Happy Veterans/Remembrance Day from CrackBerry!

By Michelle Haag on 11 Nov 2011 01:46 pm EST
Remembrance Day theme
Happy Veterans Day and Remembrance Day to all our readers! Thanks to all the soldiers, past and present, for all you have done for us.

Don't forget you can show your appreciation for our troops with free themes, wallpapers, and maybe even a ringtone or two in the forums or our galleries, so head on over and take a look if you haven't already. The theme in the picture above can be found at the link below.

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Happy Veterans/Remembrance Day from CrackBerry!


I don't understand why anyone would be happy on this day, we are remembering all the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us afterall..

Its not that its a happy day to be jumping for joy because of the ultimate sacrifice that our military member have given. Its a day to reflect on the freedoms that we have because of that sacrifice. As a military member I'm proud and feel so lucky to have the freedoms that we do have because of the brave men and women that have served before me and that will serve long after I'm gone. We should never forget the ones who gave all they had to protect our freedoms. I can rejoice knowing that some of my best friends die to protect our way of life. Today is a day to celebrate the bravery of those men and women both alive and dead that have served.

Umm...Veteran's Day (in the United States) is a day to remember ALL veterans. Memorial Day is to specifically pay tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Of course, you could be in a country that (still) commemorates Armistice Day. In that case, your holiday differs a little than that in the United States.

-Former 82nd Airborne (1/325 Airborne Infantry Regiment)

It is a day of Remembrance in Canada for those that gave their lives so that we can live in a free country today.

Than said, it is a shame that this theme does not work on the 9900.

condolences to families and friends that were killed by your "brave" soldiers through the past and now

Um I don't wanna be rude, but I think your title is disrespectful. It's not a "HAPPY" day at all.

A title along the lines of "Lest We Forget, from Crackberry", or "Crackberry remembers"

just a thought for next year.