Happy Birthday BlackBerry PlayBook! Help us celebrate - leave a comment and you could win a new PlayBook!

BlackBerry PlayBook Birthday
By Adam Zeis on 19 Apr 2012 09:20 am EDT

Head to the CrackBerry Forums to leave a comment and you could win a new PlayBook!

Can you believe it? A full year has gone by since the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook. We've been through some ups and downs, but it's be an amazing year. The PlayBook has come a long way since it's initial release - seeing the addition of native PIM apps, Android app support and much more in the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update has made a truly awesome tablet. We just received a new 2.01 OS update as well and are on the way to see what's in store for the next year. BlackBerry World and BlackBerry 10 are right around the corner and are sure to bring some new awesomeness to our favorite tablet, so here's to hoping for another great year!

Contest: To celebrate the one-year birthday, we have a BlackBerry PlayBook to give away to one lucky winner. All you need to do to enter to win is head to this forums thread and leave a comment. Tell us how much you want a new PlayBook and just what you'd use it for. If you have one already, how would a second be beneficial? If you don't have one, what makes you want it? We'll pick one winner to receive a brand new BlackBerry PlayBook. The contest ends this Sunday at midnight. Good luck!

Leave a comment in the forums for your chance to win!

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Reader comments

Happy Birthday BlackBerry PlayBook! Help us celebrate - leave a comment and you could win a new PlayBook!



Happy Birthday Playbook you just keep getting better as you get older! Would love one so me and the kids and enjoy it together!

I've been wanting one of these for a while. They are cool, small, fast and they work great with my Torch (or so I've been told). Let me experience that functionality. Please pick me!

Happy Birthday PlayBook! Although, for RIM, shouldn't it be a BirthDay for the PlayBook? Either way I hope I win so my wife quits stealing my PlayBook on me.

Has it been a year already? Man, it feels like just yesterday I held you in my arms and cried; I'd never felt such pure love. These things just grow up so quick, and right before your eyes. Well darling, Happy Birthday and I look forward to many more to come...

Happy Birthday Playbook! :D
I'm in no need for other tablet, so good luck everyone on the forum thread!

I would LOVE a Playbook!!
I only have access to a computer at work because my home PC is dead!
I use my 9850 for everything now.

Happy birthday BB PlayBook! I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy realy realy want to have playbook. I'v got experience with android tablet and it's no good. I'm sure that playbook will be friendly&useful like my BB Bold. And I will use it for messages, browsing, watching films, listening to music and play games. Also it rather difficult to buy PB in Russia :-(

Okay, I have one...I dropped it. Still works, but hey, who wants one with a ding in the corner. I was so relieved that it took that licking and kept on ticking! I can see the HD and color leaking out of the bash in the corner. I suspect memory is now leaking, too. Stop the madness! ;-)

So, as you can see, I really need another, just in case, fumble fingers here has another spastic episode! Not to mention if my current injured unit decides to leak everything out! ;-)

Trust me, I will use it. I bought my 32GB when they first came out. So...I certainly paid the price for that. Now I'd like NOT to have to pay the price for it. A 64GB or a new 4G version would be AWESOME!

I actually don't want the second Playbook for myself, I would like one to give to my sister. She has been diagnosed with cancer and a Playbook for her to play games on would be a great distraction!

I would give it to my wife's parents, so we could video chat. We like it better than Skype and they would love talking to the grandkids over it.

Happy Birthday to the Playbook...It would be nice to have another PB in the house so that my wife and I don't have to fight over the one we have lol! Good luck to everyone!!

I love my BlackBerry PlayBook, especially the new email and calendar capabilities. They're insane! Now, it would be great if my other half had a BlackBerry PlayBook too so that she doesn't have to always borrow it from me ;)

Happy Birthday Playbook... I need one of you badly. (how do you tell your pregnant girlfriend that you need some playbook time too?) LOL

I really can't believe that its been a whole year, but Happy Birthday PlayBook you deserve all the cudos and maybe a little cake smashed in your face, err display :D.......whatever.
A PB for me would mean a lot, bridging to my 9930 and not really having to pull it out every 10 secs to check an e-mail or twitter. It would simplify my life some as I can leave it on the dock and see it all at a glance.
Thanks in advance CrackBerry, ShopCrackBerry and AZ for this new contest, you all ROCK!!!

HAppy birthday playbook!! I'm about to be bold and trade my iPhone 4s for a bold 9930. Won't you be my perfect companion with my new bold?! #BeBold #teamblackberry

I've had my first playbook since last may, bought another for my wife. If I won one I'll give it to my little brother so he can be more productive in school.


The best tablet on the market (yea, I said it!). I have had mine for almost a year now, and would not trade for anything!

Keep making it better RIM! There is always room for improvement!

Omgosh....a year already and I still don't have one....maybe I need to win....it's the only way I will get one ! Happy Birthday PB !!!

I would love a second PlayBook, because I love my current one. I would pass one to my 6 yrs old son to continue the BB love to the next generation. Since he uses it now to look up things and used the educational kids apps and age appropriate games. Hook it up CB.

Don't need another PB, we've got two in my home already! Just to say sincerely a Happy Birthday to you PB! May you bring a lot of fun, efficiency and ease to others as you have given to me, my wife and the lucky lady that owns the PB i'm helping to set up right now!:)

Happy Birthday PlayBook!! You are awesome!!
I hope I win you, so I can finally have a PlayBook! I have been a huge BlackBerry fan for a long time and this would be so great to win! If I won, I would use it for work and at home! I would also use it to take videos of my new baby boy!! The PlayBook would be a huge part of my life!

Wow it has been a rough but great year all at the same time. Had my PB since day one and I have not regretted one day. To win another would be super cool to be honest. I would love to win this so that I could give it to my daughter so we could use the video chat while I'm on the road. It would be great to be able to see her and keep up with what's going with her. She love my PB and I can only see her loving to have her own to do all the things she loves and to he able to chat with dad. Kids grow super fast so this would help me to see her more often. So choose me CB so I can give her a super great gift for not only her but also for a dad missing his ladybug.

I have a Playbook already .... but ... because of my 6 year old daughter ..... I don't really have one ..... she has some sort of built in Playbook GPS .... always seems to know where it is and always seems to have it in her hands.

I can't believe it's been a full year since I picked up my Playbook! Yes, I have had it since day one and have enjoyed the sometimes frustrating and mostly enjoyable journey. HBD Playbook and count me in as someone who hopes BB continues to thrive.

Happy Birthday BlackBerry PlayBook celebrating the life you are bringing to RIM. If I could win a PlayBook I would use it to read my business presentation from, on trips I could use it to maintain contact with my office and for my daughter to play her games on. I want a PlayBook to so that I can represent BlackBerry among the Ipad users in my social and work group.


Happy Birthday PlayBook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Playbook,

would be great to have an additional one, since my famliy is always "taking" mine. So i´m not able to work with it ;-)

I have had a Playbook since it was released and of course it has good and bad points but I still like it. My wife is not much on the tablets, but if I win one I'm sure she would change her mind.

Happy Earthday!

My son goes to a boarding school in California. It would be great to video chat with him on a PlayBook.
Wishing you more functionaliy in the upcoming year.

Happy Earthday!

My son goes to a boarding school in California. It would be great to video chat with him on a PlayBook.
Wishing you more functionaliy in the upcoming year.

Haapy 1st Birthday Playbook!!!! Got mine as soon as it came out and have never put it down since!!!!!! Hope i can win this so i can video chat with my girlfriend who lives in Ireland :-)

I love my Playbook; it has replaced my mini laptop and is my main computer. I use it for a wide range of things, from creating budgets in excel, browsing the web, to hooking it up to the big screen to watch shows.

My 4 year old daughter loves playing with it too. We play Uno, life and other games together. She loves playing with so much she gets mad at me when I need to use it.

I would love to have a second one so my 4 year old and I don’t have to fight over mine any more. Plus, I have been doing a lot of traveling for work lately and it would be great to use the video chat with her and mother when I’m gone.

Happy B-day Playbook, you have been useful in my life.

Heyyy Happy birthday Playbook!!! my bday is around the corner also and it would be great to get one as a gift!! but I really enjoy the 7 inch form factor so I can have carry it with me wherever I go.. PICK ME PLEASE!!!


CrackBerry I want to win this playbook! C'Mon I commented on all 4 weeks when your giving away one per week, and I still didn't win =(
Pleaaaaaaaase come one

Can't believe it is already 1 year anniversary! Sucks to see the price dropping so much but loving my PB since the day 1, still remember counting days for the pre-order to arrive! I know everyone has different needs but it does everything what I want it to do. Taking pictures, video, watching video, connecting to my TV with HDMI, go through musical scores on PDF while listening to the actual mp3s. Reading my favorite comics, playing Gameboy Advanced games... Bridge is superb, not needing the native apps. Remote control, you name it! Oh, just one thing. East Asian Language! Please RIM! Let's make this device truly "international" ready! Happy B-Day!

Happy Birthday Playbook from the UK

RIM still going strong.

BB Curve 8900
Iphone 4s 32GB
64GB Playbook - OS 1.0.8

Happy Birthday Blackberry Playbook. I can't believe a year had past!! I guess time does fly when your'e having fun with your Playbook. I wish nothing but the best for Playbook and Blackberry.

I would be happy to have a new playbook because it's a great device for study "on the go" and be always connected to my friend of other countries thanks to a great contacts native (but not portrait :( ) app :)

I need a new Playbook for my girlfriend. I'm tired of feeling bad about how Playbook browser pwns the one on her Kindle Fire.

Happy Birthday PB! I got mine around June, of last year and I take it every where I go. I know the Best is Yet to Come!

I need a second PlayBook for my travels. My wife has one, me the other. Love the video chat!

Happy B-Day!!!!
Can't believe it has been 1yr.
If CB be so kind to send me one, it will be a bigger celebration! :)

Happy birthday playbook, a year already. Remember being on holiday in Orlando and having to drive all around Orlando looking for a store with a playbook for sale before i caught my flight back home to London. Worth the trouble.

I use my PlayBook daily.. both at work and at home. It went from good to almost great... and is only getting better with each OS update or QUALITY app being added to the app portfolio. Let's keep up the good work and get to that nirvana in BB10!!

Nothing can beat the size/power combination of the Playbook even after a year.

Just wish I hadn't shown my mother how easy it was to use the video chat app on hers.
Yeah 10pm tech support calls on how to get her Wii working or how to get passed a tough level on Angry Birds. =/

I am a devoted BB using my Torch everyday mainly for business 70% of the time. When I travel, I still have the need to carry a heavy laptop in a bag over my sholder. The reason this is a problem for me is that I have two collapsed disks in my back. Carrying the weight of a laptop is not good for me. I would like to have a PB in order to say goodbye to my laptop during my travels. Hope you will give my the chance to travel light with my own PB.

Happy Birthday PB

Happy Birthday Playbook! Here's hoping you get an avalanche of quality apps from the developers! Many, many more, and may you have many descendants.

The PB, although bought as a 'toy', has proven to be exactly what I needed. For use at home as an e-Reader, for travel (and in hospital) to access email and web content, taking casual photos and videos, showing off family photos at small gatherings, it excels, and does it all in a no-fuss fashion with a clean UI, and is just the right size.

I have recommended the PB to all my friends.

I would gift the second one to my daughter who marvels at the display technology and size. It would complement her main machine and save her lugging around a laptop wherever she goes. (She 'needs' to be continually 'connected', but can't afford the data charges on a cell phone and so uses wifi hotspots.)



Happy Birthday PlayBook! It took me three weeks to decided between Playbook tablet and Ipad tablet. At the end, I went with Playbook. I bought 2 Playbooks 16GB one for myself and one for my son college and have some spare money for my son a Blackberry 9800 Torch. I'm glad I made the wise decision and never regretted. I love my Playbook tablet every moment even when I spend time party in the bathroom. I supposed to get one tablet for $600 but got two tablets with the spare money for Blackberry Torch 9800. Wow, wow, wow and wow!

I could use a larger PB to store school material and movies for the long waits at the mechanic the 16gb just isn't enough room. Happy birthday

Happy Birthday, Playbook.

I already have one, but I would give this message one to my mother so she can go on the Internet.

just wanted to say despite its numerous shortcomings, I have been sticking by my playbook - and this site has been part of the reason why. The other reason of crs has been that the PB itself is a weird device, good hardware (best for price), very very good multitasking OS, no apps. RIM's soln in the short term is pretty simple.. know many many ppl who'd go for the device if they just added Skype (no imo.im isn't good enough) and Netflix



Happy 1st Birthday. It's been a rough and sometimes bumpy ride, but people are slowly coming around to enjoy you the same way I have for the last 300 days. Thank you and I wish you nothing but success for the next 5 years. Happy Birthday again and God Bless RIM & #TeamBlackberry

Happy Birthday, I found out how durable they are when my two year ld fired it across the room, didn't fair well.

Screen replaced, works except camera, could use a replacement....

I'd love to win a PlayBook, I already have two but, between my wife and two sons, I never get to use it.

Proud happy user of a 32 gb Playbook! Happy 1 year! It just keeps getting better :) Next one for my wife so we can video chat! and another for mom, another for dad.. etc

What would I use a Playbook for? To demonstrate to people here at work why they shouldn't be abandoning BB for Apple! The iPad fever has already begun here...

Happy Birth to you PlayBook! You are one year older and continue to mature in apps and functionality.

I want one!

Happy Birthday Playbook!

You are the go to accessory for any CrackBerry Addict and the perfect companion for any BlackBerry smartphone!

It's been a long and bumpy road to this 1st birthday - here's to a smoother adventure towards your "terrible two's"!

My birthday is the 27th of this month so winning a playbook would be an awseome present and a perfect companion for my 9900

Only 2 days until my PB is a year old too. Yeah, so I wasn't in line on 4/19/2011, but it didn't take me long to pick one up. You're giving away a 64 GB version, right? :)

Happy Birthday Playbook!!! :):):):) Owning you is one of the greatest things in my life! :) I will keep supporting you, let's rock the world !!!! :):):)

Oh hi and happy b-day PlayBook. I own you already, PlayBook, all 16 gb of deliciousness. And yet, yet I yearn for more: like some sexy, groovy, swell and über device of spiffiness, I want a second copy of you so I can act all hipster, or preppy, or just USE you for data storage, computing, and possibly keep one for data-related tasks, and the other for mega-fun leisure: with games, moovies, Interwebz-ing, and less mentionable things. I love you, PB. And you're not too shabby yourself, PlayBook.

The End

Happy Birthday to Playbook! The most amazing tablet I ever own. In fact the only one i own now. Help I need a second Playbook! My wife and kids just took my Playbook to play some games on it. I need another one.....badlyyy!!!

happy birthday my sweet little PB . I know my life would be incomplete without you . So please come back ....:-)

Happy Birthday, Playbook. I already have th 16GB, but if I win another, I'll give it to my mom for Mother's Day.