isn't as accurate and as quick to open as the stock weather app. So I uninstalled BeWeather. :(

Nice, but I miss the tiny temperature degrees at the top next to the clock with constant updates.

Posted via CB10

One of the most Kick Ass applications for BlackBerry 10. I have the stock weather app and I liked it, but fell in love with the form and function of this particular application. Keep up the good work.

Posted via CB10

Not a fan of weather apps, because there is no great need for one, as the weather is pretty predictable here. 25-33•C (winter/summer), just whether it rains or not is the question, but the sky will tell me more reliably than an app.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Still not worth the money for anyone in Canada as you don't have access to weather advisories. Something I have been bringing up with them since my 8330. You're better off with the weather network or accuweather or the built-in app.

Authored on the Q10

Installed the Q10 update - very nice! It did wipe my locations but it took only a minute to create them again.

Small nitpick: I wish the font for the location title in the active frame was a little bigger with maybe a small drop shadow. When the background image is very light, the lettering is hard to see. I have several locations that cycle in the active frame, so I'd like to be able to glance quickly and see the weather without struggling to tell which location is being displayed.

Other than that - fantastic app, thank you very much!

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