Happy Q1 of 2013!!

January 30
By Team CrackBerry on 31 Dec 2012 04:13 pm EST

In lieu of a Happy New Year post we decided to stick to our BlackBerry fanness and go with this instead. It seems like it's been forever since BlackBerry 10 (then BBX) was announced ... and then announced again. We've stayed strong and patient and finally made it however -- Q1 of 2013 is finally here and that means the BlackBerry 10 unveiling is only a few short weeks away. 

January will be a busy one for us as we keep ramping up to the launch. The launch event is scheduled for six cities across the globe, and rest assured we'll be at as many of them as we can. After that -- it's crazy wild full-steam ahead and all BlackBerry 10. We won't sleep until at least March most likely so we can bring the biggest, baddest BB10est content we possibly can.

So Happy New Year and Happy Q1 2013 from all of us here at CrackBerry! 2013 is the year of BlackBerry 10 so let's rock and roll this!! 

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Happy Q1 of 2013!!



I'm glad we've gotten to the home stretch of BlackBerry 10! All my friends with iOS and Android will no longer have bragging rights when it comes to power, speed, apps and usability.

I cannot wait to put BlackBerry 10 on my Playbook, then get a BB10 device.

Agreed !!! I managed a last minute save of my gf, bro, and sister in law. They ALL were planning to go Apple for Christmas, but all the leaks managed to put em off until Feb/March !

RIM - its time to bring it !!!

That's great to hear. I am so excited for BlackBerry 10 and have got my whole family excited too. I was just wondering when will Kevin be doing the BBM Stress Test. I also wish the whole CrackBerry Team a happy new year and great work this 2012!

BB10 Believe!!!

lol. I'm pretty sure one of you indicated it was getting a makeover (I believe it was Kevin). I've been looking forward to see the redesign :)

Happy New Year Crackberry Nation!!!! It's going to be a great year for BlackBerry... Can't wait for BB10!!

Happy BlackBerry New Year to all #TeamBlackBerry!! We've almost made it to launch. On January 30, we can say Merry Christmas again!! Keep your trees up 'till February!

3) te he he. When you are leaving the dog house, don't forget to grab your bone. Might need to throw it at the dog-catcher.

So I am sitting here in Trinidad & Tobago in my hammock relaxing as best as I can, wishing January 30th was here already. That said RIM didn't do badly for a company that was supposed to be dead before 2013. To the CrackBerry team, please accept my thanks for keeping us all updated on everything. Kevin, Chris, Adam, Blaize, you guys really rock. So I hope you guys have an exceptional 2013.

CrackBerry team, it's simple, Let's do this!

Can't wait for BB10!!!:D:D:D Gonna be legen.... Wait for it... You guessed it... Hope you're not lactose intolerant 'cuz its Dairy!!! Now the iSheep and droids can suck it!! The sherrif is back in town!! RIM and BB10 FTW!!! And Thor!! We need to thank him for all of this because if M&J were still here we would probably never have seen BB10!! So here's to BB10, Thor, and RIMs rise back to the top!! Cheers!! #BlackBerryByChoice!!

Just stopped by earlier today to see some close friends at RIMs offices in Waterloo. Most of the people are still off due to the Christmas break, but everyone else there is full of smiles. They are all pumped and VERY excited. I haven't seen such large smiles on faces before. Either they got something really great for Christmas, or something else extra ordinary is just around the corner !


I can't wait for the BB10! I just hope RIM starts ADVERTISING soon to everyone so Jan 30 and the following weeks are big in terms of sales which will bring RIM back. If only we here know about BB10 it will flop with little sales :( 30 days out RIM...please start your marketing campaign NOW!

I left my bb bold for the iphone 4s ... 4 month later got the Samsung s3 as I have no idea why ppl like the fone... then realised the Samsungs is just as bad... awaiting to go back to bb... bring on jan30 cant wait.

Same here. Work had us switch to android, left that for 4s. Put off upgrading to get BB10 with keyboard Jan 30 can't come soon enough!

Pretty soon people will be asking me to let them take a peek. What will I tell them? Should I share or tell them back off and get their own BB?

#BB10Believe :)

£1000 waiting in my account...as soon as Vodafone UK has stock.......one for my son and one for me. Outright purchase.....it's my son 's Xmas prezzie!!!

And please RIM....update FB for PB...and give Z10 integration with my PB's. Xxxxxxx

The coolest thing for me was signing on to CB abd seeing the days down to 29! Oh so close yet so far away! Happy New Year everyone BB10 for all

I think RIM has a lot of work to do if they want to catch up to Apple, Samsung and HTC. As I stated in my article (microwav3d.blogspot.ca/2012/10/rim-decline-of-milestone.html), RIM has to decide who they want to sell their devices to, and market to that demographic. They also need to ensure a smooth launch of BBOS10, and keep the media, and the public happy during the launch.

Hopefully, RIM will deem it fit to reward loyal customers, who stuck with the company even in times of struggle. Even if they were to do something as simple as releasing a limited edition Case only for long-time supporters, it would not go unnoticed.

This is just my two cents worth, but I feel that RIM really needs to watch their step for the next year or two.

Imo your comments makes it quite obvious you're not in the "know" about what's going on with RIM. I encourage you to visit CB and the like more often. Your comments are out in left field.

And new CrackBerry for a new Blackberry is only right!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S 2013 HERE WE COME THE YEAR OF THE COME BACK MAY 2013 BE PROSPEROUS TO US ALL WOOT!!!!!!!!

I left blackberry and went to android and got a htc one x but i really missed my blackberry so have bought a curve off a friend which i am using till blackberry 10 devices come out and i'm getting really excited now

I have been waiting since they announce about BB10... all my friends have gone for Iphone and Samsung,,, I hope with this launch they will know how wrong they have been,.... Black berry rock... RIM rock... Crack Berry team are the best,,,,, from Malaysia... yeah!!!!

Now the analyst can stop saying, " Next year, when BB10 arrives, the market will be flooded with phones, and nobody will be buying them anymore".

Now, they should be saying, "BB10 is just a few short weeks away, and everyone will be upgrading to the latest, the greatest, and the fastest phone on the planet .... BB10"

o ..... 1 thing that I forget to mention.
My friends that work at RIM keep saying "Buy RIM shares."

Other then the fact that they get to play with the phone a lot more than the average guy, what is it that they would know that we don't?

I'm just as excited as everyone here for bb10, however I don't think I made a bad decision switching to android, people keep saying this about other's who've left BlackBerry. BB wasn't doing it for me so I had to make a change and I did. Now that BB is coming back and it looks like in a big way, I will gladly buy a bb10 device. If however it doesn't work for me I will choose a device that does, competition breeds innovation. If we were all complacent with our BBs over the last few years do you really think that they'd be launching BB10?