Happy Canada Day, Eh!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jul 2010 09:42 am EDT

Canada Day!To all of the BlackBerry users north of the border reading this, have a Happy Canada Day!

And while you should be putting the BBs out of sight for 24 hours to give family and friends your undivided attention, I'm sure many most all of you will all work at least a few minutes of CrackBerry time in between fireworks, BBQs, beers and the beach (let me guess...you're reading this on Viigo !). Since you're here on your day off, I'd recommend a leisurely stroll through the blogs, forums and of course our new CrackBerry Canada store. There's a ton of accessories in there for you to check out!

And a special shout out goes to all of the hardworking folks at Research in Motion, the makers of our beloved BlackBerry smartphones. Though RIM is a global enterprise these days, the company roots are dug deep in Canadian soil. I hope the guys and gals at RIM take the day off to rejuvenate... all of us BlackBerry users are expecting a LOT from them in the months ahead (I want BlackBerry 6 NOW!), so we need everyone to be Fresh!

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Happy Canada Day, Eh!


Dear RIM employees (And other Waterloo Crackberry users), on your day off, bring your families to the Columbia Ice Fields. Lots of things to do! Also fireworks are at 10 pm over Columbia Lake. See you there!

Any other Waterloo users online today?

Enjoy the day today as your day off and say hello to the new 8% tax increase on a lot of products (gas and heating oil, internet service etc) in Ontario. Yes, it took effect today.

Also say hello to the 2% hike in HST in Nova Scotia. Bringing our combined total of GST and PST to 15%. Thanks NDP...

having a crackberry store that ships from Canada is amazing and is for sure going to get lots of orders from me for myself and friends as the whole duties is a big factor when ordering online.