Happy Valentine's Day Helps You Get One on One With Your Loved Ones - Contest for Free Software Bundle!

By ObiGeorge on 11 Feb 2010 07:46 am EST
Happy Valentine's Day

Twinkler Software has brought us a new app just in time for Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day is integrated into your device's options menu. Upon opening, you select an image, audio file, and save. The next time you open the app it will display your image, while playing your preselected audio in the background. This is when you pass the device on to your nearby sweetheart, promoting that "one on one interaction". Happy Valentine's Day is available for $0.99 for all devices running OS 4.5+.

Contest: Twinkler Software in conjunction with Toysoft are sponsoring a Valentine's Day contest which will end this Sunday at Midnight PST. 4 lucky winners will win the ENTIRE catalog of Twinkler Software apps, as well as their choice of 8 apps from Toysoft for themselves or their sweethearts! Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

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Happy Valentine's Day Helps You Get One on One With Your Loved Ones - Contest for Free Software Bundle!



my girlfriend, sister, and mom just got blackberries this would be the ultimate gift to give them to help them get started on their phones, and maybe a few for me too. i love twinkler software!!

Happy Valentines day!! I won't be a winner in love this "holiday", so maybe will get some Crackberry winning love. ;-)

my wife has had 3 bb within 6 months. Either she lost one or it got broken, now she is using the tour that she just got last week. would luv to say happy v-day with a few apps she would luv!

Nice contest so aptly timed. If I win ... great. If others win, well ... Have a great Valentine! Besties!!

Since I don't' have a Valentine's date this year, a suite of Toysoft and Twinkler apps would be the perfect gifts for my sister and my mom. They are as much CrackBerry addicts as I am and would be a welcome break from the flowers I typically send them :) .

How about you cue up your music, press standby to pause it at the beginning, go to your pictures folder, view the correct picture, and press standby again to start the music? I mean there are a few steps in there, but wouldn't you go through just as many to login to CB, buy the app, download, install, and configure the app? Unless your sweetheart is especially impressed with you spending small amounts of money, this definitely seems like the app to pass up.
Nothing personal, Twinkler. :)