Happy Birthday BlackBerry PlayBook! Help us celebrate - leave a comment and you could win a new PlayBook!

BlackBerry PlayBook Birthday
By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2012 09:20 am EDT

Head to the CrackBerry Forums to leave a comment and you could win a new PlayBook!

Can you believe it? A full year has gone by since the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook. We've been through some ups and downs, but it's be an amazing year. The PlayBook has come a long way since it's initial release - seeing the addition of native PIM apps, Android app support and much more in the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update has made a truly awesome tablet. We just received a new 2.01 OS update as well and are on the way to see what's in store for the next year. BlackBerry World and BlackBerry 10 are right around the corner and are sure to bring some new awesomeness to our favorite tablet, so here's to hoping for another great year!

Contest: To celebrate the one-year birthday, we have a BlackBerry PlayBook to give away to one lucky winner. All you need to do to enter to win is head to this forums thread and leave a comment. Tell us how much you want a new PlayBook and just what you'd use it for. If you have one already, how would a second be beneficial? If you don't have one, what makes you want it? We'll pick one winner to receive a brand new BlackBerry PlayBook. The contest ends this Sunday at midnight. Good luck!

Leave a comment in the forums for your chance to win!

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Reader comments

Happy Birthday BlackBerry PlayBook! Help us celebrate - leave a comment and you could win a new PlayBook!



I'm 35 and my first mobile phone ever was, after long and careful consideration, the 9800. Hooked! Then, partly influenced by my new 'addiction', bought the playbook on its initial release. Wonderful! Now here's the thing, given that we are both poor research students, I have to share the playbook with my partner, so therefore have to put up with her email, music, and games :-( !! In short, I need another playbook (she loves it but won't admit it, mind).

More importantly, regardless of whether I 'win' a playbook or not, this device needs to continue to be supported and developed. For all its faults (and like any tablet in the wild there are a few), the tablet space would be significantly poorer without the Blackberry Playbook!!!!!

Happy birthday playbook and good luck everyone!

Happy Birthday PB! A chance to have a Playbook is a nice birthday treat. Give it to me please? :)

I'm going to buy one in May if I don't win, winning would be awesome tho!

If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, the meal was cooked a long time ago.
-Stargate SG-1

I have a PlayBook now and am very impressed with it. I loaded my music on it and now just about all the free space is gone 32G. I like it so much as a music player I gave my ipod away. So I would use one just for my music.

I was wondering when CB would run a contest like this. I read CB daily from work and VIA my phone several times a day. I've seen ads for Playbook but never "played" with one. I am a US service member and I called a friend who is watching my kids and last night and she told me she was using her Playbook to show my kids pics. I was sold.

Just when you think you've seen it all...Blackberry does it again. Love what you do and Be Bold doing it. :-) ~ CrackBerry Torch Addict

Happy Birthday PB!

I have a 32GB PB and would love to give one to my 6 year old nephew who is becoming a luddite like his father (my younger brother who I love like a brother) .


I would love a 2nd PlayBook -- the 64G version. I'd give my 16G to my daughter and her partner, so that I could Video Chat with them whenever they're out of town. I've already found out that VC'ing is much more pleasant than Skyping, as for some reason both the video and audio on Skype is pretty bad in my present location (lots of herky-jerky on the video, and frequent feedback grinding-hissing).

Happy birthday little cute Playbook! If i win you, then you can chill with me on the couch with my  Bold 9900 and we all together surf on my huge TV, this would be realy nice!!!:-)

"Never underestimate the Power of the Playbook" that's how i start my conversation when someone pops up a debate on tablets. A year later the playbook still stands strong and amazingly powerful. Won't mind a second one to enforce my theory :D

Go Crackberry Team

It sure has been a tough year Playbook. You sure have matured in a year though. I look forward to next year.

This time last year I had my PlayBook 1 day... Pick me please my girlfriend wants one now!!!
Happy Birthday PlayBook, and thank you Crackberry!!!

Happy Bithday Playbook. Congrats to RIM on a tablet well done!.

Hoping for all the success to the new coming baby BB10 being as fantastic as the Playbook.

All the best Blackberry and Crackberry.

Here's to the the bright and promising future!!!!

Happy Birthday Playbook! I have a playbook and would love to win the Playbook so i can always video chat with my girlfriend :D

Maybe after this, I will finally have a Playbook. This would be sweet for meeting with my clients or on job-sites, no more pulling out the big laptop.
Happy Birthday Playbook!

HaPpy Birthday to my sexy, sleek companion PB... Lets hope d good guys in the CB heaven listen to our prayers and send us another member to increase our lovely family :-)

Happy Birthday Playbook, I think it would be a neat tool for me to use since I'm pretty creative and I really hope I win one.

Amazing! Doesn't feel like I've had my PB for a year! Here's to another few years! (hoepfully extended by winning a new PB)

Why I want to win?? I love it's new OS 2.0 and it really an awesome tablet all around. Small, thin, great for buisness. Just an awesome tablet all around!

Happy Birthday Playbook! Best of Luck this year!

Will i ever win one of these contests? Sometimes i wonder, other times, i just look at my phone & be happy with what i have :P

I love it that playbook got one year now but it's time now to think in a playbook 2, Hope they hear Me!!!!!
Happy B-Day PlayBook!!!

I had my PlayBook stolen in Boracay, the Philippines. Came back from a day's walking and it was gone from my bag. Such bad luck…

Although I purchased a Playbook not long after launch day I rarely if ever get to use it. My wife and son have claimed it since and I don't have a chance of using it and I love it. So one for me would be great!


Would you believe I don't remember if I entered? Lol I swear I have alot going on with a new baby here.

Anyway I hope I win and I love blackberry 10 will be awesome!!!!

Happy Birthday underdog, The world's most powerful tablet that has not yet been fully adopted. But it has by me and I would love to get another one to watch movies in full 1080p and not lag at all while tethering to my torch and controlling it through bridge. Nothing beats that, not even an ipad. That is the playbook.

Just got me a playbook and I love it. That will be great to win a second one for my girlfriend if so she will not be jealous anymore ;) thanks crackberry

Got my notification from BestBuy saying its been a year since I bought my tablet (Playbook on launch). Happy Birthday Playbook!

Happy Birthday BlackBerry Playbook! Woohoo!!! RIM will survive!
I would love a second one because I BABY my BlackBerry devices. So I would leave one home at all times and take my second one out with me and not have to worry about "babying" it all the time. Of course I would still take care of it. :)

feliz cumpleanos blackberry playbook. u have made my life so much easier with email, internet, wifi, and so many fun games and apps! looking forward to blackberry 10 update. keep the apps coming. app world has been blowing up these last couple of days!!

Happy Birthday Playbook, I already have a playbook but I'd like to have a second one so I could give it to my girlfriend and vid chat