Happy New Year from CrackBerry.com!!!

Happy New Year from CrackBerry.com!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Dec 2010 06:56 pm EST

On behalf of everyone here at CrackBerry.com, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Here's to lots of health, happiness, good signal strength and great battery life in 2011! If you're out partying it up tonight, keep it safe. No drinking and berrying (and definitely no drinking and driving). 2011 promises to be an exciting year for both BlackBerry and CrackBerry and we want both your thumbs working!

On the BlackBerry front, the PlayBook and new QNX-based BlackBerry Tablet OS are going to have everyone (including us CrackBerry writers) learning something totally new - good times ahead. And we know on the phone front that RIM will keep new devices coming - they never sit still for too long. 

On the CrackBerry front, we'll continue to work our hardest to keep you visiting CrackBerry every day. We finished off 2010 with the launch of our new site redesign, and we have lots of things planned for 2011 to keep things exciting both on the site features, content and shopping front. Heck, to start off the new year right, we're extending our end of year sale all the way up to January 10th. Be sure to take advantage of the savings!

All the best in 2011!!!!  Happy New Year! Peace... and now it's time to go parttttty!!!!!

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Happy New Year from CrackBerry.com!!!


Congrats to you and your team on a great job at Crackberry.com in 2010, and I'm sure an even better 2011. Now, can we pleeeease have more podcasts next year?? :)

Reading your post, you talk about the redesign of the site. I really like the redesign; however, when trying to load the real site on my Bold 9650 with BB6 it doesn't play nice. It can take me almost a minute and a half to do it on a Wi-Fi connection and of course much longer on the radio. Didn't know any other way to pass this info on to you so here it is.

I do wish all of the Crackberry folks a very Happy New Year and the best of 2011. We are all looking forward to another great year for the CB nation!

It isn't new year in the other time zones in america yet.....just the east coast.it won't be new year on west coast til 3am.

Happy New Year Crackberry Nation! Thanks Kevin and to the Crackberry Team for all you do! Looking forward to everything Blackberry this year!!!

So during the festivities tonight, anyone experiencing a BBM lag? It's already after 4am in Toronto and on Rogers network I have msgs in limbo since before the big countdown. Not sure if this is 'provider-related' or a RIM issue??? Unfortunately, 2010 went out with a wimper (at least for me!) Similar to 2009 when the release of BBM5 wreaked havoc worldwide. Let's hope this aint an omen of things to come this year. More simulated stress testing is definitely required in Waterloo. Cheers.

Happy New Year and best wishes for a happy healthy 2011 for our CB family!
It's been a pleasure watching this site grow & evolve, it's always the first "go to" site for news, updates, problems. Wonderful job!

Happy New Year to all of you at CrackBerry and to all of community!!! Its wonderful working with you all and I'm glad to be part of this awesome community!

Keep up the good work not only in 2011 but in many many years to come!

Happy New Year to you, Crackberry team. I want you all to know that I really enjoy your site and the contests. I have a suggestion for 2011 - how about a magazine?? I would totally subscribe!!! All the best to you all in 2011!