A happy ending to this Made in Manhattan BlackBerry Z10 story

BlackBerry Z10 getting properly used!
By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Apr 2013 10:39 am EDT


Bye bye annoying tie straps; Hello awesome BlackBerry Z10 demos!

In case you missed Part 1 of this real life story, go back and read it. The quick recap? I was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the Best Buy at 43rd and 5th in Manhattan on Monday night and was greeted by a prominent BlackBerry Z10 display. The happy tale quickly turned into a BlackBerry horror story of sorts when I realized the live working Z10 demo units were covered by an annoying tie strap. The tie strap wrapped around the middle of the Z10's display, making the phone unusable - not exactly the kind of first impression you want to make with people experiencing BlackBerry 10 for the first time.

After publishing my ranty editorial, I soon found out the back story on the annoying tie wraps. It turns out the tie wraps are only meant as a temporary security solution while the adhesive on the actual security gizmo that's attached to the unit sets (which requires 24 hours). The tie wraps are supposed to be removed. In this case, they were not.

I dropped by the same Best Buy last night -- less than 24 hours after writing up the first post -- and sure enough, the tie-down wraps were all removed and customers were able to pick up the BlackBerry Z10 and properly experience it. 

It's all good!


Let this tale serve as a friendly reminder for BlackBerry Z10 retailers around the world - get rid of the tie straps! I need those Z10s to be in tip top form!

And to members of CrackBerry Nation, if you ever come across a Z10 retail display where you feel the presentation is not as it should be... be sure to let somebody at the store know so they can fix it up. It may not be intentional. As was the case here, it was just an accidental oversight.

Lesson learned!

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A happy ending to this Made in Manhattan BlackBerry Z10 story


great ending to a story but this is still something that should have been anticipated and handled before the display was made available to the public... makes for poor customer experience for both Best Buy and BlackBerry customers... Nonetheless glad you got to the bottom of thing Kev.

Yeah, don't disagree. Seems to be a challenge though for more than BBRY. I walked around the Best Buy Mobile displays and found a few other phones that still had the tie-down strap on them too. I didn't bother mentioning the one around the Droid Razr Max to anyone... lol. Just need the Z10s to be strap free. Other phones? Leave them on. :)

Oh come on Kev.. You are also working for Mobile Nations..
At least give some info to Phil or Ritchie (unlikely)..
Share the love! XD

I've actually set up the displays in thé past. They have to be installed and secured to the counter. If you add steps they tend to go undone in retail.

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This is good news. I had opportunity to check out the Z10 display at my local BestBuy (somewhat lackluster compared to the one in the picture here) after reading your initial article, and I found no zap straps applied. I did find, however, that the security solution they had applied was affixed to the battery cover. This made me think, "all one would have to do is remove the battery cover and walk away with a Z10".

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That was a trap, you didn't notice the three hidden cameras pointing at the stand from those corners.

The Z10 display area is non-existent at my BestBuy. There is a huge area cleared out for the "Samsung Experience". It's about twice the size of the Apple area. At least it's in the back of the store.

Kudos to Kevin! Good to see that this was taken care of, although I am curious if the placement of the security device hinders the screen at all.

I wonder if it was the public posting about this store that got it some needed attention, or if it would have taken longer to have the ties removed without the story. Hopefully it doesn't take a public posting of store numbers and locations to help things along.

I was in Costco in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. They had a kiosk that had GS IIIs on one side and Z10s from ATT and VZW (both colors) on the other. Very prominent and well set up.

In local Walmart here in Edmonton and the Z10 is right out in front and prominent! Display unit on and functional.
Kudos Kevin to a job well done!!

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Great job Kevin, glad everything was resolved. Hopefully, all the retailers got a mass email from their respective head offices to remove the tie wraps.

Happy to see someone be proactive vs complaining and doing nothing. These forums have changed so much recently. I always held BlackBerry owners in high regard. Nowadays these forums are full of snide remarks, bickering, and plenty of strife. Come on fellow addicts! Uphold the standard of True BlackBerry Enthusiasts: true professionals who are always willing to help those looking for answers.

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Yep. I've found myself visiting the site a lot less. And no longer referring friends and family to check out this site to get info on the new BlackBerrys

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It took a few phone calls but I'm glad I was able to help with this ;)

Glad to see it sorted out!

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Hmmm. Maybe I'll "Remind" my store here to do the same. Seems like someone maybe did it on purpose because they don't like BlackBerry? Just a side thought....

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Awesome, this is the first step. Another problem is so far every best buy(4) I checked had no accessories for the Z10. Nothing much in the carrier locations either (vzw, att, tmo). And the T-Mobile locations have up posters of the iphone 5 which is not so new anymore and non of the Z10 which is new?

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The bigger problem with BlackBerry displays in stores is the stupid "retail mode" the demo units are all stuck in. It stops you from actually playing around with the OS properly and just shows you a bunch of marketing crap about how good the features are. I mean, you're right, BlackBerry. The features are good. So let me actually use them.

I went back to the rep at my local Verizon and still had to show him how to get it out of demo mode. Keep working guys.

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Great to hear, was going to send you guys a picture of what the demos look like here in Toronto, Ont Canada at one best buy location, I think yall would have been very happy with the security features that allow edge to edge demo use of the z10, also saw a sign in the best buy stating to pre- order your q10.

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Check out Hamilton, Ontario, where you can speak to a Team BlackBerry Demo Rep for a free demonstration. I'll be in Eastgate Square at 75 Centennial Parkway in Stoney Creek on May 4th and 5th. I'll be providing demonstrations of the brand new Q10!

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I'm in Saskatchewan. SaskTel's stores have a metal bracket that grips the back and sides of the devices on display. You can play with the front of the Z10 unencumbered. In the photo, Best Buy's security feature with the red LED is distracting.

Every retailer I've checked out has the Z10 locked so you can't play with it, instead you have to ask for a demo. I think that most people would agree that we would prefer to try a new device ourselves and not be pressured by the sales person or worse yet, have to stand there and wait while a customer buys yet another iPhone or Samsung. Bad marketing idea.