Happy Halloween from CrackBerry.com - Don't forget about our Costume Contest and ShopCrackBerry Halloween Sale!

Happy Halloween from CrackBerry.com!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Oct 2012 09:18 am EDT

Happy Halloween from CrackBerry.com! Hopefully some of you are dressing up in costume for work today. I'm dressed up as Sexy and I Know it CrackBerry Kevin for the day... which means I'm working with my shirt off while working at my standing desk. I'll be nice and not post any photos this time around. :)

A few quick reminders in the spirit of Halloween...

1) Send in your photos for our Mobile Nations Halloween Contest - Get a photo of you taken in costume with phone/tablet in hand, and email it to halloween@mobilenations.com. You can win awesome prizes.

2) Save with our ShopCrackBerry Halloween Sale - Just use coupon code treat2012 at checkout.

3) Download Halloween apps, games and themes for your BlackBerry - Just hit the link. 

Enjoy the day! And props to @adrenaline_x on the BB pumpkin carving! 



Just submitted my costume photo!


I didn't get to do mucb for halloween, my brother wasted my time by expecting me to wait two hours for him and then he decided not to do anything but go home. Never am doing that again.