Happy Canada Day, Eh!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jul 2009 09:57 am EDT

Canada Day!To all of the BlackBerry users north of the border  reading this, have a Happy Canada Day!

And while you should be putting the BBs out of site for 24 hours to give family and friends your undivided attention, I'm sure many most all of you will all work at least a few minutes of CrackBerry time in between fireworks, BBQs, beers and the beach (let me guess...you're reading this on Viigo !). Since you're here on your day off, I'd recommend a leisurely stroll through the blogs, forums and ShopCrackBerry.com store. There's a ton of new apps and accessories out there for you to check out!

And a special shout out goes to all of the hardworking folks at Research in Motion, the makers of our beloved BlackBerry smartphones. Though RIM is a global enterprise these days, the company roots are dug deep in Canadian soil. I hope the guys and gals at RIM take the day off to rejuvenate... we're expecting a LOT from them in the months ahead (the gauntlet has been thrown), so we need everyone to be Fresh!

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Happy Canada Day, Eh!


Haha, great mention of the "Gauntlet" laid down by BGR. I wonder if they will respond.
Happy Canada Day.

Canada, even though Im currently not that far away. Some of my best years were spent at UBC, Vancouver and Capilano College up in Squamish. Man I miss B.C., Happy Canada Day!!

Being from Central America, my American husband wants to go to Canada. Any suggestions on where you think would be the best first time visit to Canada would be? And why?


I would suggest southern Ontario because its got a strong economy and milder climate. The summers are especially beautiful and there are a lot of attractions. Most immigrants go to Toronto or Niagara Falls area. Toronto was rated the most culturally divers city in the world because 51% of residents were born in another country, it was also rated the 4th best city in the world for quality of life. Also RIM is based nearby. :)

Vancouver in British Columbia was ranked as the best city to live in the world many years in a row and has a mild climate and beautiful mountains and forests.

If you want to be rich then move to Calgary in Alberta, but its cold and flat.

I hope this helps :)

HAPPY CANADA DAY to all the Canadians who visit CrackBerry.com! I think we are so lucky to live in such a great Country.

- CB

7 comments, I see the entire country decided to comment :P
just kidding!

@ schatzie13:
Any of the places mentioned above are great choices, but Defixon forgot to mention Montreal! three's loads to visit here, and in the summer you have the bonus of free/cheap festivals just about everywhere in the city!

Not to speak for an entire country, but thanks for the shout out Crackberry!!. I hope everyone in the USA has a great 4th of July.